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22+ Perfect and Beautiful Girls Who are Anime Waifu Material

What is an anime waifu? It means marriage or wife material. You'd want to marry the girl if she is a real person.

You can find different anime girls who can be the perfect girlfriend with an almost perfect personality. Often, the girl's personality suits your tastes.


What makes a character waifu? Beautiful, cute, confident, attractive, sexy, great skills, funny. You name it, anime fans.

Alright, so, here's my personal list of anime girls who are worth being a waifu.

My Top Anime Waifu List:

Mai Sakurajima - Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Mai Sakurajima best waifu

Mai Sakurajima is one of the female characters in Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny series. She works as an actress slash model.

Not surprising since she’s rather tall compared to her classmates.

Mai Sakurajima once saved a person, which resulted in her untimely demise. However, Sakuta saved her through a time relapse.

Good for you, Sakuta. Of course, nobody wants to lose the most beloved person in their lives.

Traits of the Girl in the Anime

  • Black hair and blue-purple eyes
  • Slender, lean body, and rather tall
  • Intelligent and beautiful
  • Kind, helpful, and sensitive but level-headed,
  • Quick-witted with the right amount of satirity
  • Serious, especially around the person she holds dear
  • Selfless, even saving someone else’s life
  • Is Mai Sakurajima's character an anime waifu? Definitely one of the anime waifus.

    Rin Tohsaka - Fate Stay Night

    Rin tohsaka from fate stay night

    Rin Tohsaka is a high school and puts up a prim-and-proper personality. This beautiful anime girl is a model student.

    She often speaks in a dismissive manner, but actually is caring.

    When she’s with the people she loves, she’s a bit bossy and stingy. Her attitude is mostly rooted in her fear for her loved ones and wanted them to be safe at all times.

    The beautiful Rin is supportive of Shirou, even encouraging the man of her dreams. In the end, Rin and Shirou fell in love.

    Traits of the Girl in the Anime

  • A deep sense of honor, even to her enemies
  • Perceptive and resourceful
  • Serious and competitive, always wanting to win
  • Despite competitiveness, she could accept defeat
  • Tough, fiery, and judicious
  • Mischievous who’s always teasing other people
  • Extremely decisive using cold logic to achieve her goals
  • Is Rin's character an anime waifu material? Yes, one of the best anime waifus, for her tough but sweet demeanor, practical and yet perceptive.

    Winry Rockbell - Fullmetal Alchemist

    Winry Rockbell characters from fullmetal alchemist

    Winry Rockbell is a supporting character in the Fullmetal Alchemist. She’s a childhood friend to the Elric brothers, Edward and Al.

    Witty Winry is a surgeon, albeit not an expert yet, and a mechanic specialist. She provides Edward line support and makes sure Edward’s prosthetic arm and leg are working properly and in good condition.

    Aside from being a mechanic, Winry always offers emotional support. She is also the love interest of Edward.

    Traits of the Girl in the Anime

  • Attractive with blonde hair and blue eyes
  • Slender with an almost girlish figure
  • Kind, supportive, and empathetic person
  • Strong-willed, feisty, stubborn, and straightforward
  • Honest and tactful
  • ladylike beauty with a tomboyish streak
  • Passionate about her work as a mechanic and auto-mail engineer
  • Emilia - Re Zero

    Emilia anime waifu from re zero-

    Emilia is the main protagonist in the series. She’s half-elf and half-human. She’s next in line to be king. If this happens, she’ll be 42nd.

    This sexy girl exudes classic beauty. Emilia adorns her hair with a different flower and hairband. Instead of a necklace, she wears a green light ribbon.

    Being a brave girl, this sexy beauty is an independent contractor of different Quasi spirits, helping them in any way she can.

    Is Emilia a good Waifu? Definitely. Her beauty is ethereal and has good manners. Being the next King, she is one of the best anime waifus if you like her personality.

