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28+ Anime Girls with Short Hair That Will Inspire Your Next Style

Short hair is great for many reasons. It can be easy to style, it's not as high maintenance as long hair, and if you're a girl with short hair, there are plenty of anime girls who share your style!


In this blog post, we'll discuss some of the best Anime Girls With Short Hair that will inspire your next look

1. Nana Osaki (Nana)

Nana Osaki short haired girls in the Nana series

Nana Osaki is one of the best manga series by Ai Yazawa, and we have its anime adaptation. This main character isn’t afraid to be a liberated person, which includes sex. 

Yes, this anime touches on that sensitive topic without turning it into a porno!

Besides, this anime is about love and rock 'n' roll too. And hell yeah - characters are pure gold in Nana with one had short hair. It was a shame that there weren't many more chances for a sequel anytime soon.

Let’s go back to Nana Osaki who has kind-heartedness and devotion as friends. Abandoned by her parents when she was young, she went through hardships including accusations from her peers such as prostitution. 

This is because this punk-looking lady doesn’t hide her love for sex (of course with precautions like birth control and safe sex).

Still, this amazing leader of a band has a deep but quirky character that people don’t really understand.

2. Nami (One Piece)

Nami - Anime girls with short hair

Before the time skip, Nami of One Piece had short hair and almost had an orangey look on it. She’s bossy and avoids fighting as much as possible. 

Her most notable characteristic is her love for treasures, to a point of greediness.

Despite all of these flaws, Luffy accepted her because he saw something that most people don’t. If you get to know Nami more, you’ll see her good side. Her attitude stems from her hard childhood.

To the Straw Hat members, this sexy lady is an indispensable comrade. Why?

Because she has this cunning ability or intelligence that many characters in the anime series don’t have. Luffy and other members recognize that ability, which is essential in surviving in the pirate world.

3. Akane Tsunemori (Psycho Pass)

Akane Tsunemori Sexy Police Officer in Psycho-Pass

Akane Tsunemori is a strong, moralistic police officer of the Public Safety Bureau.

She doesn't let her own beliefs get in the way of doing what's best for society and has been shown to be willing to break rules if she deems it necessary.

She's one of the anime girls with short hair and plays an important role in Psycho-Pass. This righteous girl often challenges others with narrow-minded views on justice that would otherwise hold back progress towards achieving peace.

4. Riko Aida (Kuroko no Basuke)

Riko Aida - Prettiest Basketball coach in Kuroko no Basuke

Riko is the brains behind Seirin High, a high school basketball team that has been on an upswing. 

With both charm and wit at her disposal, Rika's strategizing abilities have amazed people all over—even those who are considered to be some of Japan's best players!

As their captain, she always manages to find ways for her teammates' individual talents to shine brightest when they're out on the court together. 

She would strategically place them in positions where they feel most comfortable playing.

Aside from these amazing coaching skills, Riko has a no-nonsense hairstyle, which reflects her practical individuality. Her biggest flaw, however, is her cooking skills. It’s so funny how her basketball team reacts when she’s cooking.

Anyway, this pretty coach is downright scary when provoked. So, most of the time, the players avoid making her angry as much as possible. 

Or, when they inadvertently trigger her temper, they make sure to keep their distance, immediately.

5. Akane Tendo (Ranma ½)

Akane Tendo - Sexy heiress of the Tendo Martial Arts School

Ranma’s three love interests all have a story to tell and Akane is the most famous. In the anime series, there are other short-haired girls including Akane’s sister, Nabiki.

Unlike other women her age, the Tendo heiress is trained for combat using her family's School of Martial Arts - Anything Goes. 

Her father raised her without any motherly guidance which has left her quite terrible at cooking but very skilled with weapons.

This pretty lady has long hair at the beginning of the series, but she decided to cut her hair. She has a quick temper, always hitting Ranma when the boy is near her. Despite this, Akane has a tender and sweet side.

6. Seishirou Tsugumi (Nisekoi)

Seishirou Tsugumi - sexy anime girls with short hair

Tsugumi is a female trap character in the anime series Nisekoi. 

She is a childhood friend of Chitoge. This sexy hitwoman transfers to the school of Chitoge to protect her and falls for Raku. She even investigated her chances with the male protagonist.

