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19 Anime Characters With Tattoos For Your Next Ink

Anime characters with tattoos can often tell a story and add depth to the character’s motivations and feelings.


Whether they are intricate designs or small symbols, anime tattoos can help viewers further explore the anime world.

In this list, discover the tattooed anime characters.

1. Zero Kiryu

best tattooed anime characters zero

Zero of Vampire Knight series is an undeniably cool individual and a half vampire boy. To add to his already handsome features, and stunning looks, he bears a captivating tattoo on his neck.

With twin arrows pointed in opposite directions and a dagger at the center, the design makes one stare in awe and admiration.

It adds to Zero's flare when entering battle, as the magical ink begins to glow a striking red. A definite sight to be seen!

This timeless art adorns this vampire hero perfectly, making it an integral part of his phenomenal character.

2. Abarai Renji

best tattooed characters

With cool tattoos that bring out his inner animal, Abarai Renji is one of the widely popular Bleach manga characters.

His body is adorned with tribal tattoos all over, from head to toe. Renji's tattoos feature intricate designs along his chest and stomach.

The full body tattoo look makes him even more fierce as if he was born with an aura of protection and strength.

While the precise meaning behind these tattoos remains unknown, they speak volumes in terms of Renji’s character and strength.

To many fans of the series, he's become an iconic figure to who we can all relate!

3. Draken

Tokyo Manji Gang

Draken from Tokyo Revengers is a man with an intimidating presence, even before you look at the intricate dragon tattoo marking the side of his head.

Ever since he got inked, Draken has looked even more daunting. His style of wearing his hair in a neat braid atop his head only inflames this perception.

Depending on how you look at it, there's something almost awe-inspiring about this Tokyo Revenger. It's like there's an air of mystery that shrouds him.

Those who are brave enough to interact with him may find out why.

4. Izumi Miyamura

Izumi's Large Tribal tattoo

Izumi Miyamura from the Horimiya anime is a mysterious character. Keeping to himself, many would not expect him to be adorned with large tribal tattoos.

Despite having two vast tattoos, no details are provided about what inspired these tattoos or their meaning.

He also has numerous piercings. The large band that wraps around his upper arm gives the impression that he hides his feelings underneath all the decorations.

It's clear there's more to Izumi, leaving viewers with plenty of questions unanswered as to why he has chosen such a striking display of body art.

5. Scar

fullmetal alchemist

Scar is an enigmatic figure with a few tribal bands and alchemy tattoos scattered over his body. He is an aggressive character.

These strange markings were more than just artwork. They had the power to end lives.

Scar's brother had been a powerful alchemist. It was believed these tattoos held some of that same power, like a few of his brother's abilities, were passed down to him through ink.

Whenever Scar felt threatened by anyone near his right arm, the tattoo would activate and cut them down to nothing, as if it had swallowed up their very soul.

It was almost as if a part of Scar's late brother remained in the Fullmetal alchemist through these potent tattoos, granting him immense strength in times of need.

6. Natsu

Natsu's fairy tail guild symbol

Natsu is a young man with an unwavering commitment to the Fairy Tail guild. His distinct flame-shaped tattoo adorns his body as a symbol of his dedication and fiery spirit.

Alongside the Fairy Tail guild, Natsu opts for thrilling adventures born from their notorious behavior.

But his ambitious will comes from something far more powerful. It is his desire to reunite with Igneel, the strong figure who has since been absent from their lives.

So long as fairy tail's symbol burns brightly on Natsu's skin, they may just get there one day!

7. Nicolas Brown

Unique tattoo

Nicolas is the epitome of anime characters with tattoos. His distinctive tribal-style back tattoo not only adds to his overall aura.

It also puts him amongst a league of anime characters that are renowned for their strength and courage.

As a deaf mercenary, Nicolas never hesitates to aid those in need. Beloved by many, Nicolas' tattoo has become a signature symbol for anime fans abroad.

It signifies strength, compassion, and courage. Just like its bearer.

8. Chrollo Lucifer

tattooed anime characters in hunter x hunter

Chrollo Lucifer, an anime character known for his mischievous ways, wears an iconic tattoo on his forehead.

At a cursory glance, this tattoo appears to be a cross or a compass rose. However, it is actually a creatively revised version of the traditional lotus flower.

This symbol is hidden largely beneath his headband and is associated with deep meaning and contemplation.

But Chrollo's lotus serves as a reminder of his inherent unpredictability and fierce spirit.

9. Kamina

main characters

Despite having limited screen time, Kamina made an impact with his unique and striking look. His back has a fierce Fire Tattoo that seemed to reflect his own inner fire.

The two tattoo bands around each arm added another layer of mysteriousness to the overall visual. Was there something hidden beneath those two tattoos? A secret nod to his past or a subtle message of some kind?

We might never know, but we can be sure that Kamina is remembered for being one of the most iconic characters in anime.

10. Uta

Uta's Tattoo with Intricate Design

With piercings speckling his cheeks and elaborate tattoos wrapping themselves around his arms, Uta gives off an intimidating persona. He even opted for black ink injected to his eyes.

He creates masks for ghouls to hide their identities only increases the mystique surrounding him. His wild style is a stark contrast to his thoughtful choice of Latin quote on his neck.

It speaks of powerful duality in his character. So it's no surprise Uta has made such an unmistakable mark throughout the Tokyo Ghoul series, from the street-style of his clothing to the rhetoric of his tattoos.

