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Top 49 Most Popular Anime Girls With Black Hair

Anime fans are sure to be familiar with the many anime girls that rock black hair.


From the mysterious and dangerous-looking anime girl in an all-black outfit to the soft-spoken anime schoolgirl, anime girls with black hair run the style gamut.

They captivate fans everywhere, who beams at every stereotype they see in one of their favorite characters - from the tsundere type anime girl in a sailor outfit to the shy anime girl with glasses.

So, here is the list of 49 black-haired characters.

1. Akame

Akame's hair color is black

Akame's striking presence radiates throughout Akame ga Kill. Red and black play together in harmony for her design.

These colors boldly distinguish her from the other members of Night Raid. Deadly dark-haired and scarlet-eyed, her menacing beauty is unmatched by any of her contemporaries.

She has a deep understanding of predators. So, she can use this knowledge to outwit even the most crafty opponents to ensure she leaves each mission unscathed.

Akame is an unstoppable force of nature!

2. Yui

AI Yui in SAO

Although Yui comes from sword art online, she acts nothing like artificial intelligence. She is an optimist who basically sees the world in a positive light no matter how complicated a situation is.

Her black hair, looking exactly like that of Asuna and Kirito's, enhances her authenticity as their 'child'. Her enthusiastic demeanor gives the impression that she can be just as mature and understanding as them.

Despite being stuck within the AI interface, Yui finds joy in connecting with people. She displays it with her help and supports to everyone in Sword Art Online.

If a guardian angel were ever imaginable, it would certainly be Yui.

3. Momo Yaoyorozu

boku no hero academia

Momo Yaoyorozu is an amazing character. Not only does she possess extraordinary intelligence. She also shows an incredible ability to manifest any physical object out of her body fat.

The more calories she consumes, the bigger the objects she can create. The bigger the creation, the more skin she needs to take out of her body.

That's why her hero custom bares a lot of skin. With her bravery, ingenuity, and unique aptitude, Momo never ceases to amaze fans.

4. Nico Robin

Straw Hat Pirate Nico Robin

Nico Robin, also known as The Devil Child of the Strawhats and an archaeologist in One Piece, is wise beyond her years and incredibly patient.

Being the only adult amongst the followers of the straw hat pirates, she acts as a piece of comforting familiarity when needed.

Although she does not have a specific role like other straw hats, her many abilities, such as those from the Hana Hana no mi fruit make it easy for her to lend a helping hand wherever needed.

5. Shana

Shakugan no Shana

Here is Shana, the flame-haired flame haze from Shakugan no Shana! On her day-to-day, her hair may be a tame black.

But when she's in action, her flame-colored mane unleashes its fiery fury. She is a classic tsundere type. She's prone to shouts and verbal lashing when provoked.

Shana doesn't reveal her softer side that easily. When she allows her true feelings to surface it can be seen that she has much more than just flame at her core.

This girl has a heart of gold beneath it all.

6. Yukinoshita Yukino

Yukino's Raven Black Hair

Yukinoshita Yukino’s disposition has been the source of her defining visual characteristic. Her raven black hair and usually stern expression are her most popular descriptions.

Being the ice queen, her practical and logical mindset is both a blessing and a curse. It makes her an expert at problem-solving.

But, it also turns into an insult to those she holds in contempt who dare to diverge from critical thinking.

Though Hachiman often clashes with her ideologies, they both find common ground in their disdain for insincerities.

7. Anri Sonohara

Durarara: Anri Sonohara

Despite the tragedy in her past, Sonohara Anri is a highly sought-after dream girl. With her endearing shyness and voluptuous body, it isn't difficult to see why so many people long for her.

But coming from a tragic background, she can never put on a complete front of self-confidence without it being an act.

An act that so many can see through, but still the desire to love someone who could never be completely loved in return.

8. Himeko Inaba

Vice President Himeko Inaba

Himeko Inaba has proven herself quite remarkable when it comes to intel-gathering. It's no wonder then that she got the position of vice president of the Student Cultural Society.

But don't be fooled by her peaceful exterior. She's got a streak for shouting profanities and vulgar language. This is quite a surprise and makes you think twice about associating her with a meek personality.

Although she might not be outspoken all the time, there certainly is a lot more character to her than anyone knows.

9. Maki Oze

flame haze Maki Oze

Maki Oze from Fire Force stands out amongst the rest for her athletic and curvy build. Despite her athletic build, she has a mild-mannered nature.

