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40 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters

You can find the most powerful characters in the Hunter x Hunter universe. They have different nen abilities, physical strength, and martial arts expertise that are truly remarkable. In this list,


I'm going to discuss more than 30 strongest Hunter x Hunter characters in no particular order.

Most Powerful Hunter Characters

The Hunter association houses the best nen users in the anime series. It conducts examination where individuals across the land can join.

If they pass the rigorous training and exam, they receive a license that allows them to hunt monsters and evil doers.

There are a lot of professional hunters, but I only listed 15 popular ones who made an impression on anime fans.

1. Gon Freecss

Strongest hunters

Of course, who wouldn't recognize Gon Freeccss, the bubbly main character in the anime series? His nen type is enhancement.

He makes it to this list when he turns into Adult Gon during the Chimera ants arc. His adult form appeared due to his anger and desire to avenge his friend.

Even Neferpitou felt fear when she saw how ruthless Gon is in this form. Gon could kill without remorse, and this act has taken its toll on him physically, emotionally, and even spiritually.

2. Netero

netero strongest character

Isaac Netero was the head of the Hunter Association before his death in the Chimera Ant arc. He is a powerful nen user that even the best of hunters look up to him.

His signature moves are the Dragon dive and Zero hand. You can watch him use these moves during the chimera arc.

Despite his advanced age, he can still defeat many professional hunters in the series. Plus, his youthful and playful personality makes him one of the beloved Chairman of the Association.

3. Biscuit Krueger

Hunter x hunter Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit Krueger is one cute Hunter x Hunter character. But don’t be fooled by her princessy appearance. She is a double star hunter.

She is one of the strongest female characters in the series. Like Gon, she is an Enhancer.

When she’s serious about fighting, Biscuit can change her appearance into a muscular lady. But her skills don’t end there.

This lady is intelligent and can think of strategies that can defeat a formidable opponent. She becomes a mentor to Gon and Killua during the Greed Island Arc.

4. Razor

Emitter Razor

Razor belongs to the Elite hunter Association. He is one of the game masters in the Greed Island.  His nen ability is emission.

In this arc, Razor takes care of the emissive system and manages the spell casting of the participants.

With this task alone, you can see how powerful this guy is. Having to take care of a whole island where powerful nen users gather to finish the game is an amazing feat.

5. Cheadle

Chairperson Cheadle

Cheadle Yorkshire is a Triple-Star Disease Hunter. Currently, she is the chairperson of the Hunter Association after a rigorous selection between her and Pariston.

Aside from this, she’s also part of the Zodiacs. Her codename is “Dog”

In the series, her nen ability was never revealed. But being the sparring partner of Netero, she is more powerful than any hunters in the association.

Besides, she can never get the position of chairperson if she’s just an intelligent woman. Cheadle is probably stronger than Netero himself. You can never know.

6. Kurapika

Kurapika hunter x hunter character

In the anime series, Kurapika is a Blacklist Hunter AKA Bounty hunter. He hunts dangerous criminals.

His target is the Phantom Troupe because he wants to avenge his clan for being killed due to their crimson eyes.

He even used a risky spell just to make sure he can kill the leader. Kurapika becomes successful but not in killing Chrollo.

He manages to disarm and renders Chrollo useless by taking away his nen ability, which is a good as death in the Hunter x Hunter world.

7. Kite

Gon's mentor Kite

Kite is one of the few people whom Gon has made a connection with because of his father. Plus, he became a mentor to Gon and Killua.

Aside from being a mentor, this hunter discovered many species in the series. Despite his unknown status as a hunter, Kite is knowledgeable about anything biology. Kite's unique ability is conjuration.

He even got a job from a company as a surveyor. But his life was cut short when Neferpitou killed him. His death is one of the reasons Gon evolved during the Chimera ant arc.

8. Morel Mackernassey

Instrucer Morel

Morel is the kind of teacher that dishes out tough love. He's a strict instructor.

