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40+ Sexy Anime Girls to Adore

Anime fans know that one of the best things about the genre is the abundance of sexy anime girls.

From sailor suits to schoolgirls, there are endless opportunities for fans to see their favorite lead characters in revealing outfits and compromising positions.


Whether it's a scene in which a character seductively eats an apple or one in which they're caught in the shower, these moments never fail to get hearts racing.

If you're a fan of hot anime girls, then you need to check out this list. You won't be disappointed!

Cana Alberona (Fairy Tail)

hottest anime girls: Cana Alberona

Cana Alberona is one of the many sexy anime girls in the Fairy Tail Guild. She’s one of the most striking members of the Fairy Tail Guild.

With her long, brown hair and ample bust, this sexy mage is certainly a head-turner. But her love of drinking is a bit of a turn-off for some fans.

Well, Cana’s a class S mage. She may not be the most conventional member of Fairy Tail, but she's undoubtedly one of the most fun. While some might see her as a bit of a loose cannon, others find her sexy and beautiful.

Goddess Hestia (Danmachi)

Goddess Hestia in Danmachi

Goddess Hestia is the very definition of a bombshell anime girl. She's got the looks, the personality, and the passion that all men desire.

This goddess is beautiful and petite with a youthful appearance. She has blue eyes and mid-thigh length black hair tied into two pigtails. Her hair reaches down to her mid-thighs.

She is always full of energy and is very passionate about her feelings. This in turn makes her someone with a surprising determination.

Raynare (High School DXD)

Raynare from High School DxD

Looks can be deceiving and Raynare has proven it. This girl, despite being sexy and attractive, is a fallen angel who can hurt innocent people. And Issei is not an exception.

She was the first antagonist to appear in the series with the physical look of a beautiful girl with violet eyes and black hair. Her true form, however, consists of black wings, busty figure and black hair.

Despite her vicious and sadistic nature, some find her sexy and one of the hottest anime girls who graced the anime community.

Nico Robin (One Piece)

Nico Robin from one piece

Nico Robin is one of the most important members of the Straw Hat Pirates. But she’s also one of the most enigmatic.

This sexy lady is tall, slender. She has shoulder-length black hair and dark eyes. She's calm and collected, and rarely seen without her signature serene expression.

As the ship's archaeologist, Nico Robin is responsible for finding and interpreting ancient texts and artifacts. Her knowledge is vast, and she has a knack for uncovering long-forgotten secrets.

In short, Nico is a valuable asset to the Straw Hat Pirates, and her loyalty to the crew is unshakeable.

Nemuri Kayama (My Hero Academia)

Midnight from My Hero Academia

Nemuri Kayama, also known as Midnight, is a tall woman with a curvy figure. She has the bluest eyes ever and spiky dark purple hair. As a person, she is playful and flirtatious, but could also be serious and temperamental.

This gorgeous lady was especially sensitive about her age. In the anime series My Hero Academia, she is a pro-hero who fought crime alongside the main character, Izuku Midoriya.

Midnight is a powerful fighter with the ability to put people to sleep with her voice. She is a kind and caring person, but she could also be fierce and protective of those she loved.

Xenovia (High School DxD)

Xenovia Quarta from High School DxD

Xenovia Quarta is a dangerous beauty. As a third-year high school student at Kuoh Academy, she already wields great power as a natural-born Holy Sword user.

Her cold, serious demeanor conceals a sharp mind and deadly skills with her blade, the Durandal. Not one to be trifled with, Xenovia is a force to be reckoned with - especially when she's on a mission.

Her tenacity and loyalty are admirable qualities, even if her methods may sometimes be questionable. Despite her power and dangerous personality, she is one sexy lady with curves that men want.

Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill)

Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill

Esdeath is a tall and slender woman with long, light blue hair and eyes. She is a high-ranking general of the empire. Also, this young general is the leader of the Jaegers under the orders of the Prime Minister.

She is beautiful, but her beauty is deadly. Her physical appearance clouds the darkness that lurks within her heart.

Esdeath is manipulative and sadistic. She lacks empathy for people, especially those who are weak. In spite of all this, or perhaps because of it, this sexy girl is an intriguing and captivating figure.