This girl is incredibly smart. She can consistently outwit her opponents through her formidable tactical knowledge and ability to analyze situations on the fly.

Her mild mannerism means she is often able to talk those around her down. Maki implements peace rather than wild confrontation as a way to solve challenges.

In other words, Maki is not just incredibly attractive, she is also incredibly powerful and wise!

10. Kurenai

Naruto: Kurenai

Kurenai is a formidable ninja who commands attention with her long black hair. Her hair cascades down her back in wild, untamed locks.

Her piercing red eyes have an additional halo of bright crimson surrounding each eyeball. It is a look that leaves many in awe.

Many anime fans drawn to the beauty and strength Kurenai exudes when it comes to facing adversity.

No challenge is too great or overwhelming for the long-haired wolf ninja as she faces each one head on with an unwavering spirit.

11. Chi Chi

anime girls with black hair from dragon ball series

Outspoken and powerful, Chi Chi truly embodies the classic phrase, “don’t mess with a mom.” Despite her ferocious nature, she also knows when to be caring and supportive for her family and friends.

Not just a devoted wife and mother, Chi-Chi is a formidable martial artist who can easily outmatch some of the most powerful fighters during the tournaments.

Her determination is evident in how she has managed to empower her two sons, Goten and Gohan to become two of the most feared fighters in their respective age groups.

12. Yor Briar

Yor Briar in spy x family

This black haired anime girl is an assassin in disguise. When not on a mission, she looks meek and silent.

She even works in a rather ordinary workplace. However, rumors are starting to put a strain on her secret job. During that period, unmarried woman is a taboo in the society.

So, Yor marries Loid Forger, who is also an assassin in disguise. Even though the marriage is fake but legal, this saved her from society's ruin.

Sexy and elegant, this woman embodies strength and grace. She's also efficient as a spy.

13. Tousaka Rin

fate series

Behind her domineering facade, Tousaka Rin is a feisty, yet generous black-haired anime girl. On the outside, she carries herself with a strict and stoic demeanor.

Her demeanor makes her an idol of admiration among her classmates, who expect nothing less than excellence from their high school academic.

But beneath this pristine exterior lies a ferocity and mean streak that's rarely seen in any other character. She's louder and bossier than necessary.

Still, her charms are undeniable. Many can't help but be taken aback by the generosity she has to offer despite all odds.

14. Nana Osaki

Nana Osaki

With an iconic short black hair, aesthetic, punk-rock attitude, and a heart of gold, Nana Osaki epitomizes the badassery of 20-year-old anime girls.

Throughout Nana, we learn about her heartbreaking past and witness a bounty of emotionally charged moments.

Yet, at her core, she is a fiercely loyal friend. She is ready to protect those closest to her at all costs.

Though hard to get close to, Nana still has much love to give when someone inspires her trust This is truly the definition of inner strength masked by outward toughness!

15. Rukia Kuchiki

Captain Rukia Kuchiki

During the first few seasons, Rukia Kuchiki has shoulder length black hair. This Shinigami has a pretty strong-willed personality that seems to have gained her a lot of admirers!

She's been through a lot of tough times as a lower ranked shinigami at the beginning of the series.

But after the events unfolded, she is now a much more powerful leader and captain of the 13th division .

Rukia can take credit for transforming Ichigo Kurosaki into a shinigami himself. The skill and melodrama that Rukia has gone through are definitely charming in their own right.

16. Mayuri Shiina

Adorable Mayuri Shiina

Mayuri Shiina is a unique character, both in appearance and personality. Her spiky black hair, paired with blue eyes, gives her a look that stands out from the crowd.

She is outwardly ditzy and loves to cosplay. But she also has moments where her sensitive side shows through at crucial times.

Her fun-loving spirit makes her a great best friend to Rintaro. Plus, her loyalty shines through when she takes the time to make costumes for Luka or Kurisu to wear.

And, of course, who can forget the adorable interjection she often uses instead of hello – “tutturu”!. Mayuri Shiina is definitely worth adoring.

17. Kuroyukihime

Black Lotus of the Accel World

Kuroyukihime exudes a striking personality—both in reality and virtually.

Although her physical design of a school uniform is understated, her signature black hair, luminescent orange eyes, and seemingly serious-yet-tender expression set her apart from other characters.

Her in-game avatar is even more remarkable. She wears an all-black ensemble with long flowing hair that appears to be fused with the night sky.

Unsurprisingly, she was aptly known as the Black Lotus in the cut-throat world of Accel World. Many feared her ferocious effectiveness and lack of mercy.

