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20+ No Game No Life Quotes That Games Can Inspire, Too!

No Game No Life is a series about siblings who prefer the world of virtual reality games over socializing. This might not be an ideal standard for teenagers or anyone.


This show reminds everyone that there are people who couldn't face other people because of their internal battles.

But, this series is not just that. In a deeper context, it has a political meaning, too.

Nope, I'm not gonna discuss that. I am here to share inspirational quotes. So, here they are. I hope you enjoy them.

Best No Game No Life Quotes:

Shiro Quotes

quotes from no game
“Fulfilled people are just an urban legend.” – Shiro
Shiro Quotes 1
“Chess is no different than tic-tac-toe.” – Shiro

Sora Quotes

no game no life quotes
“In fairy tales, when the protagonists end up in a different world, they do their best to get back home, right? But who would want to go back to a world like that?” – Sora
Sora Quotes 2
“Huh? In a real war, what fool waits for their enemy’s “turn”?” – Sora
Sora Quotes 3
“They say people can change, but is that really true? If they decide they want to fly, will they grow wings? I don't think so. You don't change yourself. Instead, you change how you do things. You have to make your own way. Maybe, you have to create a way to fly, even while you stay the same.” - Sora
Sora Quotes 4
“If you think physical toughness and longevity make you strong, you must be seriously lacking in the brain department.” – Sora
Sora Quotes 5
“There is no such thing as luck in this world. Rules, prerequisites, psychological states are any number of invisible factors that combine to produce an unpredictable, but inevitable result. The winner of each game is decided before it even begins. Chance is never a factor.” - Sora
no game no life quotes
“In every time, in every world, the strong polish their fangs while the weak polish their wisdom.” – Sora

Sora's Thoughts on Leadership

quotes from no game
“Oppression. Rule by fear. dictatorships. It’s a strange thing. Throughout history, for some reason, the lives of such rulers have always ended in the same way: Assassination by someone who isn’t even part of a combat unit.” – Sora
Sora Quotes 8
“What kind of king makes his men fight at the front line while he sits behind them relaxing?” – Sora
Sora Quotes 9
“Checkmate” doesn’t mean you’ve simply cornered the enemy king. It’s a declaration that the enemy king is yours. That’s why I said it the first time I met you. “Checkmate.” – Sora
Sora Quotes 10
“We do not stop playing games because we grow old. Instead, we grow old because we stop playing.” – Sora

Sora' Messages on Strategic Thinking

Sora Quotes 11
“Whats the probability of drawing the ace of spades from a deck with no jokers? Normaly it would be 1/50. But what if its a brand new deck? The position of cards in a new deck are typically identical, so that means if you take out the jokers and draw the card at the very bottom, it’s the ace of spades almost 100% of the time. Oh that’s right! I didn’t say a word about it being a new deck. Rather, you didn’t ask. Being in the “know” gives you the power to turn the probability of winning from 1.92% to 100%. The more knowledge of a party will be the inevitable victor.” – Sora
Sora Quotes 12
“The natural enemy of the strong is the weak, but the natural enemy of the weak is not the strong – it is the ones that are even weaker.” – Sora

Sora's Opinions on War

quotes from no game
“Sorry. Our world isn’t as nice a place as yours. When it comes to war and killing, we have far more expertise than you do.” – Sora
Sora Quotes 14
“Life is not a game of luck. If you wanna win, work hard.” – Sora
Sora Quotes 15
“Throughout all of history, no wise king has ever forced his army to obey him through oppression. People will only truly fight for what is right. And there is only one thing that is truly right in this world! The one true, unchanging righteousness in the world is… cuteness! Cute makes right! All our needs, desires, and instincts seek cuteness, and it is for cuteness that we will give everything we have! That’s just the way men are!” – Sora
quotes from no game
“The two of us will live as the weak, fight as the weak, and defeat the strong as only the weak can!” – Sora
Sora Quotes 17
“It’s our job as normal people to ensure the potential of those misunderstood ones are realized.” – Sora

Sora's Philosophy on Becoming a Winner

Sora Quotes 18
“Because of our weakness, we trained our eyes, ears and the ability to think. Learning how to survive, that’s our trait as humans! The human species can’t use magic and can’t even perceive it – but because we are weak, we have the wisdom to run away from magic and the intelligence to see through it. We don’t have any extraordinary senses. But because we are weak, by learning and gaining experience, we gained the wisdom to achieve the unachievable.” – Sora
Sora Quotes 19
“There is more than one way to win a game. You can win without fighting!” – Sora
Sora Quotes 20
“There’s no more trusted observer than someone who suspects you.” – Sora

Stephanie Dola Quotes

Stephanie Dola Quotes
“A temporary defeat is nothing if it leads to ultimate victory!” – Stephanie Dola

Teta Quotes

Teta Quotes
“What do you think about your world? Is it fun? Is it easy to live in?” – Tet
Teta Quotes 1
“In reality, the least interesting answer is usually the correct one.” – Tet


When someone tells you to stop playing games and grow up, will you do that? Probably, yes, so that you can fit with the norm.

But sometimes, you don't need to do that. You can still become mature and yet have fun playing games you want.

It's just a matter of setting priorities. Play games as some sort of de-stressing (or a business for some people). By the way, don't forget to read my other lists of anime quotes!


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