Fun Trivia: Esdeath is deeply in love with Tatsumi, a member of Night Raid.

Sakurajima Mai (Bunny Girl Senpai)

Sakurajima Mai From Rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai

Sakurajima Mai is the main female character of the light novel, manga, and anime series known as Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai. She is an attractive 18-year-old with long black hair.

Mai is fairly tall with a height of 165 cm. She often wears her school uniform. But from time to time, you can see her in her bunny outfit, which is a lot sexier.

This bunny girl is usually a serious individual around Sakuta Azusagawa. She is tsundere. Mai is initially quite hostile towards Sakuta.

But as the series progresses she starts to open up to him and even falls in love with him.

Sinon (Sword Art Online)

Asada sinon from Sword Art Online

Sinon is a young woman with a calm and cool demeanor, even in the heat of battle. She can keep a level head, which has helped her become one of the top players in the game Sword Art Online.

What many people don't know about Sinon is her friendliness, despite her aloof exterior. This young teen is always willing to help others. She has even been known to make friends with those who are initially hostile towards her.

With her calm personality and skills in battle, Sinon is always an valuable asset to have on your team.

Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Erza Scarlet From Fairy Tail

Erza Scarlet is one of the most powerful mages in Fairy Tail. She's not afraid to show it.

With her fiery red hair and Erza's trademark armor, she's a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. But this sexy anime girl isn't all about brawn. She's also got brains.

Erza is a skilled strategist, always thinking several steps ahead of her opponents. Her analytical mind is one of her greatest assets, along with her profound magic power.

This beauty is definitely someone you wouldn't want to cross. But she's also somebody you'd want on your side in a fight.

She's loyal, brave, and fiercely protective of her friends and guildmates. In short, Erza Scarlet is the perfect example of a strong and sexy woman.

Merlin (Seven Deadly sins)

Sexy anime girls: Merlin From Seven Deadly Sins

Merlin is one of the members of the Seven Deadly Sins. She's got a sharp tongue, a quick wit, and a sharp mind. Not to mention, this powerful lady has her devastating good looks.

She's also got a bit of a naughty side, which only adds to her allure. Merlin is the kind of woman who knows what she wants. She's not afraid to go after it.

This young sexy wizard is confident, self-assured, and completely irresistible. If you're looking for a woman who's deadly in more ways than one, then Merlin is definitely the one for you.

Boa Hancock (One Piece)

Boa Hancock from One Piece

Boa Hancock is the captain of the Kuja Pirates and one of the Shichibukai. She is also a former slave, who was forced to serve under the World Nobles.

Boa Hancock is very beautiful and is considered to be the most attractive woman in the world. She has a slender figure and long black hair.

The Pirate Empress's personality is quite complex. She is a confident woman but a bit arrogant sometimes.

However, Hancock is also shown to be a kind and caring person, especially towards her crewmates. She is an excellent fighter. Lastly, this hot anime girl is capable of using her beauty to control her opponents.

Akame (Akame ga Kill)

Akame from Akame ga Kill

Akame's hair is black and her eyes are red, which gives her a very striking appearance. For some fans, her physical appearance is quite sexy and hot.

Akame and her sister were sold to the empire in order to train as assassins. Both passed the tests but were separated after training.

This dark-haired girl joined the elite group known as Night Raid in bringing down the corrupt government. She is a skilled fighter with a sharp mind and is still fiercely loyal to her comrades.

Of all the members, Akame is quite lethal. She can kill with just a single strike.

Erina Nakiri (Food Wars)

sexy anime girls of all time: Erina Nakiri from Food Wars!

Erina Nakiri is one of the most prominent female characters in the anime, Food Wars. She is a student at Totsuki Academy.

In the series, this lovely girl possesses the "God's Tongue." This means that she has an extraordinary sense of taste. She can identify even the most subtle flavors in food

This makes her arrogant and dismissive of others because of her talent as a chef. With this extraordinary taste, her skills have earned her a place in the elite cuisine society, "Council of Ten."

Erina's sharp tongue might sometimes get her into trouble, but there's no denying that she is one of the most talented chefs in the anime.

Not only that. She's one of the prettiest and sexiest characters in the series.