Kuroyukihime’s impressive look was designed to embody the mysterious beauty held within her.

18. Enma Ai

Enma Ai Hell Girl

She's got long black hair, ivory skin, and an attitude that could stop the most determined hearts in their tracks.

Going by the name 'Hell Girl', this formidable individual was buried alive for some untold transgression. But she has come out of it with an icy, emotionless exterior.

Beneath that surface, one can detect something seemingly contradictory: strength and feeling that guides her every action.

This strength and feeling give her unprecedented ruthlessness when exacting retribution on those who cross her.

So if you don't want to find yourself buried alive, it's probably best to never cross paths with this badass black-haired beauty.

19. Mikasa Ackerman

Attack on Titan Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman is the epitome of a kick-ass anime girl - black hair, black eyes, and determination like nothing else.

She's like Hermione to Harry Potter when it comes to Eren Jaeger. Mikasa is his childhood friend and stalwart protector in his times of greatest need.

Needless to say, she graduated at the top of her class in the formidable Survey Corps due to her extraordinary physical capability.

Her only flaw is being too attached to her friend Eren, but that's also precisely what built up this indomitable woman we have all grown so fond of today!

20. Mio Akiyama

Mio Akiyama

A music club's rockin' beat can have a few missteps without Mio Akiyama around. From the Japanese music anime K-ON!, Akiyama is soft-spoken and timid.

She is a stark contrast to her music club member and friend, Ritsu. But her long, flowing black hair makes her easily identifiable among the group and points to her quiet yet elegant demeanor.

She may blush easily when praised, but don't underestimate Akiyama. Music is air to her lungs, the bass guitar in her hands is all the boldness she needs.

A gentle presence that uplifts those around her, he music club just wouldn't be complete without Mio Akiyama by their side.

21. Mei Misaki

Anime Series: Another

Misaki Mei is an enigmatic and complex character. Her short black hair frames her innocent face, riddled with confusion and mistrust.

Despite being subjected to relentless bullying by her peers in school, she finds solace and inner strength within herself.

I can't help but wish that if only Mei could've gone to a different school or had better luck in life, everything may have ended up different for her.

Behind this complex facade is a short-lived childish innocence that peeks through from time to time. For example, she likes to show off her creepy tastes in dolls.

Yet it still manages to be strangely endearing all the same.

22. Kochou Shinobu

Demon Slayer Kocho Shinobu

Kochou Shinobu, Demon Slayer's among the strongest character, is a beauty so powerful and mesmerizing that it rivals that of any Hashira.

In and out of battle, this strong character has an aura like no other, one that captures everyone she crosses and refuses to let go.

Despite not having her very own arc dedicated to her character, Kochou manages to stand out with her excellence.

Every time she appears onscreen, we're reminded why she's a Demon Slayer. And when we finally catch a glimpse into her backstory and life goals, we learn of the noble spirit within this Hashira.

With a purpose of doing right by humanity at heart, Kochou Shinobu never fails in certaining a lasting impression.

23. Sakurajima Mai

Dreaming Girl Sakurajima Mai

Mai from Aobuta certainly earns the title of late 2018’s black-haired fan-favorite.

Her strong points include being an absolute stunner, having brains to match her beauty, and showing incredible wit when facing difficult situations.

What's even more endearing is her deep understanding of Sakuta's dream quest. Her supportive nature leaves her with an adorable corner in everyone's hearts.

Mai'll tug even harder at our heartstrings with her jealous nature when Shouko comes into focus - making fans fall head over heels for this dream girl!

24. Hino Rei

Sailor Mars

Born and raised in Japan, Hino Rei is a warm, caring, and fiercely loyal young woman.

As a typical tsundere character and the sheathed flame of senshi sailor Mars, her fiery spirit coupled with striking black hair, makes her an icon in anime.

Endowed with great spiritual power stemming from her occupation as a shrine maiden, Rei's beauty is complimented by the deep shade of red used in her sailor sailor suit.

This red shade is an oxymoron that reflects her dual nature perfectly! She embodies both traditional values of family and devotion to others.

At the same, she's equally modern, assertive, and independent-minded at the same time.

25. Sawako Kuronuma

Kimi ni todoke

At first glance, Sawako Kuronuma looks a lot like the classic horror film girl named Sadako. This explains why people are scared of her at school and why her jet black locks have caused her plenty of trouble.

However, once you get to know her better, you'd find that she's actually a kind-hearted person - soft-spoken yet brave in most aspects.

