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30 Bleach Female Characters Worth Loving This Season

As an anime fan, you can't help but love some of the characters in the entire series 'Bleach anime' who mostly live in Karakura Town.

Filled with a large ensemble of characters both powerful and flawed, this shonen manga has been around for years and continues to attract viewers.


From fierce warriors to kind-hearted reapers, there's certainly no shortage of beloved female characters.

In celebration of some amazing women featured in this long-running show, here’s my list of 35 well-developed Bleach Female Characters worth rooting for this season.

1. Lily

Inoue's Spirit

Lily is Orihime's pink-haired female spirit in the Bleach series. She is no stranger to daring fashion choices.

From bold colors to risque outfits, she rocks it all with confidence and flair. In addition to her distinctive look, Lily also brings her protective capabilities to the team.

She is technically the only female "fairy" to advance to the frontlines when she joins Baigon and Hinagiku to form Santen Kesshun. This is a defensive triangular shield around Tsubaki. It can absorb enemy attacks and redirect them back.

Her joint assistance with the two others is required for Shiten Kōshun (Four Heavenly Kings) to work at its fullest potential. This is a great example of how important individuality can be!

2. Isane Kotetsu

Kotetsu Isane female character

Isane Kotetsu is a Shinigami of great renown in the Bleach anime universe. She has been the captain of the 4th Division and Lieutenant under Captain Retsu Unohana for a long time.

She appears to be a young and beautiful woman with gray eyes, short messy silver hair, and hefty stature. Although she's usually quiet and shy, her loyalty is something to be admired.

Additionally, her skills in Kidō magic are quite impressive; she specializes in mid- to high-level spells and can work them fast and efficiently.

Not only that, but Isane has also found success as Vice-President of the women's association in Soul society, demonstrating her great ambition for Shinigami leadership.


3. Miyako Shiba

Shiba Miyako

Miyako Shiba from the Bleach manga and anime is characterized by dark hair that she keeps tied up with a strand hanging down on each side. Her warm smile and undeniable beauty inspire Rukia Kuchiki, her subordinate.

Miyako stands out not just for her looks but also for her motherly demeanor toward those under her command. She's often seen cleaning the dirt or tending to their wounds after encountering a Hollow.

Moreover, her immense skill in swordsmanship was revealed when Metastacia possessed her. She takes down an entire square without any injuries inflicted on herself.

What's more, the enemy was taken by surprise at the sudden attack, further demonstrating Miyako's capabilities.

4. Rangiku Matsumoto

strongest female characters

Rangiku Matsumoto is a beauty with long, wavy blonde hair. She, the lieutenant of the 10th Division, has large plump lips, and gorgeous blue eyes.

She also has a beauty mark under the right side of her mouth that enhances her enticing appearance. While making powerful moves on and off the battlefield, she has secured a place in fans’ hearts with her sharp wit and incredible strength.

As an important figure in lieu of Captain Hitsugaya, Rangiku provides invaluable support to Hueco Mundo's beatdown while adding some flair to any scene.

5. Yoruichi Shihin

Black Cat Yoruichi

Yoruichi Shihin is unique among all Shinigami for her enormous dark skin and golden eyes. What's particularly special about her is her ability to transform into a black cat form for extended periods of time.

This ability highlights her connection between the human world and Soul Society. In this form, she has a distinctly male voice that challenges norms, adding to her complexity.

What really stands out, though, is Yoruichi's intelligence and wit. She knows Soul Society down to its core. This makes it clear why she is considered one of the most powerful characters within it.

6. Mashiro Kuna

Lieutenant Mashiro

Mashiro Kuna, the co-lieutenant of the 9th Division, is a highly skilled and formidable young woman. She has hazel eyes that draw attention to her green hair and a stylishly coordinated outfit of a white bodysuit, orange gloves, boots, and scarf.

To top it off, she sports a pair of goggles on her head. Despite her beauty and razor-sharp intellect, Mashiro still has quite an immature streak to her mannerisms.

However, this does not detract from her skill in combat which relies heavily on a combination of powerful kicks. She can often be found honing her skills in order to improve herself even further in battle.

7. Tier Harribel

Female Arrancar

Tier Harribel is an Arrancar and the former Tres (3rd) Espada in Sōsuke Aizen's army. She has turquoise eyes, thick eyelashes, olive skin, and short golden blonde hair.

She typically wears her hair in three braids. Despite her strong presence on the battlefield, her demeanor is undoubtedly calm.

Rather than engage in combat herself, this woman prefers to observe from afar. In doing so, she acts as a de facto ruler. She decides which course of action each of the parties must take in order for the conflict to finally reach its conclusion.