Akeno Himejima (High School DxD)

Akeno Himejima from HighSchool Dxd

Akeno Himejima is the perfect example of a hot anime girl. She is a first-year student at Kuoh Academy. Also, she is the daughter of a fallen angel.

As such, this sexy girl has both a human and demonic heritage. Her heritage gives her an exotic and alluring appearance.

She is incredibly intelligent and can hold her own in a fight, despite being one of the youngest members of the Occult Research Club.

In addition to her physical and mental prowess, Akeno also has a very compassionate side. This combination of characteristics makes her the epitome of a hot anime girl.

Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

popular anime girl: Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

Lucy Heartfilia of Fairy Tail is quite a fighter with good combat skills and great beauty. She has long, blonde hair tied mostly in a side pigtail. She has piercing dark eyes.

This blonde girl has taken on many opponents, ranging from small fries to top-tier wizards. Her fighting style is a perfect blend of offense and defense. Definitely, she knows when to strike and when to back off.

Lucy is also not afraid to use her looks to her advantage. She's been known to distract opponents with her ample assets (not that she needs help in that department).

In short, this badass girl is the total package: beauty and brains, with a side of kick-butt combat skills.

Ichiko Sakura (Good Luck Girl)

Ichiko Sakura from Good Luck Girl

Ichiko Sakura is the main protagonist of the 2012 anime series "Good Luck Girl". She is a 16-year-old girl, blessed with literally everything good imaginable.

This lucky girl is beautiful, intelligent, strong, healthy and rich beyond measure. She lives a charmed life, where everything seems great for her. But, her excessive luck ends up draining the luck of those around her.

Ichiko is unaware of her own power. She believes that her good fortune is solely due to her own hard work and intelligence. As a result, she comes across as arrogant and dismissive of others.

This pretty girl is a complex and intriguing character. Plus, her design is clearly built for fan service.

Irina Jelavic (Assassination Classroom)

Irina Jelavic from Assassination Classroom

Irina Jelavic is a classic blonde with blue eyes. Her English prowess has helped her students learn and speak the language. Her students call her "Bitch Sensei".

But this beautiful lady is not really a teacher. She is an assassin who applied for a teaching position so she could kill Koro-sensei. She wanted to collect the bounty alone.

So, this makes Irina a cold-hearted woman who will do whatever it takes to complete her mission. She is often seen carrying a gun and is not afraid to use it.

Irina is also very intelligent and manipulative, able to convince others to do her bidding. While she appears to be a ruthless killer, Irina does have a soft spot for her students and ultimately wants what's best for them.

Sylvia (God's Blessing on This Wonderful world)

Sylvia from Konosuba

Sylvia looks like your typical anime fantasy girl. She's got the big boobs and come-hither eyes.

But Sylvia is hiding a secret. She's a chimera with male genitalia. That's right, this sexy anime character is packing some serious heat in her pants.

While her outward appearance may be all woman, this chimera lady is actually a hermaphrodite. And she's not afraid to use her male parts to get what she wants.

Whether it's using her seductive powers to manipulate those around her or simply taking advantage of her physical strength, Sylvia is not someone you would want to mess around with.

Suguha Kirigaya (Sword Art Online)

Suguha Kirigaya from Sword Art Online

Suguha Kirigaya is also known as "Leafa" in the virtual world of Sword Art Online. She is one of the series' main protagonists.

Suguha is a young girl with short black hair and dark grey eyes. In the real world, she is outgoing and social, able to easily carry on a conversation with others.

However, in the virtual world of Sword Art Online, this sexy gamer takes on a different persona.

As Leafa, she is shy and reserved. She prefers to stay in the background and let others take the lead. Despite her introverted nature, Leafa is an incredibly skilled player, quickly becoming one of the best in the game.

Rias Gremory (High School DxD)

best girls: Rias Gremory from High School Dxd

Rias Gremory is one of the many hot girls in High School DxD. She's the heiress to the prestigious Gremory clan. She's got the looks to match.

This sexy anime girl is a crimson-haired beauty with a slim body that would make any man (or woman) weak in the knees. She's confident, smart, and always knows what she wants.

Rias is the kind of girl who always gets what she wants. She's not afraid to go after it.

