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35+ Pink Haired Anime Characters to Moon Over This Season

Pink haired anime characters are often females. But in recent years, you can see male characters with pink hair. It's becoming more common for males to have this hair color.


A quick google search would show you just how popular this particular shade has become as an aesthetic for many different types/genres within Japanese pop culture including video games (aspiring gamer) and manga series( engaged reader).

Pink haired characters are no longer limited to being cute and baby-like. Now, these characters take on an intelligent and confident aura, even becoming relatable characters.

So, let's take a look at these 35+ characters with pink anime hair colors.

Anime Boys With Pink Hair

If you're an anime fan, you know that there are some boys with pink hair who are total heartthrobs. Whether it's the characters in "Ouran High School Host Club" or "K-On!", these boys know how to rock this hair color and make our hearts race.

So, if you're looking for some eye candy, check out these hot anime boys with pink hair! You won't be disappointed!

Natsu Dragneel- Fairy Tail

anime characters with pink hair

There's no way anyone can resist Natsu. His famous pink hair and enthusiasm will make you want to laugh, but his kindness is what makes him truly amazing!

This pink-haired fire mage is also known as "The Salamander." He can use fire magic and is currently suffering from motion sickness (except when Happy carries and flies him to their destination).

With the power of magic, he can fight against evil in company with his friends and some allies. Natsu Dragneel is carefree with a fiery character who is constantly ready for a brawl at any moment.

Gilthunder - The Seven Deadly Sins

Handsome Pink haired anime character

When you think of a Holy Knight, it's hard not to imagine the son of Zaratras.

His power includes manipulating lightning that he uses with precision in battle - just like how his father did before him.

Gilthunder has always loved Princess Margaret. He did everything in his power to protect her from any harm.

But after believing The Seven Deadly Sins were responsible for killing his father, the young man decided enough was finally enough. He sought revenge against Deadly Sins members in an emotionless manner.

Crona Anime - Soul Eater

Stand out character with pink hair

This pink-haired anime character has no specific gender. Crona could be a she or he. Nonetheless, I put the name on this list because I think his gender could be male.

Being called “Crona” is like being born with an unlucky name. Life just hasn't been very kind to him. He’d had enough moments where cruel words and people have shattered his fragile ego.

He has the most seductive eyes you'll ever see, but don't let his lazy exterior fool you. This supporting character is one of those people who give off an unappreciated vibe.

Kisumi Shigino - Free!

relatable character with pink hair

Cute anime is all the rage right now and you can't go wrong with this guy. He's got bluish eyes, pink hair- not to mention an incredible physical presence.

Kisumi is not on your main cast, but he still manages to capture many hearts with his adorable appearance and physical presence!

If you prefer gentlemen who are gentle but still tough as nails, then Kisumi should be at top of the list for must-sees.

A cute mess would have been enough description But nooo! Creators had to make him amazing looking too.

Saiki Kusuo - The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

anime characters in fantasy anime series

What's up, anime fans? I'm here with Saiki from The Disastrous Life of Saiki. He is such an interesting character. You might not think that at first glance because he has this very normal life going on.

But when you look closer, he becomes quite extraordinary! His personality really shines through in each episode and captures your attention as viewers more than any other feature about him could ever do.

Believe me, you should take a chance to get acquainted with this hot mess before you miss out! Besides, Saiki has many superpowers suppressed by those two tiny knobs on his forehead.

Szayelaporro Granz - Bleach

handsome Espada anime character

Szayelaporro is the manic, overrated scientist of the Espada. He's highly narcissistic and always looking for ways to shock his opponents with improper words.

For him, his opponents don't matter really because he just views them as research material anyway.

This tall man with pink hair has a habit of making crude comments about his opponents, and he's not afraid to get personal with them either!

The only thing this guy worries about is his performances. Every battle feels like an acting job where you have to do whatever it takes not fail spectacularly on stage (even if this means torturing your own allies).

Renzou Shima - Ao No Exorcist

Blue exorcist Pink-haired characters

When it comes to hot anime boys, there is no ignoring Blue Exorcist. While the main boy Rin himself may be quite handsome (in an angelic sort of way), I'm going ahead with my roots here and choosing Renzou Shima for this list.

Why? Renzou Shima deserves recognition too! He’s the one-half lead character who manages to get appreciation from fans.