He never leaves the battlefield without his trusty smoking pipe. In the Hunter x Hunter series, Morel uses it to channel his powerful Nen abilities.

With his abilities and strong Nen, he earned the respect of other competent fighters in the Hunter Exam.

According to Knuckle, his student, Morel's aura pool surpassed even Youpi's. It is greater than Gon’s!

9. Knuckle Bine


His style screams 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventures' character. But it might just be a reference.

Knuckle is not an ordinary fighter. He is a Beast hunter. Being Morel's student, this hunter is a skillful fighter in combat.

His brute strength and physical capabilities are simply amazing and astonishingly powerful. Plus, his Potclean power enables him to exchange hits with opponents many times more powerful than himself.

His abilities are proof of his remarkable resilience! There isn't much standing between him and victory!

10. Mizaistom


Many underestimate the power of intelligence in battle. But Mizaistom has proven otherwise.

As the brilliant Double-Star Hunter, he mastered stealth and strategy in combat. This lethal combination makes him one of the most formidable Zodiacs.

His primary role? Collect information and report intel about his opponents.

After all, it isn't always brute force that turns the tide of war, but rather having an accurate insight into your adversary.

It was up to Mizaistom to discover the presence of a mole hidden amongst the Zodiacs.

11. Shoot McMahon

MacMahon Shoot

Shoot is a walking contradiction. He has amazing, inhuman physical combat skills tucked beneath his cowardly exterior.

This guy is particularly impressive when choosing suitable strategies on the fly. It's like he doesn't even need two arms.

He combines martial arts and Nen ability, which makes him a truly formidable force. But his greatest flaw is his lack of confidence during crucial battles.

Still, this doesn’t give him a reason to not give his all.

12. Ging Freecss

strongest hunter x hunter characters

Ging is a Double Star Ruins Hunter and a legend among Nen users. According to Netero, his physical strength exceeds other hunters. But, fans never witnessed his abilities.

Yet, together with ten other hunters, he manages to create a complex game called Greed Island that tests the abilities of pro-hunters. In here, he created Nen Beasts.

Such feat requires extreme intelligence. Despite his accomplishments, there’s one thing that he couldn’t perform well: being a father.

Still, Gon didn’t make a deal out of it. Instead, he chased his father to know why.

13. Knov


At first glance, Knov looks like a mild-mannered civilian heading off to his next meeting.

Yet, behind the unassuming appearance lies a formidable power, he can send opponents straight to the underworld!

He’s not a glorified warrior but rather those who work on the sides to win a war. His subtle sneakiness earns him much admiration

On top of such crafty wits, Knov manages to impress with his strength and agility. Indeed, he is an invaluable asset in combat.

14. Palm Siberia

Chimera Palm Siberia

Palm Siberia is known for the crystal ball in her forehead and curly long black hair. Before her evolution as a chimera, she is prone to explosive anger.

Despite her incredible power as a hunter, she isn’t trained for actual battle. Palm is more adept as a spy.

But when she became a chimera, her raw power increased, and she might have overpowered Killua.

Because she remembers Gon and Killua, she didn’t try to kill them.

15. Tsezguerra

Hunter x Hunter Tsezguerra

Tsezguerra stands out for his impressive record as the Single-Star Jackpot Hunter. During the Greed Island Arc, he solidifies his position as a top-tier combatant.

Surviving the game and its risks makes him an outstanding asset. A master strategist, his knack for creating tactics has become almost legendary.

This hunter has earned his place on this list by daringly risking his life and surviving the test in the game.

With skill and daring like that, it's no surprise that Tsezguerra is considered one of the best.

8 Villain Nen Users in the Hunter x Hunter Series

In the HxH series, you can find strongest nen users among the villains. But, some villains, especially during the Chimera ants arc, are also formidable and quite strong compared to average pro-hunters. Here are 8 Villains from the chimera arc.

