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Top 32 Most Beautiful Anime Girls You Have To Get to Know


By Joshua Ouellette

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Beauty is found in the wonderful world of anime characters such as the most beautiful anime girls.

There is nothing wrong with admiring anime actresses.

In fact, sitting down and admiring beautiful anime girls will give you an appreciation for both beauty and art at the same time. What is wrong with that?

Can anime girls be called beautiful? As we all know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some may call Angelina Jolie beautiful and compare her to an anime girl.

But, the truth is that not all “real life” actresses are beautiful.

Are Anime Girls More Than a Figment of Someone’s Imagination?

It would be fair to say that many of the most beautiful anime girls are more than a figment of someone’s imagination.

Many of the characters in anime are created from the dreams and thoughts of a person who admires a real-life person.

They celebrate the beauty and character of that girl by creating an anime version. In many ways, an anime creator will bring the best characters of someone to live.

Day Dreaming Is Good For Us

We know that many people who daydream more than others lead very happy and fulfilled lives.

They use their imagination more and that is good for you. Maybe that is what the most beautiful anime girls are about at the end of the day.

32 Most Beautiful Anime Girls

1. Lucy Heartfilia – Fairy Tail

Lucy Heartfilia - Fairy Tail Beautiful Anime

Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail has to be one of the most exciting young wizards on TV. She can conjure up magic like no other anime character.

On top of that, she also happens to be very cute and charming. She seems to be naturally caring towards both friends and new people that she meets.

For many young men, she is probably a bit of a dream girl- magical but you could take her home to meet mom.

2. Akane Kowata – Flying Witch

Akane Kowata - Flying Witch

Akane Kowata is everyone’s best friend. She is the sort of girl that you can spend time with and just relax.

Akana is a good friend to both men and women and is, in general, a go lucky person. With her round green eyes, she is also a very special looking girl.

She has a sister called Makoto and you may even want to learn more about her.

However, if you would like to get more closely acquainted with Akane, you should check out the anime Flying Witch.

This young lady certainly goes on some seriously exciting adventurous.

3. Alisa Ilinichina – God Eater

Alisa Ilinichina - God Eater

This is an exciting anime character that has been introduced into the God Eater series. She may appear to many as a strong brave girl, but on the inside, she is a vulnerable young lady who has been affected by childhood trauma.

She will lay her heart on the line and do whatever it takes to succeed. But, her delicate nature shines through from time to time, and this is why so many love the beautiful Alisa.

4. Juvia Lockser – Fairy Tail

Juvia Lockser - Fairy Tail

Juvia Lockser is one of the most stunning anime girls. She joins the FT Guild after the Phantom Lord has finally been defeated. She is perhaps one of the most pretty anime girls.

Some may even call her overbearing, but that is perhaps what enhances her beauty.

She is a loyal companion to Gray Fullbuster, but there is more that you need to know about this stunning young lady.

In no time at all, she goes from being a beautiful young girl dressed in Kosack clothing to a complete femme fatale with revealing hot looks and a shorty sexy haircut.

Just the kind of girl many young men would love to meet.

5. Akame – Akame Ga Kill

Akame - Akame Ga Kill

Do you like girls who are sort of the strong silent type? If you do, you are instantly going to fall for Akame from Akame Ga Kill.

This hot bit of stuff may not have a lot to say for herself, but she worth getting to know a bit better.

One word of warning, she had a pretty tough childhood and if you did as well, you will instantly empathize with her character.

Her dark long hair will capture you and so will those beautiful sorrowful eyes and is a loyal companion and friend.

6. Mash Kyrielight – Fate Grand Order

Mash Kyrielight - Fate Grand Order

You have not seen anything until you have feasted your eyes on Mash Kyrielight from Fate Grand Order. She may not get a lot of loving attention from others, but that does not mean you should not admire her.

She is a tough young lady, but when she flicks her fringe and you look into those eyes of her, you will realize that there is a lot more to this girl than meets the eye.

7. Urd – Ah My Goddess

Urd - Ah My Goddess

What can be said about Urd from Ah My Goddess? Maybe those three words describe Urd better than anyone else can. Urd is naughty but nice and can be a real tease.

But, what is wrong with a little bit of teasing? Nothing really when you come to think about it.

She will turn up when you least expect it and light up the screen in one of her lovely sexy dresses.

