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Top 35 Ugliest Anime Characters Of All Time

We all know that anime is full of beautiful characters. But sometimes, there are some ugly anime characters too. Today we're going to take a look at the top 35 ugliest anime characters of all time!


When I say ugly, I just don't refer to physical appearance (but mostly it's related to that). Some of the ugliest characters in this list have an average look.

But their personality is cringe-worthy. By standards, they are either evil, selfish, or any negative traits you can think of.

So let's get started!

1. Pesci

Ugly Anime Character Pesci

Pesci's hair in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind is pretty normal, as far as anime characters go. But his head...oh, his head.

It's like he has a head of lettuce on top of his shoulders. And his chin...or lack thereof. It's honestly disturbing.

He looks like he has no neck, and it's all just one big lump. Seriously, what is up with that? Is he trying to make us picture a pineapple on his head or something? Sorry, but it’s really weird.

As far as JJBA goes, his animation is normal in the series. His head is freaking me out, though.

2. Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki

Extremely Ugly Ichiya

Ichiya from Fairy Tail is one of the ugliest anime characters in the anime community. He's short, has a big head, and his features are all over the place.

But for some reason, he's got so much confidence that he almost convinces you he's a handsome man. As short people (particularly men) know, being under 6 feet is already a confidence killer.

But Ichiya is barely even 5 feet tall! And yet he walks around like he owns the place. It's impressive.

But despite all of his flaws, there's something about this fictional character that makes you want to root for him. He's just so darn confident and lovable.

3. Babidi

Babidi from Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is famous for its ruthless depictions of villains. Other anime series have often handsome and cool antagonists.

But Dragon Ball Z goes for the jugular, ugly, repulsive characters. Babidi is a perfect example of this. With his rotting bean-like visage, skinny frame, and creepy fly eyes, he's not a pretty sight.

What makes him even nastier? It’s his personality. This villain loves to inflict pain on his victims.

4. Witch of the Waste

Ugly Anime Characters: Evil Witch of the Waste

The Witch of the Waste from "Howl's Moving Castle" is one of the evil witches who looks like a glob of a mess than a sexy starlet. She's hideous to look at.

Her very presence can make you sweat in cold fear. When she's worked up, she can have tens of thousands of chins, all quivering and sweating and writhing around.

It's a sight that would send even the bravest soul running for the hills. So, if you ever find yourself face to face with the Witch of the Waste, just remember: don't look her in the chin.

5. Shigaraki Tomura

Manga and Anime Series My Hero Academia

In my Hero academia universe, Shigaraki is an incredibly powerful villain who represents the Jungian shadow of society. His family neglected and bullied him. As a result, he's incredibly angry.

His anger combined with self-harm created his scars. Despite his current disposition, pro-hero Izuku tries to recruit. Shigaraki's backstory is sad and tragic, but it explains his behavior.

He's a powerful villain, but he's also a product of neglect and ignorance.

6. Bonolenov Ndongo

Hunter x Hunter

Bonolenov Ndongo is one of the ugliest anime characters around. When he’s not in a fighting mood, he wraps his body in bandages, making him look like a mummy.

Without the bandages, he's bald, has missing teeth, and is extremely skinny. But his flute-like body is unique about him. His arms and legs are just gigantic holes.

His eyes are terrifying. Bonolenov is a supporting character in the hunter x hunter anime series. He's not a particularly important character, but he stands out thanks to his extreme ugliness.

So if you're looking for an ugly anime character, Bonolenov is one to check out.

7. Titans

Titans Anime Attack on Titan

When it comes to animated characters, the Titans from the anime "Attack on Titan" are definitely some of the most bizarre-looking creatures around.

With their large, misshapen heads, small beady eyes, and lack of emotion (or weird facial expressions), they're not winning any beauty contests anytime soon. In fact, they're downright ugly.

But what makes these hideous anime characters even more curious is the fact that they're always running around naked, yet don't seem to have any genitalia. But they’re quite intriguing in some ways.

Maybe it's their child-like innocence or their utter disregard for personal hygiene. Still, these background Titans are creepy and ugly.

8. Rem

Death Note Shinigami Rem

Rem is a female death god in the anime Death Note. She is the one who gave a death note to Misa Amane.

