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26 Anime Girls with Brown Hair Who Have Awesome Personalities

In the anime world, anime girls with brown hair are common.

They are everywhere. Aside from brown, black hair is also typical. Others have blue hair or purple hair.


Whichever you prefer, you get to choose your favorite anime girl. But, this post concentrates on the best female anime characters with brown hair and unique hairstyles.

Dig in and discover the different personalities of these cute girls.

Anime Girls with Brown Hair:

1. Yui Hirasawa - K On

Cute Girls On K-ON - Yui Hirasawa

Made by Kyoto Animation, K-on anime features the lives of five main characters.

One of these cute characters is Yui Hirasawa who loves sweets and Mugi brings these delicacies to the club room.

This energetic girl is bursting with positivity. She looks innocent which is so refreshing to her friends.

But, her laid-back personality means she cares less about school.

She’s a bit of an airhead and can’t do two multiple things in one go. But, when Yui focuses on one thing, she can do it excellently if she puts her heart into it.

2. Cana Alberona - Fairy Tail

Cana Alberona - Sexy Woman with Dark Brown Hair

Cana Alberona is one of the anime girls with brown hair who are sexy and badass. This pretty lady loves to drink so much that you rarely see her sober.

When I mean drink, it is a barrel of beer! The surprising thing is how does she maintain that sexy body with all the beer she drinks?

But, when she’s sober, you can see her leading her guild. Cana is a struggling S class mage and has some daddy issues.

Still, this skilled magician has some badass fighting styles. When she fights, you could feel the vibe of Twisted Fate.

3. Haruhi Fujioka - ouran koukou host club

Trap Anime Girls  - Haruhi Fujioka

Anime traps and girls with brown hair are a rare combination in the anime community. But Ouran Host Club’s creators took this twist in the series

Yep, Haruhi is a girl who pretended to be a boy so that she could pay off a debt.

Well, it doesn’t matter anyway because she doesn’t care if others see her as a girl or a boy.

This lady is one weird character. According to her, she wants to be seen for her actions, not her gender or appearance.

What’s so surprising? She’s more adept at dealing with girls than the other boys in the club.

4. Sakura Kinomoto - Card Captor

Cheerfy Anime Girl - Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura is one of the anime girls with brown hair color who have a bubbly character.

This cute little girl is a cheerleader in her school and has a crush on her big brother’s best friend.

This bubbly person is a bit clumsy. That’s why! She accidentally released the magical cards.

Her task as the captor is to seal away magical cards because these spirits are dangerous to the people.

Sakura was 10 years old at the beginning of the series. She gradually matured into a teenager at the end of the anime.

5. Lain Iwakura - Serial Experiments Lain

anime girls with brown eyes - Lain Iwakura

Serial Experiments Lain is a psychological anime. Lain Iwakura is a computer geek and an intelligent one at that. She's the main character in the anime series.

This girl is a bit awkward and an introvert but arrogant from time to time.

Out of the female anime characters in this list, Lain has the most unique hairstyle, having asymmetrical short brown hair.

In the series, this introvert was transported to an unknown world after receiving an email from a classmate who committed suicide. She must solve the mystery behind this.

Lain develops split personalities until she discovers her true identity. Here’s a fun fact. Her appearance is similar to the voice actress behind the character.

6. Haruhi Suzumiya - Melancholy of Haruhi

Suzumiya Haruhi - Melancholy of Haruhi anime Series

Aliens, time travelers, espers, and other supernatural phenomena are Haruhi’s obsessions. Not a unique trait but her obsession is of the next level.

Her demanding and assertive nature would surely bring her face-to-face to an extraterrestrial being. Plus, she’s a pervert (sort of) who wants to undress women.

This cheerful girl likes to change her hair often. So, you see her sport different styles for the sheer fun of doing it.

7. Momozono Nanami - Kamisama Kiss

Momozono - Real life Goddess Candidate

Girls with brown hair in anime are often sweet and some are boring but not this person. Well, Nanami is a candidate for becoming a god.

In order to fully become a god, she must find a fox familiar. Yes, Nanami found her sidekick but it seems they don’t get along that much.

She’s stubborn and doesn’t want to ask for help even if a dire situation kills her.

And, the reason Nanami seems to be indifferent with her familiar? She’s falling in love with the boy.

Watch this anime to see how their relationship ended if it's a fairy tale or not.

8. Megumi Noda - Nodame Cantabile

Girls with brown hair - Megumi Noda

Megumi Noda has trouble communicating what she really feels. She's an awkward person who loves to play the piano.

Despite her loveable nature, this lovely lady has an unpredictable nature. She has a way of showing her anger in the scariest way possible.

That’s why no one wants to mess with her. People seem to be uncomfortable around Noda because of her weird personality.

Nevertheless, this talented lady is sweet and caring to the people she chooses to give her loyalty to.