This girl can really set hearts racing and you will soon appreciate you could easily spend many happy hours admiring her.

8. Umiko Ahagon – New Game

Umiko Ahagon - New Game

Umiko Ahagon is another exciting young lady and you will instantly recognize her when you catch a glimpse of her stunning looks.

She has lovely brown eyes and a dark appealing complexion. But there is more than good looks to this girl.

She heads up the programming team at Eagle Jump and is a hard-working girl.

As a matter of fact, she is not frightened to take charge and loves nothing better than making sure that her fellow colleagues work hard.

Umiko loves a chat and is one of the smarter beautiful anime girls.

9. Emilia – Re Zero

Emilia - Re Zero

Would you like to meet a girl with a difference? In that case, you should check out the anime Re Zero. Emilia is the most beautiful girl in this anime.

What makes her so exciting?

Emilia is half-elf and half-human, and this makes her one of the most versatile characters.

Perhaps it is her elf genes that make her so beautiful. Yes, she is truly stunning and always willing to help.

If you are looking for a truly feminine character in the wonderful world of anime, she is the one for you.

10. Julis Alexia Van Riessfeld – The Asterisk War

Julis Alexia Van Riessfeld - The Asterisk War

Her name may be a little bit o tongue twister, but the truth is that you will love this little princess from the anime Asterisk War.

Julis is a tough girl, and I guess that many would call her a bit of a killer queen.

However, although she may be tough, she can also be charming and modest.

She is a true modern-day independent woman capable of standing on her own two feet. At the same time, she has kept her feminine charms.

Who in their right mind can resist a pretty girl with big cyan eyes and pink hair?

11. Konori Mii – Certain Scientific Railgun

Konori Mii - Certain Scientific Railgun

A Certain Scientific Railgun is quickly becoming a very popular anime. So are many of its stars.

However, there is one star which stands out in the crowd, and that is Konoro Mii.

What most of us love about Konori Mii is that she is both sexy and smart.

In other words, it can be said that she is a modern day woman who knows what she is all about.

She may not appear all of the time, but when she pops up, she certainly makes an impression if you know what I mean.

12. Azusa Murasaka – Orange

Azusa Murasaka - Orange

When you look into the big brown eyes of Azusa from the anime Orange, you may just want to go “oh”. Yes, it can be said that this anime character is a really hot babe.

But, it is important to know that this anime babe can fight her corner.

She stands up for herself and loves her friends. Maybe it would be really good to have her on your side and fighting your corner.

She does argue a little bit with some of her best friends, but that does not mean she is going to argue with you.

13. Balsa Yonsa – Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit

Balsa Yonsa - Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit

Have you ever seen the anime Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit? This anime is not on the top ten list of animes, but it should be.

At least one of the principles characters should be on everyone’s lips.

Her name is Balsa Tonsa and she has some amazing attributes that other girls would die for.

She can wield a sword, but at the same time, she is not afraid of being feminine and vulnerable.

You will soon learn to appreciate both her personality and her good looks. Balsa is a real modern-day heroine.

14. Eureka – Eureka Seven

Eureka - Eureka Seven

Eureka is the star in the Mecha Mystery series based in an imaginative fantasy world.

She is one of the prettiest anime girls in this world. Her beauty does not only shine through those gorgeous eyes of hers.

It can be said that Eureka backs up her stunning looks with an equally stunning personality.

She is the sort of girl that many men would fall in love with, and many women would like to have as their best friend.

There is no doubt that she is a real looker and could quickly make you fall in love with her.

15. Nao Tomori – From Charlotte

Nao Tomori - From Charlotte anime princess

Do you like a girl with a lovely smile? If you do, you will soon take to Nao Tomori from Charlotte.

More than anything you will love her adorable looks in that school uniform of hers.

When you meet this anime character, you soon appreciate that she likes to study hard, but it has to be said that she likes to play hard as well.

Are you ready to meet Nao? If you are in the mood for meeting one of the prettiest girls in anime, all you need to do is to check out the anime Charlotte.

16. Yoruichi Shihoin – Bleach

Yoruichi Shihoin - Bleach

Yoruichi Shihoin is one of the female characters you simply have to meet. It can easily be said that this girl makes Bleach worth watching.

She is not a very traditional girl and you will not catch her dressed as a girl in the conventional sort of sense.