He may not have been around as long or had quite an extensive role like some other characters on here do (like Rin), but he’s worth mentioning.

Everyone seems to appreciate Shimas' loyalty, which is a great thing besides his pink hair.

Hisoka Morow - Hunter x Hunter

Crazy Hisoka

Known for his notorious nature, we can't forget Hisoka, one of the legendary characters from Hunter x Hunter. He's known for his suspicious acts.

But aside from the Joker-like appearance, this powerful hunter also has an amazing personality and characterization in the series.

This guy had delivered some great dialogue as well. He contributes significantly to making HxH go from "good" into amazing story-wise.

He has this way about him where you feel like anything could happen next with just enough humor thrown in alongside some action-packed scenes.

Gowther - Seven Deadly Sins

Popular Pink haired anime characters

Gowther is a doll serving as an intermediary between the real wizard and the members of the Ten Commandments. His face was taken from Glariza, Gowther’s former lover.

In order not to fall for his “servant” doll, the powerful wizard turns the doll Gowther into a male.

You might be confused right now, but the Seven Deadly Sin of Lust most anime fans know is a mere extension of the real person.

The real Gowther died of illness and the doll Gowther continued to live in loving memory of Glariza (his face) and his master.

Akari Dezart - Karneval

Anime characters in karneval

Karneval has an amazing soundtrack and a ton of great characters. And Akari is one such character that you'll fall in love with instantly!

A dominant individual who captures anyone's attention, he also practices changing his beliefs if they don't suit him anymore.

A lot like us do this sometimes, right? His mature appearance definitely helps too.

Despite his callous nature, Akari is considerate of the feelings of others. He doesn't hesitate to lend a helping hand when needed.

So overall, this handsome doctor is quite an admirable person! You can't help but root for him as the story progresses.

Shihou Kimizuki - Owari No Seraph

Shihou with charismatic personality

When it comes to romance, you can't go wrong with a little slow and steady. Shihou Kimizuki is the perfect candidate for this as he'll be there every step of your emotional journey.

He has been featured in both Owari No Seraphs anime sequels but what many people don’t know about him yet?

Well besides being angrier than most guys out there, this brilliant young man sports quite an interesting personality.

Despite his standoffish attitude towards his team members, he helps as much as he can while keeping true to his real objective of joining the military.

Ringo Tsukiyama - Uta no Sama Prince

Ringo the Trap Anime character

If you haven’t watched the anime series, you’d think that this lovely girl is a waifu material. But Ringo is not because this pink-haired character is an anime trap through and through.

So, girls rejoice because Ringo is a “he”! This hottie likes to crossdress, a lot. Do you know what’s weird? He surpasses other anime girls in beauty and appeal.

I don’t know about you but I see a cute girl when I look at Ringo. This just goes to show that looks can be deceiving!

Ryuu Zaou - Cute High Defense Club LOVE!

Pink Aesthetic in Club Love

He's a pink-haired troublemaker with an excellent personality! Ryuu is the Earth Defense Club’s omega male and always has been.

This pink hottie is good friends with all the other members of the Earth Defense Club, especially Io Naruko. Rumors say their relationship is more than just friends. Hmmm…

Anyway, Ryuu loves women a lot. Aside from his club friends, he likes to spend a lot of time with his numerous “girlfriends”.

Despite all that, Ryuu has a good heart and cares for others deeply. He can be an excellent friend or lover if you just give him the chance.

Toyohi Utsumi - This Boy is a Professional Wizard

Wizard Toyohi

Toyohi is a pink-haired boy with the personality of an angel! He always has been there for Chiharu, even when he wasn't looking.

This young wizard shows his love by cheering up the hero and showing him what makes himself so special.

Deep down inside, all boys deserve kindness in some form or another just like how much effort it takes from time to give attention towards others.

With patience + devotion like these two qualities alone, I'm sure anyone would be lucky enough to have such dedication on their side, indeed a true boy’s love in the move.

Tomoya Matsunaga - Rainbow Days

Rainbow Days Tomoya

His personality traits are those typically seen in narcissistic people who think that they're really cool. But, his guy cares for his friends more than anything else. He’s even more protective of his sister, Nozumi.

Even though Mattsun may seem flashy at times, underneath lies someone very patient if things take too long. When he fell for Mari, he became serious and stopped playing around.

By the way, his hair is a bit reddish on some images, but most of the time, it’s pink depending on the screen you’re watching on.