Like Ryuk, she is skeletal and has bones protruding from her shoulders. Despite her ugly appearance, Rem is loyal to Misa.

She is willing to die for the girl. Although she dislikes Light Yagami, she assists him for Misa's sake.

9. Yoshinobu Kubota

yoshinobu kubota anime Sakamoto Desu Ga?

Yoshinobu Kubota is considered ugly in the anime "Sakamoto desu ga?" when compared to Sakamoto, the all-powerful god. He’s stocky and small in stature.

I’m not body shaming. But this guy’s personality is a bit off. He likes to hang out with someone who seems to have a relevant purpose to him.

In short, he could be a user. Even with Sakamoto helping him from bullies, this guy is one of the people who cream pie attacks the main character.

Plus, Kubota is self-conscious about his hair and could become petty about it. Maybe, the bullying has affected his self-esteem and attitude.

10. Teruki Hanazawa

teruki hanazawa anime Mob Pyscho 100

If you've watched the anime, then you'll know Teruki Hanazawa is. He's Mob's enemy-turned-best-friend, and he's got some seriously bad hair.

In the early episodes of the show, Hanazawa has a hairstyle making him look like Danny Devito. But then, his hair starts to grow out in weird ways.

By the end of the series, he looks like an English Imperial guard in his hairstyle. It's pretty tragic but also funny.

Before meeting Mob, Teruki is overconfident in his abilities. But his friendship with the protagonist has made him humbler. Despite this, he considers Mob as his friendly rival.

11. Buppa

Tokyo Tribe ugly anime characters

Buppa from the anime Tokyo Tribe 2 is the main villain. He is fat with thick lips, small eyes, and a bald head. To complete his ugly face, his nose looks like it has scales on its bridge.

But what makes him one of the ugliest characters? It’s his demeanor and personality. When he first appeared in the series, he killed a boy by s*xually assaulting him.

He did this because of an accusation that the boy is interfering with his business operations. What a lame excuse.

This act earns him the nickname “Goosh Goosh”. It’s an expression he used while doing the dreadful act to the boy.

12. Emporio Ivankov

Emporio Ivankov

If you're a fan of the manga and anime One Piece, then you're probably familiar with Emporio Ivankov. Also known as "The Miracle Person," Ivankov is one of the most powerful characters in the series.

He's known for his extreme strength and his skills in medicine. In addition, Ivankov is also one of the series' most flamboyant characters.

He's outrageous, funny, and always ready for a good time despite being considered a literal dagger in the beauty edition.

13. Melody

Hunter x Hunter melody

She's calm and collected even in the most stressful situations. She's also one of the ugliest.

I mean, she looks like a mole, and her hair is always falling out. But despite her unappealing appearance, Melody is actually a kind and caring person.

Her voice is also incredibly beautiful and soothing. Her abilities include ultra-sensitivity to sounds. She can hear and track enemies even from a great distance.

So even though she's not the prettiest girl in the world, she's still worth getting to know.


Death Note ugly characters

Ryuk is the definition of unpleasant. His presence fills the air with an overwhelming feeling of dread and despair.

He looks like he's been to Hell and back (literally). His constant scowl makes it clear that he's not happy to be here.

Ryuk is the epitome of death, and there's nothing pleasant about him. If the Grim Reaper were real, Ryuk would be exactly what he would look like. Plus, his scowling face and wide green are weird combinations.

You’re not sure if he’s frowning or smiling. Certainly, Ryuk gives off the aura of untrustworthiness.

15. Chudelkin

sword art online: alicization

Thick lips, round nose, and half-moon eyes are the description of Chudelkin. His pasty skin adds up to his rather nasty appearance.

He loves to wear a clown costume, which makes him a scary person. Not because of the costume but with how he carries on himself, like a lunatic, sadistic clown.

16. Masao Murasako


Murasako is a selfish teenager who wants nothing but attention for himself. He acts like a demon in human form. This person has no empathy, and no self-control and hates Himori a lot until his dying breath.

Well, it’s because of his parents’ upbringing. They gave all of their attention to him when he was an only child. So, when Himori comes into their lives, that attention was transferred to the younger boy.

