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36 Anime Girls with Long Hair Who Are Stunningly Pretty

Get to know many anime girls with long hair in varying shades of colors. For purposes of measurement, a length beyond the shoulder is considered long.

These fictional characters but beautiful women have various anime hairstyles, interesting personalities, eye and hair colors.


So, let's enumerate these anime characters from hair past the shoulder down to the longest: floor-length.

#36 Chika Fujiwara

Kaguya-sama: Love is War

In this list, Chika Fujiwara has the shortest hair length, which reaches up to her armpit, just below the shoulder.

But, her anime dance in the series is a viral thing among anime fans.

This lovely anime girl has pink hair and blue eyes. She loves puzzles and analog games.

Her black bow in her bangs seems out of place but looks so cute on her. This pretty lady is a bubbly but eccentric girl. She’s naive and unpredictable with her actions.

Despite her bubbly nature, Chika could be underhanded sometimes. Her classmates see her as a simple-minded person because of her childishness.

#35 Momo Yaoyorozu

My Hero Academia - anime girl with long hair

Always wearing a daring and sexy outfit, Momo Yaoyorozu is a hero in the making.

She uses her body’s cells to produce different weapons for her comrades. Creati, her hero's official name, is one of the anime girls with long hair.

This beautiful teenage girl comes from a wealthy family. Despite her rich status, she seems to have low confidence in herself.

But, her hero class in U.A. High School has made her more confident of her abilities. This sexy heroine is a bit blunt when talking about other people’s mistakes.

Due to her upbringing in a hero household, Momo has natural leadership skills. She uses these skills to lead her classmates through the most dangerous missions.

#34 Utaha Kasumigaoka

How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

Her long black hair reaches up to her mid-back, which Utaha adorns with a white hairband. It is shiny and straight with bangs that frame her face.

This intelligent high school student is a writer. She has published a novel that has a print of around 500,000 copies. Her hobby is writing scripts for the school’s drama club.

In the series How to Raise a boring Girlfriend, Utaha is a silent person but has a sharp tongue when she’s in the mood for it. Sometimes, she is aggressive.

#33 Eru Chitanda

 Classic Literature Club

This charming young girl stands at an average height with long hair up to her mid-back. Her hair is black and straight that she keeps in a ponytail from time to time.

Big purple eyes look so innocent, but Eru can be a nosy person when she’s intrigued.

This calm-mannered lady doesn’t know the boundaries when she wants to know something. Eru excels at school and is known for her sharp memory.

Aside from her cute face, she has a positive attitude. This pretty girl smiles often and her radiant character beams like a sunrise.

#32 Erza Scarlet

Fairy Tail

Erza Scarlet uses Requip as her magic. Throughout the series, you can see her different outfits, from her full metal armor to flimsy clothes.

This brave young mage is quite the fighter. She even lost an eye when she was just a kid. Now, her right eye is an artificial one. Regardless, this girl is a beauty inside out.

Known for her lack of humor, this beautiful lady has a strong sense of motherly love for her younger comrades in the guild.

She wants them to always be safe and often ends up in uncompromising situations to save them.

#31 Tsubasa Hanekawa


This pretty lady with eyeglasses likes to braid her long hair. She has purple eyes and fair skin. Aside from these characteristics, Hanekawa has a voluptuous body.

Later in the series, Tsubasa splits her braids into two and adorns each with a ribbon. Of all the anime girls with long hair, she is the only girl on this list to get short hair by the end of the series.

Yes, but despite this, her new look suits her. This sexy girl also ditches her eyeglasses for contact lenses.

Her hair changes in color, too, from black to silver. But, Tsubasa dyes it into black every morning.

#30 Zero

Grimoire of Zero

Zero is a petite girl with long silver hair and purple eyes. She wrote a grimoire that holds the power to destroy the world.

This book goes missing right after she finishes creating it.

Thus, this pretty lady hires a Mercenary to help her find the grimoire before it falls into the wrong hands.  She’s a witch and has a brother named Thirteen.

