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Top 35 Anime Girls with Blue Hair

Anime girls with blue hair have been a part of the anime world. Whether they’re the unapproachable platinum blondes, the beloved bluenettes (those with an awesome mix of purple and blue), or just plain bluish-green locks, these anime girls are truly captivating.


Many anime fans across the world bask in this wide array of anime girl characters embodying different personalities. These characters represent various shapes and sizes from all walks of life.

Every anime girl character makes her mark on the anime world with her vibrant colored hair that never fails to draw attention.

So let's take a moment to recognize all these amazing anime females!

1. Shino Asada

Sword Art Online: GGO

Shino Asada is an integral character in sword art online II and Gun Gale Online. Her IGN is Sinon. She's a tough and lovable girl with a lot of spunk.

Her blue hair belies her identity as an ace sharpshooter. In the series, she uses a rare XM3 sniper rifle to fight against enemies from great distances.

Sinon bravely fights alongside Kirito and his friends, using her signature courage and determination.

2. Kaname Chidori

Full Metal Panic

Kaname is the main character of Full Metal Panic! She has dark blue hair and is the daughter of a UN diplomat.

So, she's quite extroverted and bold. But her personality is an act in front of people to hide her loneliness and anxiety.

Still, everyone idolizes her for being a short-tempered yet kind-hearted persona. Kaname has all sorts of interesting features that add a unique touch to her look.

If you're into anime girls with blue hair, then this blue-haired anime girl should be your go-to!

3. Juvia Lockser

Former Member of Phantom Lord Guild

At first glance, Juvia Lockser looks like any other Anime girl. She has blue hair and sparkling blue eyes.

She's a member of the Fairy Tail guild and is an S-class mage. Afraid of exposure, Juvia hides in thick coats and her favorite Cossack hat.

Her true power lies in her unique water magic. She can manipulate water into many forms. Although the mage is kind at heart, Juvia can be very temperamental and quick-tempered when provoked.

4. Bulma

dragon ball bulma

Bulma is the indomitable blue-haired anime girl in Dragon Ball series. She joins Goku in his adventures early on to locate the Dragon Balls.

Throughout the series, this bluenette never stops offering her impressive skills by studying alien technology. She married Vegeta, Goku’s rival.

Both of their children inherit her blueness: Trunks with pink hair and Bulla with green hair.

Bulma remains an essential character in creating a vibrant world for viewers.

5. Ami Mizuno

Sailor Mercury Ami

Ami Mizuno is the epitome of a sailor girl with her signature sky-blue hair and costume. As Sailor Mercury, this ordinary girl protects and fights alongside the other sailor scouts in the hit anime series, "Sailor Moon."

The intelligent girl uses her intellect to solve problems more often than her fists. Further adding to her cool persona is her shy yet fierce demeanor.

Despite her aloofness, she has a loyal heart once one gets to know her better.

6. Eureka

Eureka Seven

Eureka is a blue-haired beauty from Coralia. Her journey in Eureka Seven begins with her socially awkward ways and inability to truly understand feelings.

Then, she becomes a warm, loving wife and mother. Besides, she has excellent piloting skills of the Nirvash type ZERO. This gives mecha fans something to cheer about.

With turquoise hair, bright purple eyes, and an engaging story arc on a relatable journey, Eureka commands the hearts of many anime fans.

7. Konata Izumi

beautiful anime girls

Konata Izumi is one beautiful anime girl with large, sleepy green eyes, a messier haircut, and remarkable blue hair. Her hair cascades down to her calves.

Her small figure and childlike look are an instant giveaway of her true identity, an old-school Otaku and die-hard gamer.

In the anime Lucky Star, she often pokes fun at Kagami, who is one of the essential characters. Her tanned complexion adds to her wild beauty, while her split lip gives her a mischievous cat-like grin.

8. Rei Ayanami

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Rei Ayanami stands out from the rest of the characters in 'Neon Genesis Evangelion'. Her mysterious history and cold demeanor have kept even the intrepid viewers of the show intrigued.

But, after her time spent with Shinji, her attitude changed to one that is more caring and loving. It only shows that she has hidden depths beneath her initial aloof nature.

With her striking short blue hair, Rei Ayanami has become an iconic character for anime lovers.

9. Umi Ryuzaki

Umi with long Blue hair

Umi Ryuuzaki is an iconic anime girl with a signature style: bright blue hair! A major fixture of the beloved Magic Knight Rayearth series, Umi's powers are centered around water.

