February 14


40+ Best Anime Cats to Make You Purr in Delight

Cats in Japanese culture are lucky charms. So, it's not surprising you'll see anime cats as characters in a series.

These furry creatures are so cute and fluffy you want to cuddle them all day. But, not all the cats in the anime world are just ordinary felines.


Some are talking cats, can transform into humans, or a familiar to wizards/mages. Whatever they are, these cats are surely darlings.

So, here are more than 40 characters who can make cat lovers purr in delight. Plus, you can use these to name your pet cat if you have one or are planning to adopt.

1. Korin

Anime: Dragon Ball

Korin the Immortal Cat

This immortal cat trained the one and only Goku in the series. He is more than 800 years old and hates dogs.

With his eyes always closed, you would think that he can't see that much. But, his wisdom knows no bounds.

A higher and immortal being sent Korin to Earth so this amazing divine cat helps Kami. For centuries, humanity has known him to be an expert in martial arts.

Those who want to train their skills and gain knowledge climb the tower in hopes to see Korin. However, only a select few manage to complete training: Master Roshi and of course, Son Goku.

Trivia: Korin's color in the manga is blue but turned white in the anime adaptation.

2. Morgana

Anime: Persona 5

Morgana in Persona 5

Morgana is expressive of his feelings and often uses this attitude towards his teammates in Phantom Thieves of Hearts. This anime cat has a haughty side.

Despite being outspoken, he isn't tackless towards people who committed mistakes. This cat has an emphatic ability and tries to understand people who need support.

He clings to the Phantom Thieves since he believes they can assist him in determining his origins and regaining his normal form. This cute cat can transform into a van.

His expression is "meow" in every sentence. Although Morgana looks like a cat, he insists that he isn't.

Trivia: Morgana loves sushi (not surprising since he is a cat).

3. Happy and Carla

Anime: Fairy Tail

Famous cats from Fairy Tail

Happy and Carla are anime cats from Fairy Tail. These cat characters are from Extalia, Edolas with Carla being white, and Happy, a blue cat.

Cappy is a semi-canon name of the pair in the series.

Carla is the companion of Wendy while Happy is Natsu's friend. Both were sent to earth to kill dragon slayers.

Unfortunately, they never completed their mission because they have grown attached to the mages who take care of them.

Both cats have wings that are retractable and that they can use to fly. Happy is not as powerful as the other Exceeds but he sure is loyal to Natsu and willing to do everything for the boy.

Trivia: Happy has a battle form and Carla's mission is the result of her seeing the future.

4. Takkun

Anime: FLCL

Takkun from FLC

There is nothing extraordinary about this black cat. Takkun is a normal anime cat with rather cartoonish details in the series.

Mamimi adopts him but she never brings him home. The cat only follows the girl wherever she went. The kitten’s namesake is Naota Nandaba whose nickname to Mamimi is Ta-kun.

Takkun is only 4 months when Mamimi adopted him. Ever since then, the cat seems to be loyal to her. Well, that’s just about it.

His eyes look like oversized saucers in his small face but he’s cute like any other cat.

Trivia: The cat’s voice is the same as Naota’s since Mamimi names him after the main protagonist.

5. Meowth

Anime: Pokemon

Meowth Pokemon

Meowth is one of the most popular anime cats in the anime community (and for good reason). He can talk (the only one actually among all Pokemon) and walks on two legs.

He has a shiny oblong coin on his forehead. This coin symbolizes his love of shiny objects and his preference for wealthy trainers.

This bipedal feline has 4 forms: Kantonian (normal), Alolan, Galarian, and Gigantamax in the series. But, most of the time, you see his normal form, which anime fans come to love and dislike.

Being used to wealthy trainers, Meowth is a bit bossy and picky eater.

Trivia: Meowth’s character is based on Maneki-neko, a yokai that brings fortune.

6. Chomosuke

Anime: Konsuba

Chomosuke in konsuba

This female cat is actually the other personality of Wolbach, a goddess of Sloth and Violence. But because of a war, this goddess is defeated and split into two. As you already, Chomusuke is one of these two.

She has a red cross on her forehead and wings like bats. This cat is black in color and small as a kitten.