When she learns that she doesn’t stand a chance, Tsugumi willingly backs off. Although she confesses her love to Raku, the boy never hears it because this pretty lady covers his ears.

This high school student is stubborn. She’s skilled at her job but has a side that only people she cares about know.

Despite her hidden love for Raku, she remains friends with Chitoge, even becoming an exclusive model for the daughter of a gang.

7. Hanayo Koizumi (Love Live School Idol Project)

Hanayo Koizumi - Idol Project Anime Girls

This first year is a shy person who can’t express herself that easily. Hanayo is one of the anime girls with short hair in the series.

Because of her shyness, she lets other people decide for her. This personality might not look so endearing, but for her, it’s her only way of connecting with the people she loves.

Koizumi likes eating rice balls, which is her source of frustration about her weight.

Although a voracious eater, she looks sexy. This anxious lady might be shy in other aspects, but she’s enthusiastic about idols.

8. Yuki Nagato (Suzumiya Harui no Yuutsu)

Yuki Nagato- Humanoid Short Haired Girls

This humanoid character is a bibliophile who was created by Data Overmind in the SOS brigade anime series. 

She possesses supernatural abilities and doesn’t have emotions. But, when Yuki spends time with Haruhi Suzumiya, she learns what it means to be a human.

Nagato doesn’t age at all. She looks exactly the same from the time she was created up to now.

Despite her humanoid personality, this beauty has more insights on how to be human than other anime characters in the series.

9. Sayaka Miki (Madoka Magica)

Sayaka Miki - Pretty Anime girls with short hair

In Madoka Magica, Sayaka Miki is a tomboyish lady but cares deeply for her friends. She can become a magical girl and uses this opportunity to save those who need help.

In Madoka Magica, Sayaka Miki is a tomboyish lady but cares deeply for her friends. She can become a magical girl and uses this opportunity to save those who need help.

This magical summoner likes cosplaying, anime, and games. She looks pale with blue hair cut in a short hairstyle. 

One of her biggest flaws is her inability to accept rejection, especially by those she loves the most.

She even wished for a date with Kyousuke but this wish didn’t come true. The outcome of her wish dismayed her a lot and led to her untimely death. Tragic but some people can’t really accept rejections.

10. Ochako Uraraka (My Hero Academia)

Ochako Uraraka - Pretty Girl with Amazing Anti-Gravity Quirk

Deku’s batch in My Hero Academia, Ochako has brown hair and a permanent blush-on due to her fair complexion. Her hair is not so short but shoulder-length in a bobbed style. 

Her quirk is Zero gravity, thus her name Gravity. She looks like a weak character, which she is at the beginning of the anime series. 

Gradually, Ochako gains confidence and tactical intellect, making her a worthy superhero.

She has a warm personality who always puts the needs of others before her. Although sweet, this lovely heroine does have moments of anger when her friends are in grave danger.

11. Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)

Kuchiki Rukia in Bleach-best anime girls

Rukia Kuchiki, one of the anime girls with short hair, looks like her sister, Hisana. 

She becomes the adoptive sibling of Byakuya after Hisana requests him to look for her before dying.

This pretty and petite lady is a shinigami in the Gotei 13. She unknowingly transfers her Shinigami powers to Ichigo and even gets a death sentence for doing so.

Lovely Rukia loves rabbits and is the worst doodler I’ve known. She could draw but the images look terrible and many don’t understand her drawings at all.

This stoic lady is a silent person and has a modest character. Despite being adopted by a noble family, she never uses this to her advantage. She’s humble with so much respect for her brother.

12. Ami Mizuno (Sailor Moon)

Ami Mizuno - Pretty Sailor Mercury

Who doesn’t recognize Sailor Mercury?

She is one of the sailor warriors whose beauty and skills are invincible. This sailor warrior goes by the name of Ami Mizuno when she is in civilian mode.

She is very intelligent and is a protegee in computers and technology. As a sailor warrior, her powers revolve around water.

Her blue hair is cut in a bob style. Before becoming the Sailor Mercury, Ami is a shy girl who has trouble fitting in her school. But her gaining of the Mercury superpowers, she becomes confident.

