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20 Gorgeous Anime Characters with Curly Hair You’d Love

I'm not sure what it is about curly hair, but anime characters with natural ringlets always manage to look stunning.

Perhaps it's because they're so rare in comparison to characters with straight hair. Whatever the reason, I can't help but be fascinated by them.


In this post, I'll introduce you to some of my favorite anime curly-haired characters. Trust me, you're going to love them!

10 Curly Haired Male Characters

Curly hair is often seen as a symbol of cheerfulness and good nature. In anime, many male characters with curly hair are shown to be warm and friendly.

Here are ten male anime characters with curly to wavy hair!

1. Sakata Gintoki

Gintama - Gin's curly hair

Gin is a favorite for many anime fans because he has an interesting hairstyle. His style stands out from most other characters.

This young man would even make fun of his silver and permed hair saying it’s unnatural and weird. Well, others’ opinions are the same.

With stamina that would make any fight seem easy (even if he’s against multiple opponents), Gin is strong. He may look weak but those who have known him think otherwise.

2. Spike Spiegel

Spike Spiegel curly haired male characters

Spike Spiegel will forever be an icon. He's cool, calm, and collected as a character. Besides, Spike's intergalactic adventures captivate wanderlust among fans.

Despite his scruffy-looking appearance, this curly-haired character has an insanely appealing aura.

He always wears his signature and wrinkled purple suit, which adds to his cool look.

But it's not just that which makes him so fascinating. During the entirety of the anime, you'll spot one thing constant about your friendly neighborhood Spaceship Piranha: His curly hairstyle!

3. Gajeel Redfox

Gajeel Redfox male characters

The first thing you notice about Gajeel Redfox is his signature curls at least his counterpart in the Edolas. He stands out not only because he's wearing a suit, but also with how short and curly they are.

Despite the difference in fashion style, Gajeel from Edolas is so much the same with the Earth Gajeel of the Fairy Tail Guild. He loves music and his face is the same as the one on Earth.

4. Usopp

One piece Characters - Signature Crying Wolf

When you think of pirates, who comes to mind? For many people, it's probably an image related in some way or another with One Piece.

One of the most popular characters in this series is Usopp. He's a scrappy-looking pirate with wild curled hair and a long nose.

Despite his look, this guy is a bit cunning. He could tell lies just to get what he wants. Usopp is also one of the most resourceful members of the Straw Hat.

But wait... There are also good intentions behind this guy because he eventually proves himself brave enough for battle against all odds.

5. Daryl McGuinness

mobile suit gundam

Daryl is a curvy and stylish Latino man with a distinctive hair for its curliness. He has an easy-going personality, but it's really just cover for his skill set.

This mobile suit pilot can take down foes using both power and style!

Though not ranked very high on the command chain (he holds Lieutenant Junior Grade status), many still recognize how valuable he truly was to the Unicorn team.

6. Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai - Thick black Afro hair

With a legacy like the one Afro has, it's no wonder he's included on this list. Both his hair and personality are some of the reasons he's in this list.

From his signature look to being an relentless Vengeance driven individual, his style is unique. But this main character is also refreshingly diverse!

Also, Afro and some characters possess ungodly powers. This anime series has been adopted to manga and video games set in futuristic Japan.

7. Kyoraku Shunsui

Bleach - worthy and valiant fighter

Kyoraku Shunsui is a Capitan Shinigami in Soul society. His signature pink kimono and abundant wavy brown curls (and chest hair) that he keeps grown under a Sugegasa straw hat make him easy to spot wherever he goes!

This handsome captain has a laid-back personality. And don't forget about this guy's talent for writing romance novels which nobody ever seems interested in enough.

8. Alex Louis Armstrong

FullMetal Alchemist

Armstrong's powerful build and signature one-cropped hairstyle have made him an intimidating character both in battle and in silver screen.

Though his fierce demeanor might give off a false impression that he is uneducated about emotions, he is not. Actually, Alex is one of those curly haired anime men with a good heart beneath rippling layers of muscles.