This silver-haired witch is bold in nature. But, she doesn’t know much about how her world works. Zero is a naive young woman who has powerful magic.

Her magic has protected her against evildoers.

#29 Yukino Yukinoshita

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU - Pretty Women with Long hair

Waist-long black hair, average height, slim figure, and piercing eyes in the shades of blue are just several of Yukino’s traits.

This beautiful lady is intelligent and has a twisted sense of morality and nobility.

She believes that the weaklings in this world need the help of people who excel, just like her.

She’s a tsundere who is unfriendly and aloof during the first few episodes of the series.

But, as this beauty learns about friendship and socializing, she begins to warm to people who become close to her.

Although Yukino is tsundere, some people find her kind.

#28 Kaga Kouko

Golden Time

Kaga Kouko comes from a wealthy family. This means she can afford to buy the latest fashion.

So, you can see her change into different outfits throughout the series.

Growing up in a wealthy family makes her strict and formal in her social dealings. Her attitude depends on the person she is with at the moment.

Being fashionable makes other girls envy her. Some would go to the point of avoiding her because they feel intimidated.

Her golden-brown hair is waist length with curls on its ends. Kaga is one sexy lady who knows her worth.

#27 Kurisu Makise

Steins: Gate

Beauty and brain: these are the two things that describe Kurisu Makise. This pretty long-haired with reddish tints is a genius who graduated from college at a young age.

Her vice is using the text board to communicate and unleash her creative side. This pretty lady, despite having a wealthy family, has some skeletons in her closet.

She’s sarcastic and doesn’t mince words in saying her opinions. Despite this, this beautiful scientist is a sensible and responsible person.

In this list of anime girls with long hair, she is probably the smartest.

Kurisu has a bad fashion sense. She likes to wear eccentric clothes. This shows that this intelligent woman is comfortable in her skin.

#26 Elizabeth Liones

Seven Deadly Sins

This slender young woman is a princess in this series. Despite being royalty, she seems clumsy and not so confident.

Elizabeth has long hair that reaches up to her waist. Her bangs cover her right eye because of the colors changing into orange while she uses her Goddess power.

Although powerful, her knowledge of her powers at such a young age made her feel different. This pretty princess feels like her powers would be a burden rather than a gift.

She’s a humble person whose only desire is to save her kingdom from total ruins. So, Elizabeth sets on a dangerous quest to find the Seven Deadly Sins to help her.

#25 Konjiki no Yami

To Love Ru

Blonde-haired with red irises and a body of a child, Yami is an assassin hired by a distraught suitor of the main character, Lala Deviluke.

She came to Earth to kill Yuuki Rito.

This ruthless assassin prefers a child-like body for ease of movement and balance. She is capable of using her long hair during battles.

After knowing who Rito is, Yami changes her mind. Instead of killing Lala’s love interest, she becomes interested in Earth and its society.

In fact, this blond beauty becomes infatuated with the young man. In the end, she even tries to save Rito.

#24 Umiko Ahagon

Female Anime Characters in New Game!

Umiko is one of these anime girls with long hair in purple/lavender colors. She’s quite an airsoft-enthusiasts and knows almost everything about the military.

Aside from airsoft, this petite lady is an excellent programmer. She has a strict attitude regarding work. Although Umiko may look intimidating, she has a soft side.

This beautiful genius can talk about everything military for hours to people who are close to her.

Sometimes, her non-stop talking about her hobby weirds out other people.

She also has a short temper and doesn’t like others calling her by her surname. Her last name Ahagon can irritate her to no end, resulting in shooting anyone who dares with an airsoft gun.

#23 Shiro

No game No Life - Isekai Anime

Shiro is another genius girl with long hair on this list. Her hair is white that reaches up to her waist. It’s always messy like she doesn’t comb.

At 11, she’s good at logic and solving problems. Her IQ is quite high but her emotional quotient is somewhat not so high.

This young girl has trouble reading behavior and emotions. So, she asks Sora, her brother, about sensibilities and proper judgment.

Despite her intelligence, Shiro seems to prefer talking in short sentences in a third-person POV.

