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Top 11 Best Anime Fox Girls of All Time

Foxes are some of the most popular creatures in anime. They have a variety of different personalities and can be seen as good or evil depending on their situation.


Fox girls are usually beautiful and have a cute personality that many people find irresistible. 

In this article, we will show you the top 11 best anime fox girls of all time!

1. Sakura Bokuseiinmonzeninari - Hyper Police

Sakura - Beautiful Police Fox Girl as Main Character

With human ancestors, Sakura is short of having nine tails and must eat a powerful fox spirit to become complete.

In the anime, she looks like a teenager even if she’s a century old. This pretty but incomplete kitsune joins the Hyper Police Company in the hopes of consuming Natsuki.

Sakura has violet long hair, perky fox ears, and 8.5 tails. Her incomplete tails are the result of her being half fox and half-human.

Being a skilled fox girl, Sakura can fly with a bit of electrical power. She is a sharpshooter. Aside from these capabilities, this law enforcer kitsune has great negotiation skills.

Sakura can handle money with utmost care and can win a successful barter. Later in the anime, she becomes a wife with three kids.

But, I’m not sure if Sakura marries Sakunoshin, the father of her children in the anime. Beautiful and sexy, this beautiful lady is a great and skilled marksman.

2. Chizuru Minamoto - Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox

Chizuru - Young Youkai Main Character in the Anime

Chizuru is the female main protagonist in the story. In human form, she looks like a teenage girl, around 2nd year.

But, in yo kai fox’s world, this formidable kitsune is 400 years old (or maybe older as revealed in one episode).

Her fox’s form is blond with a tail and fox ears. Blue flames are her foxfire, which is deemed to be one of the most powerful in Japanese folklore.

Aside from blue flames, this sexy, big-breasted fox girl can merge with Kouta by kissing the boy.

Having a powerful bloodline in the anime, Chizuru can transform from human to fox (or wolf) at will. She doesn’t require some kind of special powers to do this.

This lovely kitsune is in love with Kouta Oyamada. Occasionally, she would flirt with Kouta and would suggest that they start a relationship.

Although Chizuru has a human mom, she’s not related to Tamamo. If you want to know more about her, watch her use her full power in Kanokon anime.

3. Zakuro - Otome no Youkai Zakuro

Zakuro - Pretty fox girl main protagonist in Otome Youkai Zakuro

Skilled a fighting, Zakuro helps her teammates at the Ministry of the Spirit Affairs to the best of her abilities.

But, there’s one individual whom she dislikes the most (as a disguise of what she really feels). This is Kei Agemaki.

The truth? Kei and Zakuro are partners in every battle of the ministry. What irks this lovely half-yo-kai-half-human fighter is Kei’s weak fighting abilities in the anime.

Every time, she rescues the lieutenant from enemies. In the end, the two fall in love and come to know each other.

Zakuro is a pretty wolf-girl who hates humans a lot because of her past memories. Her mother was spirited away and never comes back.

Although she dislikes the formation of the ministry in Otome Youkai Zakuro, she needs to work with humans to investigate the paranormal issues between humans and spirits.

4. Yoko - Inukami!

Yoko - Beautiful Kitsune in Inukami anime

Yoko is a problematic inukami who is actually a kitsune in the anime. Inukami is a spirit dog.

No demon tamer has tamed her, except Keita. But, her service to the tamer is the result of deciding to serve him.

The history of the two dates back to when they’re still kids. Keita has helped Yoko and gave her a chocolate cake, which is the reason this kitsune likes it very much.

Then, during the young man’s evaluation period as a demon tamer, he targeted Yoko because he taught that the cute fox girl is an easy target.

Her abilities include shooting a fireball from her fingertip and teleporting objects and people.

Yoko often uses her teleportation ability to punish Keita by sending him naked to compromising places.

Despite her naughty nature, this sexy lady has a huge crush on her master Keita. She’s willing to do everything to protect him and the world.