The legendary alchemist known simply enough just plain old "Armstrong," works tirelessly daily to ensure the future of the generations.

9. Ryouta Miyagi

Slam Dunk - curly haired men

Ryouta and his dark brown curls are always at the center of attention due to his rougher character compared to his teammates.

A quick footed point guard, his personality can be described as conceited and boastful. But underneath all this armor beats a heart full of kindness towards one special friend.

Despite being separated, Ryouta's love for his friend has never waned. This young man is loyal.

10. Takurou Sakakiba

Persona: Sensitive Soul

Takurou Sakakiba has a loyal personality and is a powerful Persona student. He cares deeply for his friends.

But this curly haired man holds an unwavering grudge against the man who abandoned him as child: His own father.

Despite this grudge, Takurou's endearing personality remains and shows that he still longs for his father.

10 Anime Girls with Curly Hair

Anime fans love their curly-haired girls! Here are 10 of the best anime characters with curly hair, ranging from gentle and girly to bold and feisty. These ladies are sure to charm any fan, no matter what your type may be.

1. Saaya Yamabuki

bang dream

Yes, I am aware. Some people might find it surprising to put a high-school drummer as part of this list, above all the hardcore fighter girls.

I’ve got an real soft spot for BanG Dream and Saaya in particular. Why? Because she's a nice girl.

Saaya is a very caring person, especially to her friends. She would always lend good listening ears to those who has problems.

Besides, this pretty drummer looks so beautiful in her curly brown hair and ribbons.

2. Mai Valentine

Yu Gi Oh

Mai Valentine is one of YuGi-Oh's most recognizable characters. She was orphaned at an early age and grew up working in bars.

Because of poverty and wanting to get rich, she would dupe horny men by pretending to have psychic powers. Mai would make them bet on her cards while they were playing games such as poker or backgammon.

This skill with gambling eventually led Mai into dueling where she rampaged through multiple contests. With these chances, this young lady with curly hair becomes a great duelist herself.

Though often victorious, Mai had few true companions prior to meeting Yugi and his group. During those times, she would even fight against her friends.

3. Selnia Iori Flameheart

ladies versus butlers

Selnia has always been the nicest, sweetest girl you could ever meet. She comes off as a shallow gold-digger.

This curly haired young lady is your typical hapless anime character with pigtails that look like drills. Her accent is thicker than Tejuoshis.

She's the type of girl that would never say no to anyone. Even though Selnia comes off as sweet, kind, and nice at first glance, her true personality shines through to persons who know her so well.

This girl is quite rude - even toward those who were once friends or family members! The reason behind all this behavior?

Well, something happened to her. If you want to know why you should watch the anime.

4. Ravel Phoenix

high school dxd

In High School DxD, Ravel is one of the strongest female characters you'd want to love. In fact, you can find any type in your preference, from the spoiled Himederes like Ravel to Issei who wishes a harem on his own.

This young lady is the definition of cute. With her long hair tied into twintails and large, drill-like luscious curls you can't help but want to run your fingers through them!

She also has red ribbons keeping up with all those beautiful locks. Her dark blue eyes give off such an innocent vibe that makes me think this girl would never hurt anyone unless someone makes fun or called her 'cute.'

5. Sadi

One Piece

Sadi is an orange-haired girl with short bangs covering her eyes and a curvy body to die for. She’s daring and loves skimpy clothes.

Being a dominatrix, this curly-haired woman is a sadist who loves to torture her “subjects”. She likes other people to call her Little Sadie.

But, ironically, she’s far from being little.

Unfortunately, Sadie has a minor role in One Piece. She was part of the series when she fought Emporio Ivankov, valiantly. These two are at par in terms of abilities.

6. Dairenji Suzuka

Tokyo Ravens

In Lolita fashion, this girl with curly hair wears two black bows over each drill-like curl. She also puts on a mask of being younger and innocent to others who she needs to try to impress.

But be aware! Dairenji is rather haughty with some sadism tucked away underneath that surface-level charm. She uses this naughty side to reach some goals even at a very young age.