Together with Sora, this little lady must defeat the monsters where they got transported for unknown reasons.

#22 Koko Hekmatyar


This white-haired business tycoon has long hair and blue eyes.

During the first few episodes in the series, she has chin-length hair but grows it to waist-length. She deals arms with other people.

Being in business, Koko likes to wear business suits. But, when she goes out into the sun, she wears a brimmed hat to protect her sensitive skin.

Leadership is one of her strong suits, but she’s a mysterious person. This young businesswoman is a happy and calm person.

From time to time, she has a foul temper and ruthlessness that scares a lot of people.

#21 Homura Akemi

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica - Magical Anime Characters

Akemi is one of the magical anime girls with long hair. Her eyes are violet and her hair is midnight black. She often braids her locks into two.

Despite being young, this young lady prefers a poker face. She has a serious expression all the time behind those chic red spectacles.

The reason for her emotionless face? Akemi has been exposed to lots of suffering.

She’s distant but begins to show some semblance of emotion after becoming a magical girl.

Being a magical girl, Akemi can use time-leap or time-stop but prefers a combination of arms and magic to fight.

#20 Olivier Mira Armstrong

FullMetal Alchemist

This blonde girl has long hair, reaching up to her waist. She is slender but muscular.

Olivier is fair-skinned due to her lineage, Amestrian. Her hair curls at the end even though it looks straight.

Ice Queen is her nickname for her fierceness and formidability. Olivier Mira is a general who is intelligent and a great leader.

She’s caring for her soldiers. At the same time, she knows when to trust them for their ability.

Although this pretty general has a caring heart, you don’t want to mess with her. She knows her worth as a leader.

#19 Chitoge Kirisaki

Nisekoi:False Love

Chitoge is the main character and one of the long-haired anime girls in this series.

She’s a beautiful girl with impressive blue eyes. Her blonde hair accentuates this blue color.

This attractive girl is forgetful but has a stern personality. She’s bold and talkative.

When she was but a kid, she experienced discrimination from her classmates. This made her wary of making friends.

But, if you take the time to know her more, you’ll find that she’s kind. Chitoge will do her best to fulfill or help someone even if that person is a stranger.

Her red ribbon has a sentimental value to her. So, when it was lost, this pretty girl became emotional.

#18 Aqua

God's Blessing in This Wonderful World

A water goddess! That's what Aqua is. She’s all blue from head to toe. Her hair, eyes, and clothes are mostly blue.

Although she looks monochromatic (almost), Aqua is attractive and one of the prettiest girls in the series.

This anime character gives choices to NEETs when they die.

Despite being a goddess, she’s a bit gullible. Her best trait is her honesty. She couldn’t lie. Even if she tries to, a few pinches on her cheek will make her divulge everything.

Being a water goddess, Aqua’s power is water. These abilities include healing, purification, resurrection, magic barriers, and other water-related abilities.

#17 Raphtalia

The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Raphtalia was a former slave and was sold multiple times before Naofumi bought her. Her new master taught her many things including how to fight.

From then on, this unfortunate girl’s life changes for the better. Her new master treats her fairly.

This treatment makes Raphtalia trust a person little by little. As she continues to spend time with Naofumi, she becomes stronger and more cunning in her battle skills.

Her training strips her off of girly desires. This young beautiful girl is a mixed Racoon and Tanuki with long brown hair.

She turns into a beautiful, voluptuous girl. This is due to the love and care she gets from her new master, despite being a fatherly love.

#16 C.C

Code Geass - anime girls with long hair

This green-haired lady is immortal. She can heal any wound because of her abilities that make her immortal. C.C never ages, too.

The most interesting fact about her is her feelings for Lelouch. She loves the young man, even though it’s unrequited love. This pretty girl is willing to sacrifice her life for the man.

Being an immortal being, no one is sure how old she is. But she looks like a 16-year old. With this, C.C learns to not show emotions.

From time to time, you can see her react, especially with Lelouch.

#15 Sagiri Izumi

Eromanga Sensei

Sagiri is a 13-year old hikikomori who spends time as a shut-in. She became like this after the sudden death of her parents.