During the accidental release of the two by Megumin, Chomusuke is a ferocious beast, but Wolbach defeats her and reduces her size.

Although she doesn’t speak, she seems to understand what people are telling her to do, sometimes.

Trivia: Later on, this beautiful feline becomes Megumin’s familiar.

7. Matatabi

Anime: Naruto

Matatabi Monster Cat

Matatabi is one of the most considerate and polite members of the tailed beast race, addressing Naruto with formal words while introducing oneself to the young shinobi.

As a tailed beast, this anime cat has an enormous reservoir of chakra.

He can even transfer this to others. Matatabi also has powerful muscles that enable it to move quickly despite its size. Besides, his power can create Tailed Beast Ball.

Matatabi is completely engulfed in blue flames and has two tails. like a Kasha. His eyes have different colors (yellow in right and green in left) with no pupils.

Trivia: Literally, his name could be translated to travel again.

8. Baron

Anime: The Cat Returns

Baron in the Cat Returns

Baron appeared in 2 films: Whisper of the Heart and The Cat Returns. He is a statue that comes alive at night.

True to his name, this anime cat wears a formal suit complete with a hat and cane. He works in a cat bureau during the night.

In the Cat Returns movie, Baron encounters Haru who is dragged into the Cat Kingdom. He does his best to help the girl who is trapped in the kingdom before it's too late.

Trivia: His full name is Baron Humbert von Gikkingen.

9. Chi

Anime: Chi's sweet home

Chi The Main Protagonist

Do you want cuteness overload? Well, here's a series dedicated only to anime cats because Chi is the main character. This female cat loves to smile but not so often.

At birth, she is accidentally separated from her mother, maybe due to her inquisitive nature. As a result, she ends up being adopted by the Yamada family.

Chi is a cross breed of American short hair and striped tabby cat. In the series, she has a sweet nature but is rude at times.

Most of the time, this cutie commits mistakes that she isn't aware of. Still, her adoptive family loves her so much. Talk about a lucky cat!

Trivia: Her birth name is Sarah.

10. Blair

Anime: Soul Eater

Blair the Sexy Cat

Blair as a monster cat is purple in color with yellow eyes and a curly tail. She is not an ordinary anime cat.

This anime character has two forms: human and a cat. Yes, she can transform or shapeshift for a more precise word.

While in cat form, Blair retains her witch hat and collar. In human form, she is super sexy with big boobies and a small waist.

Playful and flirtatious, this sexy cat can be a seductress. Despite this personality, she has a serious side. Sometimes, her selfishness and extravagance get her into trouble.

Trivia: She is one of the most popular anime characters, ranking 15th in an official poll.

11. Keroberos

Anime: Cardcaptor Sakura

Fluffy Keroberos from Cardcaptor Sakura

Who doesn't recognize this cute plush toy with wings? Keroberos is a ferocious anime cat in his true form.

When Sakura releases the Clow Cards accidentally, this guardian cat chooses her and teaches the girl about magic and cards.

This anime cat has a sweet tooth. He loves cakes, chocolates, and cookies in particular.

Aside from sweets, Kerberos likes to play video games. When not playing or eating, he's bossing around Sakura and demanding her to capture the cards in the soonest possible time.

Unlike other Clow Cards, Kero can generate his own energy.

Trivia: This cat is already a hundred years old.

12. Kuroneko

Anime: Trigun

Kurokeko the Black Cat

Who is Kuroneko? She is just a cat (or maybe not). When anime fans ask the author of Trigun about the significance of this black cat in the series, they would get an answer: she's a black cat.

Well, Kuroneko might be just that. But the intriguing part? You can see this anime cat in every episode of the anime adaptation! I know right?

So, why put a chat in every episode if she doesn't have anything to do with the story. His significance in the story is still a mystery.

But, Kuroneko is cute as hell, with those big round eyes and innocent expressions.

Trivia: She seems to understand human behavior to some extent.

13. Maya

Anime: Azumanga Daioh

Maya the Wild Cat

Maya is a wild cat descending from the species of Iriomote cat from an island in the series. After his mother's death, he followed Sakaki to her home.

But, Sakaki can't keep the cat in her home due to her parent's allergies. When she went to college, Maya goes to live with her in her own apartment.