She gradually makes new friends throughout the anime series Kimi ni Todoke and even finds love with an amazing partner.

Sawako is surely an admirable main character who overcomes adversity through genuine friendship and love.

26. Sango

Inuyasha & Sango

Standing at a stunning 5 ft 6, Sango is a sight to behold. The feisty demon slayer reflects the perfect balance of courage and compassion.

She never shies away from a fight while remaining an unwavering ally of her comrades. Adept at wielding Hiraikotsu, her enormous boomerang, she’s a formidable woman.

However, she's not all steel, as evidenced by her ceaseless love for her spineless brother Kohaku which grows stronger with every peril they face.

Her true emotions come to the surface when romance brews between her and the monk Miroku, characterized by outbursts of anger and occasional hints of jealousy.

Clearly Sango isn't quite as emotionally inexpressive as one would assume in the beginning; her strength lies in both body and heart!

27. Azusa Nakano

K-on! Anime Series

The tea time tea connoisseur, the killer soloist, and club guitar player: Nakano Azusa is a beauty that shines in the glow of an anime classic.

K-On, created by the legendary Kyoto Animation, is known for its bright and cheery characters. Yet it is Azusa's pure black hue that truly stands out among them.

In one scene, she sits happily with her tea time friends as they discuss their next musical venture, in the other she lets her fingers do the talking with her powerful solos.

Any fan will certainly agree that her monochrome complexion adds only further depth and grace to this beloved series.-Tea time would never be quite the same without her!

28. Tomoko Kuroki

Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui

Introducing Tomoko Kuroki from the WataMote franchise, a character who's cuteness and inexplicable aloofness is enough to make you fall head over heels for her.

Although she looks like something straight out of a horror anime, maybe like some sort of re-animated dead doll character, Kuroki keeps us in stitches with her sheer hilarity.

She radiates an irresistible charm with her ever changing facial expressions, sparkling eyes, and classic sleepy face.

With the potential to turn any situation funny no matter how dire it may be, it's no wonder then that Tomoko continues to be an all time favorite amongst fans nationwide.

So why not let her steal your heart as she embarks on a series of comical shenanigans!

29. Kurumi Tokisaki

Tokisaki Kurumi

Tokisaki Kurumi is an iconic figure in the popular anime series Date A Live. The red of her eyes leaves a lasting impression. Her striking beauty is unforgettable.

Despite her beautiful appearance and innocent veneer, Kurumi also has a darker side that should not be forgotten.

She revels in doing things most would not even consider and readily takes risks with dangerous levels of intensity.

As the show progresses, audiences get to witness some of their favorite scenes featuring Kurumi Tokisaki showcasing her remarkable skills mixed with her deviousness.

Though she may be mischievous at times, anyone who crosses Kurumi quickly learns never to mess with those red eyes.

30. Shinomiya Kaguya

Kaguya Sama Love Is War

Shinomiya Kaguya is the student council president and lead female character of the anime, Kaguya Sama Love Is War.

Her well-crafted character is composed of many elements, from her confidence to her cunningness to her loving side.

Throughout each episode, Shinomiya's various aspects make for a great source of entertainment as she manages to utilize them in either serious or just plain hilarious situations.

This girl has truly earned a place among the top anime characters with how complex she really is.

31. Hanabi

Naruto Shippuden

Hanabi was a prodigy when it came to using her Byakugan, even more so than her older sister, Hinata, the destined-to-be Head of the Clan.

When sparring, the two were evenly matched, both displaying tremendous power and finesse with their respective techniques.

Eventually, their father's eyes shifted towards Hanabi as the potential Heiress of the Hyuga clan, recognizing that she possessed still untapped potential that made her stand out from Hinata and all others.

32.Reizei Mako

black haired characters

Reizei Mako is the main tank driver of Anglerfish team, Girls und Panzer’s most relaxed student.

Despite being almost entirely ordinary, she elicits an inexplicable adoration from season one rookie to long-time die-hard fans.

Her cozy and alluring black hair may be a reason for her popularity. After all, there's something special about perfectly flattering dark locks!

But nonetheless, this character may be simple yet still an interesting presence in Girls und Panzer world.

33. Tsuyuri Kanao

kimetsu no yaiba

From the moment she first stepped onto the scene in Kimetsu no Yaiba, Tsuyuri Kanao is one of the characters that has truly captured everyone's attention.

Her intense black locks and emotionless demeanor are evidence of her harsh past. But as more of the show progresses, you can see that she is a skilled fighter.