11. Gaara

male protagonist

Naruto's beloved character, Gaara, had a difficult past. His father sealed the one-tailed into Gaara's body to create a perfect weapon

This has transformed Gaara into a monster. But Naruto's influence forces him to learn how to love himself amidst all of the hate around him.

Rather than giving up under the weight of his despair, Gaara channeled this despair into strength and forged it into something positive

He had inked his forehead with a tattoo of 'ai' (which stands for love) on his forehead. This tattoo became a symbol of courage, resilience, and self-love.

This tattoo inspires many anime fans and gives an example of how even the most difficult of circumstances can be overcome by healing from within.

12. Trafalgar Law

most fan favorite character

Trafalgar Law is most certainly one of the most stylish anime characters out there. His tattoos are a large part of this statement.

On his fingers, he has the word “Death,” and on the back of both hands, there is a cross. This is a symbol of his membership with the notorious Jolly Roger.

To add to all this edginess, Trafalgar also has a tattooed heart on both shoulders and many other unique designs spread across his body.

These tattoos are not only eye-catching but also deeply meaningful to him.

It's no wonder why so many people look up to this well-known anime character
as one of the most cool-looking anime characters out there.

7 Best Tattooed Female Anime Characters

1. Revy

popular anime black lagoon

Revy's curled tribal patterns sweeping up her arm to her neck have been a major source of inspiration in the tattoo culture.

While much may be said of its popularity, it is no surprise why Revy's massive arm tattoo has become so iconic.

Fierce and vibrant, the artwork juts out from underneath various layers of clothing. It's a reminder to all who see it that Revy is larger than life itself.

It cements her bold, audacious personality in all its glory for everyone to behold. Even after all these years, her tattoo continues to inspire people around the world with its iconic presence.

2. Nami

tattoo representing mikan of Nami

Nami is a stylish, fierce cat burglar who has been walking alongside Luffy since the early days of One Piece.

As the Straw Hats navigator, this tattooed woman
knows how to find her way. She's even tattooed that onto her arm, where an intricate tattoo covers up the previous tattoo that linked her to Arlong.

Colored with mikan, the tattoo symbolizes strength. If it wasn't for who Nami is and all she stands for, the tattoo would just be a stunning piece of artwork.

But not only does Nami boast a beautiful tattoo. Her journey aspires to reach near-impossible heights - like a world-mapper that can discover every corner of the globe.

3. Medusa Gorgon

extremely powerful witch

In Soul Eater Mythology, Medusa Gorgon is an incredibly powerful character. She is the force responsible for letting Death's oldest son Asura break free from his captor and later mothering Crona in his turbulent journey.

This places her at a critical junction in Soul Eater's story and other characters in the series. Paired with her superhuman powers, Medusa distinguishes herself with spiral dot tattoos that are iconic to soul eater fans.

These dots signify her control over mass dark magic. Together these features give Medusa an edgy, mysterious design that both captivates and frightens soul-eater audiences alike.

4. Shura Kirigakure

single tattoo in her chest

Shura, from the anime series Blue Exorcist, stands out among its cast with her mysterious and imposing appearance.

Her bright hair and deep red eyes compliment her unique body pattern, which forms a shapely seal on her abdomen and chest.

This vibrant tattoo is not just an ornamental design. It is symbolic of Shura's strength and power as a member of the Order of Exorcists that serves to ward off any malignant forces or dark spirits seeking harm.

With this cool piece of ink, Shura stands as an inspiration to all fans as an example of beauty framed by formidable strength.

5. Yoruichi Shihouin

best characters

Yoruichi Shihouin is a mysterious figure in the Shinigami world. With an athletic frame, long black hair, and entrancing golden eyes, she commands immediate attention.

She stands out further with her distinct fashion sense. Yoruichi is commonly seen in her simple black tights and white obi encircling her waist.

Her level of uniqueness reaches another level when she reveals her surreal ability to change into a small black cat at will.

Interestingly enough, even when in that form she maintains an identifying male voice and captivating eyes unchanged.

To top it off, Yoruichi has an ethnic tattoo that resembles that of a cat's eye located on her left thigh.

6. Sofia Valmer


Sofia Valmer is a determined fighter with an unyielding passion in her heart. Her big light yellow eyes penetrate into your soul as if you were a mere bystander on this battlefield.

The ominous tattoo on her left shoulder blade of a fist holding a knife intersected at the Christian cross speaks volumes about her bravery and faith.

This mid-to-late twenties Nordic beauty was once part of the Finlandia military. Her previous profession gives evidence to those who know of Sofia Valmer.

She is a battle-hardened heroine who has seen both joy and sorrow in life’s journey – outmatching every obstacle placed before her.

7. Nojiko

best tattoos

Even as a child, Nojiko was an example of loyalty and sterling kindness. She stood firmly by her sister's side even when Nami engaged in problematic behavior

She never doubted her no matter the circumstances. Her heart swelled with more than familial love for her adopted sister. It brimmed to capacity with love for a woman too strong to fight alone.

Thus, she courageously acquired tattoos that adorned her right arm as a sign of solidarity. Nojiko shows that she would proudly bear her sister’s burdens as well as her own.

While Nami may not have any recollection of this gesture of devotion, it remains etched in the hearts and minds of both fans and characters alike. It is a permanent imprint of character-defining heroism.

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