In school, her classmates took her as snobby and arrogant. It is for the fact that she always places first in exams. Despite her bubbly facade, she longs to become a doctor like her mom.

13. Mikasa Ackerman (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Ackerman Mikasa - Childhood Friend to Eren Jaeger

This main character in Attack on Titan is one of the anime girls with short hair in the series.

She is a skilled soldier who loves Eren Jaeger so much that she’s willing to sacrifice herself for him.

Mikasa is an orphan whose parents died at the hands of criminals. These criminals want to sell her as a slave to other people. Her ancestry has made these bad people do the worst.

This stoic lady is a genius and very skilled at her job as a soldier. She could think clearly even during a crisis, except when she learns of the death of Eren in the first several episodes of the anime series.

During this time, Mikasa seems to have impaired judgment and doesn’t know what to do next. It’s clear that her special feelings for Eren are rooted deep in her heart.

14. Shiki Ryougi (The Garden Of Sinners)

Shiki Ryougi - skilled anime girls in Garden of Sinners

This teenage girl has two characters: a boy and a girl both named Shiki but different Kanji spellings. 

Shiki belongs to a family of assassins where children are raised with two alter-egos.

This beautiful assassin is one of the anime girls with short hair who could wield a weapon to kill. She gets into an accident which makes her develop a cold and detached personality.

This Shiki believes that her male character had died.

And, so, she begins a journey where she wants to know what happened. Shiki, after her coma, has become more restless and ruthless.

The “death” of her male character brings her a supernatural ability.

15. Ichigo (Darling In The Franxx)

Ichigo - Cute anime characters

Ichigo, the main character in Darling in the Franxx, is one of the short-haired girls who could make sacrifices for someone dear to her. She leads Squad 13.

This beauty has green eyes, which are really unique to her. Her hair is a little haphazard for her angelic face. 

She has a special feeling for Hiro, the male main character. But, she decides not to pursue this when she learns that Hiro loves Zero Two.

The leader of Squad 13 has insecurities, too, despite being level-headed. Her feelings for Hiro often impair her judgment, but she tries her best to become neutral and makes decisions.

16. Sakura (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Cardcaptor Sakura - Pretty short haired Magician

Sakura is one of the most popular characters and anime girls with short hair. Her brownish hair has 2 curly ahoge, raised partings with thin strands on each side.

She is energetic and optimistic, often smiling and giggling.

Like other women her age, this pretty teenager is athletic because she needs to for her cheerleading activities.

Unlike her best friend, Sakura is tomboyish and doesn’t care about her looks. She is petite but gradually grows to an average height. 

Her happy disposition in life has seen her through hard times. This includes her ordeal in capturing all the magic cards. Sweet and kind-hearted, she also has flaws.

Her biggest flaw is her temper. When provoked, Sakura has a bad temper.

17. Shirayuki (Snow White With The Red Hair)

Shirayuki with the Red Hair - Beautiful Anime Character

This beauty is one of the characters and anime girls with short hair who is the main character in a series. Originally, Shirayuki had long red hair and this attracted a lot of people.

But, she cut it when she left her kingdom. This red-haired lady is a herbalist in her kingdom. Then, the prince of her birthplace notices her and wants her to turn into a concubine.

Free-spirited, this skilled pharmacist doesn’t want to become a consort. So, she runs away from her home and settled in another kingdom where she meets her prince charming.

Most of the time, this lovely young lady wears a hood over her crimson hair. Her hair is uncommon during those times. Shirayuki is optimistic and resourceful.

She is compassionate to other people’s needs.

18. Alice Nakiri (Food Wars)

Alice Nakiri - Pretty Anime Girl with Short Hair

A skilled chef, Alice uses amazing cooking methods. Besides these cooking skills, this fair-skinned beauty is the cousin of Erina Nakiri, the top chef in their school.

Like her cousin, she is beautiful and sexy.

Alice comes from a wealthy and famous clan where great chefs come from for centuries. She’s friendlier and more sociable than her cousin.

This lovely chef has an easy-going but competitive personality. She could even talk to her rivals in cooking shows and make fun of them most of the time.

Her biggest flaw is being bossy and cunning. She orders Ryo Kukoriba around like he is her personal slave. 

