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15 Of The Most Popular Hunter x Hunter Female Characters

Hunter x Hunter is undoubtedly one of the most loved series in the anime world. More so, when it comes to the female characters.

You can find here the most eccentric character or the strongest one with nen abilities.


Without further ado, let me introduce to you 15 of the most popular Hunter x Hunter female characters.

Yorknew City Arc

The Yorknew City Arc is where you meet the Phantom troupe. This group is Kurapika's mortal enemy and killed his clan.

Phantom Troupe is home to the strongest villain HxH girl characters in the series. From a competent fighter to one with physical strength, you name it.

Machi Komacine

Phantom Troupe member

Although Machi appeared in the Heavens Arena arc, it is in the Yorknew City that she gets the spotlight. This pink-haired girl is top 6 in terms of physical strength in Phantom Troupe.

This strong girl always has her hair tied up in a messy ponytail. She wears a modern-style ninja outfit. Her ability is incredible Transmutation nen threads.

Aside from this ability, Machi has powerful intuition. She knows when something is not right even if she doesn’t have any concrete facts yet. This is one reason her comrades respect her so much.

Also, she is super loyal to Chrollo. Despite being the strongest member, Machi rarely prefers to fight. She likes to settle things peacefully as much as possible.

Shizuku Murasaki

Shizuku  Murasaki

This slender young woman has black hair with a layered short style. Murasaki wears a pair of round spectacles. She has an hourglass body clad in tight-fitting long-sleeves and boyfriend pants.

Shizuku Murasaki first appears in Yorknew City Arc and throughout the series until the Chimera ant arc. Her Troupe number is 8 but her physical strength is twelfth among the members.

She is a conjurer and often responsible for getting rid of the evidence of the Group’s trail to avoid detection from the government and people hunting them. Shizuku is calm and callous to a point of causing irritation to her fellow members.

Like Machi, this poker-faced girl is loyal to Chrollo and follows their leader’s principles. Her expertise lies in strategic planning for the group.

Neon Nostrade

Spoiled Female Character

Nostrade Family is prominent and wealthy with Neon as the only daughter. This blue-haired girl is a Specialist who has a fortune-telling ability.

Her ability enables her father to gain prominence in the Mafia World. In this story arc, Kurapika is one of Neon’s bodyguards.

Neon Nostrade is beautiful and considered a genius in using Nen even though she didn’t train to use such abilities. Despite being good nature to a few people, she is a spoiled girl who wants to get whatever she wants.

One reason the Nostrade family is in Yorknew City is to attend an auction where the Scarlet Eyes will be auctioned. This is because Neon likes to collect body parts.


Intelligent Young Woman

Pakunoda is one of the founding members of the Phantom group. She is extremely loyal to the group and to Chrollo. This blonde girl doesn’t give a care about people outside the group, except for Gon and Killua.

Being a Specialist Nen user, Paku can read memories and can transfer these memories to other people using a special gun. She exudes confidence that you can never find in other Troupe members.

Although she is the weakest among all Phantom Members, this sexy lady is one of the few Phantom Troupe members who are willing to sacrifice herself. Because of her loyalty, the other members learn crucial information for the group to survive.


Baise and her deadly Kiss

Baise is quite deadly if she chooses to be so. Her Instant Lover ability puts a man into a simpering fool, getting infatuated with her.

Under this spell, this pretty lady can command the man and the man will do every command. She is quite agile and able, but she doesn’t use her abilities to the extremes, only when needed.

This sexy young lady has pink hair and green eyes. Unfortunately, her life is short in this story arc. Shizuku killed her by striking her critical area at the back of her head.

Despite her limited screen time among Hunter x Hunter female characters, she created a long-lasting impression on anime fans for her good looks and unique Nen Ability.

Greed Island Arc Female Characters

Greed Island is a game that Gon's father had created. In here, Gon and Killua meet the two of the most amazing Hunter x hunter female characters who change their lives for the better.

Biscuit Krueger

strongest characters, and Wing's Original master

If you haven't seen the seasons of this series, you would think that Biscuit Krueger is a cutesy girl, wearing a princess outfit.