The spoiling of his parents resulted in an ugly person who is narcissistic and boastful. One of his despicable actions is when he belittles someone after the character dies.

17. Kouji Kouda

kouji kouda anime: My Hero Academia

He's a tall, lanky guy with an odd Quirk that makes him look like a frightened rock.

His Quirk allows him to talk to animals, which is how he got into U.A., the prestigious hero academy. Looking at him as a tall tofu blob? I'm not sure how his looks help him talk to animals. But he's a nice guy, and he has bunnies.

Plus, his Quirk is pretty cool. I mean, who doesn't want to be able to talk to animals? That would be awesome!

18. Kabuto

Straight up Bloody Ugly Kabuto

Kabuto, from One Punch Man, is pretty ugly. He looks like a cockroach that's been injected with steroids.

One of his cool points is his carnage mode, which is inspired by Yu-Gi-Oh final boss. But his base form is one of the creepiest and ugliest anime characters.

Besides his appearance, Kabuto thinks he’s the best and superior to humans. Being a humanoid created by Dr. Genus, he assumes that he’s the next specie to conquer the human world.

He’s egoistic. Because of this trait, Saitama defeats him in battle. Even in his dying breath, Kabuto believes he’s created to rule over humans.

19. Gordon Agrippa

Black Clover: Gordon

Gordon Agrippa from Black Clover may not be the ugliest character in terms of appearance. But his look comes off as awkward and scary more than badass and unique.

He's got the whole black-clad, Marilyn Manson vibe going on. If you’re familiar with this artist, he’s quite controversial for his negative influence and brass attitude.

So, Gordon doesn't really have the guts to be like Manson. Why? Because he's quiet, only speaking through mumbled sounds. Although he swears a lot, it makes him come across as odder than anything else.

Despite all this that, he's just a big weirdo who is probably more harmless than he appears.

20. Hand Demon

Demon Slayer Hand Demon

Hand Demon from Demon Slayer is one of the least attractive demons compared to the lowkey extremely hot villains in the show.

I mean, he's got red eyes, jagged teeth, and his whole body is covered in hands! It's like he's Shigaraki Tomura, overloaded with steroids.

Maybe it's because of all the fingers pointing at me, but he’s creepy. Honestly, I think the only demon that's less attractive than him is the Spider Demon. But that's just my opinion.

Aside from the ugly appearance, the Hand demon is a sinister presence among humans. He hates them so much he likes to kill them on sight.

21. Petelgeuse Romanée-Conti

Re:zero Anime

Petelgeuse Romanée-Conti is one of the main villain characters in the Re: zero anime (Arc 3). Before his insanity, he is good-looking with a calm façade.

But an incident changes him into a madman. Thus, his new appearance reflects his attitude and personality. Petelgeuse is egotistical and narcissistic, believing that even a mother couldn't help but love his face - no matter how repulsive it may be.

He likes to do weird things. For example, he talks while contorting his body. He would even break his fingers for unknown reasons.

So, yeah, he’s weird and ugly with his bowl-cut green hair. His eyes are the manifestation of insanity.

22. Nendou Midori

Midori Nendou

There's no denying that Nendou Riki's mom from The Disastrous Life of Saiki K is one of the ugliest anime characters out there. She's got beady eyes, a big nose, and an even bigger mouth.

Her chin looks like a baby butt with a chin-length haircut. With this ensemble, Midori looks like a man instead of a woman.

Despite her appearance, Midori is a strong, independent woman. Who would divorce her husband just to prove she can raise a son? Well, this woman did just that.

She may not be attractive, but she sure has character and steam. Unlike her ex-husband and son, she’s intelligent and practical.

23. Marechiyo Ōmaeda

Bleach Marechiyo

There’s nothing wrong with Soi fon's Lieutenant in terms of physical appearance. It’s just that he’s overbearing and over-conscious of his physique.

For Marechiyo Ōmaeda, surrounding himself with jewelry and carrying himself in a regal manner are ways of being perfect. His ways are the best way of living your life to the fullest.

If you have watched Bleach, this bulky man is a coward soul reaper compared to his captain. But in the end, Marechiyo realizes that there’s no perfect body.