5. Dakki - Senkaiden Houshin Engi

Dakki - Empress in Senkaiden Anime

This pretty fox girl is the main villain (not a protagonist) in this anime story. She manipulated the emperor to do whatever she wants.

Dakki is one of the most cunning evil spirits you might have encountered in anime.

She likes to torment a person and creates torture devices for the fun of it. Although a ruthless empress, Dakki is so beautiful with orange hair up to her knees.

She’s sympathetic to her sisters and adoptive son. To others, she’s evil and selfish.

Her selfishness stems from her desire for power. So, she works with Jyoka.

When this evil kitsune discovers that the Ancients have merged with the planet, she also wants it. Finally, she decided to consume Jyoka.

Dakki also has extensive knowledge of human psychology. She can recognize the right time when to do her plans to achieve her goals. 

Aside from this skill, this empress has the ability to tempt anyone with her fan dance.

Whatever her reasons are, Dakki has a complicated character. She shows kindness when it suits her. But, I think she redeems herself by saving Taikoubou, the main protagonist of the anime series.

6. Bonbori and Hozuki - Otome Youkai Zakuro

Bonbori and Hozuki - half-kitsune anime characters

Like Zakuro, Hozuki and Bonbori are half-demons (wolf or fox spirits) and half-humans. These two beautiful ladies have blonde hair.

Their childhood is never easy because the only woman who helped them died.

The townspeople even wanted them dead but Kushimatsu helped them escaped. From then, the two fox girls grew up with Zakuro and another half-wolf.

Despite their dark past, Bonbori and Hozuki grow up with a cheerful nature.

When given the chance to work with full-blooded humans, they partnered with Ganryu Hanakiri of the Ministry of Spirit Affairs.

Their abilities include tracking and powering up their comrades through singing. With the use of flower petals, the twin can track multiple people at once while one twin sister sings.

They can strengthen other members as well such as Zakuro through their songs. These lovely ladies are skilled fighters but they act like children most of the time.

They like to confuse people with their appearance.

7. Tamamo - Ghost Sweeper Mikami

Tamamo - Fox girl in the manga

During the Yuujo era, Tamamo was a nine-tailed fox. She lived in a royal palace but someone betrayed her. This fox girl was executed and reborn as Tamamo.

Reborn, she couldn’t remember her past life but her abilities as a fox remained. This kitsune girl has a dark history with humans but ended up having a human body after her execution.

You can only see this character in the manga series and not in the anime version. Either way, Tamamo is sweet and kind. She’s wary of establishing relationships with people.

With the help of Reiko Mikami, this fox girl begins to warm up to society.

8. Senko- Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san

Senko - Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san

Possessing a soft fluffy tail and fox ears, Senko-san looks like a teenager (or even younger). But, her real age is around 800 years old.

Although she wears clothes befitting her appearance, she talks like her age. She would wear glasses and Japanese traditional geta.

Her responsibility in Kuroto’s life is to remove the darkness and replace it with happiness. Senko is like a mother and a wife in Kuroto’s home.

In the anime story (which is The Helpful Fox Senko san in English), it was implied that the male protagonist might be someone whom Senko has served in the past.

But, this is a theory only and there’s no clear indication except for the dreams and memories of Kuroto and Senko-san.

This pretty lady is a powerful kitsune. She can do telekinesis, levitation, and fire manipulation. Senko can also create a portal and a magic barrier. These skills are not surprising, given her old age.

In Japanese legends, a fox spirit or wolf ghost gets stronger as they become older and wiser.

9. Yukikaze Panettone - Dog Days

Yukki from Dog Days

Yukikaze Panettone is a supporting character in Dog Days. She becomes a member of the Biscotti Knights Secret Squad. This cute dog girl has blue eyes and a blonde tail and hair.

Wearing a ninja uniform, this sexy gal has great battle skills.

She’s agile and the vanguard of the squad. Whether they're dogs or wolf spirits, Yukki is willing to protect others even if it means her life.