Not only does her incredible physical strength make her stand out, but also, her gradual discovery of true emotions.

This discovery speaks volumes to how far she has come. In essence, Tsuyuri Kanao is strong-minded and courageous—a true inspiration to all.

34. Kousaka Reina

Hibike! Euphonium

Kousaka Reina from anime Hibike! Euphonium is the perfect anime girl hidden under her plain black locks.

Though she may appear to be aloof and quiet, her striking attributes come out in full force when she reveals her perfectly calm expression.

There’s not much to say about her plain, yet beautiful hair other than it’s become the signature look of her character.

KyoAni managed to replicate her cute and beautiful look, making us all fall in love with our serene trumpet player.

35. Akemi Homura

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Akemi Homura is one of the most iconic anime girls out there. Throughout the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica, she portrays the complexities of desire and wish fulfillment perfectly.

As one of the leading characters, Homura resisted Kyuube’s offer to have her own wish granted in return for becoming a magical girl.

When Madoka faced a similar offer, she tried to persuade her to not make the same mistake she did.

Her actions give viewers an insight into how crucial she would be to the show overall. I certainly wasn’t wrong in seeing her true worth!

36. Mikazuki Yozora

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Mikazuki Yozora, the anime character with long black hair, immediately gives off a rather sadistic feeling when you look at her character design.

Despite what one may think of her at first glance, she doesn't quite have the strict academic attitude that might be associated with a girl like that.

Instead of an austere look on her face, you can almost always spot a peculiar pouty expression. This may even be highlighted more when Yozora decides to cut her hair short which paves way for her boyish persona.

The anime Mikazuki Yozora certainly has an intriguingly sharp aura around her that conveys far more than meets the eye.

37. Hibiya Chitose

hibiya chitose in chobits

Chitose is quite the classic character in appearance, with long, glossy black hair that works perfectly with her modern wardrobe.

Her calm demeanor gives the impression of someone with a complex past. And while it might be deliberate and obvious, it's still a great way to showcase her genius.

After all, she created a chobit persocom -- a highly advanced computer that can develop artificially intelligent personalities and almost pass for humans.

Chobits definitely aren't easy to make-- so it's fair to say Chitose is one seriously talented scientist!

38. Sunohara Mei

anime characters in clannad

Clannad's Sunohara Mei is a real cutie. Her black hair is reminiscent of Sunohara Youhei's original look.

She keeps herself busy by worrying about what her friends or brother are up to and doing whatever she can to help them out.

Her innocent and sweet nature is hard to ignore. It only takes a few moments for Tomoya to mark her a lolicon.

Clannad fans love her irresistible charm and the extra character depth that she brings to the anime.

From her bubbly personality to her endearing problem-solving skills, there's so much to adore about this beloved anime character.

39. Shiba Miyuki

best anime girls

Shiba Miyuki, more commonly known as the gorgeous Snow Queen, is a sight to behold with her gorgeous black hair flowing behind her.

Not even the warmth of summer stands a chance against Miyuki's extreme abilities. She effortlessly brings down temperatures around her to below freezing.

But beyond her remarkable power lies her softer side for her beloved brother. With grace and poise that can't be faked, she lives up to her nickname in all aspects.

40. Hanekawa Tsubasa


Hanekawa Tsubasa from Monogatari is an incredibly captivating character whose style transcends mere clothing choices.

By wearing her school uniform outside of school, she adds even more intrigue to her look and the curves of her body often draw the eyes of both men and women alike.

Her appealing expressions can easily draw a person into her world. When paired with her cute glasses, they become even more mesmerizing.

She proves that looking confident and beautiful does not merely encompass what one wears, but is much deeper than that.

41. Urabe Mikoto

Urabe Mikoto

Mysterious Girlfriend X's Urabe Mikoto is an intriguing woman with a remarkable set of abilities.

With her Black hair, she manages to captivate us with her piercing gaze. It seems like she can look right through you!

Mysterious enough to leave us questioning what strengths and capabilities she may possess, Urabe is quite the fascinating main character.

She deserves her place on our list, and we love this Woman of Mystery.

42. Kiryuuin Satsuki

kill la kill: Kiryuuin Satsuki

With both a powerful personality and a presence to match, Kill la Kill's Kiryuuin Satsuki is truly something special.

She's the ultimate in perfection - not just due to her sharp mind and ambition but also because of her dominating aura that she carries with her black, blue and white color scheme.

