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34 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters

Tokyo Ghoul is a dark, gritty anime that tells the story of humans living in fear of Ghouls: beings that look human but survive by feeding on human flesh.


The story follows Ken Kaneki, who becomes a Ghoul after being attacked and killed by one. Tokyo Ghoul is full of incredibly strong characters, both human and ghoul alike.

Before I discuss the strongest tokyo ghoul characters, let's have some basic info and terms. You might need these while you read because I'm going to use them as often as possible to denote strength and abilities.

Tokyo Ghoul Terms

Kagunes are pretty interesting, huh? They're like a ghoul's weapon and claws all rolled into one. And they usually look like they're made out of blood - how creepy is that?

But did you know that they're actually made out of RC (red child) cells? Yeah, the same cells that flow through a ghoul's body like blood and become solid like a bone or teeth.

So basically, a kagune is made out of liquid muscles. Pretty cool, right?

RC cells are special cells that exist only in the story, and the name is derived from how the cells look like curled-up fetuses.

These cells are important because they are what allow humans to turn into ghouls. Ghouls live off of human blood and flesh, and they are very powerful. They give ghouls their abilities.

As a result, ghouls are often hunted by humans. The existence of Rc cells is a key reason why humans and ghouls are at war with each other.


The ukaku kagune is one of the most interesting quinque out there. It's spread out like feathers, and it's released from the shoulder area. It specializes in high-speed attacks, and most of the users seem to have incredible speed. This makes it a great choice for those who want to be fast and agile on the battlefield.


A metallic Koukaku kagune is discharged below the shoulder blade. A high Rc cell density is what makes this possible. It is very strong and heavy.

They are the toughest kagunes and most equipped for defense out of all the species. Typically, they take the form of a huge armor. However, they can take the form of melee weapons like drills, hammers, or blades when used offensively.

A koukaku's pace is slower than that of the other kagunes due to its heavy weight, and it is challenging to use.


A Rinkaku kagune is a Japanese term that translates to "shining scales" in English. It is released in the back, around the waist, and resembles scaled tentacles. A rinkaku has strong regeneration abilities, and its unusual shape and construction give it excellent hitting power. A rinkaku is a master of physical force.


Bikaku kagunes are considered to be a surprise "trump card" due to their lack of any major strengths or weaknesses. They are good for medium-distance attacks and have a decent offense, defense, and speed.

Despite the fact that bikakus are faster and more resilient than rinkaku kagunes, the speedier ukaku-user can outmatch it. Also, ukaku long-range can strike bikaku into a victim.

As such, bikakus are best used as a counter to rinkaku users. Overall, the balanced characteristics of the bikaku make it a preferred quinque type for many investigators.

Top 34 Strongest Characters in the Series

Now, you have a general idea of what ghouls are, their kagune and their types. Here is a list of the 25 strongest characters in Tokyo Ghoul anime, ranked from weakest to strongest.

34. Mado Akira

Strongest Character Mado Akira

Of the many characters in the Tokyo Ghoul anime, Akira Mado is the daughter of a member of the CCG. She has always been interested in new quinque designs and experimental weapons.

However, her true expertise lies in firearms. As shown in her battle with Haise Sasaki, she is an excellent marksman. She can snipe her opponent from a distance.

Additionally, she displayed remarkable durability, continuing to fight even after sustaining serious injuries. Her determination and fighting spirit make her a truly formidable opponent.

Lastly, her unique skills make her one of the most valuable members of the CCG (former).

33. Nutcracker

Hybrid Ghoul Nutcracker

Nutcracker was a bikaku and koukaku hybrid ghoul, with the ability to detach her kagune. She was widely known for her agility and strength, as well as her sadistic tendencies.

This female ghoul took pleasure in torturing her male victims before devouring them. She was especially fond of crushing their testicles and drinking the fluids.

In addition to being a feared ghoul among humans, Nutcracker was also tasked with capturing them for an underground "Gourmet" society.

Though she was eventually apprehended by the CCG, Nutcracker remains one of the most notorious ghouls in history.