Aside from agility, this girl in Dog Days can run fast, traveling miles in a few seconds. She could certainly throw punches at high speed and strength. These punches can throw someone off guard.

Watch her in the anime and be amazed at what she can do!

10. Kuugen Tenko - Wagaya no Oinari-sama

Kuugen - Wagaya no Oinari Sama

Kuugen is a fox demon in the Wagaya anime series. This fox spirit is around a thousand years old.

Since Kuugen can’t remember her gender, she would transform into a man and vice versa. In girl form, this anime fox girl has blonde hair.

This beautiful and handsome person loves to play pranks on other people. Because of this attitude, her masters from Mitsuji seal her away for a thousand years.

In the modern world, the family is forced to release Kuugen for her help. Despite being sealed away, she didn’t get angry with them. But, after the mission, Tenko resigned from the Mitsuji family.

Waking in a modern world doesn’t hinder the feisty world spirit in learning about technology. She also applies as the guardian god of the Takagami Family.

Tenko is very protective of the family she cares for, especially the Takagami boys. Whatever the costs, she is willing to sacrifice herself just to save the Takagami members.

11. Koto - YuYu Hakusho

Koto in Yuyu Hakusho anime

Yuyu Hakusho is one of the classic stories that has become popular in the ’90s. Those who watched this multiple times know Koto. She is a fox demon girl. But her name means Little Rabbit.

Koto is the lively referee of the tournaments held in the demon world where Yuusuke and his friends joined. 

She has great memorization skills. In fact, Koto has memorized the rule book of the tournament.

This lovely fox girl is quite a sadistic fellow who seems happy to see the suffering of the tournament players. But this happens only if she sees a fair fight among fighters.

Despite her bravery during intense fighting, Koto is also afraid of getting hit in the middle of her referee work

Sometimes, you would see her cowering in the corner. Just like a wolf or fox that is afraid of something formidable

Trivia Questions

What is a fox girl called in anime?

A fox girl in the anime possesses bushy tails and perky animal ears. Also known as kitsune in popular anime culture, she doesn’t age in appearance and could live a long life.

This creature has magic power or is an excellent combatant. She is agile and fast like the Yukki in Dog Days. Some could fly.

Her best characteristic is being loyal to a fault. A fox girl is also very cheerful and playful in nature.

What is a Kitsune in anime?

According to Japanese legends, a kitsune is a yo-kai with a fox’s features. A kitsune is equivalent to a fox spirit.

Often, she must be able to take human form. Or, a kitsune can possess someone if she wanted to.

In some anime series, a half kitsune and half-human can “eat” another kitsune or a powerful fox spirit to become powerful. With this act, she can complete the nine tails.

Is there a fox girl in Inuyasha?

Unfortunately, there is no fox girl in Inuyasha. Shippo, who is a youkai fox, is a boy. He likes tricking other people with his shapeshifting abilities.

Although he is aloof and distrusting in the first few episodes, the young boy warms up to Kagome and Inuyasha.

He’s a little cowardly but when given the right opportunities, he is willing to do his best to protect his friends.

What are the differences between fox spirits and fox girls?

Fox spirits are powerful beings who have magical powers in the anime. These spirits often take the form of beautiful and sexy girls.

They could be guardian gods or demons, depending on the backstory used in the anime series.

Fox girls, on the other hand, could be demons with a tail and ears. Sometimes, they could be also spirits or ordinary demon creatures. Either way, both take the form of a fox or a girl when appropriate.

Is Kurama in Naruto a girl?

Kurama is a boy in the Naruto anime. He is a nine-tailed demon god sealed away in Naruto’s body.

This creature is very powerful. Being locked away in someone else’s body has unleashed the wrath of this creature.

But, living in Naruto’s body and consciousness for years has dampened this anger. In fact, Kurama tries his best to help Naruto with his aspirations in life.


Foxes are certainly popular animals in the otaku world. Who are your favorites that you have watched and will watch, not mentioned in this list? Comment them now.

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