    Traits of the Girl in the Anime

  • Beautiful with Long silver hair and violet eyes
  • Good-natured and likes to take care of others
  • Down-to-earth with a tendency to look at herself as selfish
  • Low maintenance and doesn’t care about her appearance
  • Talks like she’s from the old world
  • Has a childish attitude when faced with unfamiliarity
  • Fast learner and persevering with her endeavor in becoming a King
  • Asuna Yuuki - Sword Art Online

    Asuna Yuuki sword art online

    Asuna Yuuki is the main female character in the series. She earns the nickname "Berserk Healer" because she often rushes without thinking.

    She's confident of her abilities, even challenging Kirito. At first, Asuna didn't care if she dies or not. But when she met Kirito, her outlook changed.

    Traits of the Girl in the Anime

  • Long, chestnut hair that looks orange-ish or brownish and hazel eyes
  • Extremely pretty, resulting in proposals and invitations
  • Careless of her life until she met Kirito
  • A kind young woman who wants to help others
  • Emotional and often rushes to battles without thinking out first
  • Proud and couldn’t stand someone challenging her abilities
  • Maki Oze - Fire Force

    Maki Oze fire force

    From the series Fire Force, Maki Oze is powerful and can control flames in combat. She wears an orange-brownish overall. Despite wearing these unsexy clothes, Maki Oze exudes an appeal.

    She likes to use her fire abilities for fun, even crying comically when her teammates extinguish the fire.

    Is Maki's character the best waifu? Yes for her respectful and courteous demeanor.

    Traits of the Girl in the Anime

  • Beautiful, above-average height, and fair-skinned
  • Slender, Lean, and athletic, but curvy and well-endowed figure
  • Violet eyes, long, dark brown hair and cropped bangs
  • Hopeless romantic, waiting for her knight-in-shining-armor
  • Courteous, kind, respectful with an aversion to hurting people
  • Brave with exceptional skills in combat several times
  • Has insecurities about her looks
  • Megumi Tadokoro - Food Wars

    Megumi Tadokoro anime waifu from food wars

    Megumi Tadokoro finds herself worrying too much when there’s nothing to worry about.

    She seems to rely too much on Soma. But, as she encounters tough rivals in the cooking academy, she finds herself improving.

    Megumi’s cooking style is based on hospitality. It means thinking of the eater and the feelings her meal could invoke with the person.

    Her best waifu trait is her cooking skills.

    Traits of the Girl in the Anime

    • Dark blue long hair braided in two pigtails
    • Clumsy and timid but thoughtful and kind
    • Nurturing, always taking of other people
    • Great cook with a warm personality
    • Often underperforms when pressured
    • Cautious and tactful, making sure she chooses the right words
    • Capable of improvement despite numerous mistakes

    Raphtalia - The Rising of The Shield Hero

    Raphtalia the rising of the shield hero

    Raphtalia was a slave and Naofumi bought her. Despite her status, her master never mistreated her.

    Instead, she and her master forge a bond that is unlikely to master and slave relationship. This causes Raphtalia to love her boss secretly.

    At first, she was a docile, meek girl because of her slave status. But, as she learns her worth, she becomes confident. This gorgeous girl even learns how to fight like a pro.

    Traits of the Girl in the Anime

  • Beautiful, but shy and sickly because of her slave status
  • Low -maintenance and isn’t much interested in girly things
  • Efficient and budget-conscious
  • Dangerously skilled in hand-to-hand combat
  • Capable of defending herself in times of adversity
  • Loving but rather strong-willed when it comes to her love interest
  • Extremely focused on her goals in life
  • Is this anime girl a waifu? Yes, one of the waifus, for her efficiency and budget consciousness. 

    Chitoge Kirisaki - Nisekoi

    Chitoge Kirisaki Nisekoi

    Chitoge Kirisaki grew up with a cold personality. Her demeanor has something to do with her family. 

    Anyways, this lonely girl agrees to become a fake girlfriend of Raku for three years. Raku is one lucky boy.