Being a wild animal, he doesn't have any special power. This anime cat loves Sakaki more than anything.

He often scares the other cats in the neighborhood. Other than that, this cat is fairly normal. He could even understand Sakaki when she's trying to discipline him.

Trivia: Sakaki told the vet that Maya is a crossbreed, allowing her to keep the cat.

14. Karupin

Anime: Prince of Tennis

Karupin Beloved Cat of Ryoma

Karupin is one of the most beloved anime cats and is Ryoma Echizen's pet cat. The Japanese name Karupin comes from the words "Ka", which means "fragrance" and "purin", which means "pudding".

He is a male Himalayan cat. Like other cats, Karupin is mischievous and smart. One day, he even followed Echizen to school after his human packed his toy accidentally.

Also, this cat seems to know when his human is going away for long. He even hid in Ryoma's bag when the boy had to go to America for a tournament.

You could see this anime cat is always sleeping beside Ryoma and is playing around the Echizen's household.

Trivia: Karupin is based on Takeshi Konomi's real cat.

15. Kuro

Anime: Servamp

Kuro the Vampire Cat

Kuro is a character from the Shōnen manga series Servamp, written by Strike Tanaka.

His name is, of course, the Japanese word for 'black'. He takes up residence in Mahiru's home, and the two eventually become servamp partners.

During the day or when he's sick and weakened, this vampire turns into a black fluffy cat with a cute bushy tail. In his human form, Kuro lazes around playing video games whenever he wants.

Despite his fluffy look, this shapeshifting vampire is strong (and dangerous). Kuro's power is called "Black Claw", and it allows him to create black nails on his paws.

Trivia: This anime cat dislikes vacuum cleaners and alarm clocks, at least their sounds.

16. Luna & Artemis

Anime: Sailor Moon

Luna and Artemis Guardian Cats

Luna and Artemis are a cat couple (with a daughter named Diana) from the popular anime series Sailor Moon.

Both have a crescent moon symbol on their forehead, signifying their guardian status to the Sailors.

Luna is Sailor Moon's advisor throughout the first arc. Artemis is Luna's love interest.

In the anime, it was only Luna who transform into a human. However, in one movie, the three become humans.

Luna has black hair in human form while Artemis has white, which are the same colors when they're cats. The two came from the Planet Mau whose species are mostly felines.

Trivia: These anime cats are actually aliens from another planet.

17. Kaya

Anime: Ghost stories

Kaya the Possessed Cat

Kaya has heterochromia, where one of his eyes is blue while the other is yellow. He has a supernatural affinity despite being an ordinary cat.

One proof is when Amanojaku possesses his body in the first episode. This anime cat has shown Satsuki where the Ghost Diary is hidden. This has helped the main characters defeat evil ghosts.

This heterochromatic cat has been the pet of Miyanoshita since Kayako's funeral. The family kept him because they believe him to be one of their departed family, reincarnated.

Trivia: Being possessed by an evil spirit, Kaya is wild and used to scare the kids.

18. Sakamoto

Anime: Nichijou

Sakamoto in Red Scarf

Nano and Hakase discovered Sakamoto, a black cat while looking for herbs. Sakamoto can speak when he wears a red scarf made by Hakase.

This anime cat is older than Nano and Hakase and he likes to be addressed as "Sakamoto-san".

Taisho was his original name, and Nakamura was his first owner. But, Sakamoto fled because of Nakamura's poor cat care abilities.

When Hakase found him, he was in a box with the label Sakamoto, thus his current name. Being middle-aged, Sakamoto tries to act like one.

He succeeds most of the time. But, there would be times that this black cat acts like a normal feline, playing with small toys and fluffy ones.

Trivia: Hakase likes to prank Sakamoto.

19. Madara

Anime: Natsume's Book of Friends

Madara in Natsume's book of friends

Madara is a cute, fat cat that looks adorable in white fur and orange/gray markings on his forehead. His nickname is Nyanko. He is one of the most prominent characters in the anime series.

He likes to eat, especially Touko's home-cooked meals. Madara's favorites are sweets such as dango and sake.

This anime cat protects Takashi because of the book. He once told Natsume that when the boy dies, he should give it to him (Madara).