Since this pretty lady grows up in a well-off family, she has this spoiled-brat attitude sometimes. Despite her flaws, there is a sweet and kind personality that she lets others see.

19. Kyoka Jiro (My Hero Academia)

Kyoka Jiro - Short-haired girl with amazing hero skills

Kyoka Jiro is one of the characters and the anime girls with short hair in My Hero Academia.

This petite high school student is UA where most people with quirks train to become pro heroes. She belongs to Deku’s batch of superheroes.

Her hair is purple with ear jacks on the sides of her head. Their presence allows her to hear conversations even with walls separating between her and her target.

This heroine is pragmatic and unenthusiastic. She’s a bit aloof sometimes, but her aloofness is just a pretense. Actually, this purple-haired lady likes to socialize.

To other people, she looks cold and indifferent. When you get to know her more, Kyoka has a sensitive side, too.

20. Lisbeth (Sword Art Online)

Lisbeth - Skilled and Beautiful Blacksmith in SAO

Rika’s avatar in Sword Art Online (SAO) is Lisbeth with brown hair. 

After playing for months, she changed the hairstyle into fluffy pink and dark pink eyes (in anime since the manga/light novel features her eyes as dark blue).

This beauty’s character in SAO is a skilled blacksmith. She is friendly and sociable to everyone. But, Lisbeth has explosive anger when it comes to her trade. 

She somehow becomes violent. One instance is when Kirito broke her best sword.

Still, this lovely lady has a kind heart and an easy-going personality.

21. Yui Hirasawa (K-On)

Yui Hirasawa - short-haired girls

This beautiful lead guitarist didn't have any idea how to play the electric guitar when she joined the Light Music Club.

Yep, that’s right! But because of her persistence and desire to learn, she discovers her passion for music.

Hirasawa Yui is an easy-going, cheery, and kind-of-stupid high school student. She is the complete contrast to her younger sister who acts more maturely than her. 

Despite not having the habit of reading manuals and important information, this beauty has a knack for practical approaches.

Although she looks like an airhead, Yui is a sweet girl and is very lovable who is expressive of her true feelings. Plus, she’s good at her role as the lead vocalist.

22. Shinobu Kocho (Demon Slayer)

Shinobu Kocho Best Demon Slayer Character

This demon-slayer has a cheery disposition. But, inside, she hates demons so much that she can't control her anger whenever she’s killing them. 

Her reason is quite understandable.

Demons had killed her sister and parents. And, this is the reason she trains and becomes a slayer.

Shinobu is small in stature with pupil-less eyes that look large and comely. She prefers a short hairstyle with a butterfly ornament. This ruthless slayer dons haori and white sandals as her favorite outfit.

She is actually cute. One of her friends says that she could make a living using her looks. But, she just ignores this comment. Instead, the cute slayer devotes her time hunting and killing demons.

23. Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)

Faye Valentine - beautiful anime girl with short hair

A bounty hunting woman, Faye comes from Singapore (or maybe her ancestors). 

She’s one of the short-haired girls who can rock green eyes and purple hair. This pretty lady is slender, tall, and pale-skinned.

In the anime show, she displays arrogance and laziness. Often, this lady is the embodiment of vanity, doing nothing but making sure her image looks pristine. 

One of her biggest flaws is her distrusting nature.

But, in the end, Faye learns to care for and trust her companions. Even though she leaves the Bebop so often, she would always return.

Another thing to note is her complicated relationship with Spike Spiegel. These two are always quarreling, but it seems they like each other. They don’t just like to admit it.

24. Tsubasa Hanekawa (Monogatari Series)

Hanekawa Tsubasa - Best Character Design in Monogatari Anime

This beauty is one of the anime girls with short hair who has long hair at the beginning of the story. Later, Tsubasa decides to cut her hair to show that she has matured.

Well-endowed lady, many envy her for her slim figure. Besides this character, Tsubasa is kind and often soft-spoken. She often wears glasses and underwear with unique designs.

Aside from being pretty, this girl is knowledgeable in many topics. This is due to her excellent study habits. 

However, behind her smiling eyes and sweet voice, Tsubasa has a ruthless and no-nonsense personality.

Although this lonely girl uses a cool facade, her background is far from being simple. Her mother died when she was still young. She never knew her father and is living with her step-parents.