Her attacks include Water Dragon and Icicle Blades. Thus, it makes sense that her hair - often seen in her Magical Knight form - would mirror the liquid element in all its aquatic glory.

From the past to the present, Umi continues to be an icon for blue-haired anime girls everywhere!

10. Wendy Marvell

fairy tail wendy marvell

Wendy Marvell is a sky dragon slayer who has aversions to fighting, unlike other anime characters. Instead of physical strength, her power lies in her abilities as a magic master.

She can manipulate air for various purposes. Her attacks range from Dragon's Roar offensive spells to healing incantations.

Along with her signature blue hair, Wendy Marvell heads out on her adventure full of determination and heart. Just what you'd expect from an anime girl.

11. Konan

Naruto Shippuden

Despite being incredibly skilled and popular, Konan has nothing cheerful nor timid about her as she carries a sad backstory and rather a melancholic personality.

Her short, tomboyish blue hair perfectly captures this vibe of hers. It is, without a doubt fitting for an Akatsuki member like herself.

Seeing the level of power she can produce when pushed to the brink is a sight that cannot be forgotten. This gal is one of the most influential kunoichis in the series.

12. Mikoto Suou

most beautiful anime girls

Mikoto from the anime show, School Rumble, is truly a sight to behold with her iconic blue hair. She has a great understanding of Kenpo fighting techniques.

This beauty wholeheartedly commits to every task at school, which almost gives her an Unbeatable Tom-Boy vibe.

Her classmates admire her as one of the most powerful girls in school since Mikoto Suo is thankfully blessed with an affable and sociable personality.

This makes her a beloved childhood friend among her peers and Yuusaku.

13. Princess Vivi

One Piece Nefertari Vivi

Princess Vivi appears in One Piece and is anything but stereotypical. Not only is she a Princess of Arabasta, but she is also Bounty Hunter known as 'Miss Wednesday.'

She manipulates rival gangs to protect her kingdom. This blue-haired anime girl has a sly intelligence and fiery temper that sparks excitement in viewers.

To downplay her capabilities, by the time she retires home to claim her birthright, she simply identifies as Princess Vivi.

14. Kotomi Ichinose


One beautiful anime girl with blue hair that deserves a mention is Kotomi. She is a timid and socially awkward girl.

This anime character prefers to spend her time tucked away in a corner, diving into books. Despite her shyness, her beauty cannot be ignored.

This wins her popularity within the school. Her medium-long locks are usually kept open, with two ponies over her head, creating an adorably cute look.

With her introverted personality and blue hair, she almost always stands out in any gathering!

15. Yamraiha

Magi The Labyrinth of Magic

Yamraiha is bold and beautiful but also incredibly wise in her craft as a Water Wizard. She holds the capacity to serve as Aladdin's Magic Teacher.

But do not let this level of genius fool you. Beneath her kind exterior lurks a bit of a temper when someone questions the power of Sharrkan.

Yamraiha has been trained as such since young as an expert in all things magical. Medium-sized but exuding magnificence, this anime girl is indeed a sight to behold.

16. Levy McGarden

Fairy Tail Levy McGarden

Levy McGarden from Fairy Tail is the perfect combination of cuteness, kindness, and power. She looks like a bubbly girl with her blue hair often tied back in a bandana.

But don't be fooled. She has powerful magic abilities and is wise enough to make decisions that would benefit everyone.

Despite this alone, what makes Levy endearing is her friendship with Lucy and how their relationship serves as an inspiring example for all.

17. Kurumu Kurono


Meet Kurumu, a blue-haired anime girl who is always up for a challenge. She's not your typical goody-two-shoes but rather a mix of both the good and the bad.

Though some may deny her efforts to win over the main character, viewers can't help but be impressed by her refusal to take part in dirty tactics.

She remains true to her personality: honest, straightforward, and compassionate towards others. Her flashy blue hair perfectly complements her mesmerizing purple eyes.

18. Mio Nishizono

Mio Nishizono

Little Busters! is the home of a special anime girl with blue hair, Mio Nishizono. Despite her strong and thoughtful demeanor, she can be a bit shy in social settings.

So, you'll often find her carrying around an endearing parasol as she moves about. Little Mio has a fascination for reading stories of males and their loves.

Reading isn't simply a hobby. it's an absolute passion instilled into her young mind. This leads her to become friends with an imaginary friend.

19. Megumi Tadokoro

Food Wars Megumi

Megumi Tadokoro from Food Wars is the perfect embodiment of a sweet girl with blue hair. She is kind.

