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30 Hot Anime Girls That Will Make You Lose The No Nut November Challenge

Anime girls have a way of taking away our attention with their big eyes and enticing character designs.

But even among these beautiful Waifu’s, some girls stand out as some of the most hottest anime girls that you will ever come across in anime.


They are just smoking hot, and we just can’t seem to get enough of them. So buckle up and let’s see some of these charming beauties, and of course, they are in no particle order.

30 Hot Anime Girls That You Need To See

1. Faye Valentine - Cowboy Bebop

Faye Valentine hot anime women

This sexy anime babe is a definite must for the list! At first glance, Faye from Cowboy Bebop seems like an arrogant person who doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

However, that is not the reality. Faye always tries to hide her real emotions in order to seem mature and strong.

2. Saeko Busujima - High School Of The Dead

Saeko Busujima cut hot anime girl

Saeko Busujima is the hot big sister of every character in the series, and she has an insanely good personality. She's a caring person who is always there for all of her friends.

This girl used to be a part of the kendo club before the apocalypse, so she is an amazing fighter who knows how to wield a sword. Her attractive figure, beautiful blue eyes, and long purple hair make Saeko every boy’s dream girl.

Thankfully, she belongs to an ecchi series, so we get so see a lot of kinky action!

3. Elizabeth Liones - Nanatsu No Taizai

Elizabeth is a kind and lovely young lady who is the third princess of the kingdom of Liones. Her appearance might look like a frail and clumsy girl, but she is ready to face any kind of danger for the realization of her dreams. This cute character with long hair runs away from her castle in search of the seven deadly sins.

As the show progresses, we see how Elizabeth becomes a stronger and more reliable person.

4. Mirajane Strauss - Fairy Tail

Mirajane Strauss hot

Mirajane is the older Strauss sister, and she is a total bombshell! With an amazing figure, powerful abilities and alluring white hair, this girl is the ultimate crush of every fanboy.

She's a very caring and loving girl who is ready to make any kind of sacrifice for the protection of her guild and family.

5. Yoko Littner - Gurren Lagann

Yoko Littner sexy anime girl

Yoko from Gurren Lagann is only 14, so she is probably a red flag for most of you. Despite her young age, she has a very mature and charming personality. Yoko is a very caring girl who is ready to put her life on the line for the protection of her friends.

She is a trained soldier who is able to handle firearms quite easily. This girl has beautiful red hair, and she wears pretty revealing clothes that don’t leave much for your imagination.

6. Nami - One Piece

Nami one piece

Nami is a bright young lady with the ultimate dream of creating a map of the entire world. This character with orange hair is a major part of the Straw Hats crew. Nami is a very cute and kind-hearted young girl with a pretty dark past.

This girl is quite beautiful, and she has a blue tattoo on her shoulder. As the story progresses, Nami develops into a better and more attractive person. Oh, and this girl loves money!

Short video summarizing our hot anime girls:

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7. Lucy Heartfilia - Fairy Tail

Lucy Heartfilia hot

Lucy is one of the most popular and super sexy anime characters from the series Fairy Tail.

While many may have differing opinions about what is considered beautiful, Lucy is hot, and no top hot anime girls list is complete without the mention of this celestial beauty.

8. Godess Hestia - Danmachi

Goddess Hestia danmachi

Hestia is the Goddess of household in Greek mythology, but in Danmachi, she has more on her plate than just keeping a household together.

Goddess Hestia here has one of the most appealing character designs and a very wholesome, caring personality.

But she can be jealous and demanding, which makes her even cuter and just pure Waifu material.

9. Nellie Tu Odershwank - Bleach

Nellie To Odershwank hot

Nellie Tu Oderschwank, also known as Nel Tu, is a uniquely beautiful young lady from Bleach. This cute hot anime girl is extremely powerful in her adult form, and she is able to take down any kind of enemy with ease.

Nel Tu is a former part of Aizen’s army, but she was never a truly evil person. In her child form, she's extremely adorable, clingy and cute. This character especially gets attached to our boy Ichigo.