8. Candice Catnip

Candice Catnip female characters

From Wandenreich's Sternritter, Candice Catnip is a strong female character with the alias "T" - The Thunderbolt. She is tall with long light-green hair.

Her blue eyes in prominent eyelashes glimmer with mischief. Her eyebrows are shaped like thin lightning bolts. Although she looks like an angel, Candice has a short temper.

She won't stand for someone ruining her appearance in battle. With her strength and beauty, this formidable woman will do whatever it takes to fight evil and protect what she holds near and dear.

9. Senjumaru Shutara

Bleach Female Character

Senjumaru Shutara is a great weave guard of the Royal Guards. She is an important part of the team.

This girl Shinigami stands out among her peers for her slender, youthful looks and long black hair adorned with a golden crescent moon ornament. Despite having a playful attitude, she also knows how to stay focused on a mission.

Being playful, she provided fanfare with several musical instruments upon arriving in Soul Society to battle against Mayuri Kurotsuchi.

n addition, Senjumaru has a unique ability that allows her to manipulate several long golden skeletal arms. She can control them by thought alone.

Her great skill and extraordinary powers make her an invaluable member of the Royal Guard.

10. Loly “Rori Aivān” Aivirrne

Bleach Manga Loly Aiverrne

Loly Aivirrne is an Arrancar to Aizen's powerful army. She is the 33rd in line to him. She has a youthful-looking appearance, with her long black hair tied into two pigtails.

Her hair is almost reaching her back. A pink eye beautifies her face and entices those who come across her.

Though she is protective and infatuated with Aizen, Loly dares to briefly rebel against his orders. Yet soon, she remembers where she stands in his hierarchy.

Aizen's army needs not to worry as they have an unwavering reaper in their midst.

11. Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia Kuchiki in soul society arc

At just less than five feet tall, Rukia Kuchiki may appear to be an unlikely leader. Still, she is a fierce and capable captain of the 13th Division.

Originally serving as a lieutenant under Captain Jūshirō Ukitake, Rukia is best known for her impeccable skills in Kidō. She uses it to bind, heal or destroy any oncoming threat.

Her appearance sets her apart from other characters in the series - black hair in a shaggy style, purple eyes, and light skin.

Yet sometimes, due to her cool and lone demeanor, she finds it difficult to open up about her personal problems, even among friends.

Despite this, Rukia has managed to remain one of the strongest characters in the series proving all doubters wrong.

12. Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

Nel Tu

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck is a female Arrancar who stands out for her unique green hair and hazel eyes. In her child form, Nel is small, good-natured, and childlike.

Her eyes are incredibly wide and her lower jaw features large canines. These features give her a cartoonish look with the remains of her Hollow mask on top of her head.

In her adult form, she takes on quite a different shape. She becomes tall, fully grown, curvaceous, and well-endowed.

Despite the viciousness typically associated with Hollows, Nel has always been rather kind and compassionate.

13. Lisa Yadoumaru

Visored Lisa

Lisa Yadoumaru is a young adult woman who stands out among her fellow Visored due to her turquoise eyes. She wears red oval glasses and long black hair in a braided ponytail.

Despite her youthful appearance, Lisa is renowned as one of the calmer, yet more sensible members of these warriors. About her personality, Lisa is quite stern and secretive.

She rarely allows others full access to her emotions or beliefs. That being said, she does have a whimsical side. Her hobbies include reading erotic manga!

Aside from that, Lisa is also ambidextrous. She initially wielded her Zanpakutō with her left hand and switched to using it with her right during a fight with Ichigo Kurosaki.

Nowadays, Lisa holds the title of captain of the 8th Division and exemplifies why one should never judge people by their appearance.

14. Hotaru Kanisawa

Hotaru Kanisawa

Kanisawa is a tiny shinigami first encountered as a 6th-year student at the shinigami academy. She has quite short brown hair.

The right side is wrapped up in a portion of her head with a hairclip made of two red pearls. Her short stature allows her to stand out amongst her other shinigami classmates, such as Shūhei Hisagi.

She had been promoted alongside him when they were 5th year. Kanisawa was thus their senior and acted as an example of shinigami excellence to young aspirants such as Momo Hinamori, Renji Abarai, and Izuru Kira.

15.Ikumi Unagiya


Ikumi Unagiya is a young woman who runs a lively shop in Karakura Town, aptly named Unagiya Shop. She stands out in the crowd with her long black hair tied in a ponytail and dark brown eyes.

Ikumi wears a pink and gray long-sleeved shirt with the words UNAGI across it, black jeans, and shoes. She delivers odd, odd jobs for anyone who's willing to pay her for her services.

