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7 Pokemon Life Lessons You Should Always Remember

Calling “Pokemon” legendary is an understatement.

It is by far among the greatest, most popular franchises of any medium. From making hundreds of millions of children dream to helping us all smile. Be it the anime, the movies, the games or even the card games.


The influence of Pokemon, the nostalgia, and the memories we’ve all made while experiencing it. They are a part of us.

So why not recall another beautiful aspect of this series. The Pokemon Life Lessons!

Well then, shall we begin?

Best Pokemon Life Lessons

7. Go Out and Live Your Life

Pokemon life lessons grovyle quotes
“The important thing is not how long you live. It’s what you accomplish with your life.” - Grovyle

At the tender age of 10, young trainers from all over the world leave on a journey, a tale full of adventures, new people, unchartered territories, and the friends you make along the way.

It’s a testament to living your life!

6. Losing is a Trial by fire

Pokemon life lessons marshall quotes
“Even if you lose in battle, if you surpass what you’ve done before, you have bested yourself.” - Marshall

Ash has probably lost more times than he has won, but he keeps continuing on. One region after another, he doesn’t give up on his dream.

That’s just how you should live your live, isn’t it?

5. True Love Means seeking the Best for them

Pokemon life lessons brock harrison quotes
“Even if you lose in battle, if you surpass what you’ve done before, you have bested yourself.” - Brock Harisson

When Ash envisioned that his dear Butterfree would live a better life flying with its kind, Ash decided to set it free.

The decision was difficult, the farewell was heartbreaking, but because he loved Butterfree, he made this decision.

4. You don’t have to be liked by everyone

Ash Ketchum
There’s no sense in going out of your way to get somebody to like you.” - Ash Ketchum

Going on a pursuit means you’ll come across all sorts of people. There is no point in getting people to like you. Life is no different.

3. You don’t have to force yourself to Change

Pokemon life lessons pikachu quotes
Turning into a Raichu is one of my biggest fears. I am happy the way I am at the moment.” - Pikachu

Back in the Vermillion City, Pikachu faced a tough dilemma. Should he use the thunder stone to evolve?

He thought about it, pondered over it, and in the end decided not to. There is no need to change when you don’t need to.

2. Farewells are a part of life

Pokemon life lessons looker quotes
“The more wonderful the meeting, the sadder the parting.”

Since there are so many journeys, Pokemon is also full of farewells. We see Ash part ways with his friends, time and time again. But as Ash said himself,

You see, sometimes friends have to go away, but a part of them stays behind with you.” - Ash Ketchum

Understanding how you’ll eventually part ways makes the time you spent together all the more valuable. This notion is genuinely among the most beautiful Pokemon life lessons.

Which brings us to the next one.

1. True friends are life’s greatest treasure

Pokemon life lessons giallo quotes
“If there is someone in this world who understands you, it feels like that person is right beside you. Even if you’re as far apart as the end of the land and top of the sky.” - Giallo

No doubt, Ash’s greatest friend is Pikachu. They have been through so much together. No matter the situation, they are always there for each other, and even if they aren’t, as is the case with many friends.

You can feel it in your heart that they are still there for you.

So there you have it folks, these were the 7 Pokemon Life lessons you should always remember!


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