He could be selfish and stubborn. But throughout the series, Nyanko learns to love Takashi like a friend, even helping the boy return some names in the book.

Trivia: Madara is actually a youkai with a wolf-like appearance.

20. Arthur

Anime: Code Geass

Arthur the Student Council Cat

Arthur is a normal cat that the Student Council adopted. She becomes the pet of all the members.

Throughout the season of Code Geass, you could see the members take care of her. Arthur has black and gray fur with yellow eyes.

Her breed is not specified in the anime. But judging on her appearance, she could be a Korat mix.

This anime cat seems to understand emotions and intentions. She would stop someone from hurting themselves or even help Lelouch be part of the council.

In the series, she seems to bite Suzaku many times probably because of his connection to the name Lancelot.

Trivia: In the dub, Arthur seems to obtain the gender of the male when in fact is a female.

21. Neko Sensei

Anime: Princess Tutu

Neko sensei Teacher Cat

Mr. Cat is a teacher in a ballet school where Ahiru goes to attend training. He seems obsessed with getting his students to marry him.

Well, this is just his expression to ensure his students are doing their best (although he could really be looking for love). All of his students seem to be wary of him when he proposes nonchalantly.

Despite multiple rejections, there are four characters who really want to marry him: a goat, a sloth, a teacher, and a student.

At the end of the series, Neko Sensei finds his true love and is now an ordinary-looking cat.

Trivia: Neko-sensei has brown fur but looks like violet in anime.

22. Sorata

Sorata and his Ordinary Life

Sorata's first family is unknown, although he was left in an alleyway that became a watered-down box under the pouring rain. After hearing its cry, Takano was the only one who saved him and took him into his home.

10 years later, as an elderly fully grown cat, Sorata is in the care of Yokozawa. In the anime, Takano gives Sorata is given to Hiyori after graduating from high school.

This anime cat lives in her home and hangs out in her room, moving around at his own discretion. In the anime opening credits, he is seen giving a mouse to Hiyori.

Trivia: Sorata is a cat character in a BL anime series.

23. Nekobasu

Anime: My Neighbor Totoro

The Catbus

Nekobasu has 12 legs, which makes it super fast. It has stripes like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland.

This anime cat can accommodate many people, but only those who are creative enough to see it. Its eyes glow like a bus’s headlights at night.

Neko has striped fur in orange and grayish colors. Despite its fast movement, the girls seem to enjoy their ride while waiting for their father.

Despite its big size, the Catbus is lithe and agile like a cat normally does. It can sit on a tree branch without the branch snapping into two.

Trivia: In the anime movie Nekobasu could almost fly due to its super speed.

24. Kuro

Anime: Blue Exorcist

Kuro Blue Exorcist

Kuro is one of the many anime cats that are not ordinary. He is a demon cat with telepathic abilities. Aside from being a demon cat, he is also familiar of Rin Okumura.

This anime cat can change from small to gigantic at will. He is strong and has excellent hearing sense. Physically, Kuro has two tails and horns, symbolizing his origin.

In Japanese culture, two-tailed cats seem to bring luck and fortune.

Being a cat, he is playful and likes for Rin to play with him, as much as possible. Of course, Kuro has his fierceness when people destroy his most prized possession.

Trivia: In ancient times, this cat is a deity to silkworm farmers.

25. Doraemon

Anime: Doraemon

Digital Cat Doraemon

This chubby anime cat comes from the future. He has blue fur, no cat ears, and a pouch that contains amazing gadgets a kid would die for to have.

Doraemon is a defective robot cat but still functional. He needs to eat a large amount of food for energy. His favorite food is Dorayaki.

He falls easily with other cats, either robots or living. Whenever possible, this digital cat helps those who need him, especially Nobita.

Aside from falling easily, Doraemon gets angry fast. He would throw a fit whenever someone mistakes him for a raccoon.

Trivia: Originally, this robot has cat ears, but a rat damage them and they were permanently removed.

26. Shamisen

Anime: Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Anime cats

This anime cat is a stray one before Haruhi picks him up for a role in a play. Shamisen is a calico cat that seems to be rather smart than other cats.

Being stray for a long time, he has a hard time adjusting to domestication. Still, Shami manages to get comfortable with the humans who adopted him.