Pink Haired Female Anime Character

Do you like your anime girls with pink hair? Personally, I find them to be very attractive. And there are plenty of them out there!

In this section, we'll take a look at some of the most popular pink-haired female anime characters.

So, if you're into girls with pink hair, then read on! You're sure to find someone that you love.

Mina Ashido -My Hero Academia

Absolute beast Mina

Clearly, one of the best girls in this class is Mina. She's kind and patient with everyone. When it comes to her friends, this pink-haired lady will always put them first.

Her quirk is secreting acid from every pore on her body. It seems simple but Mina Ashido has some pretty impressive techniques that require a unique power set. These techniques give her excellent offensive capabilities.

Aside from having a cool quirk, she is a great dancer. Unfortunately, this pink baby is not good at academics. She struggles with passing some of her subjects.

Still, being a heroine in the series is awesome.

Shinozaki Rika - Sword Art Online

Famous Pink haired anime characters

Look at this gorgeous lady. I bet you didn't realize Rika Shinozaki is one of the side characters in Sword Art Online, did ya?

Lisbeth is her SAO IGN. She was a blacksmith who ran an amazing weapons shop called Aincard and made some incredible items for everyone including Asuna!

So without her contribution, it would be very difficult to survive with all these pesky players around.

Lisbeth has brown hair in real life and during the early days of her SAO adventure. Bet, she changed it to pink.

Yui - Angel Beats

Yui in Angel Beats

Yui is a cheerful and friendly girl who loves music. She has an adorable appearance with her pink hair.

This makes it even more fun to see how much character she brings into every single move she does on stage!

I can't even imagine how hard it would be if she wasn’t in such an excited state all day long! Her mouth never stops moving (in a very loud manner) nor does her body stop jumping from one thing to another.

But you know what? Anime fans love every minute of her chaotic lifestyle.

Yuno Gasai - Future Diary

Yandere Queen Yuno Gasai

If Hollywood has Queen Bey, the anime world has the Yandere Queen. Her name is Yuno Gasai from Future Diary.

She's scary and one of the few characters who can make people both adore and fear her at once.

Being a yandere through and through, this pink-haired anime girl has killed numerous people for the sake of her love interest.

Despite her murderous aura, she has a soft heart. Her beastly attitude stemmed from her childhood when her parents maltreated her. As a child, Yuno couldn’t do anything but interpret it as another kind of love.

Shouko Nishimiya - A Silent Voice

Amazing Character Design

What a cutie! The main female character in A Silent Voice is Shouko Nishimiya. She's really lovable, too.

Everyone feels sorry for her and wants to protect this adorable little girl who can't even talk because of her hearing disabilities. You need to watch the movie now if you haven’t already seen it.

Do you know what’s heart-wrenching? Shouko tries her best to fit in but gets bullied instead. Even after the bullying, she changed everyone’s life in so many ways.

Despite these unfortunate events in her life, this cutie remained a gentle soul and kind.

Satou Matsuzaka - Happy Sugar Life

Happy Sugar Life

Satou is another Yandere anime girl on this list. To her co-workers, she’s an idol, a perfect example of a hardworking, sweet girl.

But, this lovely lady is a dangerous person who will do everything for the sake of love. She loves Shio so much she’s willing to lie to other people and murder someone.

Like most yandere characters, Satou has a tragic childhood. This tragedy didn’t end there.

Suffice it to say that Happy Sugar Life is nothing close to being sweet. Yes, it’s also a yaoi anime.

Princess Euphemia - Code Geass Season 1

Princess with a goal

When I see Princess Euphemia, she reminds me of ethereal beauty except in anime mode. Her hair is so long and wavy you’d want to know how it feels to the touch.

This pink princess takes initiative and battles for what she believes in.

The first time I saw this proactive princess was when she tried to end discrimination by taking up arms against those who would harm or exploit others because of their race.

She even went as far as recruiting Suzaku to be her knight during such an important struggle.

Chibiusa Tsukino - Sailor Moon

Pink haired anime characters from a Classic

This cute little girl appears in Sailor Moon from the future. If you have seen the series, you know that she's the daughter of Usagi.

In the series, Chibiusa is always arguing with Usagi. She's mostly complaining about how a crybaby is our main character.

Despite this, Chibi is a sweet little girl.