32. Karao Saeki

Karao Saeki

Ghoulish serial killer Karao Saeki was well-known for dismembering, then decapitating, his victims after only taking their torsos.

Having been born as a ghoul, he was assigned an A rating by the CCG. He had a long tentacled kagune. This kagune allows him to attack from a distance.

This killer also possessed potent regeneration skills, enabling him to heal his wounds relatively immediately. Saeki was eventually killed by Ken Kaneki, who ended his reign of terror.

However, even in death, Saeki continues to haunt the lives of those he left behind.

31. Iwao Kuroiwa

Iwao Kuroiwa

One of the main characters is Iwao Kuroiwa, a detective who specializes in investigating crimes committed by ghouls.

In one episode, Kuroiwa is gravely injured when a ghoul attacks him. Despite having a sword plunged through his neck and his right arm torn off, he manages to recover and continue fighting.

This scene is significant because it demonstrates Kuroiwa's strength and resilience. His determination to protect the innocent and catch the bad guys, no matter what the cost, is what makes him a hero.

30. Enji Koma

Devil Ape Enji Koma

Koma is a strong fighter who can easily defeat several opponents at once. Her bikaku kagune is particularly deadly. She has often been shown using it to great effect in battle.

However, Koma is not just a fighter. She is also a skilled tactician. She was able to lead her gang to control a large portion of the 20th ward.

During battles, she frequently uses her strategies to great advantage in battle. In addition, Koma is also a very perceptive person, able to quickly discern the strengths and weaknesses of her opponents.

As a result, she is often able to find ways to turn the tide of battle in her favor. Overall, Koma is a dangerous opponent and an excellent strategist.

She is one of the most feared ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul.

29. Shuu Tsukiyama

Koukaku Shuu

Shuu Tsukiyama is a Koukaku-type ghoul. He possesses enhanced physical powers.

He can also create a flexible spiral out of a linear metallic ribbon that can wrap around his upper body like armor. Not only that. He can shape it into a broad, sword-like blade that is good for thrusting and stabbing, extending his reach.

Tsukiyama displayed quickness that did not correspond to the typical capabilities of heavy-weight Koukaku ghouls during his fight with Touka Kirishima.

He was able to withstand having his arm and a portion of his face severed (while employing the kagune). Thus, Tsukiyama is an extremely powerful opponent.

28. Mutsuki Tooru

Tooru Bikaku

Mutsuki Tooru's body has been surgically modified to give him enhanced physical abilities. His kagune, or bikaku kagune, is a manifestation of his RC cells. It is composed of several segmented edges.

In order to block, launch strong attacks, or bind an adversary, he can extend it over a wide area. Mutsuki has demonstrated the capacity to regenerate and recover from serious wounds at an unnatural rate.

This ghoul has also developed a method of concealing his RC levels within his body. This makes him undetectable by standard methods of detection.

As a result, Mutsuki is a powerful, dangerous enemy to those who underestimate him.

27. Yukinori Shinohara

Yukinori Shinohara

Few people in the anime world are as experienced with ghouls as Yukinori Shinohara. A teacher by profession, Shinohara has faced down dozens of powerful ghouls over the course of his career. Each is more dangerous than the last.

In order to protect his students, Shinohara uses a quinque made from the bodies of ghouls he has personally defeated. This gives him an immense advantage in combat.

He can wield a weapon that is specifically designed to take down ghouls. However, it also comes at a great cost, as using a quinque takes a tremendous toll on Shinohara's body.

Despite this, he keeps fighting because he wants to defend the people who are important to him.

26. Renji Yomo

Dragon Arc: Renji Yomo

One of the most powerful characters in the anime Tokyo Ghoul is Yomo. He is an ukaku ghoul with enhanced physical strength. He owns an ukaku kagune.

When in use, Yomo's kagune is encircled by a lightning-like aura that can produce electricity. He can use it in an aggressive and destructive way.

Yomo easily kicked Noro's skull in the Dragon Arc as he was trying to save Kaneki. His body is strong enough to prevent Narukami from slicing him in half at close range.

Yomo didn't flinch as Kaneki's kagune stabbed into his abdomen. But he recovered soon afterward. Yomo also showed his ability to use just his hands to stop a direct strike from Kishou Arima. These feats make him one of the strongest characters in the anime.