When Haruhi created a closed space, this cute cat begins to speak inside it. His tone is baritone, deep voice. Also, he is much wiser than expected.

This once-stray cat even gives Kyon some sound advice.

Trivia: The word shamisen in Japan is a three-stringed instrumental made of cat's hide.

27. Nekogami-sama

Anime: Nekogami-sama

Lord Cat

Nekogami-sama is a catlike figure that usually hides inside a vending machine. He warms the beverages.

Most of the time, this anime cat frequently employs mysterious abilities to toy with Mesousa. This playful attitude is mostly a characteristic of cats.

In each episode, Nekogami-sama is depicted with a different color of fur. In the final one, he changes colors frequently.

Sometimes, this hardworking cat asks others to take his place when he is unable to monitor the vending machines. One time, he requested Mesousa to guard the vending machine while he was gone.

Nekogami-sama has a brother who looks nearly identical to him but is somewhat shorter. His brother wears yellow glasses.

Trivia: In Japanese culture, Nekogami-sama is a revered Goddess of the cats with shrines dedicated to her all over the country.

28. Kirara

Anime: Inuyasha

Kirara Demot Cat

This anime cat is a nekomata (cat youkai) who travels with Sango and Miroku in the anime "Inuyasha." Kirara holds an important role, mainly by serving as transportation for all three.

It is also said that she can detect when a demonic aura is present.

Kirara is also significant when compared to other youkai cat characters in anime. What distinguishes other cats is his own mind and will, rather than being ordered around by Sango or Miroku.

Kirara also differs because it does not belong to Sango or Miroku. However, the group considers it to be their pet. As for appearance, he is so fluffy like a plush toy.

Trivia: This cat has amazing sight, even spotting an invisible enemy.

29. Anpu

Anime: Disastrous Life of Saiki


Anpu is a cat that often hangs around in front of the Saiki House. When he got trapped between two buildings and became attached to him, despite Kusuo's frequent denials.

He visits his home in an attempt to win over Kusuo's favor after being rescued by Kusuo. He once persuaded Kusuo, who was previously known as Psi, to assist him in attempting to woo a female cat named Pushi.

After Anpu saved him by chasing away a cockroach, Kusuo pets him later on.

Trivia: The character's name is a play on Animal Psi, which is the ability to communicate with animals via psychic means.

30. Jiji

Anime: Kiki's delivery service

Humble Cat characters

He is a black cat owned by Kiki, the protagonist of Studio Ghibli's anime film "Kiki's Delivery Service". He is voiced by Phil Hartman in the English version. Rei Sakuma voiced him in the Japanese version.

Jiji is not only Kiki's pet but also her best friend and companion. He is rather independent, yet cannot resist Kiki's charm. This anime cat sometimes gives Kiki a hard time but loves her very much.

In the anime film adaptation, Jiji is depicted as being sapient and capable of human speech. This is because he can communicate with Kiki's family and friends, as well as the other cats.

Trivia: Although not present in the novel version, Jiji appears as a very active character in Studio Ghibli's anime film adaptation.

31. Yoruichi Shihoin

Anime: Bleach

Female Character in Cat form

This sexy lady is one of the most interesting characters in Bleach. For thousands of years, she was the head of the Shihoin clan which produced some of the finest sword users in Soul Society's history.

Yoruichi is a soul reaper but can shapeshift into a cat when in the human realm. Other reapers use humans as their avatar while navigating the human world but not this anime character.

When in feline form, she retains her black appearance and pointy eyes. Like her reaper's character, her cat form is as playful as always.

Trivia: She is one of the most popular anime cats and/or characters.

32. Nekotalia

Anime: Nekotalia

a nation of anime cats

This series is an overload of cute anime cats. Each cat's name preceded the nation it represents. For example, you see America-cat, Ukraine-cat, and so on and so forth.

Himaruya's idea comes from a strip of the Hetalia series. Neko means cat and Talia word is taken from the last two syllables of the series, hence the title.

The cats can speak the same language. Probably, they could speak human language, too.

Each cat has their personalities and quirks. Despite their differences, they seem to be friends.

Seeing that each cat represents their nation, the series where cats are the main characters likes to depict diplomacy among countries.

