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26 of the Coolest Anime Girls with Purple Hair

In the anime community, females have varying hair colors. You can see pink hair and these ladies are all cutesy. Other girls with brown hair often have practical nature.


Blonde hair denotes fashionistas and green hair (or white hair) seems intelligent. Blue hair on the other hand has feisty nature.

But, anime girls with purple hair are some of the most notable characters in anime, and for good reason.

There are many different shades of purple that can appear on an anime girl's hair. Thes shades all look amazing. 

Whether you like your pink-haired girl or your brown-haired girl, we have a list of 20+ cool anime girls with purple hair to help get started!

1. Kagami Hiragi - Lucky Star

Purple Haired Anime Girls - Hiragi Kagami

Kagami is a girl with purple hair and a deep voice.

In the anime Lucky Star, her purple color is actually due to dying her hair with artificial colors from playing games that contain red food dye or blueberries.

This pretty woman is very sensitive about her height being 160 cm. She has been known to get jealous easily of any girl who she deems prettier than herself.

Her little sister is Tsukasa who also has purple but short hair.

2. Yuuki Konno - Sword Art Online

Best Anime Girls from SAO - Yuuki

To describe Yuuki from SAO, you could say she's the typical anime girl. She is light-hearted, optimistic, and cheerful with a bright personality which adds to her charm as well.

Yuuki appears in the second season of the virtual world SAO. Besides, she also appears in other story arcs of the series.

3. Faye Valentine - Cowboy Bebop

Feisty and Lazy Faye

Faye has long, dark purple hair, which covers most of the right side of her face (shown in some parts).

Her eyes are light blue or lavender--depending on the lighting colors they turn from the greenish-blue look and she's either wearing a red or black cheongsam with gold designs.

This purple-haired anime lady is actually 77 years old but looks around 20 because of a cryogenic freeze accident. She spent her life asleep for five decades until someone woke her up.

4. Yuri Nakamura - Angel Beats

Popular anime Girls - Yuri of Angel Beats

Yuri Nakamura is known as Yurippe by her comrades. She is intelligent, and a great leader.

But there are times she doesn’t think and act like one. Sometimes, Yurippe is capricious and scatterbrained.

Her hair is purple-pink with bangs hanging over her brows and green eyes.

Always wearing the standard school uniform, her choices of weapons in the anime are a Beretta gun, a machine gun, and a KRISS vector.

5. Rize Kamishiro - Tokyo Ghoul

This purpled-hair beauty is a ruthless killer. She’s a pure Ghoul but is an illegitimate child of the Washuu clan.

Having escaped from her clan, Rize started her life as an ordinary ghoul.

But, her fellow ghouls are wary of her because of her voracious eating habits. She died and was fused to Ken Kaneki. After the surgery, Rize appears as a hallucination to the main protagonist.

Before the fateful incident, this beautiful lady ghoul showed interest in Ken because of his pleasant smell.

If you take aside her ruthlessness and darker self, she is definitely a waifu material.

6. Minene Uryuu - Future Diary: Mosaic

Minene - Mirai Nikki anime series

Minene is the main character in the Mirai Nikki spin-off, subtitled Mosaic. But, she is supporting in the main series.

This lady holds the Escape diary, which enables her to survive whatever attacks or compromising situations she may encounter. She’s an atheist who hates God more than anyone in the series.

Hating god may be her adrenaline rush but this beauty is intelligent and a strategist.

7. Zakuro Fujiwara - Tokyo Mew Mew

Zakuro From Tokyo Mew Mew

Zakuro Fujiwara can transform into a cat with dark purple hair. She is an anime girl from Tokyo Mew Mew.

She's not particularly chatty, but she can be quite fierce when need be!

She's the lone wolf of Mew Zakuro, and she'll never give up until her mission is done! 

Whenever you try to compliment her on anything other than something she’s successfully completed, it seems like she doesn’t care what you have to say. 

8. Ultear Milkovich - Fairy Tail

purple-haired anime girls in Fairy Tail

Ultear has brownish eyes (but red in the anime series). She is fair-skinned with dark violet hair that is tied with a white hairband.

She is an ambitious person who is a member of Grimoire Heart.