9. Sun Seto - My Bride is a Mermaid

Sun Seto - Mermaid Character

Being a mermaid, Sun Seto has long beautiful brown hair with brown eyes. She’s the main protagonist of the anime series My Bride is a Mermaid.

This mermaid is gorgeously beautiful. Despite her fragile appearance, she’s a skilled fighter who has amazing sword skills.

For her, females should know how to find meaning in life and defend other people when needed.

Sun Seto is a bride-to-be to the Yakuza’s heir. She has self-confidence and knows how to set boundaries.

10. Taiga Aisaka- Toradora!

Anime Girls with Brown hair -Taiga Aisaka

Taiga Aisaka is a tsundere whose nickname is Palmtop Tiger. Her classmates call her this because of her temper despite her small stature.

This petite lady has a violent nature for some reasons that she kept hidden from most people. But, Ryuuji changes her and brings out her loyal and kind personality.

11. Ringo - Daily Lives of High School Boys

Ringo - Competitive Anime Female Character

Ringo is not one of your ordinary anime girls with brown hair. She’s competitive when boys are her enemies.

This beauty wants to surpass the boys in her class.

Never even think of cheating when Ringo is one of the contenders. This girl will do everything to win. When she loses, all hell breaks loose.

Despite her competitive personality, this lovely lady has an air-head character. Plus, she gets easily distracted by the mention of food, even if this is a mere whisper.

Still, Ringo is a charming lady. 

12. Izumi Akazawa - Another

Psychological Anime - Izumi Akazawa

Another is a psychological anime series featuring diverse characters. One of these people is Izumi Akazawa who has long hair in brown shade.

This lovely student is a tsundere who gets stuff done in her own way. In this anime series, she’s not the nicest people but she sure knows how to find the ‘Another’ in their group.

Despite her tsundere personality, Izumi knows when to be humble and accepts her mistakes.

13. Mirai Kuriyama - Beyond the Boundary

Dandere Anime Girls - Mirai Kuriyama

This anime character is a dandere through and through. She wears glasses and is extremely introverted. Mirai only talks when you talk to her.

She’s clumsy but a powerful person who can manipulate blood and kill with a flick of her hand.

Although a member of a prestigious clan, Mirai and her family were banished from their world.

This anime girl who has short hair must survive by doing multiple jobs to have a decent meal to eat and a home to stay at.

Aside from this, she loves to write about her bonsai tree.

People ridicule her but she is a fighter, which makes her a lovable person. Plus, Mirai doesn’t know how to lie.

14. Sasha Braus - Attack on Titan

Best Characters in Attack on Titan- Sasha Braus

Attack on Titan is a dark and gripping story of betrayal, survival, and politics. In this series, anime fans come to know Sasha Braus, nicknamed potato girl.

Thi brown-haired lady has a voracious appetite. Good thing, she's not a Titan. Or else, she would eat anyone or anything on sight.

Her life is wrought with hardships and poverty. She joined the army to protect her loved ones and avenge her village.

Sasha is a caring girl. She's funny but a crybaby and filled with energy despite the depressing situations.

15. Revy - Black Lagoon

anime girls with brown hair - Revy

This sexy brunette is a sadistic, merciless killer who could finish a pack of cigarettes (or maybe more) in a day.

Revy is one of the many main characters in the anime Black Lagoon.

She has a short fuse and could kill anyone when provoked. Scary! So, don't mess with her.

Her badass gun skills remind you of Hollywood movies. She, together with the members of the gang, kidnaps a wealthy businessman.

Unfortunately, everything went awry and their plans didn't go as planned.

16. Mikoto Misaka - A Certain Magical Index

Powerful Anime Girl - Mikoto Misaka

In this anime series, magical characters are categorized according to their abilities. Mikoto Misaka is the strongest esper in her school because of hard work.

Because of her skills and some difficult past situations, this brave lady is a tsundere. Other students regard her as a snob.

But, if you get to know her, you'll discover how sweet and humble she is. Although Misaka attends the richest school, materialistic things don't impress her.

Badass, powerful, and pretty are what describes her. What could you ask for more? If she's your GF or friend, she will definitely defend you.

17. Shimura Otae - Gintama

Shimura Otae - Gintama Anime

Shimura Otae is the older sister of Shinpachi. This pretty lady with beautiful brown hair and adorable eyes knows how to fight for the sake of justice.

She's definitely beautiful and brainy, combined with a brawny personality. Well, this is a formidable combination for a lady.

Despite her brawny skills, this lady is graceful and lady-like.

18. Diane - Seven Deadly Sins

anime girls with brown hair - Diane

Her gigantic size has prevented her from pursuing her love interest, Meliodas. But, in the past, Diane used to be friends with the fairy king.

Because of unexpected circumstances, she forgot everything about their friendship.

This giant is sweet-natured but has a brute force equivalent to her size. She's a bit dense about the feelings of the fairy king to her.

Her biggest dream is to become of average height so she could go on a date with her crush.