Although she’s a shut-in, she’s quite popular online. Her content is showing how to draw online.

When speaking to other people, she’s soft-spoken but not when she’s streaming live.

Sometimes, this girl uses a speaker to be heard by people whom she’s speaking to. Secretly, Sagiri is an artist in her brother’s light novels.

#14 Rin Tohsaka

Fate/stay night

Rin Tohsaka is an anime girl with long hair. She has blue eyes and her anime hair is purple, waist-length.  This pretty girl has flawless skin.

She was an ordinary Japanese high school student until she somehow came into contact with 'The Holy Grail'. This Holy Grail is a mysterious artifact capable of granting any wish.

This caused her abilities as a magus to suddenly awaken, allowing her to summon Servants and perform various spells in battle.

Her given name means 'cherry blossom' in Japanese. But she dislikes being called by this name because it makes people think of springtime which reminds her of a certain person.

#13 Pacifica Casull

Scrapped Princess - anime girls with long hair

This tall young lady prefers a messy ponytail and a messy updo like Violet Evergarden. A part of her hair is braided and wrapped around her head, like a crown.

Sometimes, Pacifica will let her down and allow it to flow with the wind. Her hair looks soft, fluffy, and blonde.

She has an energetic personality who is always playful and cheerful. This charming lady likes to have fun. Sometimes, she does immature actions as a child would do.

Pacifica is a naive person who has the habit of asking for apologies. She trusts easily even if that person is bad.

#12 Sawako Kuronuma

Kimi ni Todoke (From Me to You)

Sawako Kuronuma’s hair is long, reaching to her waistline. She has a plain face that doesn't cause a stir among people when she enters the room.

Her dark hair contrasts sharply with that pale face, giving it an elegant touch. In fact, some of her classmates discriminate against her for this look.

Sometimes, in a good-natured way, her friends say to Sawako that sometimes she smiles awkwardly.

All she wanted is to make friends and that other students understand what she really meant.

This Sadako-look-alike has a crush on Kazehaya and tries her best to confess her feelings.

#11 Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden - Anime Beauties with Long Hair

Violet's hair is almost waist length. She has blue eyes and wears a loli-kind of dress that was a fashion trend back then.

Her hair is straight and quite long. Sometimes, this young lady will put it up into a ponytail or pigtail during a battle.

On most occasions, she has her hair breaded and puts it in a messy updo.

This unfortunate soul loses her leader and mentor in a fierce battle. But she survives. After that, Violet was a bit lost but found a new meaning in life.

She started to help others by writing letters for them.

#10 Reina Kousaka

Sound! Euphonium

Reina is a peace-loving girl who usually wears a calm expression on her face.

She is often angry and upset when people talk poorly about Noboru Taki, with whom she has a secret crush.

This pretty lady loves classical music and has been the leader of a band since middle school. She also likes mandolin but has never expressed it to other band members.

It's kind of a well-known fact during anime as she always brings a mandolin with her when going to practice or a concert venue (you know, just making sure you have your musical instrument ready ahaha).

#9 Belldandy

Ah my Goddess! with Long Hair

Most anime girls in this list are either human or a goddess. Now, I present to you another goddess.

Belldandy has long hair tied in a ponytail with lavender ribbons. Hair length reaches up to her lower back.

Since she wears her hair in a ponytail, it could reach beyond her buttocks if she lets it down.

This beautiful person is extremely kindhearted, even in spite of being a goddess. She can easily predict the moods of other people.

Most of the time, she tries her best to be empathetic towards all those around her. She displays serene beauty and acceptance.

#8 Ika Musume

Squid Girl - Anime Characters with Long Hair

This squid girl has blue hair-like tentacles. She is the main heroine in the series. Ika Musume is a hybrid, part human and part animal. She uses her tentacles in many activities and tasks.

She is probably more than centuries old. Because of the devastating effect of human interventions to the sea, this distraught lady wants to punish earth.

So, she resurfaces and wants to take over the modern-day Earth.

Her head (or maybe her hat) is shaped like a squid’s head. But the series never mentions if it is a hat or really her head.