Trivia: Out of the 25 cats in the series, only two have names canonically, Japan (Tama) and North Italy (Gino).

33. Puck

Anime: Re-Zero

Puck the Fairy cat

Puck is a fairy cat who came from the forest to Emilia's house. He is very loyal to Emilia and likes sitting on Subaru's shoulder. His favorite food is fish and he often goes to the river with Subaru.

This anime character is a very brave cat who can become a giant beast during battle. He has enough power to defeat an enemy.

But he seems to never want to use it unless Emilia's life is in danger. He likes eating kitty snacks and playing with toys. Puck is the most famous cat in Re: Zero.

Trivia: As part of their agreement, Emilia and Puck can't be more than 10 meters apart to avoid catastrophe.

34. Mao

Anime: Darker than Black

Mao Chinese Cat

Mao is one of the many anime cats that is the main protagonist. After losing his body, he has to find a suitable host and a cat is his nearest choice (maybe his most practical one).

Well, what could you say? Cats are agile and have stealth skills. Have you ever heard the walk of a cat? No, right. These creatures are super sneaky.

Going back to Mao, this is why he chooses a cat for his next body. As a Contractor, his ability is to possess animals and help Hei in battles.

Originally, this anime cat is a human programmed for spy work, just like in war.

Trivia: Mao is the Chinese for cat and he hates spring because it's mating season for felines.

35. Maris Stella

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

Anime cats Maris Stella

Furry and bushy tail with a grumpy expression is Maris Stella's description. She is a pet to Akira Mado.

This anime cat is affectionate to her owner but not to other people. In the Tokyo Ghoul Trump, she is one of the Diamond Suits, occupying the Five of Diamonds.

Like other cats, she doesn't seem to have any special ability. Her personality isn't that popular in the series.

You could see her greet Akira every time the girl is home.

Trivia: Her name means Star of the Sea.

36. Chito

Anime: Flying Witch

Chito the Witch Familiar

Chito is a black cat with brown eyes. She follows Makoto everywhere and whatever the girl does.

This anime cat is 17 years old and she's a bit old. Despite her age, she is still agile and sprightly.

Well, she's affectionate and not aloof to other people. As Makoto's familiar, Chito is supportive of the witch's endeavor.

Like normal cats, she plays and chases other animals like birds, too. Also, this black feline is super-expressive and attentive. She would listen when two people are conversing as she understands them.

Aside from Makoto, Chito is comfortable with Chinatsu, even allowing the girl to carry her sometimes.

Trivia: She befriends a mouse (even pet it on the head), instead of chasing it around.

37. Haru Mikazuki

Anime: My Roommate is a Cat

Haru from My Roommate is a Cat

Haru is a black cat with a white triangle covering her eyes and mouth. She wears a red Meowal collar with a red bow. In it is a bell but Subaru removed it due to its loudness.

Haru, as a kitten, has long been insecure and wary of those around her. This animosity extends especially to people, who abused her and her siblings (one died) when they were strays.

She and Subaru have difficulty communicating with each other, but their misinterpretations help them accomplish the same goal. Her perspective is shown in the part of the narrative.

Trivia: In Haru's POV, her name means food.

38. Hikari

Anime: The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Hikari White Cat

Hikari is one of the many anime cats in the anime series. This cat is a normal one but she is the cutest among the strays Sorata Kanda keeps in his room.

She's white with fluffy fur and a bushy tail. This white cat has that lovely face with violet eyes. So cute!

Like the other felines, Sorata loves Hikari so much that he is in big trouble after the school admin learns about his many pets.

Despite this situation, the teenager didn't give up his adopted strays. Instead, he accepted the punishment and moved to Sakurasou so he could still keep his cats.

Trivia: She could be the reason Sorata is in trouble but the boy doesn't take it against her.

39. Niya

Anime: The Secret World of Arrietty

Niya Beloved Pet

Niya is the pet of Sho in the film Arrietty. This anime cat has beige fur with gray spots over his body.

He likes to chase the small Arrietty but eventually becomes friends with her. Niya likes to sleep on Sho's chest, being lulled with the rhythmic breathing of his owner.

Just like any other cat, she likes to laze around, preferring to sleep more. When Niya's awake, she would chase Arrietty throughout the house.