When Ichigo loses his shinigami abilities, she willingly enlists him to help out at the shop. Despite her cheery appearance, Ikumi is no pushover.

She has no problem with using violence and aggression to get what she wants when Ichigo finds himself outnumbered by thugs on one occasion. Needless to say, that situation was resolved swiftly with Ikumi's assistance!

16. Arisawa Tatsuki

Tatsuki Arisawa

Arisawa Tatsuki is best known for being the best friend of Ichigo Kurosaki in the manga series Bleach. She can also be seen as a contrast to bestie Orihime Inoue.

Tatsuki is a teenage girl with average height, black hair, and brown eyes. She is described as tomboyish with a lean frame. This is quite a different appearance from that of curvy Orihime.

Having been friends since childhood and former karate partners, the two are inseparable at Karakura High School, where Tatsuki and Ichigo are classmates.

17. Riruka Dokugamine

Xcusion Riruka

Riruka Dokugamine is a former member of the mysterious organization Xcusion. She has magenta eyes to accompany her long magenta hair that she wears in two pigtails.

Though she may appear young and slender, she is quite strong-willed, with a hot temper to boot when her comrades don't agree with her. To demonstrate her confidence, however, Riruka carries around her Love Gun.

This weapon takes the shape of an intricate heart device with wing-like protrusions on either side. There is a liquid-containing vial that juts out from the back.

With this powerful tool by her side, Riruka proves to be a formidable force not to be underestimated.

18. Nanao Ise

Vice Captain Nanao ise

Nanao Ise is a vice president of the Shinigami Women's Association and co-lieutenant of the First Division. She is a thin, young woman with long, black hair. Her hair is typically pulled back, and flat bangs that dangle to the right side of her face.

Ise, who appears young, is a very serious and sensible individual who frequently tolerates her captain's ridiculous antics. Despite her pragmatic nature, she nonetheless has the utmost regard for her captain and always complies with his orders.

Her leisure activities consist of shopping, reading visits to the library - all things that would befit her position in an important organization.

Clearly, Nanao Ise is a person who has outdone her peers!

19. Kirio Hikifune

Ruler of Grain

Kirio Hikifune is a member of the prestigious Zero Division in the Royal Guard. She possessed the revered title of "Ruler of Grain".

Coming back to Soul Society, she presents an eccentric plump figure with styled swirls on her cheeks and dark lips. Her true form, however, is revealed when cooking- slim and well-endowed with long hair cascading down.

She has been a motherly figure since being a Captain, never hesitating to help or encourage those around her during difficult times. The royal guard's respect for Kirio runs even deeper due to her significant invention.

She invented a technology that creates artificial souls. This catches the attention of none other than the Soul King himself.

20. Captain Unohana

bleach female characters

It's hard for me to not feel an incredible spiritual energy radiating from Captain Retsu Unohana. Not only was she the former captain of the Fourth Division and Soul Society's best healer.

But she was also a slender and very youthful woman with blue eyes and black hair. However, it was her gentle and warm personality that I found most intriguing.

She deals with everyone she meets in a soft-spoken, polite, and caring fashion. She always uses honorifics.

Even though I've never met the captain in person before, I'm sure if I ever did, I'd be able to feel those same spiritual energies emanating from her radiate through to me.

21. Emilou Apacci

54th Arrancar Emilou

Emilou Apacci is a 54th Arrancar in Sōsuke Aizen's army and is known for her tomboyish attitude. One of the most defining features of Emilou is her heterochromia.

Her left eye is ice blue, and her right eye is amber. Emilou has a reputation for being impatient, short-tempered, rude, impulsive, and confrontational.

Despite this personality trait, she is incredibly loyal to those who she would consider family or comrades. She becomes one of the strongest allies of the Soul Society.

Her left eye rarely ever fails to catch her opponents by surprise when she activates her special power.

22. Lilynette Gingerbuck

Fraccion Lilynette

Lilynette Gingerbuck is a female Arrancar and the sole Fracción of Coyote Starrk, the Primera Espada. She is quite cheerful and mischievous.

Yet she has a serious side as well. For example, Lilynette is concerned about the mysterious feelings of dread that have been permeating through Hueco Mundo.

Reflected in her Jolly Roger tattoo, Lilynette's Hollow hole sits comfortably in the center of her stomach, adding to her bravery and courage.

Despite being small and rather fragile-looking, Lilynette is determined to help her partner protect the world from its lurking enemies. She always puts forth maximum effort despite knowing that failure may ultimately be inevitable.

23. Kuukaku Shiba

Shiba Kukaku

Kuukaku is the formidable leader of the Shiba clan, a position she carries with pride. She's a youthful-looking woman of average height.