16. Ant King Meruem

Meruem Chimera King

Meruem is the Chimera ant king who loves to play board games. This powerful character defeated Netero. He survived the final attack.

Despite his crazy and formidable attitude as a villain, this incredibly strong character seems to have a soft spot for a particular girl. If you have watched the Chimera ants arc, he might have fallen for the girl who defeated him many times in a board game.

Meruem possesses extraordinary physical strength but also an unrivaled intelligence. His power allows him to survive a nuclear-like explosion!

17. Neferpitou

Royal Guard Pitou

Neferpitou is one of the Royal Guards of Meruem. She can outrun her enemies and crush them with deathly blows.

Pitou's capabilities astounded even the formidable Chairman Netero with their immense strength and dexterity. Their instincts and intelligence allowed them to rapidly refine potent Nen techniques in an incredibly short amount of time.

In combat, Pitou shone like a star, surpassing the skills of almost all other characters in the show. So great was their ability that even after death, their aura lingered on.

18. Shaiapouf

Royal Guard Shaiapouf

As an official Guard to King Meruem, Shaiapouf is recognized as one of the most powerful and brilliant members of the colony. He’s knowledgeable in Nen techniques.

He’s the only guard with wings due to his butterfly genes. In battle, Shaiapouf uses his wit and agility for calculated skirmishes rather than direct engagement.

His expertise is Transmutation and Manipulation. He also has an incredible mastery of Hatsu, which sets him apart from all the other Chimera Ants.

19. Leol

Powerful Leol

Leol is truly blessed. His powerful lion jaws were a gift from the heavens. With these jaws, he can crack through even the toughest of exteriors with just a single bite.

Through the help of Shaiapouf's teachings, he honed his ability to specialize in any nen technique. It only took him three days to develop his specialization.

No, he was ready to take on anything that came his way. Leol is certainly living up to his feline heritage, proving himself an incredibly capable fighter worthy of anyone's admiration!

20. Cheetu

Squadron LEader Cheetu

Cheetu's inclusion on this list isn't a surprise, given his strong animalistic resemblance. He was one of the squadron leaders in the Army of Chimera Ants.

This chimera certainly lives up to the terrifying label that goes with it. He can fearlessly go all out into battle.

His reflexes and acceleration are far beyond most characters I've come across. He can react faster than thoughts can go through our minds.

Never race against Cheetu unless you are looking for complete humiliation!

21. Menthuthuyoupi


This monster has some dangerous skills and enormous physical strength. His body manipulation capabilities are wild. He can whip up wings and extra limbs out of thin air - like nothing!

That's not all! When he gets to his rage mode, you better get out of there. Youpi will blow you off with the force of a hurricane if you come too close. No exaggeration here.

This creature is incredibly dangerous and capable of hand to hand combat. It pays to remember that what looks scary can sometimes be even scarier!

22. Zazan


As a squadron leader, Zazan lives up to expectations with skills that make elite Hunters pale in comparison. She uses poisonous stingers as her weapons at times.

Along with that, she has got the muscles and reflexes to back it up, making her even more formidable than one could imagine.

This chimera girl also possesses impressive strength and agility. Her flaw is her vanity and ego, thinking he can exceed anyone given her power.

23. Bloster


His name says it all, Bloster! It's a cool nod to his true identity, a lobster-based Chimera Ant.

He was the Squadron leader, and his Nen is impressive. Shaiapouf, one of the strongest warriors in the series, gifted him with this power.

This villain is an emitter. He uses his aura to attack his enemies.

With amazing strength and durability, he's one tough villain during the Chimera ant. Bloster is observant despite having no recollection of his past life.

The Phantom Troupe Members

The Phantom troupe is one of the villains who made an impact on anime fans. Maybe, it is because of Kurapika's plan of vengeance. You can see how strong these Nen users are, however weird some of their abilities are.

