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20+ Anime Characters with Blue Hair and Their Uniqueness

Blue-haired characters have one of the most unique hairstyles in the anime world.

Besides their hairstyles, these famous anime characters have unique charms, too. Here's the list and enjoy!

Anime Boys with Blue Hair

Blue hair in anime boys as main characters is not common. Most often, you can see blonde hair or black hair.

So, seeing blue hair color is amazing. This color connotes a cool and calm character.

1. Kuroko Tetsuya (Kuroko No Basket)

Kuroko's Basketball - Tetsuya

This blue-haired anime character is a friend to the ace player Aomine Daiki.

Kuroko Tetsuya’s presence is almost non-existent due to his calm and silent demeanor.

Even as a basketball player, this young man doesn’t know how to shoot properly or maybe his shooting skills are just unique.

He’s used to assisting his teammates during play.

His coach only brings him to court as the last trump card. In the end, Kuroko evolves into a skilled player who could shoot like a pro.

2. Lancer (Fate Series)

Blue hair anime boys in Fate Series

His full name is Cú Chulainn, sporting dark blue hair in spiky, short style and a long ponytail.

Lancer is a villain with demigod powers during the first several episodes but turns into an ally to the main character in the end.

This anime character has a playful personality. His nickname is taken from his use of a lance weapon, a long red spear that is as tall as he is.

3. Grimmjow Jagger (Bleach)

Grimmjow in Ichigo kurosaki's famous work

Grimmjow is a tall man with long blue hair and green lines below his eyes. He was the 6th Espada in Aizen's army.

Grimmjow has a harsh, reckless, and overly confident temperament. This handsome Arancar is a master in close-ranged combat.

He uses his hands as his primary mode of assault and is equally deadly with punches and kicks. His fighting style is quite unpredictable.

4. Rin Okumura (Blue Exorcist)

Rin in Blue Exorcist Manga Series

Rin is the main protagonist of the anime series Blue Exorcist. He is the son of Satan in the story and the younger twin brother of Yukio Okumura. He’s an excellent swordsman and quite skilled in martial arts.

This blue-haired (almost purple hair) person is hot-headed but meeting his brother changed his personality.

His relationship with Yukio is the most important thing to him and he would do anything for his brother, even if it means risking his life.

5. Tamaki Amajiki (My Hero Academia)

Blue -Haired Tamaki as SunEater

Amajiki Tamaki is the SunEater in My Hero Academia. Whatever he eats becomes his new weapon.

This young man with blue and messy hair is one of the students at U.A. High School training to become a professional hero.

He’s extremely shy who prefers isolation and the wall, except for one person. Amajiki is always chasing after Fumikage Tokoyami and trying to be friends with him even though they are not officially friends as of yet.

6. Kamina (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

Kamina with Amazing Fighting Spirit

From Jeeha Village, Kamina is a passionate man with supernatural charms. He leads the Team Gurren. His good qualities include enthusiasm, compassion, and empathy.

But this team leader can be reckless and rude at times. As you get to know him, he tries to think and act maturely. This is evident in the duration of the series.

He dreamed of humanity breaking free of its underground prison and reaching the surface world.

7. Nagisa Shiota (Assassination Classroom)

Nagisa Blue-haired Assassin in Assassination Classroom

This timid young boy is a formidable assassin. He has a calm but ruthless demeanor when planning for an attack. 

Nagisa has long blue hair because his mother wanted a daughter, making him an anime trap. His mother's frustrations were passed on to him.

Although this frustrates the young man, he doesn't rebel.

He is the best student in his class and an expert at all assassination techniques.

In the end, this shy boy chose the teaching profession and is still an assassin on the side.

8. Jellal Fernandez (Fairy Tail)

Jellal of Fairy Tail Universe

This powerful wizard is a master of the magic dark arts who can do extreme havoc. He can use his magic to manipulate matter.

His facial expression depicts him as an evil man since he always has a frown on his face. On rare occasions, his eyes portray him as the nice guy in town.

Although Jellal looks evil most of the time, there were times that you could actually tell that he is not so bad after all.

9. Hinata Hideki (Angel Beats)

Hinata the Clown in Angel Beats

Hinata is one of the first unofficial members of the SSS in the series. He is funny and kind.

Although he doesn’t remember Yui in the first few episodes, he is drawn to the girl ever since they met in purgatory.

In Angel Beats, this young man is the last of the three to disappear or fulfill what they need to do in the afterlife. In real life, he is a baseball player.

10. Marx Francois (Black Clover)

Marx Francois - Powerful Wizard

Marx is a loyal adviser to an extremely powerful Magic Emperor. He is serious and dutiful.

Because of the Emperor’s adventurous spirit, this young man with a bowl-cut hairstyle in the palest of blue often feels frustrated.

Unlike other noble anime characters in the series, Marx is not arrogant. He treats people beneath his class with respect.

His magic is powerful, which includes memory and communication. He uses these powers to communicate with the emperor and investigate people suspected of treason.

11. Shinichi Okazaki (Nana)

Shin with Unique Charm

His nickname is Shin. This cunning young man has spiky blue hair but his natural hair color is brown.

A runaway at 15 years old, he has been exposed to the harsh realities of life.

He’s smart and uses his intuition to play and win in his favorite game of mahjong.

Shin likes hugs and all displays of affection. Despite his good qualities, this young man is not perfect. He is secretive and works for the sake of money.

12. Tomoya Okazaki (Clannad)

Anime Characters with Blue Hair

Tomoya is a delinquent student but not the stereotypical one. He is more of an antisocial who likes to hang out with friends but not with strangers.