This girl stands out from the crowd as one of the most impressive characters in anime series, effortlessly gathering the attention of viewers with her unstoppable confidence.

In short, Kiryuuin Satsuki has certainly earned her place as president.

43. Alluka

hunter x hunter

Alluka from Hunter x Hunter is unlike any being you have ever seen before. One wrong move and she could kill someone in the blink of an eye.

She is a strange creature that demands no refusal when it comes to her requests. Otherwise, you will face unimaginable consequences.

Rumor has it she had asked for the person's innards, including brain. But luckily for those whom she loves, her power grants them their impossible wishes with ease.

One thing's for sure, tread carefully around Alluka, or you won't make it out alive!

44. Dororo


With her firecracker attitude, Dororo is one of the most beloved black hair anime girls out there.

Her curious personality and undying optimism always manage to bring a smile upon the faces of her beloved comrades.

It's quite hilarious that she has zero experience with acting like a proper lady - even in situations where custom and etiquette matter a lot.

Despite being an orphan, she hasn't felt so content for the first time ever after joining Hyakkimaru on his amazing mission to rid the lands of nefarious demons.

45. Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko Jabami

Kakegurui is a truly wild ride, and there's no better person to take that ride with than Jabami Yumeko.

Beautiful and mysterious, she lives for gambling, scrambling the stakes of Kakegurui with her sheer ability to read her opponents' tells.

And when she wins, it's glorious. The entire student body knows in an instant that Yumeko has arrived.

Yet if there is any cheating involved, her smiling face transforms into a vengeful demon seeking retribution.

With this beautiful lady preparing to face off against greatest adversaries, this series promises more thrills and spills than ever before!

46. Tsukamoto Yakumo

School Rumble

Tsukamoto Yakumo is an enigmatic figure in School Rumble, though never quite as mysterious and alluring as her big sister Tenma, who's always stealing the limelight.

She may be quiet, but she is surprisingly assertive when there are tasks that need to be done. Appearance-wise, the only thing that gives away their relation is her matching black hair and eyes.

She surely holds a whole lot more talents than many expect. However, if School Rumble’s Harima Kenji himself were to vouch for it, he would most certainly agree that her talent list is quite extensive!

47. Yomiko Readman

Read or Die

Yomiko Readman may come off as an ordinary bespectacled bookworm at first glance. But she possesses remarkable supernatural abilities that would make even the most skilled martial artists look puny.

Through her life-long read or die mission, this black haired girl transforms into the embodiment of an absolute badass.

Dare I say it - a superhero - to accomplish whatever task it is, she's been assigned with incredible precision and resourcefulness.

Despite being fairly timid when it comes to violence, Yomiko has a distinct courage that allows her to tackle every challenge presented in her read or die mission.

48. Saya Otonashi


Saya Otonashi is portrayed in the Blood+ series as a more than century-year-old vampire queen. She is undoubtedly crowned as the oldest woman of them all.

She has superhuman speed, strength, and reflexes enhanced by her Chiropteran form. Her power is further amplified when taking into consideration her ability to recover from any wound in only a few seconds' time.

With a such ferocity that’s been sharpened to near perfection over her lengthy lifespan, it's no wonder why Saya is one of blood+'s most formidable foes!

49. Suzune Horikita

Classroom Of The Elite

Classroom Of The Elite features Suzune Horikita, Manabu's younger sister. She's determined to climb the ranks and join Class A.

Her mission for greatness requires sacrifice in social norms and complete dedication of effort. Fortunately for her, Suzune does possess what it takes to get ahead.

However, her unwillingness to work collaboratively with peers hinders her progress. That changes and brings growth as a person, which allows her to eventually realize one step at a time will get you closer towards your dreams.

Trivia Questions

What anime girls have black hair?

You can find a plethora of anime girls with black hair. Characters like Bulma from Dragon Ball, Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and Chiyo Sakura from Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun are some popular characters.

What anime has a female MC?

Anime with female main characters come in all shapes and sizes, literally! Whether you're looking for a superhero series, an adventure story like The Rose of Versailles, or something more mature like Revolutionary Girl Utena, there's no lack of female protagonists in the world of anime.

What are anime girls with brown hair?

Anime girls with brown hair add a touch of realism and timelessness to anime works.

Blending traditional styles with modern trends, the wealth of variations in this dark hue make for a unique spectrum of characters that reflect different personalities and attitudes.

Hair color is just part of the appearance, but black haired anime girls are really something. They exude beauty and charm. I hope you find your favorite.



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