24. Chrollo Lucifer

Phantom Leader Chrollo

This handsome fellow is Kurapika's main target. And oh boy, is he strong? Chrollo can steal someone's abilities, earning him the title Skill Hunter.

He undeniably lives up to the title of badass. This man escaped a fight against Zeno and Silva while using only a fraction of his capabilities.

This captivating feat is made even more impressive by the mysterious Nen abilities he possesses. With such spectacular strengths, it's no wonder why Chrollo has become such a favorite among fans of the series.

So here we stand, in awe of this enigmatic character that transcends expectations and boundaries.

25. Feitan

Phantom Troupe Feitan

Feitan is one of the strongest in arm wrestling within the Gen'ei Ryodan. He has incredible speed. During his fight with Zazan and the massacre in Yorkshin City, he moved so fast he created multiple afterimages.

His skill with swords was impressive as well. He can battle against Zazan's rapid attacks with surprising strength and power.

This Phantom troupe is an incredible member of the Ryodan. But the full potential of his capabilities remains unknown.

26. Hisoka

Former Member Hisoka

Hisoka is a former member of Phantom troupe and is also known as Grim Reaper. He's a fake who wants to infiltrate the group so he could fight Chrollo.

Although fans never saw how strong this man is, I think he has the strength and power since he tends to challenge strong opponents. His nen ability includes Texture surprise.

Of all the villains, Hisoka is one of those who you can’t decide whether he is an ally or a foe. In the later arcs of the series, he becomes an ally to Gon.

27. Uvogin

Arm wrestling champion Uvogin

Uvogin's physical strength is practically superhuman. Bullets and even the most powerful of anti-tank missiles are no match for this unbeatable warrior.

His greatest combat strategy is enlisting backup from those around him to supplement his strength, even if he won't admit it. His scream creates sound waves that can kill enemies within seconds.

Aside from this sound attack, he can spit out solid pieces of bone and fire them like a bullet.

28. Nobunaga Hazama

Swordsman Nobunaga

Nobunaga’s skill as a swordsman is amazing that even Killua, a known assassin, is impressed with him.

His Nen-related abilities haven't been directly showcased yet. But we can assume he has powerful control over it.

He can react in battle quickly using his nen abilities. One example is when he effortlessly decapitated Squala in less time than it takes to sheathe a sword.

That level of near-superhuman power and skill is far beyond anything most fighters could muster up.

29. Phinks Magcub

Mr. Phinks

Phinks is a beast in the Phantom Troupe. As the second physically strongest member after Uvogin, he has some impressive martial arts skills.

He can dispatch his enemies with his bare hands. This man can twist and snap necks quickly and silently. He's lightning fast when it comes to fighting without.

There’s no evidence to suggest that Uvogin is stronger in a physical sense, but if things ever came down to unarmed combat, Phinks would have him beat every time.

30. Shalnark

Kurapika Lookalike Shalnark

Shalnark’s character design is similar to Kurapika, but their skills are different. He's believed to be the 10th strongest in terms of physical power.

What makes him even more impressive is his advanced speed and agility. It allows him to remain as evasive as he is.

This member of the troupe definitely lived up to his hype with his skills. Before he joined the Ryodan, he was a hunter.

31. Bonolenov Ndongo

Dancing Warrior Bonolenov

Bonolenov may look like he isn't much of a fighter because his abilities aren't clear. But don't let that fool you.

As a dancing warrior, he knows at least enough to weave out of the way of enemy attacks!

While it's unclear what purpose his boxing gloves serve, it definitely adds a touch of flair to his dance-like fighting style.

He faced off against a Chimera Ant in combat before. While it seemed like he was waiting, he knew exactly what moves to make and when.

32. Franklin

Superhuman Feats in Franklin

Franklin possesses unparalleled strength and speed reflexes. Despite his bulky physique, his athleticism is amazing. He can move quickly and seems to have some cool reflexes

Those within the Troupe rank him as the fourth strongest in arm-wrestling. I'm certain they're underestimating his full capabilities here.