It’s up to how you perceive your overall appearance. He might have matured a bit but he is still that braggart of a person.

24. Prime Minister Honest

Akame Ga kill

What a beautiful name for a prime minister. But he is one of the ugliest anime characters I’ve ever come to know. He doesn’t live up to his name.

In the series, this old man is the most deplorable person who ever existed in the empire. He is manipulative and uses the innocence of the Emperor to rule over the kingdom.

PM Honest is the personification of everything evil in a man. He is sadistic and cannibalistic. He doesn’t care about the empire’s wellbeing, much less about its people.

What makes him uglier? It’s his use of a fake personality. To others, he is soft-spoken and polite.

25. Beloukas

Rising of the Shield Hero Beloukas

One of the main villains in the series is Beloukas. He is a slave trader. He is a cold and calculating businessman, and he will stop at nothing to make a profit.

There’s nothing ugly with his appearance. He’s like the standard anime character. But what makes him ugly?

It’s his smile and attire. He looks like a Monopoly man who meets Dr. Penguin hybrid. His smile is super fake and wears douchey glasses.

To maintain good standing among his peers, Beloukas talks politely and friendly. But behind this mask, he is nothing but a merciless trader.

26. Gluttony

FMA Gluttony

Gluttony consumes everyone or anything cold-bloodedly. His appearance is threatening and unsettling.

In Fullmetal Alchemist, he was one of the Homunculi-creatures made from human alchemy It seeks to devour everything in their path.

In other words, he was just a big, hungry dude with a bad attitude. While he may have been satisfying to watch chomp down on his enemies, nothing was redeeming about him otherwise.

He was just a selfish, destructive force. His eyes are weirdly circular with no pupils.

27. Mamoru Uchida

Mamoru Uchida

Uchida earns his nickname Me Mania after obsessing over Mima, an idol. In Perfect Blue, he buys every adult magazine where Mima appears.

His facial expression while watching her is creepy and scary. Even with the blood dripping in his nose, this guy seems unfazed and unaware of it.

28. Ekaterina and Elizabeth

Magi: Labyrinth of Magic

Ekaterina and Elizabeth are two anime girls who work in brothels except in different kingdoms.

These girls have similar features. Beady eyes, pointy noses, and small mouths are some of their facial features.

Then, they have bulky and busty bodies. These features make them bar bouncers. Since they’re just an extra, there’s no information about them.

Elizabeth and Ekaterina seem to be in every brothel in the series. Not just two! There’s a third character who looks like them. Her name is Margaret.

The only difference between these three is their clothes and hairstyle.

29. Dodoria

Dragon Ball Z: Dodoria

God Dodoria is one of the ugliest anime characters out there. He's pink and his face looks like a disease. He’s working with one of the evilest villains in all of Dragon Ball, the Frieza group.

So why is he on our list? Well, firstly, because he's just so darn ugly.

Secondly, it’s because of how long he tortures us with his ugliness. He's not just a brief cameo in an episode or two, but he's around for a good chunk of time.

And every time he's on screen, we can't help but cringe at the sight of him. So, for that, God Dodoria earns a well-deserved spot on our list.

30. Tomoko Kuroki

 it's you guys fault I'm not popular

Tomoko Kuroki from the anime "Watamote" is the epitome of an unpopular high school girl. She's awkward. She doesn't know how to dress or do her hair, too.

While everyone wants perfect bodies, Tomoko stands out as a character who is comfortable in her skin. Despite this, she doesn’t have confidence.

When she tries to dress up or put on makeup, it often backfires because she doesn't have the same level of confidence as other characters. However, this makes her relatable to many viewers.

Many have also felt unpopular and self-conscious at some point in their lives. Ultimately, Tomoko is a lovable character who reminds us that it's okay to be imperfect.

31. Shigekiyo Yangu

Ugly anime Character Shigekiyo

Shigekiyo Yangu definitely falls into the category of ugly characters in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. He's a shorter version of Dodoria, except he is not an alien.

This money-hungry teenage boy looks like naïve. But behind those fake exteriors, he is an intelligent man.