For years, Ultear was the victim of lies, thinking that her mother abandoned her when she was still young.

This has propelled the young woman to seek revenge, especially when she saw her Mother happy with her new students.

9. Tohka Yatogami - Date A Live

Tohka Vs. Tenka - Date a Live

Tohka has two personalities and the other one appears when she transforms into her Inverse form. The name of her alter-ego is Tenka.

This beautiful girl is not human but looks like one. She is the first spirit that Shido has saved. Tohka has purple eyes and very long hair reaching up to her thighs.

Because of Shido, she learns that humans are not bad.


10. Yoruichi Shihoin - Bleach

Cat Lady Yoruichi with Purple hair color

Her cat form is her most popular appearance of Yoruichi in Bleach.

In her feline form, she sounds like a man with gold-yellow eyes. She likes to tease Ichigo a lot by appearing naked to him.

Despite a royal in Soul Society, Yoruichi is kind and filled with youthful intelligence. But, she abandoned her noble duties for a more important cause.

11. Kyoka Jirou - Boku no Hero Academia

Hero with Earjacks- Kyoka

Her quirk is having a pair of earphone jacks dangling in her ears.

They seem like an extension of her body because these things extend when needed.

Sporting a short hairstyle and purple hair, this quirky girl has a tomboyish attitude. Her only girly attire is her uniform. She prefers practical and easy-to-wear clothes.

12. Shinoa Hiragi - Owari no Seraph

Short but Invincible Shinoa

Owari no Seraph is an action anime where Shinoa is the female protagonist. This girl is much shorter than the other females.

Despite her small stature, she is an excellent fighter.

She is powerful being part of a noble family. Her weapon consists of a pen-like rod that transforms into a scythe. The scythe is strong and intelligent as it can detect enemies within its attack of effect (AOE).

13. Saeko Busujima - High School of The Dead

purple haired anime girls - Saeko

This lovely leader of the Kendo Club attends the Fujimi High School as a third-year student.

She is tall with straight purple hair. A pair of blue eyes match her pretty face.

Being a captain of a martial arts club, Saeko has powerful swings for a lady. Her long limbs are her advantageous feature in a fight. She’s reliable and has strong leadership skills.

Despite being a Kendo leader, this beautiful lady is caring and kind. But, she has this calm resolve that is almost frightening to a certain level.

14. Yuki Nagato - Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu

Lavender-haired humanoid Yuki

Have you seen a pretty and cute humanoid? Well if you haven’t, this is your chance.

Yuki Nagato has short lavender hair that never grows. She has golden-brown eyes that are so pretty on her small face.

During the first few episodes of the series, Yuki wears a pair of glasses but ditched them when Kyon said she looks prettier without them. She has limited social skills and doesn’t speak a lot.

15. Anko Mitarashi - Naruto

Powerful Ninja Anko

Dull violet hair and snake powers are two of her distinct characteristics.

Anko is one of the S class ninjas because of her abilities. She uses her abilities to stick to her ideals to protect her village.

Like Naruto, this pretty girl is stubborn and often rushes to a fight without thinking. She would often face enemies alone to buy time for her comrades.

16. Yuuko Kanoe - Tasogare Otome X Amnesia

Tasogare Otome X Amnesia anime series

A beautiful ghost is what describes Yuuko Kanoe. She looks so serious she often gives off a sinister aura. But, Yuuko is actually a cheery and kind person.

This teenager likes to tease Teiichi with sexual innuendos. She doesn’t mind having a naughty dalliance with the main character. 

The only thing that embarrasses her is the possibility of Teiichi getting a glimpse of her skeleton.

Weird! But that’s what purpled-hair anime characters often have.

17. Hifumi Takimoto - New Game

purple haired anime girls - Hifumi

Her hair is not an obvious purple. It’s more of a reddish-purple.

The style is typically found in anime female characters such as long lengths with fringes on each side and square bangs.

Hifumi is your modern age dandere. She rarely speaks and is very shy to other people. So, her co-workers communicate with her through text messaging.

Oh boy! This pretty dandere is a talkative one with overflowing emojis.

18. Sheele – Akame Ga Kill

Akame Ga kill - Popular anime Girls

Sheele is from the group, Night Raid and uses Teigu Extase. This purple-haired lady is kind and caring to other people but not to her targets.