Her cooking skills inspire all who taste her cooked food, and her bubbly nature warms hearts. Though initially shy, Megumi's character progresses as the story advances.

Her transformation causes many more smiles on the faces of fans as they root for this lovable character. She is an ideal woman with evident beauty and poise, which will make you fall in love with her charm.

20. Blue Rose

Karina Lyle Aka Blue rose

Karina Lyle, better known as Blue Rose from Tiger & Bunny, is a unique superhero with four distinct shades of blue and green in her hair. Her powers include ice manipulation and super speed.

They are distinctly reflected in her costume and makeup. Despite her sleek and eye-catching superhero look, the blue color is completely absent in the everyday life of Karina Lyle.

The high school student prefers living with caramel-colored hair when she's not playing the part of a fighter for justice.

21. Ryouko Hakubi

Tenchi Muyo

Ryouko Hakubi is an iconic anime girl with blue hair. This semi-reformed space pirate is known for her gravity-defying locks.

Equipped with three powerful gems, Ryouko can summon powerful spirits from the heavens and control them.

When she fully utilizes her gems, this formidable fighter can teleport, become intangible, and regenerate limbs. Also, she can create energy swords, to name a few of her superpowers!

This beauty is truly one of the strongest anime girls with blue hair around.

22. Shea Haulia

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

Shea Haulia is admired for countless reasons, especially for her beautiful blue hair. This long-haired beauty is a bold and seductive girl who isn't afraid to push the boundaries.

She shows no hesitation when displaying her affection toward those she loves. But she relishes the thought of intimidating those she hates.

Her unpredictable nature means that everyone gets a different version of Shea. Her strength in personality, charm, and enigmatic blue hairstyle make her a desirable combination of traits.

23. Yoshino Himekawa

Yoshino Himekawa

Date A Live fans know Yoshino as the timid and powerful Spirit that was saved by Shido. This 14-year-old anime girl has beautiful blue hair. She is with her sidekick Yoshinon, a hand puppet that she dubs her hero.

While she's quite bashful and prefers to hang out in her safe zone, don't underestimate her powers.

When prodded, she can freeze her surroundings and even take on violence to get what she wants!

24. Esdeath

Akame ga Kill

Esdeath is a highly ranked Empire Commander and the Prime Minister's appointed head of Jaeger. She has blue hair and eyes to match.

Through Akame’s strategic maneuvers against Esdeath’s unparalleled strength, Akame discovers that there is more to Esdeath than meets the eye. This blue long-haired beauty is madly in love with Akame's partner Tatsumi

Akame Ga Kill grants an interesting complexity to its characters like Esdeath - a combination of power, passion, and romance.

25. Aqua

Aqua from Konosuba

As one of the main characters of Konosuba, Aqua has captured the hearts of many with her blue hair and upbeat personality.

This cheerful anime girl is a goddess, but her behavior more often resembles that of a child-filled purity. She sometimes acts without thinking and gets herself in trouble

Yet fans remain captivated by her loyalty and enthusiasm. Aqua's openness and lack of guile are endearing qualities.

Who can resist a kawaii anime character who cannot lie?

26. Medaka Kurokami

best character developments

Medaka Box is a popular ecchi-comedy anime. Its protagonist Medaka Kurokami is quite the head-turner.

Medaka boasts beautiful blue hair, red eyes, and a voluptuous figure with a huge bust. Yet she isn't just any typical bimbo.

This girl is educated and athletic as well. Her popularity is evident in her high school as she received an overwhelming 98% of votes when running for Student Council President.

Medaka has a strong sense of personality, but she also puts it to good use by helping out those in need.

27. Tomoe

Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy

Tomoe is one of the popular girls when it comes to blue hair. She has extraordinary capability and immense powers.

On top of that, she possesses impressive magical spells, mind reading, and a dragon's demeanor that intimidates those around her.

Despite all these powerful traits though, Tomoe is just a chilled-out and mature girl who loves animals and craves stability in life.

Her gentle personality is what makes her an ideal waifu among otaku.

28. Sayaka Miki

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Sayaka Miki is one of the popular anime girls with her signature blue hair. As a magical girl, she made a brave sacrifice to help her love interest.

Despite the pleasure of having magical powers, Sayaka battled with internal struggles. She was torn between loving her loved ones and the feeling of not being valued by them.

Not to mention, Sayaka has some awe-inspiring magical powers that come pretty close to Madoka.

29. Nagahide Niwa

Oda Nobuna no Yabou

Nagahide Niwa is one of the most distinguished characters from Oda Nobuna no Yabou.