    Despite her cold demeanor, Chitoge has a warm side that only people closest to her know. She learns to like Raku.

    This pretty princess is actually a brain and beauty but tries not to show it off. She’s quite fashionable, wearing clothes appropriate for the occasion.

    Traits of the Girl in the Anime

  • Blond with pink on the hair tips up to her waist and beautiful blue eyes
  • Trouble fitting in because girls don’t like her (maybe due to jealousy of her looks)
  • Sentimental especially for things given by her loved ones
  • Bold and stern but forgetful
  • Talkative, so there will be no boring moments if you’re a silent guy
  • Fair-skinned and slim with curves at the right places
  • Naive about love and other people’s feelings
  • Is Chitoge's character an anime waifu material? Yes for her good looks and intelligence.

    Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail

    Erza Scarlet is one of the female characters with a class-S category in the guild Fairy Tail. Her magic is one of the most awesome ones I have encountered.

    The ability to re-quip any kind of armor and weapon is just amazing. Don’t forget outfits. She could change into any outfit she wants. Her outfits are jaw-dropping or eye-bulging.

    Anyways, Erza Scarlet is a cry baby. This is the result of her inability to save the people most dear to her when she was young. Poor girl! She shouldn’t blame herself. 

    This lovely mage is either wearing conservative armor or skimpy and revealing clothes that show off her best assets. 

    Traits of the Girl in the Anime

  • Red hair and brown eyes (one eye is artificial)
  • Kind to the extremes and caring
  • Beautiful and warm, sexy and confident 
  • Conservative but isn’t afraid to show her cool and passionate side
  • Strict especially with her guildmates
  • Impatient, which is her way of hiding her bitter past
  • Reliable and dependable but has a cute, girly side
  • Is Erza's anime character one of the best anime waifus? Yes, for her protective nature.

    Zero Two - Darling in the Franxx

    Zero two darling in the franxx

    Zero Two is an elite Parasite in series and is known for her nickname Partner Killer. She is a half-human and half Klaxo sapien.

    For years, this brave girl is used to fighting solo until she meets Hiro.

    Interestingly, Zero Two takes an instant liking to the boy. She even offers him to be her co-pilot. As the two spend more time together, they develop special feelings for each other.

    However, her insecurities overshadow her feelings for Hiro. She becomes obsessed with becoming a full human. Because of this, their relationship has gone sour.

    Traits of the Girl in the Anime

  • Long pink hair and greenish eyes, with horns
  • Beautiful, especially when she’s in full form
  • Boisterous and passionate, a bit of smug because of her excellent abilities
  • Assertive and knows her worth as a soldier, but insecure with her being a half-human
  • Doesn’t like liars because she’s fed up with people lying to her since childhood
  • Hates rules and wants to do things in a carefree manner
  • Is Zero Two's character an anime waifu material? Hmm, maybe if you can love her insecurities as Hiro did.

    Lucy Heartfilia - Fairy Tail

    Lucy heartfilia female character

    Lucy is a Celestial mage of the guild Fairy Tail. Her pink insignia is located in her right hand. She opens a gate with a key to summon a Celestial spirit.

    This cute girl often wears a belt that holds her Celestial keys.

    Lady Lucy Heartfilia stands at an average height. She loves tying her hair in a ponytail with ribbons. Quite a fashionable chic, this buxom lady wears a lot of outfits throughout the series.

    She loves literature and writing, constantly penning her mother about her adventures. Like other ordinary girls, Lucy likes shopping and cooking.

    Traits of the Girl in the Anime

  • Blonde hair and dark brown eyes
  • Almost perfect hourglass shape
  • Curvy and voluptuous in the right places
  • A bit coward but when needed, she could fight bravely
  • Clever and creative when it comes to battling enemies
  • Fashionable and likes to dress up for no occasion
  • Doesn’t give up and stubborn even the chances of winning are nil
  • Is Lucy's character anime waifu material? Definitely, for her curvy shape and love of adventures.

