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WaveRipperOfficial posts range from anime news to reviews, from inspirational anime quotes to recommendations. Without exaggeration, my site is the perfect place for any fan of Japanese animation or any anime for that matter. It caters primarily to those who watch anime or read manga.

At first  glance, watching anime or reading manga may be difficult if you're not familiar with this genre. But, don't worry. I have content on every topic: recommendations based on what type of genre people like best--even advice specific to anime fans!


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What to Expect?

If you're a passionate anime fan (or even if you’re just starting to like anime), WaverRipperOfficial is a blog for all your needs. With reviews of new and old series alike, it'll be hard to find something that doesn't interest you!

These are inspirational messages from your favorite anime character, whether they’re the hero or the villain. They are something I live by and maybe, you can use them, too, in your daily dealings with life.

My anime recommendations are either top favorite characters, series, movies, or anything. I will do my best to bring you the latest lists of the best anime out there. Whether it’s yuri, BL, fantasy, isekai, or romantic comedy, you can expect to find something to enjoy.

Minecraft and anime are two of my biggest passions in life. I love spending hours Minecrafting and crafting new worlds, and I also love watching anime and getting lost in intricate plots and fascinating characters.

So it only makes sense that I would combine my two passions and make Minecraft funny videos. I love making people laugh, and there's no better way to do that than by incorporating Minecraft and anime into my videos.

I get a lot of joy out of making others laugh, and I hope to continue doing so for as long as possible. Thanks for supporting my passion!

By the way, I have a YouTube channel also with the same name. You might want to check that out.