10. Kaname Chidori - Full Metal Panic

Kaname Chidori fmp

Kaname Chidori from Full Metal Panic is the daughter of a UN official and has quite an outgoing and upfront personality.

She is the main female character of this series and has the looks of great beauty.

Because of her background, Kaname has a very strong sense of justice and would often speak openly against someone breaking the law in any way.

11. Nico Robin - One Piece

Nico Robin one piece

Now, let us talk about the most mature Straw Hat pirate! Nico is a fairly tall and slender girl with very attractive features.

This beautiful anime girl is very intelligent and thinks of every situation in a very realistic manner.

Nico rarely ever shows any emotions, unlike all the other pirates on her ship. She has a lot of respect for Luffy because of his loveable personality.

12. Ichiko Sakura - Good Luck Girl

Ichiko Sakura anime girl

Ichiko Sakura is the main protagonist of Binbougami ga. She is the personification of good luck and good fortune.

Because of her abundance of good luck, she is blessed with the highest degree of good looks and personality that one can hope for.

13. Neko Fujinomiya - Masamune Kun No Revenge

Neko Fujinomiya shy

Neko Fujinomiya, just like her name, is extremely cute and she's one of the females from, Masamune kun Revenge.

She is determined, bold, and is extremely forward with her advances.

With her amazing figure, this loli is a girl who knows what she wants and is willing to go through any means to get it.

14. Suguha Kirigaya - Sword Art Online

Suguha Kirigaya charming eyes

Suguha is one of the prettiest females characters from the infamous series Sword Art Online.

She has a very sporty, competitive, and somewhat cruel personality where she will not hold back in saying what’s on her mind, but still, Suguha from SAO can be quite caring at times.

15.Irina Shidou - HighSchool DxD

Irina Shidou anime character

Irina Shidou with her violet eyes is an upbeat and cheerful young lady who is one of the main protagonists of HighSchool DxD. She's an extremely religious young girl who is a devout Christian. This girl is always ready to oppose anyone who speaks against her beliefs.

Despite being religious and innocent, for some reason, Irina seems to get a lot of impure thoughts when she is with Issei.

16. Erina Nakiri - Food Wars

Erina Nakiri food wars girl

Erina is one of the most talented young ladies in the entire series who is the sole possessor of the legendary God’s Tongue.

This girl can tell each and every ingredient of any dish apart after having just a small taste. She looks extremely hot and attractive with her blonde hair and sexy figure.

17. Miu Furinji - Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

Miu Furinji kenichi anime

It would not be wrong to call Miu Furinji Femme Fatale from Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple.

She is the main female lead of the anime and is one of the most caring, upbeat, and full of life characters you can find in any anime.

18. Mei Terumi - Naruto

Mei Terumi naruto

Mei is an ambitious and powerful woman who is the 5th Mizukage of the Village Hidden in the Mist.

Unlike her predecessors, Mei is a very kind-hearted woman who worked very hard to fix the poor reputation and atmosphere of her village.

This woman only has one big regret that haunts her every single day; that is “not getting married.”

19. Darkness - Kono Subarashii

Darkness Konosuba sexiest anime girl

Darkness, despite her looks, is the personification of the word masochist. She may be a Crusader and have the looks of a noble, pure maiden, but she is a masochist and a pure one at that.

This beautiful anime girl is one of the main characters in KonoSuba and is extremely kinky.

20. Masane Amaha - Witchblade

Masane Amaha hot anime

Masane Amaha is the main female lead of the anime Witchblade and your local hot “Oneesan.”

This hot anime women is a determined individual who is willing to do anything for her child and is even willing to put her life in danger for it.

21. Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail

Ezra Scarlet hot character

Erza, just like Masane, is headstrong and has a fiery nature when it comes to her close ones.

She is one of the main characters in Fairy Tail series and just like Lucy, no hot anime girls list is complete without mentioning Erza Scarlet on the list.

22. Shion - Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken 

Shion tensei slime anime

Who said ogres can’t be sexy?

While Ogres are mostly portrayed as hideous monsters, Shion, an ogre from the series Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, is anything but ugly.