He uses his ability called Harvest to collect money from the village. If ever he is still alive, he could be one of the millionaires in the series.

Despite his awful appearance, Shigekiyo is polite and respectful to adults. He’s also a bit generous to the people he chooses.

Nonetheless, this anime character is still an ugly one.

32. Biwamaru


The aging process affects us all. Some ages beautifully and handsomely, turning them into sophisticated gentlemen and beauties. Others are not so lucky and become a troll or ugly inside out.

Biwamaru is among the unlucky ones. He appears someone has beaten him with a steel bat and then thrown him into the jungle for 10 years.

With his current bad shape, it’s hard to imagine that this old man was once attractive. He was a samurai before he meets Hyakkimaru.

Despite his age and blindness, the old man can still break a couple of dozen bones with his sword skills.

33. Entoma Vasilissa Zeta


Entoma Vasilissa Zeta is a supporting character in the anime/light novel series Overlord. At first glance, she looks like a cute girl with long strawberry hair.

But this girl is actually an insect maid, and her "face" is simply a mask. Underneath the mask is a horrifying visage, complete with compound eyes and large mandibles.

Despite her unsettling appearance, Entoma is actually a very loyal and helpful servant to the main protagonist, Ainz Ooal Gown. She often uses her bug-like abilities to gather information and carry out missions for her master.

34. Hollows

Bleach Hollows

Hollows are the ugliest characters in the hit series Bleach. Their form varies depending on how they died.

Often these creatures feed on the living souls who can’t cross over. And it’s the job of Soul Reapers from the Soul Society to ensure a balance between humans, the underworld, and the soul world.

Hollows are either gigantic grinning creatures or multiple-legged white ghosts. They have a hole somewhere in their body, thus their name.

These creatures are ruthless and always hungry for a soul to eat. They don’t care if they are killing an innocent bystander or not.

35. Charlotte

One Piece Big Mom

On the surface, Charlotte looks like your typical crazy, tough antagonist. She's got the power, ship, and loyal crew.

But what makes her one of the ugliest characters of all time is her pink hair. Now, I know what you're thinking.

Pink hair is pretty! And it can be, but not when it's styled like Linlin's. Big Mom is also an extremely large woman, towering over even the very tallest members of her crew.

As befitting her title and status, she has an intimidating appearance with a round face, thick lips, and big eyes which are often squinting. Her ugliest feature? Her evil personality.

Trivia Questions

Who is the Sexiest anime character?

It's tough to say who the sexiest anime character is. Is it the tall, brooding type with a dark past? The strong, silent type who always comes through in the clutch?

Or the playful, free-spirited type who knows how to have a good time? I think the sexiest character has the most amazing personality but still has flaws.

Who is the most unpopular character in anime?

Some characters in anime are just downright unlikable. They're always causing trouble, being rude, or just generally making life difficult for everyone.

Some notorious examples include Light Yagami from Death Note, Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill, and Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z.

While their unpopularity stems from their selfish or arrogant attitudes, it's also what makes them so compelling to watch.

What is an edgy anime character?

Some anime characters can be a bit dull. All too often, they conform to stereotypes and don't stand out from the crowd.

But now and then, you'll come across an edgy anime character who captures your attention. These characters are usually rebels or outcasts who break the rules without fear.

They're also often incredibly powerful, whether in terms of physical strength or magical ability. If you're looking for a unique anime character, check out some of the edgier options out there. You might be surprised.

Who is the most beautiful anime female character?

When it comes to beauty, there is no one more beautiful than female anime characters. They are so perfect that they make real women feel inferior.

With their big eyes, long eyelashes, and flowing hair, they are the epitome of femininity. Their impeccable skin is always flawless, regardless of whether they are sweating or crying.

Even their bodies are incredible, with impossibly small waists and gigantic breasts. It’s no wonder that male anime characters are always falling all over themselves to get a glimpse of these goddesses.

Who is the evilest anime character?

If we're talking about pure evil, there's no one more deserving of the title than Frieza. After all, he's the one who wiped out almost the entire Saiyan race in a single day.

In the anime industry, you can either root for the ugly anime characters or the handsome/pretty ones. Did you find the ugliest character on this list? Comment below!




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