Whether it's winning a game of chess or taking down a powerful demon, Rias always comes out on top. Her strength and determination are matched only by her stunning looks.

Misa Amane (Death Note)

Misa Amane from Death Note

Misa Amane is an aspiring model and actress. Later in the series, she becomes the girlfriend of Light Yagami.

This gorgeous character is also in possession of a death note, which she uses to kill criminals. She is a fun-loving and outgoing person, with a bubbly personality.

However, Misa is also impulsive and reckless, often acting without thinking. This can lead her into trouble. Most of the time, she does not always consider the consequences of her actions.

Despite this, Misa is a loyal friend and girlfriend, who cares deeply for those she loves. She is also fiercely protective of her loved ones, and is willing to fight for them if necessary.

Rize Kamishiro (Tokyo Ghoul)

Rize Kamishiro from Tokyo Ghoul

Rize Kamishiro is a voracious, independent ghoul who acted as a femme fatale to those who fell victim to her charms. Her beauty is undeniable, with her violet hair and purple eyes.

These features make her one of the hottest characters in Tokyo Ghoul. This Ghoul girl is powerful. Her death at the hands of Kaneki Ken left a lasting impression on the series.

Rize's impact on Tokyo Ghoul cannot be understated. She will always be remembered as one of the most iconic characters in the series.

Shiraki Meiko (Prison School)

Female Character: Shiraki Meiko from Prison School

Shiraki Meiko is the vice-president of the underground student council in Prison School. She's a tall, beautiful woman with an extremely dominating personality.

This voluptuous girl is often considered one of the sexiest characters in the series. She's definitely not afraid to use her looks to her advantage.

Besides, Shiraki is a master of manipulation. She would use her body to get what she wants. Despite her manipulativeness, she's also fiercely loyal to her friends and comrades.

Well, Shiraki is a complex and intriguing character. She's definitely one of the most unforgettable characters in the series.

Mirajane Strauss (Fairy Tail)

Mirajane Strauss of Fairy Tail

Mirajane Strauss may be the most beautiful woman in the Fairy Tail guild. But don't let her looks fool you.

She's a powerful sorceress with a tough past who earned her place among the strongest members of Fairy Tail. This beautiful lady is kind-hearted and always ready to lend a helping hand.

With her powerful Satan Soul magic, she is more than capable of taking on any opponent. Mirajane is also one of the few people in Fairy Tail who can tame the guild's resident troublemaker, Natsu Dragneel.

In spite of everything she's been through, Mirajane always tries to see the best in people. That's one of the things that makes her one of the hottest anime girls around.

Momo Yaoyorozu (My Hero Academia)

hottest anime girls: Momo Yaoyorozu from My Hero Academia

Momo Yaoyorozu is a character from the anime My Hero Academia. She possesses the creation quirk. This quirk allows her to create anything she wants from her body. As a result, she has to wear revealing clothes that show a lot of her skin.

This sexy anime girl is one of the most popular characters in the entire anime fandom. Her creation quirk is one of the main reasons why.

Not only does it allow her to create powerful weapons, but it also makes her one of the most visually stunning characters in the series.

Momo is always drawn with beautiful clothes and hairstyles, and her fans can't get enough of her.

Atena Saotome (Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory)

Atena Saotome from Mother of the Goddess Dormitory

Atena Saotome is the definition of a beauty in the harem anime. She is a first-year student who lives in the Seikan's "Goddess Dormitory".

Despite being young, Atena is a stunning young woman with ethereal beauty. Her hip-length pink hair is styled with two braided locks in the back.

A single hair strand sticks up in the back, lending her an aura of playful mysticism. Her eyes can entrance anyone who gazes into them for too long.

Atena seems unaware of her own beauty. She goes about her day-to-day life with a cheerful innocence that only enhances her allure.

Rumor has it that Atena is actually the daughter of a goddess. Whether this is true or not, one thing is for sure. She is the embodiment of perfection.

Elizabeth Liones (Seven Deadly Sins)

Elizabeth Liones from Seven Deadly Sins

Elizabeth Liones is the lead character of the series. She is a beautiful young woman of slender yet curvaceous figure with a big bust and regular height.