Her most notable features are her piercing green eyes and her long black hair tied back in bandages. Known for her short temper, Kuukaku is both violent and aggressive if someone happens to annoy her.

Much to the surprise of others, she also enjoys changing up the design and location of her home without warning. This is a bit odd for such a no-no-sense person.

Despite all these traits, Kuukaku Shiba remains an admirable role model for her clan.

24. Nemu Kurotsuchi

beautiful female characters

Nemu Kurotsuchi is the 12th Division of the Gotei 13, currently serving her captain, Mayuri Kurotsuchi. Though Nemu is physically only twelve years old, she appears to be much older as she was artificially created and abused by Mayuri.

This can also be seen in her personality, as she is quite shy and introverted around her captain. This young girl prefers to stay silent.

Nemu is a young, skinny woman with green eyes, long braided black hair, and slightly split bangs.

Despite the depressing circumstances in which she lives, Nemu continues to serve captain Mayuri with absolute dedication.

25. Soi Fon

Chief Soi Fon

Soi Fon is a petite woman with gray eyes. Her black hair is pulled into two long braids bound in white cloth.

She commands a great deal of respect as the commander-in-chief of the Onmitsukidō and captain of the second division. Apart from her commitment to her duties and beliefs, Soi Fon has developed a unique Bankai form, making her highly proficient in Shunpo.

Although she is considered stern and reserved by some, Soi Fon is really anything but arrogant. She is devoted to carrying out her mission without any second thoughts or hesitations.

Her sheer strength and skill make her one of the most formidable captains in Bleach.

26. Orihime Inoue

Healer Inoue

Orihime Inoue is a young woman living in Karakura Town. She possesses an average height and a slender yet curvaceous figure.

She is noted for her long, waist-length, burnt orange hair and bright brown eyes. Beneath the aesthetic, though, Orihime is known to be independent and friendly.

She often uses her humor or optimism to inspire others. As a person, she's often seen as sensitive and caring, which can sometimes lead to her coming off as naive or clueless.

Despite this, Orihime's kindness has no bounds. She will always strive for the best for those she loves.

27. Momo Hinamori

Hinamori Momo

Momo Hinamori is a spirited and gentle girl who gets along well with the people around her. While she is quite trusting, Hinamori can also be naive at times due to her impulsiveness.

She has great admiration for her former captain Sosuke Aizen. Her admiration pushed her to become a shinigami just to serve under him.

Her appearance stands out among other soul reapers, with a cloth-wrapped bun hairstyle that was later changed from what it was in the sketch stage.

On top of that, she grew up in the same Rukongai District as Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya when she was still young.

28. Cirucci Sanderwicci

Cirucci Sanderwicci

With beautiful female characters, such as Cirucci Sanderwicci from Sōsuke Aizen's 105th Arrancar army, this anime series has a tendency to feature some of the most impressive and memorable characters.

At first glance, her striking purple eyes capture the heart of some anime fans. It is coupled with light purple lipstick and fingernails as well as a light purple teardrop marking on both of her cheeks.

Her style is similar to that of the Gothic lolita style of Japanese fashion. While she can appear beautiful when she wants to be, Cirucci is also rather rude, cocky, and even slightly sadistic.

She scoffs at her opponents constantly with an air of superiority. Yet underneath all this arrogance lies a beautiful character waiting to be explored further.

29. Yachiru Kusajishi

soul reapers

Yachiru Kusajishi is a dynamic, cheerful character. While being young and of modest stature, she is the President of the Shinigami Women's Association.

Also, she's the former Lieutenant of the 11th Division. She has pink hair, dark pink eyes, and a permanent blush on her cheeks.

Her features make her look like a true anime girl. She has a lot of qualities that make her seem extremely youthful.

One of these qualities is her constant carefreeness and vivacity. She always cling to her captain Kenpachi Zaraki.

One of her favorite free-time activities is eating sweet treats. This makes everyone smile as she spreads joy all around through her interactions with people.

30. Hiyori Sarugaki

bleach female characters

Hiyori Sarugaki is a Visored, a person with hollow and shinigami powers combined. She is a short and feisty girl with blonde hair tied in distinctive spiky pigtails.

Her bangs are held together by three clips. Despite her young age, she demonstrates some seriously aggressive behavior.

Hiyori has very little respect for those around her, lashing out against them at the slightest provocation. This often gets her into physical altercations, making her difficult to be around.

Yet, due to her fighting spirit and bravery, Hiyori has earned the admiration of many characters within the anime world.

These Bleach female characters are all beautiful and amazing on their own way. But only few characters become a favorite. I hope you found your favorite. If you have, comment down below.



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