Possessing a “soft-spoken” demeanor, she has an unbelievable strength to endure hardships and maintain peace of mind against all odds.

She’s also regarded highly in the eyes of her lord due to her immense level of self-control. As one of Nobunaga’s Four Guardian Kings and Five Great Generals, she stands out with her long blue hair.

Her hair color signifies an aura of power and fortitude that flows throughout her being.

30. Sayaka Maizono


Sayaka is a gorgeous anime girl with bright blue hair who gained immense popularity as an idol. Having a passion for making it big in the entertainment world, she faced many obstacles on her journey.

She has proven that where there's a will, there's a way! This girl does not shy away from making difficult decisions if it helps her in fulfilling her dreams.

With Sayaka, you can't help noticing both her gorgeous looks and determination.

31. Umi Sonoda

Love Live!

Umi Sonoda's impeccable blue hair is only the tip of the iceberg! This gentle and peaceful gal has a strong, loyal heart that embodies the samurai code - brave, fierce, and kind.

She is an outstanding combatant with agility and skill unmatched by many. Umi's quick-thinking capabilities are displayed as she often serves as Honoka's moral compass.

Naturally, such a sweetheart earns her a place in Love Live! among the Otonokizaka High School students in the anime series.

32. Rika Furude

anime girls with blue hair

Rika Furude is an adorable and remarkable girl with blue hair, simple clothes, and a kind heart. As the daughter of a Shinto priest, she serves as a shrine maiden to protect all from peril.

But her demeanor in the series When They Cry makes her even more beloved. Rika speaks cute phrases and has an endearing habit of using animal sounds.

Fans love the seemingly carefree attitude she keeps up when off-duty. When faced with danger, however, she reveals her true strength and maturity.

33. Erio Touwa

Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl

Erio Touwa has an eccentric character that is fittingly highlighted by her mesmerizing long light blue hair and eyes.

After mysteriously disappearing, she becomes obsessed with aliens and firmly believes she was sent to Earth by them to observe humanity.

Following a peculiar accident, she covers herself up with a flowery futon day and night as bizarre as it sounds.

Her uniqueness makes her even more remarkable. Sure, she may be odd in a few ways, but it is part of her charm!

34. Stocking Anarchy

memorable characters

The Anarchy Sisters: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt anime may seem too silly or outrageous to take seriously.

However, these anime characters and their wacky powers made perfect sense once the context is given. Panty and Stocking are hundreds of years old-- no wonder why they can transform!

Furthermore, each sister is named after a piece of clothing that also serves as a weapon for them.

For example, the female protagonist has striped stockings that convert into deadly katanas when she takes them off. How cool is that?

This show offers some great twists on the classic shonen genre while playing around with tropes. As a result, it creates a parody title that is not suitable for kids and sure to leave viewers laughing.

35. Nayuki Minase

gorgeous girls in Kanon

Nayuki's bright blue hair and strikingly captivating eyes make her completely unforgettable. That, however, is not the only remarkable thing about her.

Nayuki is a famously heavy sleeper who has collected dozens of alarm clocks. But none of them can wake her up in time for school.

Despite being late almost every day, she has earned the nickname 'top runner' due to racing to get to class. Her sympathy for animals also adds another layer to her charm as she never declines an opportunity to pet one, which we can all relate to.

Plus, her choice of wearing pajamas with little animals on them makes for one adorable and heart-warming sight!

Trivia Questions

Why do anime girls have blue hair?

Anime girls' bright blue hair stands out as one of the quirks of its art style, along with huge eyes and an adorable appeal. With its vibrant tones, this trend mimics the colorful hues of nature and reminds fans of the wonderful world.

It's not hard to see why blue hair is so popular among anime girls. Just like the sky, it inspires viewers to reach greater heights.

Undoubtedly, this unique hairstyle has become part of what makes anime girls so special and beloved.

What is the best color for hair for an anime girl?

It ultimately depends on the style and genre of the anime girl. Certain bright and vibrant colors work well for an exciting, vibrant look.

These can range from more subtle hues, such as pastels, pinks, and blues, to brighter shades, like greens, purples, and reds.

If you're looking for something a little edgier or bolder, then you might prefer darker tones like brunette or black hair. Whatever color you choose, it's important to select one that complements the overall anime look.

What is the anime called with the girl with red hair?

There are a lot of animes that have characters with red hair. One example is Rias Gremory from High school DxD. You also have Kallen Stadfeld, Erza Scarlet, and Makise Kurisu, among others.

So, which one is your favorite? Comment down below.




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