25. Tsuneyoshi Washuu

Tsuneyoshi Washuu

In the anime Tokyo Ghoul, Tsuneyoshi belongs to the Washuu Clan. Not much is known about his full abilities, but he is said to be very strong.

He has defeated many SSS-rated ghouls in battle and is also a natural born kakuja. This man is one of the main antagonists of the series. He is always causing trouble for the protagonists.

However, he is also a very complex character. It is clear that he has a deep inner conflict. On one hand, he wants to protect his family and help them achieve their goals.

He knows that what they are doing is wrong, and that they will never be able to live in peace with humans.

As a result, Tsuneyoshi Washuu is a tragic figure who is caught between two worlds.

24. Kurona Yasuhisa

Kurona Yasuhisa

Before Kurona Yasushisa turned into a ghoul, she had the makings of a good CCG investigator. She possesses a ghoul's enhanced speed, power, and capacity for regeneration.

Using a quinque is another skill Kurona reportedly excels at. This girl has stronger talents than a naturally bred ghoul because of her hybrid vigor.

In battle, she is a formidable foe as a result of this, and she frequently disposes of her adversaries without much difficulty. Kurona is also shown to be very intelligent.

She can outsmart her opponents by using their own weaknesses against them. She is a skilled fighter and is always looking for a challenge.

23. Jason / Yakumo Oomori

Yakumo Oomori

Due to his ability to cannibalize other ghouls, Jason was an S-rated ghoul who posed a serious threat. He had exceptional physical strength and speed.

Nearly no one in the 13th ward dares to challenge him. A kagune primarily gave the normal rinkaku user additional strength and regenerative skills.

Jason makes use of his kagune perfectly to the point that he could change its shape as he pleases. His main form of attack was to use his kagune like a blade to slice his opponents open.

But he was also known to use it as a whip or a club. He was notoriously sadistic, often prolonging the suffering of his victims

This made him even more feared among the people of the 13th ward. However, despite his terrifying reputation, Jason was ultimately defeated by Ken Kaneki, a rated SS Ghoul.

22. Shikorae / Rio


Shikorae is a ghoul with multiple Rc types. He is initially considered to be of moderate strength.

But he demonstrates high regenerative abilities and speed. He is quick to recover after having multiple holes shot in him. Plus, he is quick enough to ambush opponents again.

Shikorae is eventually found to be more potent than anticipated. He has several Rc kinds.

This not-so average ghoul has the rare capacity to generate new kagune through cannibalism. He absorbs Rc cells from the environment.

This makes him a very dangerous opponent. He is able to hold his own against some of the strongest ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul.

21. Hinami Fueguchi

ss rated ghoul Hinami Fueguchi

Ghoul investigators killed Hinami Fueguchi's parents, Asaki and Ryouko Fueguchi. Hinami was born with heightened senses and uses dual kagune, a rinkaku and koukaku kagune.

The four koukaku petals that she could summon had enough power to deflect one of Higher Mind's blasts. With her keen hearing, this girl ghoul can quickly sort through sounds to find information.

Raised in the ghoul restaurant Anteiku, Hinami was sheltered from the violence of the ghoul world for much of her life. She, meanwhile, has grown more reclusive and terrified after seeing her parents die.

Despite this, she still puts others before herself and is always quick to offer help. Hinami is a kind and gentle ghoul who just wants to live in peace.

However, she understands that the ghoul world is a dangerous place and that sometimes violence is unavoidable.

20. Kaiko


Though it would be hard to tell by looking at him, Kaiko has a half-ghoul status. He was born from a human mother and a ghoul father.

His ghoul heritage did not manifest until later in life. As a result, he grew up with great physical abilities but a shortened lifespan.

However, Kaiko's ghoul abilities fully manifested after he was exposed to the toxin from Dragon. This led to him becoming fully Ghoul, with all of the associated abilities.

These include a powerful kagune, enhanced strength and speed, and regeneration. Kaiko is also an accomplished swordsman, able to hold his own against Ghoul Investigators.