The best way to describe her is as being a bit on the cheeky side, and she is also known to tease and can be a little bit sarcastic at the same time.

Out of all of the female characters, she is perhaps one of the most beautiful ones, and thanks to her efforts Bleach has become really hot property.

She really makes the series worth watching.

17. Minerva – Fairy Tail

Minerva - Fairy Tail

You have not been in love until you have encountered Minerva from Fairy Tail.

She loves to play with fire, and that may be a good thing as she also likes to cook.

A truly lovely dark-haired girl who protects her guildmates like they were little lion cubs.

Would you like her to protect you in that way?

If you do, you should take the opportunity to get to know her a little bit better.

18. Iris Cannary – Violet Evergarden

Iris Cannary - Violet Evergarden

If you would like to make the acquaintance of Iris Cannary, you need to check out Violet Garden.

This beautiful anime character is perhaps one of the easiest anime characters to relate to. She is tough but vulnerable at the same time.

Needless to say, she is also very good looking. She works as a correspondent and with her stunningly cute face and big eyes, she gets many scoops.

Iris is perhaps one of the most feminine characters in anime and you will easily relate to her the moment you lay your eyes on her delicate feminine features.

You will certainly love those amazing golden eyes of hers.

19. Teletha Testarossa

Teletha Testarossa sexiest anime characters

You will just love Teletha Testarossa from Full Metal Panic.

Just like the car from Italy, she is smoking hot and likes to step on the gas.

She is perhaps one of the sexiest anime characters and has been involved in more than one love triangle.

Is she the sort of girl that you would like to get involved with?

Although not very athletic, she has a gorgeous curvaceous body and an appealing character. She is certainly not a girl that you would like to miss out on a meeting.

20. Karin Tendou – Gamers

Karin Tendou - Gamers Blond Anime Girl

Initially, when you look at Karin Tendou from Gamers, you may say that this lovely young lady is a hot blonde.

However, there is a lot more to her. She has the most beautiful personality which matches those delicate features of her.

You would just instantly like to be her lover or best friend. You will find her in the Gamers.

Once you see her, you will easily understand why she has become such a hot item in the wonderful of anime and is one of its most beautiful girls.

21. Suzune Horikit – Classroom Of The Elite

Suzune Horikit - Classroom Of The Elite

Classroom Of The Elite features the sunning Suzune Horikita.

She looks so sweet with her dark long hair and that you would never think that she is the superheroine of the Classroom of the Elite.

But, it has to be said that she is not the sort of girl that you should underestimate.

If you have not seen this particular anime character yet, it is certainly worth doing so even if it is just to admire the beauty of Suzune.

22. Anemone – From Eureka Seven

Anemone beautiful anime girls

The darling Anemone may not show up in every episode of the popular series.

However, she does drop in from time to time. It is a shame that we don’t see more of her.

She is an exciting anime character and her slightly evil and wicked nature makes her an interesting addition to the roll of beautiful anime girls.

She has a feisty personality and seems to be up for almost anything.

One of the best ways to describe her is as a beautiful naughty young lady who can make your life more interesting.

She is beautiful, and you can say that she is an exciting character with a unique personality.

23. Cattleya Baudelaire – Violet Evergarden

Cattleya Baudelaire - Violet Evergarden

If Cattleya from Violet Evergarden appeared on the silver screen she would undoubtedly be called a siren.

This dark-haired young lady is smoking hot and loves to look her the fore lorne and unloved as part of Violet Garden.

Most followers of the anime would like to see her get some more screen time. She really deserves it.

In a short time, she has become one of the most beautiful and desirable girls in anime. Hopefully, she will start making more appearances.

24. Nagahide Niwa – The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna

Nagahide Niwa beautiful anime princess

Would you like to meet a beautiful anime princess who is also a capable warrior?

In that case, you will find your dream girl in Nagahide Niwa from the Ambition of Oda Nobuna stories.

She is one of the most charming female characters in anime, and will within minutes wrap any young man around her little finger.

But, there is more to Nagahide than meets the eye.

She is far from a lady who can’t protect herself, and if you would like to enjoy spending some time in the company of a real formidable lady, she is the right anime girl for you.

Oh, did I mention that she is very beautiful and smart as well? I just thought I would mention in case you wanted to know.