    Makise Kurisu - Steins Gate

    Makise kurisu steins gate

    Kurisu Makise is the epitome of brain and beauty. She graduated college at 17. This brainy girl is not athletic but she is a great swimmer. For her, swimming rejuvenates her spirits.

    At a young age, Kurisu is quite accomplished. Her accomplishments make other people jealous including her father.

    This jealousy has put their relationship in a tight spot. As a result, the young lady used indifference as a defense mechanism.

    She loves to use the @channel textboard but is ashamed to admit it. Her superiors often tease her about it.

    Traits of the Girl in the Anime

  • Waist-length, red hair, and sad violet eyes
  • Friendly to others as long they act appropriately
  • Sensible, mature, and collected even during stressful situations
  • Timid and shy sometimes
  • Curious and love of science and experiments
  • Tough on the outside but still she's a young woman in need of care and love
  • Is Kurisu's character anime waifu material? Yes, one of the best anime waifus, if you like brainy but timid.

    Rias Gremory - High School DXD

    Rias gremory anime girl

    Rias Gremory, the protagonist in the High School DxD series, is a rich young lady who grows up spoiled by her brother and father.

    She often gets scolded because of spending habits.

    The busty lady has beautiful hair with a single ahoge. She is a girlfriend to Issie and often encourages her man to still date other women so he could fulfill his harem dream.

    Traits of the Girl in the Anime

  • Lovely face framed with beautiful red hair
  • Buxom figure that makes others envious
  • Kind and compassionate to her loved ones
  • Competitive, thus she makes sure to win the next battle
  • Sometimes, impatient and selfish because of growing up spoiled
  • Bad spending habits that need to improve
  • Is Rias's character anime waifu material? Yes, if you like busty female anime characters who can support your harem dream, too.

    Annie Leonhart - Attack on Titan

    Annie leonhart attack on titan

    Annie is the batchmate of Eren in the 104th Training corps. She becomes a 4th rank soldier because of her exceptional combat skills.

    Blonde Annie Leonhart of Attack on Titan series is extremely self-aware. She knows her weaknesses and strengths. Confident as she is, this pretty lady would agree to do something if she thinks she could deliver the results.

    Her cynical attitude makes her a calculated enemy, rarely committing mistakes because of emotions.

    She inherited the Female Titan, which is a lot more muscular and taller than her human form. 

    Traits of the Girl in the Anime

  • Pale blonde short hair with an oval face
  • Pale complexion, petite and lean body
  • Realistic view on life
  • Aloof due to her harsh upbringing
  • Serious expression and smile rarely
  • Appreciative of other people effort
  • Not vocal of her true feelings
  • Mirajane Strauss - Fairy Tail

    Mirajane strauss fairy tail

    Mirajane Strauss is a Class S Mage with demon-like powers. Before the death of her younger sister, she was brass, loud-mouthed, and always at war with Erza.

    However, this incident brought drastic changes to her attitude. At the same time, it causes Mirajane to lose her ability to use her magical powers.

    She’s on the front cover of the Sorcerer Magazine. It’s expected since this girl has a voluptuous body that she confidently flaunts with nice outfits.

    Traits of the Girl in the Anime

  • Long, white hair curling slightly at the tips
  • Dark blue eyes that shine with motherly love
  • Upward ponytail gathered at the forehead
  • Loving, caring, and kind person to everyone
  • Protective of her comrades
  • Talent in modeling, guitar playing, and singing
  • A great cook, preparing food for the guild
  • Eru Chitanda - Hyouka

    Eru chitanda waifus from hyouka

    Eru Chitanda is one of the main protagonists in the series. She is the president of the Classic literature club.

    This cute girl loves to create mystery games for her club members. She stands average in height and often wears dainty dresses, matching her prim personality.

    Eru seems not to have a negative bone on her except when intrigued. She tends to overstep personal boundaries when she wants something solved.