Well, she is when not in her true form (a muscular woman). Bisky hates her original form because it is the opposite of her ideals on feminity.

This blonde anime girl is an Enhancement nen user. She can change her appearance at will, which makes her one of the strongest female HxH characters. Such ability requires massive power and Bisky does this with ease.

Her abilities made her Wing’s original master. During the training of Gon and Killua in the Greed Island arc, she effortlessly whacks Gon senseless.


Ponzu and her bees

Ponzu has green (with blueish tint) hair adorned with a funny looking hat. But don’t underestimate this pretty girl. She could command the bees inhabiting her hat.

Yes, this young woman’s hat has thousands (probably millions) of bees inside her large hat. She appears in the Hunter Exam arc and again in the Greed Island. In the Chimera Ant arc, Ponzu dies. She’s one of the few Hunter examinees who didn’t die during the exam.

Ponzu doesn’t seem to use Nen but could be a Manipulator when she’s seen summoning her bees out of her hat. She could command them with a tap on her hat to attack whoever hurts her. These bites are deadly.

Chimera Ant Arc HxH Characters Female

This arc is where you can find the most intense fighting scenes. Hybrids with chimera ant powers immerge. Also, this arc shows how Gon uses his Enhancer nen ability.

Palm Siberia

Palm Siberia with  Subdued personality

Palm Siberia is one weird Hunter female character. Before her genetic alteration, she looks gloomy all the time. Still, her looks are amazing, being curly and all.

This beautiful yet eccentric young lady is an Enhancer possessing a Merman Clairvoyance. She seems to have a crush on Gon, even arranging a date with him.

As Chimera ant, Palm shouldn’t remember her past life. Luckily, she snaps out of the brainwashing done to her and reverts herself back. During the battle of Meruem, this amazing lady still helps Gon and his friends to defeat Meruem.

Despite her weirdness, she is quite funny. This professional hunter doesn’t like to be left out in a conversation. She likes to talk incessantly, sometimes forgetting the real topic.


Zazan the Scorpio

Zazan in violet hair is a chimera with scorpion-like features. This lady is a Manipulation nen user. When she transforms, she's a monster with big and muscular pecs.

Zazan is pretty hot when she's in her human form. She has feline-like eyes and big lips with extraordinarily long violet hair.

She used to be an Assistant Squad Leader until she betrayed Colt. This sexy Chimera is a member of the Royal Guard. Her mission was to kill Neferpitou, but she failed and became a prisoner in the palace of the King Of The Chimera Ants.

Her last appearance is on episode 131/chapter 147. She was executed by cannon from Peggy and Colt, but her death wasn't shown.


Komugi the Ultimate Gungi Winner

Komugi is a blind girl with amazing Gungi skills. She is the undefeated world champion in this game.

Despite being blind, this cute girl can play. She has defeated Meruem many times. Also, Komugi invented a move in the Gungi game called Kokoriko.

Even though Meruem is a threat to humanity, Komugi fell in love with him after spending time together.

At the end of Hunter X Hunter, it is said that they were married and had a child together.

Komugi's only weakness was her blindness, as she easily got confused and lost in certain situations because she couldn't see clearly.

If Komugi ever played Gungi with you, would you be able to beat her?


Female Royal Guard

Neferpitou appears to be a cat-like human with wavy white hair. Her ears and tails were clothed in yellow and white fur, respectively. Neferpitou's name comes from the Egyptian goddess Nefertem.

She has crimson eyes and specialized joints on their knees, which looked like insect legs. Her insect legs enable her to travel fast and in distance.

Neferpitou's abilities and character design fit her placement as the "Second in Command" of the Chimera Ants. She is a Specialist, enabling her to use Nen very well.

This cat-like woman has a special ability called Doctor Blythe. Doctor Blythe allows her to heal and restore the injuries of the Chimera Ants, even if they are in a different location in space and time.

13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

It is considered one of the saddest (and quirkiest) arcs. Saddest because the elections happened after the death of Isaac Netero.

It is the quirkiest because the different hunters all over the world gather in one place (which is such a feat considering the busy lives of these people).