Suzuka may look young and frail in her outward appearance, but she's actually kind of rough around the edges. You might think that her personality would be scary - well not quite as bad or mean.

There are moments when you wonder if Suzukas' actions aren't more harmful than good because they often come at such an expensive price for herself!

7. Launch

Launch curly hair anime girls

Launch has a very eclectic style that changes often. She always wears a red ribbon in her hair, though the color varies depending on what she's wearing at any given time!

Her story captivates audiences around the world. And, her personalities are completely different from people with a personality disorder.

Launch changes her personality every time she sneezes. In earlier parts of the show, there were two separate personalities who have absolutely no memory or connection between them at all.

But, towards later episodes, she can control what kind personality shows up next because of willpower.

8. Harime Nui

Kill La Kill

Kill la Kill might seem like a goofy, fun show at first glance. But don't let the surface appearance fool you.

This anime has some serious undertones that reveal themselves with each episode. Besides, it features villains with interesting character development!

And Nui is one such villainous character. She's not afraid of fiery death or anything else around her (even if it means standing alone).

She's an artificial life-form who was created by humans, but she has some serious issues that go beyond just being synthetic. These issues include dark powers and tendencies towards chaos!

While many people would see Deredere qualities on display here, I don't think she is like this. Her friendliness has some sense of pressure.

9. Brigitte ‘Rosie’ Stark

Valkryia Chronicles

The major character in the anime and original video game series, Brigitte ‘Rosie’ Stark is a bar singer whose career gets destroyed by war.

She never graduated high school but became a fearless soldier who rose quickly through rank. This young woman became corporal with wisdom beyond her years.

Tall and slender with brown eyes, Rosie is a classic example of an anime girl. She has the same Gallian military uniform on like her fellow teammates.

But hers looks are rougher around the edges than the other soldiers in uniform.

A major departure in both story and gameplay from previous titles, Valkyria Chronicles brings us into Rosie's world through interspersal narratives.

10. Aria

Omega Quintet

The first thing you notice about Aria is her long, flowing white hair and bangs that frame her face. The second thing we see is what she wears.

In her idol role, Aria wears a lolita-inspired dress with strips going down each side plus black ribbons holding it together at chest level! But there's something different about this curly haired pretty pie!

Trivia Questions

Who's the ugliest anime character?

There's no easy answer to this question, as it depends on personal preferences. However, some ugly characters do stand out more than others.

One example is Migi from the horror anime series Parasyte. He's a grotesque, slimy creature with sharp teeth and a pointed head. He's also incredibly violent and sadistic, which just makes him all the more horrifying to look at.

There are certainly plenty to choose from, but it ultimately comes down to personal opinion. So, who's your pick for the ugliest anime character?

Who has curly hair MHA?

I think it is Izuku Midoriya. His hair has a green highlight, is not so curly but it has waves that stick on odd angles.

Who is the cutest anime character?

There are many adorable characters out there, but there can only be one cutest of them all. So who is it? Well, that’s up for debate. It really depends on your personal taste.

Who is the most beautiful anime character ever?

There is no definitive answer to this question as beauty is, of course, subjective. However, we can narrow it down to a few contenders who are often cited as the most beautiful anime characters ever.

Perhaps the most well-known and popular example is Kawaii superstar Hatsune Miku. She is an adorable 16-year-old girl with long, bright blue hair and big, expressive eyes.

She is also one of the most successful Vocaloids (an artificial voice synthesizer) and has sold millions of records worldwide.

Another contender is Rei Ayanami from the popular sci-fi anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. With her pale skin, jet black hair and haunting blue eyes, she is often cited as one of the most beautiful anime characters ever created.

Other popular choices include Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura, Haruka Tenoh from Sailor Moon, Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail, and Kagari Izuriha with her pink ribbon from Black Rock Shooter.

That's all for this list! I hope you enjoyed learning about some of my favorite anime curly-haired characters.

So, which one of the ten male characters or 10 girls is your favorite?

Be sure to let me know who your favorite is in the comments below. Don't forget to share this post with your friends if you liked it, and I'll see you next time!


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