    Traits of the Girl in the Anime

  • Black hair that reaches her mid-back
  • Indigo-purple eyes that look innocent and sweet
  • Acts like a lady of her age but sometimes childlike
  • Polite and cheerful
  • Sensible and friendly
  • Compulsively nosy and intriguing sometimes
  • Miku Nakano - The Quintessential Quintuplets

    Miku nakano top waifu from the quintessential quintuplets

    Miku Nakano is the third of the quintuplets. She’s timid but doesn’t care much about her physical appearance.

    She’s unabashed, to the point of not caring if part of her body is exposed to the public. Her strongest area at school is Social Studies.

    Traits of the Girl in the Anime

  • Average height with a buxom figure
  • Medium-length brownish or reddish hair
  • dark blue eyes that looked emotionless
  • Smartest among the quintuplets sisters
  • Has good handwriting
  • Nezuko Kamado - Demon Slayer

    Nezuko kamado demon slayer

    Nezuko Kamado is a human who turned into a demon after her family was massacred. Together with her brother, she travels to find the killer of her family.

    During their travels, this anime girl would berserk to protect her brother and people who she holds dear to her heart. 

    Despite her demon form, she never hurt anyone, unless they’re harming her.

    Traits of the Girl in the Anime

  • Petite with fair skin
  • kind and a caring girl before and after her transformation
  • Brazen to protect her brother
  • Strong willpower
  • Hinata - Naruto


    Hinata Uzumaki comes from the Hyuga clan. However, her weakness and bashful attitude result in her disinheritance.

    When she met Naruto, she instantly liked him because of his kindness to her. His never-give-up attitude spurs Hinata to improve herself. She later married Naruto and gave him two kids.

    Traits of the Girl in the Anime

  • Slender with an average height
  • Fair-complexion and curvy figure
  • Family-oriented, despite her disinheritance
  • Soft-spoken and respectful, using honorifics to people
  • Kind and caring to other people and their feelings
  • Supportive especially to the person she loves
  • Persevering in improving her weaknesses
  • Chika Fujiwara - Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

    Chika fujiwara anime girl from kaguya sama

    Chika Fujiwara is a member of a gaming club and secretary of the Student Council. She’s bubbly and a bit eccentric.

    She always creates strange games and activities. Despite being strange, people get to enjoy these activities.

    This cute high school girl is oblivious to her surroundings at times. This makes her a great target of Kaguya and Miyuki in love confessing.

    Traits of the Girl in the Anime

  • Fair complex and slender
  • Light pink hair that reaches up to her shoulder
  • Blue eyes that look intelligent
  • Oddly perceptive at other people’s relationship
  • Careless attitude and childish antics, which make people think she’s a simpleton
  • Talented but like to cheat on games
  • Kurumi Tokisaki - Date A Live

    Kurumi tokisaki date a live

    Kurumi Tokisaki is the third spirit in the series with an antagonistic streak. She loves animals but is partial to a cat, to the point that she could kill a person who’s maltreating the species.

    She wears a black and red Lolita dress in her spirit form.

    This naughty girl could clone herself. Each clone reflects her personality and yet has its own will. This beautiful girl dislikes humans. 

    One of her clones inadvertently reveals to Shido that she wants to change and normal life.

    Traits of the Girl in the Anime

  • Fair-skinned with long, black hair
  • One eye is red while her left eye is golden with a clock
  • Astonishingly beautiful
  • Polite and elegant
  • Love small animals particularly cute kittens
  • Strong sense of justice but became twisted after turning into a spirit
  • Who's the Best Anime Waifu?

    It's really hard to choose one of the best anime Waifus. I'd choose Hinata as the best anime waifu if I were to base my decision on her personality alone.

    Hinata is beautiful in her own way. Her remarkable traits are not her looks, but her compassion and willingness to improve. She's supportive, family-oriented, and respectful.

    Is it OK to have a Waifu?

    Of course. You'll have someone to help you through thick and thin.


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