In Tokyo Ghoul, Kaiko is a major antagonist and one of the most powerful ghouls in the city.

19. Kuki Urie

Kuki Urie

He is a Quinx, which is a human-ghoul hybrid. Due to this, he has enhanced physical abilities and senses.

Kuki Urie also has a koukaku kagune, which is a ghoul's main weapon. Kagune come in different shapes and sizes.

Each ghoul has their own unique kagune. Quinx have enhanced kagune that are larger and more powerful than a normal ghoul's kagune.

Urie initially struggles to control the heightened power of his kagune's improved frames. But after his first combat, he starts to hone his skills and can now utilize his kagune more deftly.

His senses have also been substantially enhanced. They allow him to detect and smell blood at a long distance.

In fact, the quinque wasn't necessary for Urie to defeat Kanae. He killed Noro with one blow.

He was able to amplify his regeneration capacity, healing from a grievous wound through the chest.

18. Saiko Yonebayashi

Saiko Yonebayashi

She has heightened athletic prowess and a rinkaku kagune because she is a quinx. The rinkaku kagune is a sentient mass of ghoul cells that can be controlled by the ghoul.

Depending on the requirements of the ghoul, it might assume various shapes. It can be employed as multiple lashing tentacles in its most basic form.

In its most powerful form, it can take on the form of a giant beast. Saiko's kagune temporarily subdued Koutarou Amon and later incapacitated his kakuja form.

This woman also possesses a koukaku quinque, which is a weapon made from the remains of a ghoul. The quinque is shaped like a hammer and is used to subdue other ghouls.

17. Touka Kirishima

Touka Kirishima

In the anime Tokyo Ghoul, Touka Kirishima is a ghoul who possesses the ability to harden and dis-harden her kagune at will. She also has the ability to generate electricity with her kagune.

This kagune can travel at very high speeds. Touka is an excellent fighter, and was able to defeat Tsukiyama, a powerful ghoul, in battle.

She is also quite intelligent, and is able to outsmart her opponents. Touka is a complex and interesting character.

16. Donato Porpora

Porpora Donato

Donato Porpora is active during the Third Cochlea Raid. Not much is known about him, but he was a powerful fighter who was able to hold his own against multiple investigators.

He eventually lost to Kuki Urie, but not before doing a lot of harm. His Koukaku kagune resembled a long tentacle made of interlaced sinew strands, with its outer layer bearing cross-shaped patterns.

This man could extend it over great distances and precisely spear targets thanks to its ranged attack capabilities. Donato demonstrated the ability to detach pieces of his kagune.

Moreover, after Kuki Urie severed his finger, his cells were able to regenerate in a cross-like pattern. Although he was ultimately defeated, Donato's fighting abilities and intelligence made him a formidable opponent.

15. Koutarou Amon

Ghoul investigator Amon

Koutarou Amon is a First Class Ghoul Investigator. He was a human when he was born.

After gaining Yoshimura's kakuhou, he changed into a half-ghoul and obtained an ukaku kagune. He can shoot many projectiles from his kagune

As a result of his transformation, he experienced an uncontrolled surge in Rc cells. This half-ghoul has been left in an unstable state.

Amon possesses a grotesque and mutated armor. He possesses a mutant head with several eyes. His back is covered in multiple blades that protrude from his twisted lips.

He appears to be able to push back and impact any RC cell, as well as explode any kagune by direct physical touch. Despite his appearance, he is a skilled investigator. He is always striving to protect innocent people from the ghouls that prey on them.

14. Seidou Takizawa

natural born ghoul

Seidou Takizawa is a former Ghoul Investigator who bears the moniker of "The Owl." His powers are considered to be stronger than those of a typical ghoul because he is biologically ghoul.

The Owl's famous "fluffy feathers" of barbs along his shoulder blade. He can unleash a hailstorm of solidified Rc cells across long ranges.

The use of Takizawa's incomplete kakuja appears to seriously impair his mental state. Yoshimura also possesses this kakuja. However, he is still able to fight effectively and is loyal to his friends and allies.

Seidou is a tragic character who has suffered greatly, but he continues to fight for what he believes in.

