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20 Black Female Anime Characters Who Are Sensational

Characters with fair skin tone often dominate the world of anime and video games. Anime black girls are few.

However, when a series features a black female anime character, the anime characters are either strong, smart, beautiful, or stereotypical.

Regardless, seeing black female characters in anime is a refreshing change for a fan. So, I bring to you the most memorable black female anime characters in this post.

Miyuki Ayukawa - Basquash

Miyuki Ayukawa black anime

Miyuki Ayukawa is beautiful and has brains and an engineer. This black girl grew up secretly admiring Dan, her childhood friend. She's one of those anime characters with personality.

Her best features are her eyes. Oh boy! That striking contrast of color violet against dark skin is mesmerizing. Miyuki looks so beautiful and well-endowed, too!

Well, most female black anime characters do.

This dark-skinned female character in the anime does her job well in repairing those Big Foot robots for the pilots. Although Miyuki isn’t a pilot, she’s an invaluable part of the team.

Sister Krone - The Promised Neverland

Sister Krone the promised neverland anime

The most despicable anime characters are those who use the weak to achieve their goals. Sister Krone is exactly like that.

She pretends to be affectionate and warm so that she can manipulate other people.

Appearance-wise, Krone is muscular and has an intimidating personality. She tried to take over the orphanage by plotting the demise of Isabella. However, Sister Krone ends up dying.

Atsuko Jackson - Michiko to Hatchin

Atsuko Jackson dark skinned

Atsuko Jackson is a police officer and one of the pretty black anime characters who know how to rock Afro hair. She grew up with Michiko Milandro in the orphanage.

Now, she’s in hot pursuit of arresting Michiko.

The relationship of these anime characters is somewhat complicated. For some reason, she couldn't muster the courage to arrest her.

Also, Atsuko explodes like a bomb when Michiko calls her Jambo.

Michiko Milandro - Michiko to Hatchin

Michiko Milandro black female

Michiko Malandro has a wild streak and a temper to match. Tall, sexy, and beautiful, she likes to flaunt her body. Michiko even uses “her assets” to get by with the harsh life in the slums of Brazil.

Despite her temper and abrasive nature, the main character has a kind and gentle nature.

Although she likes to show her stubbornness, she gives off this vibe that she’s being rough to pretend and hide who she really is on the inside.

Mira Naigus - Soul Eater

Mira Naigus soul eater anime series

Mira Naigus is the partner of Sid Barrett in the Soul Eater anime series. She is a teacher and a very passionate one. Mira has blue eyes, beautiful dreadlocks, and a body to die for.

Despite her sweet smile and passionate nature to her students, she has a cynical and cold nature.

Due to her high rank, Mira has to be skillful and become a great leader.

Casca – Berserk

casca berserk anime

Casca is a strong woman who can lead mercenaries and wield a sword like a man. She is a cold-hearted woman but she’s a great leader.

Seldom did her comrades question her judgment and strategy.

However, beneath that armor-clad body is a person who wants to be accepted as a warrior and a woman. Casca sports pixie hair. She has a sweet almost angelic face, marred by sulking brows.

Choi Mochimazzi - Tamako Market

Choi Mochimazzi tamako market anime

This cute little girl is sporting a short bob with long locks in front containing some sort of a trinket.

Choi Mochimazzi of Tamako Market in Japan wears a traditional dress and always walks barefoot.

Her best features are her deep magenta eyes. Looking at those eyes reminds me of jewels sparkling under the moonlight.

She has a polite personality and always tries to repay indebtedness. She’s kind but sometimes withdrawn when suspicious of a person.

Coffee - Cowboy Bebop

Coffe black female from cowboy bebop anime

Coffee is a bounty hunter and great at what she does. She’s tall with a slender and toned body. Coffee has an afro-hair and typical brown eyes.

The grenade launcher is her favorite weapon when bounty hunting. Despite her dangerous job, Coffee maintains her elegance and grace as a woman.

She's one of the many anime characters who can rock Afro hair.

Yoruichi Shihoin - Bleach

Yoruichi Shihoin dark skinned from bleach

Yoruichi is born into a noble family and can turn into a cat form. She is the princess of the Shihoin clan.

Despite her nobility, she doesn’t act snob and would like others to call her by her name. She's one of those black girl anime characters who have a holistic personality.

Yoruichi can shift into a cat and sometimes turns back to a human in front of Ichigo to tease him. She has a care-free attitude but witty and formidable when facing enemies.