When it comes to her target, she has a bit of a loose screw. Sheele kills without remorse and efficiently.

The weird and scary thing this lady does? She often apologizes to the people she kills out of habit.

19. Lucy - Elfen Lied

Main Characters with Purple Hair colors - Lucy

Elfen Lied is a psychological anime that dwells on a person having a split personality. Lucy is one of those personalities.

So, Lucy/Kaede/Nyu is the main protagonist and at the same time a villain. Her personalities have different characteristics with one of them a ruthless killer.

Curious? You better watch the anime to see her in action.

20. Haqua du Lot Herminium - Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai

Haqua in her Beautiful Mage Dress

Haqua has long purple hair that reaches to her waist. She has a soft spot that Elsie knows.

Despite her kind-hearted personality, this beautiful lady is rather harsh on herself.

She’s a bit prideful and tries to hide her weaknesses from others. Haqua wears a skull-like hair accessory and a hagoromo. This weapon can transform into a scythe.

21. Kyou Goshouin - And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?

Kyoh - Rich Gamer in the series

Kyou is a gamer and a loner. Although she is a beautiful lady in real life, her in-game character is a male. She often buys in-game purchases to boost her character.

Despite her family being rich, this lovely lady doesn’t use her family’s riches to take advantage of other characters in the series. Instead, she even sponsors a game club.

Her flaw is her spending habits even if it comes from her own money.

22. Arale Norimaki - Dragon Ball

Arale Norimaki

Originally, Arale who wears a cap with her printed name is a beauty with purple hair and glasses. She is intelligent.

But, because of her naive personality, she ends up goofy and nerdy.

Despite her blunders from time to time, this cute character is pure of heart with a minimal amount of bad bone in her. Her weirdest hobby is poop-poking with a stick.

No matter how hard she resists the urge, she couldn’t. Arale just needs to poke the poop in sight.

23. Akatsuki - Log Horizon

Petite and Beautiful Akatsuki

Akatsuki is one of the founders of a guild in the Elder Tale. Her avatar was a male, which she regretted when all players were transported to this world. 

It’s hard for her to get accustomed to a male avatar, so she gets a reset potion from Shiroe.

After that, her appearance is much closer to her real-life body. Akatsuki is a petite college student with long purple hair.

24. Renge Miyouchi - Non Non Biyori

Renge with Yellow Ribbons

Renge wears yellow ribbons on her violet hair and these ribbons have a special meaning to her. Dagashiya gave these ribbons when she was a kid.

This pretty lady has a weird but unique naming system for people around her. She’s friendly.

25. Azusa Hamaoka - Grand Blue

purple haired anime girls in Grand Blue Anime series

This sexy lady isn’t afraid to get drunk and enjoy a few drinks with her friends. She’s confident in her beauty and body.

Azusa has a voluptuous and slender body. Her hair is curly and short-styled, which suits her personality.

26. Caren - Mermaid Melody

Caren from Mermaid Melody

In human form, Caren’s hair is still long but much shorter than her idol and princess form. She is kind but was a snob during her first appearance.

This pretty idol is also taller than the other characters in the anime. She loves okonomiyaki.

Trivia Questions for Purple Haired Anime Girls

What series has anime characters in purple hair?

Often, female characters either have black hair or blue hair. Sometimes, you see orange hair but they're supporting characters. Purple-haired anime girls are not rare but they're not common.

So, which one has purple hair? Of course, in this list, all of them have purple. But I would choose Bleach.

What anime has a girl with purple hair and blue eyes?

In this list, my choices are High School of the Dead (Saeko Busujima) and Cowboy Bepop (Faye Valentine).

Who has purple hair characters?

This list has 20 plus characters. Choose your favorite characters since all of them have purple, violet, or lavender hair.

Aside from the choices I made in other questions, Yuri Nakamura (Angel Beats) and Tohka (Date a Live) are my next favorite anime girls.

Who is the strongest female anime character?

In this list, Lucy from Elfen Lied would be the strongest. She has an explosive strength and could kill anyone within her two vectors.

So, which character would you choose purple hair or green hair (check my list)?


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