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6+ Best Zangetsu Quotes For Bleach Supporters

In a world of swords and magic, there's one anime that has it all: Bleach (and its quotes). The story of Ichigo Kurosaki and his hunt for the evil Hollows is always full of excitement.

Whether he's fighting friends or foes, Ichigo always has something insightful to say. Here are some of the best Zangetsu quotes from the show!

Zangetsu quotes
“Though you fight a fierce battle on the outside, your inner world trembles not the slightest.” – Zangetsu
Zangetsu quotes 1
“What are you doing? Why do you run Ichigo? You still have not called me. Face forward, Ichigo. You should be able to hear it now. That which blocks your ears is worthless fear. The enemy is one, you are one. What is there to fear? Cast off your fear. Look forward! Go forward! Never stand still. Retreat and you will age. Hesitate and you will die. Shout… my name is… ZANGETSU!” – Zangetsu
Zangetsu quotes 2
“Referring to Ichigo I see. So I still haven’t reached you…” – Zangetsu
Zangetsu quotes 3
“I Hate rain. Ichigo… When you are sad, the rain come down… when you are moody, it becomes cloudy. It rains in here, too. I can’t stand it. Can you understand? How horrible it is to get rained on when you are all alone in an empty world? I’II lend you whatever power you need! In order to prevent that from happening… I won’t let one drop of rain fall from the sky!! If you can trust me… Trust me… you are not alone in battle… Ichigo!” – Zangetsu
Zangetsu quotes 4
“Just how many times must I strain my voice before it will reach you? And yet, nowhere in this world can there be anyone who knows me better than you.” – Zangetsu
Zangetsu quotes 5
“To fight…Or to live…Choose.” – Zangetsu
Zangetsu quotes 6
“Abandon your fear. Look forward. Move forward and never stop. You'll age if you pull back. You'll die if you hesitate.” – Zangetsu


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