25. Ayame Yomogawa – Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

Ayame Yomogawa beautiful anime girl

The anime Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress features anime screen goddess Ayame Yomogawa.

With her stunning looks, sweet and innocent appearance, she is the kind of girl that you would like to call her own.

Many of the fellow cast members love to look out for this beautiful anime girl.

She loves to care for others and is one of the most adored characters in anime today.

That being said, she is also pretty tough and simply refuses to let fear grab hold of her.

Ayame is courageous young heroin you will learn to adore in no time at all.

26. Violet Evergarden – Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden big blue eyes

Look into those big blue eyes of Violet Evergarden and you will fall in love in an instant.

This former child soldier has so much more to offer than fighting skills and physical appearance.

She is one of the prettiest and most vulnerable characters in anime, but yet she seems to have the strength to take on the world.

She is an orphan who has learned that love can conquer the world and make it a much better place for us all to live in.

27. Belldandy – Ah My Goddess

Belldandy anime beauty

Belldandy from the anime Ah My Goddess is the dream “waifu” and partner of many men.

She is loyal and loving, and would never dream of betraying her partner and man.

If you are looking for an anime beauty who will stand up for you, and fight your corner, she is truly the girl for you.

Since she first burst onto the anime screen, her character has developed more and more.

With those long legs of hers, she is truly a girl to admire and it only takes one glance to learn to admire her physical attributes.

28. Alice Nakiri – Food Wars

 Alice Nakiri gorgeous anime girl

Alice Nakiri with her red piercing eyes in the one girl many men dream of taking out of the night.

She really stands out as a character as part of the crew of Food Wars.

Not only will you find her touch in the kitchen exciting, but you will love her stunning and graceful feminine looks.

If you like a gorgeous anime girl who loves to put the world on fire, this is the girl that you would like to take out on a Friday night date.

29. Holo The Wise Wolf – Spice And Wolf

Holo The Wise Wolf prettiest anime girls

You will find Holo the Wise Wolf in the anime Spice And Wolf. Holo can only be called the sexiest deity in anime.

She lives in the village of Pasloe, and loves to team up with others to fight and save this little village come town.

Even with her silky ears, she is one of the prettiest anime girls.

If you would like to go on many thrilling adventures, you should check out Holo the Wise Wolf and let her show you how brave she is when there is trouble in town.

30. Mirajane Strauss – Fairy Tail

Mirajane Strauss - Fairy Tail beautiful anime girl

What kind of sorcery is this?

Well, it is no other than Mirajane Strauss from Fairy Tail.

When you see her, you can understand why this popular anime girl works as a model.

She is totally stunning and has the feminine curves to prove that she is a real girl who loves to have fun.

She is the sort of girl you can imagine spending a night out on the town with and have a lot of fun.

If you have not come across her yet, you want to check out Fairy Tail just so that you can catch a glimpse of this lovely looking blonde.

31. Celica Arfonia – Rokudenashi

Celica Arfonia blond anime girl

What can I say about Celica Arfomia from Rokudenashi?

There are not a lot of blondes in the wonderful world of anime, but when they do come along, they often show up as the most stunning creatures.

That is the best way I can describe Celica Arfonia.

She is also known as the Witch of Ashes, and a name which may match part of her personality.

Anyway, with those seductive eyes of her, she is a character that you spend many happy hours admiring and dreaming about.

Maybe, just maybe, she will pluck a flower from her hair and give it to you.

Would you like that?

32. Ursula Callistis – Little Witch Academia

Ursula Callistis pretty anime girl

It has to be said that Ursula Callistis from the anime Little Witch Academia is not your average girl.

You simply must take some time out of your busy day to watch this pretty anime girl and get to know her a little bit better.

Once you feel you know, you are bound to become a super fan of both this anime and character.

Ursula is a strong independent woman and witch who loves to stand up for herself and others.

You will love her style and the way she looks at you through her glasses.

A superheroine and a sexy witch that you can take to your heart.

The 32 beautiful anime girls on our list are really hot property. To many, they mean so much more than a drawing.

As they are so well presented, it would be fair to say that they seem to have taken on a life of their own.

What is the harm in that? There is no harm at all, and it is about time you got to know all of our beautiful anime girls a lot better.

Believe me, you will not be disappointed.


Top 30 Cute anime Girls You Have To Get To Know

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