40. Taichi

Anime: A Whisker Away


A Whisker Away is about anime cats and tells the story of an ordinary girl who can transform into a cat using a mask.

In the anime movie, Taichi is just one of the many cats in the film. Nothing much is known about this cat. He is beige in color with darker, maybe brown spots, on his forehead and right cheek.

Taichi is also a former human who was trapped in the cat world because of the Mask Seller's trickery. He is a bar drinking sake when Miyo (in cat form) enters the mysterious world of cats.

41. Sand Cat

Anime: Kemono Friends

Endangered Sand Cat

Sand Cat is more of a human-like cat. She has blonde hair, yellow-green eyes, a pair of animal ears, and a tail.

This anime cat's distinctive hairstyle (especially the stripes), cat ears, and catlike tail are all reminiscent of the real sand cat from which she was inspired.

Her dress includes a white sleeveless shirt with a high-waisted belted skirt and a ribbon on the back. Sand cat also has a bow tie, elbow-length gloves, socks, and shoes. This costume is almost similar to her actual life counterpart.

Trivia: In real life, the sand cat is an endangered species, almost near-threatened status.

42. Chimera

Anime: Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!

Chimera in angel wings

In the anime series "Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions," Chimera has a distinctive appearance. This anime cat wears pink-angel wings with a serpent attached at the back.

The angel wings alone are eye-catching, making anime fans purr with the overload of cuteness.

Tōka Takanashi's encounters with her are entertaining to watch since she is allergic to cats. Chimera doesn't seem to care. You know cats, they don't give a care because that's just what they are.

This cat becomes the proud mother of six adorable kittens near the conclusion of season two.


Anime: Yokai Watch

Jibanyan with his two tails

This cute anime cat has red and white fur. His one ear has a chip and his eyes are yellow.

Jibanyan is a yokai with two tails. Each tail has blue flames that match the bell in his collar.

He wears a haramaki, where he stores some sweets such as Chocobars and items such as magazines. This red cat has a thing for Chocobars.

Jibanyan is a determined cat, eager to fight other Yokai causing troubles. Although he's industrious and motivated, there are times when he slacks off.

His ability includes merging with other Yokai like him because he can't evolve.

Trivia: The haramaki that Jibanyan wears is a popular fashion accessory during the Showa period.

44. Poyo

Anime: Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki

Poya the Stray Cat

On the streets, Moe discovers a stray cat and names him Poyo. This cute cat is kind to everyone except Moe's brother.

He is an adamant protector of the weak, chasing away (animal) oppressors and assisting the helpless.

Poyo is round with orange fur and has some lines on top of his head. He is a curious cat.

This anime cat is one of the main characters. Since the series is a slice-of-life theme, the story revolves around Poyo and the Sato family.

Together with his owners, Poyo celebrates many holidays and deals with daily struggles and problems.

Trivia: One game developer creates a video game with Poyo as the main character.

45. Tama

Anime: Nyan Koi!

Tama Rare Calico Cat

There are two anime cats (at least who get regular screen time) featured in the story because the series is cat-related. One of these cats is Tama, a male calico cat.

Tama has brown and gray spots on his back. He wears a red-violet collar with a bell. His owner is the head monk of a temple.

This cat is a wanderer in the neighborhood. He likes to tell other cats about Junpei's curse.

Because of this gossiping cat, Junpei has become popular among the feline species. Everyone likes their wishes to come true.

To lift the curse, Junpei has to help as many cats as possible.

Trivia: Tama is a unique cat because of its rarity.

Trivia Questions on Anime Cats

Who is the strongest cat in anime?

Well, in this list, it could be Doraemon. Do you know that he has the device or weapon to change reality with a phone call? Yes, this robot cat has amazing gadgets hidden in his pouch.

What anime has a cat that turns into a human?

There are two series in this list where the female anime characters turn into humans and vice versa. Bleach would be one. Yoruichi can turn into a human and back into a cat at will.

Aside from Yoruichi, Blair from Soul eater is another cat who can turn into a human.

What is the anime with the big cat?

Sakura Card Captor, where Kereberos is a big cat when engaging in a battle.

Whether you're an anime cat lover or not, this article will leave you with a positive feeling. What are your beloved characters?


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