This young man lost all purpose in his life when he injured his arm, which made him quit basketball.

He is a lost soul until he falls for Nagisa who changes his life forever. Tomoya learns the lessons and importance of family and love.

13. Tokiya Ichinose (Uta No Prince-Sama)

Tokiya Ichinose - Charmer of Female Anime Characters

Tokiya Ichinose is a tsundere. Despite his cold personality, he took the world by storm. This handsome young man with midnight blue hair is a perfectionist.

He is prim and proper. Even though this guy wears casual clothes, occasionally, you can see him so neat.

Of all the anime characters in the series, Tokiya has evolved into a mature and dependable person. He has shown his sweet side.

So, yeah, a tsundere through and through.

Pretty Female Anime Characters with Blue Hair

Compared to boys, anime girls with blue hair is more common. There's something charming and mysterious to these ladies. So, here is a list of these characters.

1. Yuzuha (The One Being Sung Anime)

Beautiful Yuzuha

This pretty lady is blind and sickly, most of the time bed-ridden. But her present state doesn’t dampen her spirits.

In fact, she develops a heightened sense of smell and hearing.

She could recognize any person by their footsteps or scent. Although tied to the bed most of the time, Yuzuha maintains a gentle personality.

Her gentle nature is so extreme. Yuzuha refused to let her brother kill an animal for the cure to her illness.

2. Ami Mizuno (Sailor Moon)

Anime Girls from the Classic Anime Show

Sailor Moon is one of the classic shows in the anime. Ami Mizuno is one of these Sailor soldiers and her alias is Sailor Mercury.

This young lady is shy with a cool personality.

Sometimes, blue hair depicts an intelligent person with tsundere tendencies. And Ami is no exception.

Her most prized possession is her collection of romance novels, which doesn’t show much to other people.

3. Princess Lenessia (Log Horizon)

Carefree and Pretty Princess Raynesia

This average princess has long hair that reaches to her knees. Some say it looks silver, but at a different angle, her hair looks like the lightest blue color.

Princess Lenessia or Raynesia in some translations is rather lazy and carefree.

Because of this, her guardians are strict with her. So, she must act as a princess should.

With the strict upbringing, the poor girl ends up with little to no confidence. But, she evolves into someone who knows maturity and duty.

4. Sayaka Miki (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Sayaka Miki - Fiesty and Determined Magical Girl

This petite, tomboyish girl has a fiery determination. Sayaka Miki wants to help her friends as much as she can. She has a strong sense of justice.

This sense always puts her in trouble because Sayaka doesn’t think twice. She acts impulsively to help her friends or anyone in need.

Her blue hair is the shortest style among the anime girls in this list. Despite her tomboyish personality, she has a girly side, too.

5. Shino Asada (Sword Art Online 2)

Shinon - Blue haired anime girl in SAO 2

In the real world, Shino has dark brown hair. But in the virtual world of SAO (GGO arc), she’s a blue-haired anime character.

Shinon is her in-game name in Gun Gale Online (GGO).

She has fear of guns, a result of defending her mother in an attempted robbery. In an attempt to overcome these fears, she joined the online game.

This young woman is calm but has a bad temper when her anger is triggered.

6. Nagahide Niwa (Oda Nobuna)

Niwa - Beauty and Brains

Nagahide is the perfect example of brains and beauty. She’s friendly and would greet enemies with smiles.

To her, smiling before a battle is quite normal, but not to her enemies. That would be creepy and foreboding to them.

This beautiful young woman is a tease and loves to make fun of her comrades. She’s a loyal soldier to her Princess Nobuna Oda.

7. Nayuki Minase (Kanon)

Nayuki - one of the Anime Girls from Kanon

Nayuki’s hair is a blend of blue and purple colors. Her hairstyle is uniquely cut differently. This blue-haired girl is a calm and often absentminded fellow.

She wants to stay positive and maintain her jolly nature despite what happened to her mother. In the series, Nayuki loves her mother so much.

When her mother gets into an accident and is hospitalized, she becomes depressed. In the end, the strong girl overcomes her depression.

8. Suzuno Kamazuki (The Devil is a Part-Timer)

Suzuno - an assassin in disguise

Her other name is Crestia Bell. She’s sporting long navy blue hair that is gathered in a side ponytail with a red clip.

This flower-shaped clip is a weapon in disguise.

She’s a great actress. Suzuno shows elaborate hospitality to her neighbor Sadao. This man is the Demon king disguised as a human.

Her goal is to eliminate the man without him being suspicious of her intent. Despite her innocent and sweet look, she’s an intelligent woman.

9. Konata Izumi (Lucky Star)

Konata -weird and quirky anime girls

This friendly girl is the shortest of the Lucky Star. She’s flat-chested compared to her friends.

Konata is a mischievous person who likes to prank other people.

She likes to cram in school instead of studying for the exams. Often, she’s lost in her world. Yes, this eccentric young woman is disconnected from society.

Anime is her favorite past-time. Although athletic, she would rather miss participating in sports events than missing her favorite anime series.

Trivia Questions on Blue-Haired Anime Characters

Who has blue hair in anime?

Well, this is a list of anime characters with blue hair. One of the most famous anime characters on this list would be Ami as Sailor Mercury.

Who doesn't know this girl with her short blue hair?

Who has blue hair in Naruto?

I could name five anime characters who have beautiful blue hair in naruto. They are Hinata, Guren, Dan Kato, Chojuro, and Konan.

What anime characters have short blue hair?

Besides Ami, the Sailor Mercury, Shinon, and Sayaka Miki are blue-haired anime girls.

So, which one of the anime characters with blue hair is your favorite? Comment below!


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