Despite her height, Diane has the grace of a dancer. You can see this proof in one episode where she moves to the rhythm of the rain and thunder.

19. Holo - Spice and Wolf

Anime Fox Girl Holo

Holo is one of the anime characters with wolf ears and a bushy tail.

She's a goddess or spirit, whichever you prefer, who has a beautiful mane of brown hair.

Being a goddess, this beauty knows how to defend herself, unlike other female characters. With her skills, this anime fox girl could definitely fight enemies when necessary.

She often teases Lawrence and is funny in a unique sort of way.

20. Ryouko Ookami - Okami-san and Her Seven Companions

Ryouko Ookami - Tsundere Anime Girl

This cute girl has a way of saying her feelings. She punches anyone without warning and justifies her actions in the funniest way possible.

Ryouko is a tsundere with a soft side she rarely shows to others.

Even though she likes to punch to let others know she's angry or just surprised, this pretty girl becomes an interesting character when paired with a dandere.

Definitely, Ryouko is a badass babe who knows her worth.

21. Ochako Uraraka - My Hero Academia

anime girls with brown hair - Ochako Uraraka

Anti-gravity is her quirk in the anime. Ochako Uraraka is a sweet girl through and through.

It's like she doesn't have a bad bone in her except when her friends are in danger.

Her exposure to Deku's persistence and other's amazing strategic personality encourages Ochako to become a reliable hero.

At first, she thought that her skills are useless and not strong enough to defeat villains.

But when she partners with a strong offensive hero, she could put her quirk to use in the most amazing way.

22. Isuzu Sento - Amagi Brilliant Park

Anime Tsundere Isuzu

Have you ever seen an anime girl who is a tsundere and dandere?

I think Isuzu Sento falls into this category. She doesn’t talk much and has a violent nature when angry.

This sexy female protagonist doesn’t hesitate in using her magical gun to make others know her feelings.

She can’t communicate well that’s why people around her thought she is violent.

But, as Isuzu tries to interact with people, she begins to improve.

23. Raphtalia - The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Rising Shield Hero anime - Raphtalia

The second half-human character in this list is Raphtalia of the anime Rising of the Shield Hero.

This sexy girl was a former slave in her life but Naofumi bought her to be part of the group.

Her tanuki ears look so cute on her, combined with brown hair and red-eye color. She’s cute and very charming.

Even though Naofumi is practically her master, Raphtalia can’t help falling for the boy because of his generosity and benevolence.

Cute as she is, this beautiful girl has some amazing abilities. She’s willing to use these skills to protect the man who saves her from merciless existence.

24. Megumi Kato- How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend

Brown Hair Anime Girl - Megumi Kato

The anime world is really home to weird and unique characters. One of these characters is Megumi Kato.

As the title goes, this is about the protagonist as a boring girlfriend who has normal height and brown eyes. At first, you might think or even say, Seriously?

But, as you watch the movie, you will come to know that this pretty girl with beautiful brown hair is not boring at all!

She's a character with so much fire in her soul and life. Most importantly, Megumi is a caring person.

25. Belldandy - Ah My Goddess

anime girls with brown hair - Belldandy

Belldandy is one of the goddesses in the series. She’s soft-spoken and loyal.

This pretty goddess is open-minded that she’s willing to understanding and look at things differently.

She’s cheerful, always smiling, even at mundane things.

Despite her dainty appearance, Belldandy is one of the most powerful goddesses in the anime. She has her limiters to prevent her magical powers from creating devastating effects on others.

26. Yuuki Asuna - Sword Art Online

Yuuki Asuna - Popular Anime Iseka Girl

Yuuki is one of the main characters in Sword Art Online. In the anime series, she has to fight alongside other characters who get transferred out of their real world.

This girl has that cute, typical face with brown hair (almost orange) and hazel eyes. Despite her fragile appearance, she can kick your butt if she so desires.

Using her knowledge, Yuuki is willing to help her guild to solve the problem at hand.

Trivia Questions For Brown-haired Anime Girls

What anime has a girl with brown hair?

Well, all of them have brown hair in varying shades and tints. Their hairstyles range from short (such as Haruhi Suzumiya) to wispy long, from asymmetrical to one with bangs. 

So, feel free to choose your favorite.

What anime characters have long brown hair?

In this list of anime girls with brown hair, Belldandy, Raphtalia, Izumi, Taiga, Holo, Cana, Yuuki, Ryouko have long hair in varying shades of brown.

What anime girl has brown hair and brown eyes?

Sasha and Ochako have brown hair and eyes.

Who is the anime girl with pink hair and horns?

I could think of Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx. She has pink hair and horns. But if you’re looking for other characters, here are anime girls with pink hairs:

  • Ram from Rezero
  • Mina from My Hero Academia
  • Lucy from Elfen Lied
  • Aries from Fairy Tail
  • How did you find my list of anime girls with brown hair? Feel free to comment on your favorite and watch out for my next post.


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