Basically, he's pretty damn strong. You can't deny it. He looks like a powerhouse and acts that way too.

33. Machi

The Needle Threader Machi

Machi is one badass! She got confidence and strength. You don't believe me?

Well, just look at the way she fearlessly faced off against two of the most powerful fighters in the series, Phinks, and Feitan. These two ranked higher than her in terms of strength and power.

In terms of Nen abilities, Machi uses thread, which can shred anyone with enough force and power.

Trust us on this one, this pink-haired girl isn't someone you should mess with!

34. Shizuku

The Eraser Shizuku

You'd never guess the power of this skilled Nen user when you first meet her. She doesn't give off the impression of being powerful at all.

Shizuku is the 12th strongest one in their ranks! That definitely surprises a lot of people.

In the group, she is the “eraser”, removing all traces of their heist.

Even though she looks more like a researcher than a fighter, her accomplishments are really quite remarkable.

The Zoldyck Family

You can find the most powerful Nen users from the Zoldyck family. In the series, they are known for being the best assassins.

Even at a young age, Killua and his siblings are trained to become one. So here are the strongest hunter x hunter characters from the Zoldyck clan.

35. Silva

Current head Silva Zoldyck

Silva Zoldyck has created an aura of mystery around him. Even the strongest characters are in awe of his capabilities and strength.

His abilities include immunity towards various poison attacks. Silva is remarkably powerful for a human.

He literally dropped from the sky on an unsuspecting Chimera Ant squadron leader and annihilated it with a single blow.

In the series, it was implied that he has mastered more than one Nen Type.

36. Zeno

Zeno Zoldyck

Hunter x Hunter is an anime where you can never underestimate the elderly. This is definitely true with Zeno.

He boasts some seriously impressive abilities for a guy his age. These include incredible strength and terrifying Nen powers such as Aura Blast. This dragon head of the family is powerful enough to put Mr. Chrollo on the defensive - no easy feat!

It also helps that Zeno has mastered Transmuter Nen, which makes him even deadlier in battle.

37. Alluka/Nanika

Alluka or Nanika

No matter its form, Nanika/Ai from the Dark Continent is one of the most formidable characters in all of Hunter x Hunter. It has a vast array of esoteric powers and infinite Hatsu.

This creature inhabits the body of Alluka. The two can grant wishes. However, when they get rejected three times, the wish requester is in big trouble.

In fact, Alluka/Nanika can kill without hesitation.

38. Illumi

Illumi Zoldyck

At first glance, this dude may look like a dainty lady, but the truth is he's a total badass! He can take you out with no more than an aura to back him up.

Illumi fights with needles and can alter his physical features at will. He can manipulate other people’s actions.

Belonging to one of the wariest and oldest families of Nen-users, Silva's elder offspring is practically as strong as Hisoka himself.

39. Killua

Gon's Bff Killua

Killua, Gon's best friend in the series, is one of the strongest characters. At a young age, he already started training to become an assassin.

But his point of view begins to change when he met Gon in the Hunters Association exam. This most powerful nen user realizes that he doesn't have to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors to find meaning.

Killua's nen type is emission. This main character can change the shape and properties of his aura. He can use it to inflict damage on his enemies.

40. Gotoh

Gotoh the Caretaker

This man is the caretaker of our beloved Killua and also a former butler of the Zoldyck family. No joke!

Gotoh has got some great skill and physical abilities, not to mention his shrewd intellect. He can come up with creative strategies on the spot so that he can handle any situation that comes his way. Talk about being prepared!

Not just an extra pair of eyes, this man has quickly become a trusted companion for any sense of security and peace of mind.

There are many other nen users in the series. I might not have included them here. If you know someone whose nen ability is as strong as these characters, please comment below. And, don't forget to share this with others!




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