She is strikingly hot, quirky, and just a treat to look at with a somewhat obsessive personality. She is waifu material, well as long as you can survive her cooking.

23. Holo The Wise Wolf - Spice and Wolf

Holo the wise wolf hottie

Holo The Wise Wolf, she's a wolf deity who has lived a very long life and is exceptionally wise.

But one thing that makes her so appealing is that she is a wolf woman.

Not to be confused with anything furry related, but Holo has the figure of a young woman that has wolf ears and a bushy brown tail with a splash of white at the end.

She has a foxy appearance and is one of the best Waifu’s in anime.

24. Hotaru Shidare - Dagashi Kashi

Hotaru Shidare anime girl

Everyone likes candies once in a while, but Hotaru wants you to taste a very different type of Candy—the best Candy in the World, to be exact.

Hotaru from the series Dagashi Kashi is an extremely easy-going character, who loves Dagashi, Japanese Candy, and is willing to go to any lengths to taste some of the best Dagashi the World has to offer.

25. Irina Jelavic - Assassination Classroom

Irina Jelavic anime

Irina is extremely hot and deathly at the same time. She is a professional hit woman from the anime Assassination Classroom and knows how to use her charms to carry out her assassinations.

While she may be bitch sensei by day, she's without a doubt, one of the most hot anime girls ever to come out of the anime industry.

26. Godess Aqua - Kono Subarashii

Godess Aqua smiling

Aqua may be a useless, dumb goddess, but she is quite hot.

Despite her godly powers reducing her usefulness to party decoration, Aqua still has her divine beauty and has one of the best silly female character designs in anime.

She is the Goddess of water as the name suggests and is from the anime, Kono Subarashii

27. Yoruichi Shihoin - Bleach

Yoruichi Shihoin bleach anime

Yoruichi Shihoin is the former commander of the 2ns division of Gotei 13 and is from the anime Bleach.

She is witty, sensational and can transform into a cat. What more can you ask for?

Yoruichi has a toned body and has one of the most unique character designs in anime.

28. Esdeath - Akame Ga Kill

Esdeath akame ga kill

Esdeath is sadistic. Saying that is just scraping the surface of her cruel personality, but as they say, “Danger hides in beauty.”

This quote could not be truer in the case of Esdeath. While she has killed a lot of people, she's extremely caring and is willing to go to great lengths for the one she loves.

29. Momo Yaoyorozu - My Hero Academia

Momo Yaoyorozu mha

Momo Yaoyorozu is headstrong, exceptionally good looking high school girl who studies at the UA Hero Academy. She aspires to become a professional hero one day and has the ability to realize different materials/gadgets through her skin.

She has quite the revealing Hero costumes, which you can debate that it is sexualizing her, but the plot supports it, and that combined with her great personality, makes her one of the hottest female characters in BNHA.

30. Rias Gremory - High School DXD

Rias gremory hot anime girl

No hot anime girls list is complete without the mention of the main female of the anime series High school DxD.

Rias Gremory has blush long red hair and one of the hottest character designs in anime. Her pale white skin complements her looks incredibly well, and in all, she is just a treat to look at.

Her looks here, combined with her fiery personality, makes her one of the best Waifus out there.

Who Is The Hottest Anime Girl?

Zero Two hottest anime girl

In my opinion, Zero Two is the hottest and most adorable anime character ever. With her beautiful red horns, this girl just looks like a cute little dinosaur that demands protection.

She seems quite prideful from afar, but in reality, Zero Two has a very caring and loving personality.

Who Is The Ugliest Anime Girl?

Witch of the waste ugliest anime girl

Witch of the Waste from Howl’s Moving Castle is the ugliest female character in the entire world of anime.

This woman uses magic to hide her real appearance! Just look at her image, and you will find yourself completely speechless.

So, this was our list of 30 hot, sexy anime babes that will make you lose the No Nut November Challenge.

While all the female characters on this list are extremely hot, all have a different personality and more so, are unique in their own way.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Rangiku Matsumoto
  • Cana Alberona
  • Boa Hancock
  • Violet Evergarden


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