This silver-haired lady is born into royalty as the third princess of the Kingdom of Liones. Her mother died when she was very young. Then, one day, the kingdom is in trouble.

So, she embarks on a journey to gather the members of the Seven Deadly Sins to save the kingdom from tyranny.

Elizabeth is kind-hearted, gentle, and always looking out for others, even though she herself has faced much hardship in her life. She is truly a hero in every sense of the word.

Asuna (Sword Art Online)

Asuna from Sword Art Online

Asuna is the perfect dream girl. She's strong, independent, and always ready for a fight.

But she's also kind, caring, and loyal to those she loves. This skilled gamer is the perfect balance of strength and compassion, making her the perfect partner for any adventure.

She's also stunningly beautiful, with long flowing hair and piercing eyes. Asuna is the total package.

Aiura Mikoto (The Disastrous Life of Saiki Kusuo)

Aiura Mikoto from The disastrous life of Saiki Kusuo

Mikoto Aiura from "The Disastrous Life of Saiki Kusuo" is the gyaru girl of everyone’s dreams. With her wild willow colored hair, painted nails and tanned skin, she looks like the typical gyaru.

There’s one difference though, her figure is hotter than any other gyarus out there. She’s got the body of a goddess with long legs, a slim waist and a large bust.

No gyaru is complete without their signature heavy makeup. But, Mikoto goes against the norms. She doesn’t wear any heavy make-up and still looks absolutely gorgeous.

She became popular in her class because of her natural psychic abilities.

Leone (Akame ga Kill!)

Leone from Akame ga Kill!

Leone is a member of the Night Raid squad in Akame ga Kill. She hails from the Empire's capital. This assassin is notorious for being a bad-ass bandit who enjoyed teasing and plundering men until she met Tatsumi.

Leone takes an immediate liking to the young fighter. So, she decides to leave her life of crime behind to join the team and protect him.

This pretty lady is fiercely loyal to her friends and always ready for a fight, but she's also got a soft spot for animals (especially cats).

With her short blonde hair, golden eyes, and sexy figure, Leone is definitely one of the sexiest. Watch out - this girl means business!

Furan Takaki (Maken-ki)

Furan Takaki hot anime girls

Furan Takaki is the president of the student council at Tenbi Academy. She's a kind and level-headed leader, always looking out for the best interests of her fellow students.

This girl is an extremely powerful fighter, able to hold her own against even the strongest opponents. Needless to say, she is an invaluable asset to the council.

Furan always puts 100% into her work. Thanks to Furan's leadership, the student council is able to effectively represent the student body and make positive change at Tenbi Academy.

Nami (One Piece)

Nami one of the sexy anime girls from One Piece

Nami is the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates. She was formerly a member of the Arlong Pirates.

At first, she joined the Straw Hats, so she could rob them in order to buy back her village from Arlong. But, she becomes a legitimate member after Luffy and his crew defeat Arlong.

Nami is a slim woman of average height with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is considered very attractive by many characters in the series, even Sanji calls her beautiful.

This slim woman is quite strong-willed, refusing to give up even when faced with overwhelming odds.

Despite her initial selfishness, she is a genuinely kindhearted person who cares deeply for her friends. Nami will go to great lengths to protect them.

Mio Naruse (The Testament of Sister New Devil)

Mio Naruse from the Testament of Sister New Devil

Mio Naruse is the daughter of the previous Demon Lord and the niece of Ramusas. She inherited her father's abilities after his death before living with the Toujou family.

This beautiful girl normally displays a calm demeanour, preferring to remain quiet when around others. She is a kind and caring individual.

Mio is also an excellent cook. She often uses her culinary skills to show her appreciation for the people in her life.

Despite her seemingly perfect exterior, Mio has a deeply hidden secret. She is the Demon Lord or at least the heiress.

Her ability to control demons is immense, and she has used her power to protect those she loves from harm.

Nejire Hado (My Hero Academia)

Nejire Hado From My Hero Academia

Nejire Hado is a third-year student at UA Academy. She is a fair-skinned girl of average height with wide, curious eyes.

Her upper eyelashes are long and thick, and her irises are a royal blue. This girl’s hair is periwinkle. It reaches all the way down to her knees.