Alluka Zoldyck

alluka vs nanika

Alluka, otherwise known as Nanika, is a mysterious character from the animation series Hunter x Hunter. She was born with an unknown power that allows her to heal and wish for anything.

Her personality can be best described as a sweet and innocent little girl, as she doesn't know anything else but her surroundings.

She actually doesn't know that she has powers. But whenever Killua is in danger, she just starts crying and people nearby start feeling all their wishes being granted (it doesn't matter if they're good or bad).

When Alluka is really upset, her tears become like razor blades and can cut anything, as shown when Killua had to tie her hands behind her back to prevent those from cutting him.


Tsubone the fast Butler

This fierce-looking woman is a butler of the Zoldyck family. She serves Killua and Alluka, along with Gotoh and Canary.

However, she often hides her emotions and words in front of Killua. And when it comes to serving her masters, Tsubone becomes so fierce that even Gotoh and Canary hesitate.

She's also an excellent conjurer, who can create anything out of her own flesh. However, that's not all. Tsubone is an excellent driver as well and has a car which is quite popular.

Having a calm disposition, she never panics. She seems to have a plan B, though. In spite of her outward appearance, she's actually a very caring woman who often helps Killua - especially during his difficult moments.

Cheadle Yorkshire

Professional Hunter x hunter female characters

Cheadle Yorkshire is a professional hunter who got the Zodiac name "Dog". She wears conservative clothes and a hat with dog ears. This Hunter female character participated in the election of the 13th chairman.

Her physical age is 36 years old, but she's a "witch" who can easily change her appearance. She was considered to be one of the top 5 contenders for the title of chairman at the Hunter Association headquarters.

In order to stop Pariston from reaching East Gorteau, Cheadle and Leorio confront him and make him reveal his true colors to the public, and expose the intentions of Beyond Netero and Pariston.

With this, Cheadle was able to deprive Pariston of most of his votes and secure fourth place.

Kikyo Zoldyck

hunter x hunter female characters

Kikyo Zoldyck is the legal wife of Silva Zoldyck and mother of Killua, Milluki, and Kikyo. This one-eyed humanoid is said to be 30 years old in the manga. However, her apparent age varies somewhat due to the way she uses her abilities.

The matriarch is very intelligent and knowledgeable about many things regarding the Hunter world, which helped greatly during Killua's training. She is often strict with her children, especially Killua.

As an assassin, Kikyo's skills are of the highest caliber. Although you don't see her use some sort of nen ability throughout the series, Killua's mother seems adept at assassin matters.

Kikyo Zoldyck is very possessive of her children, so much so that she was willing to kill an assassin just for talking to Killua.

Bonus: Top 5 Strongest Male Characters

1. Meruem - Meruem was the most powerful character in Hunter x Hunter. He had a long-term goal in mind and was able to achieve it. A few of his abilities have been named, but the full extent of his powers is unknown.

2. Adult Gon - Gon turned into a 17-year old with all muscles during the Chimera ant arc. He killed Neferpitou in the battle after learning that Pitou killed Kite.

3. Isaac Netero - Isaac Netero is the strongest character in Hunter x Hunter. He's also known as the chairman of the Hunters Association (Hunt stationed in NGL), he was an expert who defeated Meruem, ruler of East Gorteau, all with his bare hands.

4. Ging Freecss - A boy who loves freedom. So much so, he cannot bear to be tied down to something, or someone. His only goal is the freedom of the world. He's written 6 books on his favorite topic, "How to become free."

5. Hisoka Morow - Hisoka is an obsessed, sadistic man who kills his prey in order to quench out his own lust for blood and violence. Although he appears very frequently in the story, little of his background information is given.

Conclusion for Hunter x Hunter Characters

This article has explored the roles of Hunter x Hunter female characters, their importance to the story, and how they are portrayed.

It is clear that while there are few female characters in this show, those who do exist have a huge impact on both the plot and its themes.

The female characters are built on cliches, this can be forgiven due to how their stories emphasize specific issues and ideas. The strength of the female characters is not only derived from their own characterizations, but also from their relations with other characters.

Most importantly, it is clear that although a large amount of the focus of the show rests on the male protagonists, they are not the only ones pushing the plot.


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