Madoka Kaname - Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Magical girls

Despite being such a sweet and caring individual, there are times when Madoka's kindness gets her into trouble with those around her. This was seen in her interactions with Kyubey, Homura Akemi, and Sayaka Miki.

However, Madoka's intelligence and resourcefulness often help her get out of these tough situations. After all, her magic is the most powerful among all magical girls and witches combined.

This pink anime girl uses this power to save everyone she could. Even if she needs to sacrifice herself, it doesn’t matter to her.

Moka Akashiya - Rosario + Vampire

Powerful vampire female characters

This long-haired lady with pink color is a vampire in the series. Not surprising given the title.

She has two personalities. Her normal form is actually the Inner Moka with silver hair. The inner one is arrogant and more confident than the pink-haired one.

Moka the pink is much more cutesy than the girl with silver hair. Despite their differences in appearances, both are kind and willing to do everything for the other.

One more thing, this lady hates humans except for Tsukune because of the smell in his blood. For Moka, that smell is quite addicting.

Mitsuri Kanroji - Demon Slayer

Mitsuri a Demon Slayer

Mitsuri is the living embodiment of love, happiness, and optimism. She’s always happy to see people (although she only uses her inside voice for compliments).

This girl in pink hair (green highlights) loves everything from cute little animals eating or anything custard-filled!

Sadly, she only has a few minutes of screen time in the whole series. Even though, Mitsuri manages to capture the hearts of many anime fans out there, including me and you.

Oh, by the way! Behind those innocent green eyes is a beast with a skilled fighting style and swordsmanship.

Meredy - Fairy Tail

Meredy in Fairy tail

Hmmm, split personalities and pink-haired anime girls seem to be a pattern. First is Moka from Rosario and Vampire. Now, it’s Meredy from Fairy Tail.

Who doesn't love a good supporting character? Meredy has 2 personalities. One, which she shows often with no emotion on her face or in playfulness like children do when they're having fun!

And you know what makes this even better?! She's also not just some flat-out background player. This interesting character can change between these two different selves with ease and very quickly too.

Ram - Re:Zero

Cute Ram in Pink Hair Color

Ram is not exactly what you'd consider "special" compared to her more popular younger sister.

Well, her tsundere nature goes against everything you think about when you imagine someone like her.

If you look at her, Ram has a lovely, serene face framed with pink lush hair. It’s like she can’t hurt a fly.

But then again, there are always those few special people who manage to get past our preconceived notions anyway.

And with skills and abilities such as hers shown throughout both anime seasons so far? Well, let me tell ya: she really does deserve every bit of attention.

Mei Hatsume - My Hero Academia

Mei Hatsune with her fiery passion

Well, look who's here! The wild and crazy girl with the Never Gives Up attitude from My Hero Academia. I know you guys are going to love her.

Even though Mei has never won any awards for being the most amazing person ever or anything like that.

But still, she manages to be an awesome supporting role character who helps out everyone all over town whenever needed (and throws insane inventions).

Her creativity knows no bounds when comes up with new ideas or devices every episode (and sometimes even during!).

Kanon Nakagawa - The World God Only Knows

Kanon the Celebrity

Kanon is an adorable, upbeat girl with a kind heart. When it comes to fashion, there's no one like Kanon.

After all, she is a famous celebrity with an extensive wardrobe. With the number of changes that the pink-haired teen goes through, it's no wonder why people can't keep track!

These outfits all seem perfect for her personality. Getting dressed in all sorts of fashion is only natural since she’s an idol who has a talent for singing.

But despite her outwardly happy appearance, deep down, Kanon is a bit troubled and suffers from low self-esteemed.

Megumi Sakura - School Live

Zombie pink haired anime characters

Megumi is a beautiful young woman with an average build. She’s a shy young woman with short, pink hair.

This anime girl with pink hair has an adorable face that made her look like some sort of doll.

Her kindness and patience are something that her students could always count on. She had an angelic voice and generally kept calm when around others.

Despite being an adult rife with wisdom enhanced by experience, Megumi’s innocence often shines through.

When she was infected by the virus, her personality still showed that she cared deeply for her students.

Black Rabbit - Problem Children Are Coming From Another World

Kuro Usagi the Black Rabbit

Black Rabbit is always wearing clothes that would be considered inappropriate by most people, but she doesn't mind.

One interesting fact about her? Her long blue hair changes color to pink when she's emotional or ready for a fight.