Nejire is a gentle and kind person, always quick to comfort those who are upset. However, she is also fiercely determined, and she never gives up.

This sexy lady is a powerful hero. She has saved many people with her combat abilities.

In short, Nejire is someone who always strives to do her best. She is an inspiration to everyone around her

Lilith Asami (Trinity Seven)

hot girls: Lilith Asami from Trinity Seven

Lilith Asami is the very definition of maturity and responsibility. As the headmaster's daughter, she keeps the peace at the school and ensures that its students remain on track.

In addition to her duties as a sage, Lilith is also an accomplished wizard. Her mastery of magic is second to none.

She can transform any materials into any form she wants. This kind of magic requires high level of intelligence.

As to her personality, Lilith is a bit prudish. She doesn’t like sexual inuendos. As a result, her friends and other people like to tease her a lot.

When provoked too much, this red-haired girl has a temper to match.

Satsuki Momoi (Kuroko No Basuke)

Satsuki Momoi from Kuroko no Basuke

Satsuki Momoi is the sort of girl that's impossible to forget. With her bright pink hair, bubbly personality and curvaceous figure, she's always the center of attention.

But it's not just her looks that make her stand out. Satsuki is also fiercely loyal and deeply in love with Kuroko Tetsuya, even though he doesn't seem to return her feelings.

Some might say she's delusional, but Satsuki doesn't care. As far as she's concerned, she's the teenager's girlfriend, even if he doesn't know it yet.

After all, she's confident that one day Kuroko will realize that they're meant to be together. Until then, she'll just keep on smiling and waiting for him to notice her.

Shinobu Oshino (Monogatari)

Shinobu Oshino from Monogatari Series

Shinobu Oshino is a popular character from the Monogatari anime series. She is a young female vampire with yellow eyes, sharp fangs, and long blond hair.

This blonde girl was human child princess named Rola. However, she was cursed. Anyone who comes close to her often commits suicide.

As a result, Shinobu has been living alone in the forest for many years. Then, she becomes a vampire.

After that, this beautiful vampire would appear like an 8-year-old girl. Sometimes, she would suck blood to look older.

Seishirou Tsugumi (Nisekoi)

Seishirou Tsugumi from Nisekoi

Seishirou Tsugumi is a hitman, raised and trained to kill. Her reputation is formidable.

Though she looks like a beautiful fair-skinned girl with chin-length navy-blue hair, Seishirou is actually quite masculine and aggressive. This makes her even more deadly, as her opponents are often caught off guard by her appearance.

Seishirou is also one of the main characters in Nisekoi, a trap anime in the series. Though she starts out as an antagonist, Seishirou quickly becomes one of the most popular characters due to her beauty, mystery, and badass attitude.

So if you're looking for a strong, independent woman who can take care of herself, Seishirou Tsugumi is the best girl for you.

Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill)

female characters: Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill

The main character in Kill la Kill series is Ryuko Matoi. She is a seventeen-year-old girl with a fierce and stubborn personality.

This girl is of medium height. She has mid-length dark-blue tinted hair with a single left-swept red highlight on her bangs.

Ryuko fears little and is always ready for a fight. She is also very loyal to her friends and will do anything to protect them.

This beautiful anime girl is an excellent fighter. She is not afraid to use her blades to get the job done.

During battles, she is resourceful and has a knack for finding weapons when she needs them. Ryuko is a complex character who is always ready for a challenge.

Revy (Black Lagoon)

Revy from Black Lagoon

Revy is the kind of girl that everyone loves to hate. She's got a sharp tongue, a quick temper, and a take-no-prisoners attitude.

This badass girl knows what she wants and goes after it with everything she's got. There's no stopping her once she's set her sights on something.

Whether it's fighting, drinking, or simply causing mayhem, Revy always gives it her all. Even though she may not always show it, she does have a heart.

Beneath all her rough exterior is a soft spot for those she cares about. She is truly one of the most unique girls of all time.

Some female characters have brain and beauty. Others only have beauty but have great personality. Very few characters have the charm with a great, hot figure to match plus intelligence. So, who do you think is one of the hottest anime girls on this list?



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