This former shinigami slash princess sports violet hair and hazel eyes. She’s slender, short in stature, and agile in the fighting.

Canary Hunter - Hunter X Hunter

Canary Hunter hunter x hunter

Canary, one of the famous HunterxHunter female characters is a beautiful teenager with thick hair tied in bunches at the tip. She has grey eyes, a round face, and a pert nose.

Wearing the standard Zoldyck butler suit, Canary takes her job seriously.

She may be a teenager, but she’s a ruthless bodyguard. Canary will do everything to protect the people she cares for. However, she’s willing to bend some rules if necessary.

Ymir - Attack On Titan

Ymir black anime character from attack on titan

Ymir is a Jaw Titan that is considered one of the most intelligent Titans. Her pure Titan form is the smallest as compared to other Titans.

In human form, she has brown hair tied in a ponytail and golden eyes.

Before she joined the Scout regiment, she was regarded as a goddess. Ymir is a kind person but because of betrayal, she decided to live for herself.

The only person she cares about is Christa/Historia.

Heles - Dragon Ball Z (God Of Destruction)

Heles dragon ball z god of destruction

Heles is extremely beautiful by her universe’s standards. She looks like the combination of Cleopatra and Nefertiti, sporting Egyptian style clothes and fashion.

Despite her role as Goddess of Destruction, Heles scorns the ruthless way the council of elders eliminates eight universes.

She’s rather kind compared to other gods.

S.A.M. – Cannon Busters

S A M Cannon Busters anime

Sam is an android and highly intelligent as a robot in the anime Cannon Busters. She has light blond, almost color white hair and blue eyes that could turn red.

S.A.M wears a white leotard with gold highlights.

Being a dark-skinned robot, Sam could transform into a weapon of destruction. She has a friendly and persistent personality.

Given the circumstances, Sam would give her life to Prince Kelby and to people that matter to her.

Karui - Naruto Shippuden

Karui black female from naruto shippuden

Karui is a competitive and outspoken person. Sometimes, her character is impulsive, allowing her emotions to override her practical thinking.

This black girl has long and red spiky hair. Her eyes are amber, more like a warm summer sunset.

She wears golden earrings and carries a long sword, always. I guess, she's an Afro Samurai.

April - Darker Than Black

April darker than black anime

April is an agent in the anime Darker than Black who is working closely with November 11 and July. She has light blue hair with melancholic golden yellow eyes.

Most of the time, April wears a knee-high pair of boots, coat with fur linings in the neck and arms.

Her vice is drinking alcohol. Not much is known of her history, but she’s a skilled agent.

Hilda - Eureka seven

Hilda black female anime character from eureka seven

Hilda is a pilot and is romantically involved with another pilot. However, there’s no concrete evidence if these anime characters were married.

The dark-skinned female pilot is calm and friendly, even acting as a mother figure to Eureka’s children. Aside from being a pilot, she is also the manager in a store for mechanical parts.

Mila Rose - Bleach

Mila rose female anime from bleach bleach

Mila Rose is an Arrancar in Bleach anime. She has big boobs, brown long wavy hair, and green eyes.

Mila is quite sadistic but still possesses a calm and rational demeanor. She cares deeply for her other comrades, although she doesn’t show this side of her character often.

Hiryute Sisters - Danmachi

Hiryute sisters black anime characters from danmachi

These anime characters are first-class adventurers and go by the name Tione and Tiona. Tione has long hair and green eyes while Tiona has short hair and brown eyes.

These anime characters prefer revealing clothes and walk barefooted. Despite being twins, Tione and Tiona have entirely different personalities.

Hild - Ho My Goddess

Hild ho my goddess

Hild is a Demon who possesses great power that is stronger than the powers of the three Goddesses combined. She is the mother of Urd.

Her hair is white and her eyes are violet. Hild is wearing gold bands on her wrists, fingers, ankles, and fingers. These bands suppress her powers.

Umiko Ahagon - New Game

Umiko ahagon dark skinned female from new game

Umiko Ahagon is a programmer who is a little strict with her employees. She loves airsoft and has various collections of the game.

Despite her mean demeanor, this anime character is kind and sweet. When this dark-skinned girl becomes comfortable with other people, she tends to talk a lot about her hobby.

So, what do you think of these African American anime characters? Aren't the female black anime characters strong and feisty?

These black women sure are and they strut their selves with great confidence and offer diversity.


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