Hi Guys,

I'm  Joshua Ouellette,

as Waveripperofficial on YouTube (where all started years ago).

Being passionate about anime and video games from a very young age, I am currently enrolled on a course in 3D animation where I will learn how to make video games or videos in 3D.

On this blog, I will create articles on anime, anime quotes of my favorite characters and reviews some products that I use in my funny happy life. Get inspiration from Waveripperofficial to reach your goal!

Now learning 3D animation with Pikachu...somewhere in the picture :)

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Find Your Inspiration with WaveRipperOfficial’s Blog

The idea of this blog can be traced back to 2015, when I launched my own channel on YouTube. It is mostly devoted to Elsword which is one of my favorite games. Besides, I post some edited videos tips and funny videos with different characters there. You can still find me there as Waveripperofficial.

Here in this blog I will gladly share my experience on how to build your own YouTube channel from scratch. Besides, you can learn what microphones are the best for YouTube videos, how to find a suitable microphone stand for various budget ranges, and other useful hints and tips. YouTube blogging takes a lot of time and efforts, but when you are really fond of things you are going to tell about, it brings a lot of pleasure and can make you happy. And if you are a gamer, you can take a special satisfaction in streaming which is always a great fun!our text here...

Do you think that our interests and hobbies can help us choose our way in life? I guess you have heard a famous Confucius quote: "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." And I totally agree with this point of view. When you listen to your heart, it will show you the right way. Since childhood I’ve been keen on anime and gaming; my passion led me to video editing and blogging; and now I am at the next stage studying 3D animation and modeling. So, I’m going to create video games and videos in 3D myself. If you are looking for the information what software and gadgets can be used for editing video, this blog can give you some helpful advice.

I’d also like to share my view on the sphere of gaming which has turned into one of the largest parts of the entertainment industry. The gaming market is growing significantly every year. In addition, computer games have become an important part of modern culture, and it is so obvious nowadays that they even have become a part of the expositions in major museums. The main precedent took place in 2012, when the famous New York Museum of Modern Art included several video games in its permanent exhibition and has been adding new ones since then.

The process of playing video games affects the areas of the brain that are responsible for memory, spatial orientation, organization of information and fine motor skills. Scientific experiments prove that 3D games improve cognitive abilities and strategic planning skills; they increase the amount of human memory as well. This happens because video games are an interactive medium that promotes brain activity. The gameplay requires the players to be careful, remember their successful and unsuccessful moves and plot twists, coordinate visual perception and reaction to what is happening, apply logical thinking and think a few steps ahead – and this is not the whole list, because the games are so different, and they place the players before various challenges.

During the experiments, scientists revealed a relationship between games and the subsequent improvement in mood. Computer games help students and schoolchildren relax and overcome stress arising in the process of learning. Video games can be even used as adjuvant therapy, making it easier to treat patients. The secret is that immersion in the world of a computer game acts as a painkiller for both adults and children with acute and chronic pain.

As an experienced gamer, I know that the gaming process should be comfortable. Convenient furniture and high-quality gaming accessories can facilitate your progress. My guides on ten most comfortable headphones, best gaming backpacks, or best compact computer desks, coupled with numerous buying tips, will help you play with ease and soar to new heights.

And the last but not the least point I’d like to share my love to is anime. This bewitching world is so special for all anime lovers! Beautiful girls and brave boys, magic creatures and amazing adventures... Here you can find lots of articles on anime, anime quotes of my favorite characters, and anime news, as well as reviews of some anime and cosplay stuff. I hope that this blog will be useful for all anime fans and gamers, and will inspire enthusiasts like me!