#7 Sistine Fibel


Sistine is a slim and slender girl with lavender-ish almost white hair. In the manga, her hair is prominently silver or white.

Her eye color is an amazing olive green.

This beauty is nicknamed White Cat due to her headband that has cat ears. Her specialization is Air magic.

She has a no-nonsense attitude over everything. This pretty lady is quite strict. She often scolds Glenn, her professor!

Despite this, Sistine is a charming lady who is extremely beautiful and talented.

#6 Asuna Yuuki

Sword Art Online

Asuna Yuuki is a fictional character in the anime "Sword Art Online" developed by A-1 Picture and the light novel written by Reki Kawahara like other characters in both versions while voiced by Haruka Tomatsu (the seiyuu).

In anime, she has dark brown eyes and waist-length chestnut-colored hair, which is almost similar to her real-world appearance.

This young warrior wears armor as a knight or samurai during battles. Her virtual avatar appearance resembles that of her physical body but has fiery red eyes.

She names her avatar "Fuurinkazan" after the name of a real-life castle in Japan.

#5 Satsuki Kiryuin

Kill La Kill - anime girls with long hair

Satsuki Kiryuin is the main antagonist in the anime Kill La Kill. She is a student at Honnouji Academy.

This high school takes in all the students who have been expelled from other schools.

If you win, you graduate with honors. But, if you lose, she punishes her victim until he/she resigns or is forced through pain and humiliation to kill himself/herself.

Satsuki Kiryuin is very popular among fans in the anime community.

She has black hair. Aside from this, anime fans worldwide like her for her clothing style, anime big eyes, body figure (the most, actually), and interesting character.

#4 Saeko Busujima

HighSchool of the Dead - Anime Characters with Long Hair

Saeko is a beautiful girl with medium-length purple hair. Her most outstanding feature is her light blue anime eyes. 

She has a slim anime body and anime clothes style that makes us think of school uniforms.

Her character has an elegant feel while she holds her weapon in hand as her extremely long hair flows like a river.

In her years at school, Saeko is a kind and reliable student who does not usually panic in dangerous situations.

Saeko is a melee combat specialist that excels in Kendo. One strike of the bokken will kill a living man.

#3 Yuuko Ichihara


Yūko is a tall, slender woman with pale skin and hair that reaches her knees. The cut of her hair includes bangs in the front up to and above the eyebrows.

There is a separate layer covering most of her head including bangs at the top of her scalp.

Lastly, another layer below jaw level extends down to hip level and finally, there is another layer at knee level.

This girl is known for her eye color that often changes from red to purple or turquoise. She has a sex appeal unique to her.

#2 Usagi Tsukino

Sailor Moon in Sailor Uniform

Blond hair that reaches up to her knees with odango used in her buns. She keeps her hair long because her hair's connected to the moon.

This pretty warrior is a cheerful, ditzy, crybaby who always believes the best in people, even if they don't deserve it.

She was given the power to transform into Sailor Moon by Luna after being chosen to be a superheroine out of thousands of people.

Usagi's alter ego Sailor Moon has many powers including the ability to heal people but this power comes at a price: she must be injured in return for fighting off enemies.

Her other abilities include shooting anime beams from her hands.

# 1 Mirei Shikishima

Valkyrie Drive Mermaid - anime girls with long hair

Mirei is a first-year high school student who comes from the kingdom of Mermaid.

She came from the underground to protect mankind from creatures that are coming to her world.

This sexy girl was initially going to fight alone but decided to form a team. Mirei Shikishima is a very serious girl who doesn’t tolerate disobedience from others.

She's willing to do whatever it takes in order to save the planet from destruction, even if that means killing innocent people along the way.

In this list, this beautiful fighter has the longest hair. It is extremely long (floor length), which is insanely unrealistic.

So, who are your favorite characters with long hair? Is it the girl from Eromanga sensei? Is it Erza Scarlet?

Whoever they are, I'm sure they're beautiful in their own way. On the other hand, you might like to read my other posts on anime girls.


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