The relationship of her stepparents is already the third marriage.

Still, Hanekawa is a kind individual who just needs a change of environment because she’s fed up with her current family relations.

25. Bulma (Dragon Ball Franchise)

Bulma - most popular anime girl with short hair

Dragon Ball is an anime that has stood the test of time. 

Until now, every anime fan from different generations still watches this and one of the most popular characters is Bulma.

She is one of those characters and anime girls with short hair who are fashionable. This fashion-conscious woman changes her hairstyle often and matches it with an appropriate outfit.

This blue-haired lady is a friend to Goku and is a doting wife with a feisty spirit to Vegetta. Besides fashion, Bulma loves technology and invents gadgets such as the dragon-ball radar.

This intelligent lady’s first boyfriend was Yamcha and she hates Vegetta for his not-so-good attitude in the first few arcs of the Dragon Ball franchise.

Eventually, this pretty woman begins to have a special feeling for Vegetta, marries him, and bears him two children.

Surprisingly, Bulma is an anime waifu material.

26. Najenda (Akame Ga Kill)

Najenda - Trained Assassin and Leader in anime Akame Ga Kill

Sporting a silver short hairstyle, this lady is a skilled assassin. In fact, she leads the Night Raid, an assassin group in Akame Ga Kill.

Najenda wears an eyepatch on her right eye. Unfortunately, her job is a risky one, and losing an eye seems natural to her.

Being a leader, this skilled assassin is a level-headed character. She possesses the sharp mind needed in carrying out missions

Despite her attitude with missions, Najenda has a gentle personality. But, she’s bad at making puns, often telling cold jokes to her comrades.

Because of her boyish appearance, many mistake her for a man. Still, this doesn’t hinder her from knowing her real worth as a woman and as a leader.

27. Touka Kirishima (Tokyo Ghoul)

Touka - Bad-ass Girl As Rabbit Ghoul

This attractive girl is sporting a bob purple hair in the anime. She’s one of the short-haired girls in anime with a badass character in Tokyo Ghoul.

Touka is the Rabbit in the anime show, wearing a mask and blonde or pink wig.

At the same time, This short-haired woman is beautiful. Even Ken Kaneki finds her attractive. Her lovely face is the combination of her mother’s and younger brother’s features.

Despite being a ghoul, She’s kind but has a dark side because of some painful childhood experiences.

Rash and reckless, this tomboyish lady has some abandonment issues. Despite that, she’s super skilled in fighting. While not in her Rabbit mask, Touka works in the restaurant.

Usually, you can see her wearing a white shirt, black vest, and black skirt.

28. Tomoka Minato (Ro-Kyu-Bu)

Tomoka Minato - skilled basketball player with short hair

Nicknamed Mokkan, this dark-purpled, almost pink haired player is confident of her basketball skills. Yes, folks! She could play and is an ace in her team. 

Her most unique facial feature is the mole in her left eye.

Since Tomoka Minato plays basketball, she has an average height. She’s pretty and sociable. Her only insecurity is her flat chest.

But, she’s one of the anime girls with short hair who could play some sports.

In the anime, this pretty lady likes Subaru Hasegawa who is the team’s coach. But she doesn’t make her feelings public, not even to the boy.

The only indication that Tomo-chan likes the coach is when drunk. She clings like a monkey. Unsurprisingly, Mokkan is afraid of cockroaches.

29. Hinata Hyuga (Naruto)

Hinata Hyuga - Beautiful Byakugan Ninja in anime Naruto

This Byakugan descent is the most loved and at the same time one of the most hated short-haired girls in the anime community. 

She is fair-skinned, with short hair almost like a bowl cut style. For years, this lovely ninja harbored a special feeling for Naruto and later married him.

Personality-wise, Hinata Hyuga is quite weak. Maybe this is one reason some anime fans hate her. She’s soft-spoken and very formal. This timid lady always uses honorifics.

But, her encounter with Naruto has changed her a lot. When needed, Hinata could fight alongside her comrades, not wanting to be left out or become a burden to them.

Unlike Sakura, she is a bit unfashionable and practical in terms of her wardrobe choices.

Still, this girl with bottomless eyes is a skilled ninja and is willing to improve her personality.

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