AKA Kuro Usagi, she is a kind and loyal woman, always trying her best to support others. This beautiful lady has an upbeat attitude that rarely gets discouraged even in serious situations.

When teased or humiliated by friends, however, Black Rabbit can become flustered very easily.

This attitude has something to do with her being a moon rabbit.

Uranai Baba - Dragon Ball

Uranai Master Roshi's Sister

Little is known about Uranai Baba, the sister of Master Roshi. She spends her days acting as a bridge between Earth and King Enma's court.

Uranai uses an old crystal ball to read into future events for those who come asking (though she has no love for humans).

Her real name isn't even revealed until later in publication—we can estimate that this aged witch must be over 500 years old!

Being an old woman, she has that temper associated with old age (or maybe not!)

Mine - Akame Ga Kill

Mine the Sniper in Night Raid

When I first met her, Mine seems like your average girl. She looks sweet and angelic. But, this angelic girl is far from being sweet.

I mean she’s a skilled sniper of the Night Raid group in the series. This sweet-looking girl is intelligent. Her soul is so vibrant and full of life, but she's always been an outcast.

Why? Because of her race. Being a half foreigner, people looked down on her and treated her like she’s a different species, not human.

This led to her strong will to fight for what she believed in.

Sakura Haruno - Naruto

Sakura Amazing Ninja

Sakura is one of the lead characters who is a talented ninja with great strength and intelligence.

She is also fiercely loyal to her friends and loved ones, often putting their well-being before her own.

Over the course of the series, this short-haired girl matures into a strong and independent young woman, eventually becoming one of the most powerful ninjas in the Naruto world.

Ikaros - Heaven's Lost Property

Ikaros Damsel in Distress

There's something about anime characters with pink hair that just makes them so darn adorable. And Ikaros from Heaven's Lost Property is no exception.

She may seem like a typical damsel in distress at first, but she quickly proves herself to be a powerful and capable ally.

Her innocence and kindness make her one of the most likable characters in the show, and I can't help but root for her.

Tetora - Log Horizon

Tetora the Anime Trap

Tetora is quite impulsive and can be hotheaded at times. Despite this, she is a loyal friend and comrade, who is always willing to help those in need.

This pink-haired lady is also a bit of a prankster, often playing jokes on her friends and guildmates.

But in real life, Tetora is a male player.

Inori Yuzuriha - Guilty Crown

Inori the Cute Replacement

Inori is a replacement for Mana and is a creation of GHQ. Being a replacement, this young girl looks emotionless during the first few episodes.

But when she warms up to Shu, she begins to smile more often. Slowly, Inori learns the value of having to live again.

Despite her innocent look, this girl is a ruthless killer. Scary!

Benitsubasa - Sekirei

Benitsubasa - Pink haired villain

Who says that anime girls with pink hair are vulnerable and weak? Well, not this lady (and most of the girls in this list).

Benitsubasa is a skilled Sekirei, specializing in hand-to-hand combat. She often wears a kimono-like battle suit.

In this list, she’s an antagonist.

Lucy - Elfen Lied

Pink haired anime characters with DID

Lucy has a dissociative identity disorder and has 3 alters. This disorder stems from having a tragic childhood.

People bullied, ostracized, and abused her emotionally when she was but a kid. The reason is for being different (her horns).

Although Kaede/Lucy doesn’t have a rosy life, she discovers that not all people are bad. This is when she meets Kouta.

Julis Alexia Van Riessfeld - Asterisk War

Asterisk War

This long-haired girl is a tsundere to other people. She’s quite cold to people she doesn’t know.

But when you get to know her better, Julis is a loyal and sweet friend.

She’s actually a princess in the series. Maybe not the sole heiress but still a princess.

Trivia Questions

Who is the anime girl with pink hair and red eyes?

Her name is Inori Yuzuriha from the anime series Guilty Crown.

Why do some anime characters have pink hair?

These male and female characters have pink hair color because the creators think it suits them. Besides, it would be boring (and rather confusing) if all anime characters have either black, brown, or blonde hair colors.


These popular anime characters with pink hair from the different fantasy anime series are all amazing. Some have split personalities while others are Tsundere, Dandere or Yandere.

Regardless of the trope, they are in, each is unique. As an anime fan, I know you have favorite characters, whether they are main characters or have supporting roles.

Comment below what you think!


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