13. Roma Hoito

SSS rated ghoul Roma Hoito

Dodgy Mother is Roma Hoito's nickname. She has a lot of potential. Her kagune is perfectly symmetrical, and it's a very cool-looking kakuja.

She can regenerate lost limbs thanks to the strength of her regeneration. Roma Hoito is one of the oldest ghouls in Tokyo Ghou.

She is really skilled with her kagune and has a lot of experience. She can use her kagune to create Dodgy Daughters.

Dodgy Daughters are powerful ghouls who are loyal to her. They are like mini-Romas, and they are very dangerous.

12. Noro / Noroi

Noro Tokyo MX

Noro was an exceptionally powerful ghoul, boasting abilities that set him apart from other ghouls. For one, he was able to regenerate from injuries that would have killed most other ghouls.

Even after being cut in half, he was still able to create kagune-like structures from his body. This allowed him to continue fighting even when he sustains heavy injuries.

In addition, Noro had a ravenous appetite. This ghoul eats an absurd amount of meat. He posed a serious threat to ghouls and humans both as a result of this.

Only the One-Eyed Owl and Shachi were thought to be stronger than all of the ghouls recognized by the CCG, with Noro ranking among the top three. As a result, he was greatly feared by both humans and Ghouls alike.

11. Ayato Kirishima

Ayato Kirishima

Rc cells are what allow ghouls to possess their unique abilities. Rc cells also allow for their superhuman durability, regeneration, and sense.

Ayato was born as a full ghoul, meaning he was born with Rc cells. This gave him an ukaku kagune, which is a type of Rc cell that hardens for close range combat.

He could make a single wing on his shoulders. His kagune were brownish orange in color. Ayato also has superhuman senses and regeneration.

This man has extraordinary hearing, as revealed when he first appeared in the anime. He was also able to quickly recover from a head wound caused by a bullet.

Overall, Rc cells are what make Ayato the powerful character he is.

Top 10 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters

10. Tatara

Unknown Kagune Possess by Tatara

Tatara is an SS-class ghoul with unknown origins. He is first seen in the third season of the anime Tokyo Ghoul.

He is a member of Aogiri Tree. He owns a kakuja, which is a powerful and rare type of kagune.

Tatara's unique kagune has concentrated RC cells and ignites when they are emitted. The flames produced can reach up to 4,000 degrees Celsius.

He is agile and durable, able to easily slaughter an entire squad of CCG investigators. This ghoul can withstand attacks from Seidou Takizawa.

But in the end, Tatara is defeated by Seidou, and his kakuja is destroyed.

9. Shachi / Matasaka Kamishiro

Matasaka Kamishiro

Martial arts are often associated with human athleticism and grace. However, in the world of Tokyo Ghoul, martial arts take on a whole new meaning.

Ghouls like Shachi are born with enhanced physical capabilities. They can perform feats of strength and speed that would be impossible for humans.

In addition, ghouls have access to a unique form of combat known as kagune fighting. Kagunes are incredibly strong and sharp. This makes them lethal weapons in the hands of a skilled fighter like Shachi. He is able to use his kagune to devastating effect.

However, his true power lies in his understanding of ghoul physiology. He can exploit the weaknesses of other ghouls, giving him a huge advantage in battle.

This makes him one of the most feared fighters in the Aogiri Tree, an organization dedicated to destroying the CCG and ruling over the human world.

8. Uta

Tokyo ghoul series

Uta has extraordinary regeneration and speed. His physical prowess earned him the title of "peacemaker" of the 4th ward throughout his teenage years.

His kagune resembles a tail. It is incredibly powerful, and able to easily slice through concrete and metal. He uses it to strike opponents resulting in severe damage. Plus, He can discharge up to six tails.

Also, he is in possession of an undiscovered Kakuja. This kakuja appears as multiple broad arms growing from his shoulders and back, with flesh covering much of his face.

Uta can imitate others' appearances. His regenerative abilities are also quite impressive, allowing him to heal from injuries that would be fatal to most people in a matter of moments.

Sometimes, Uta is vulnerable and weapons killing ghouls can wound him. Additionally, he seems to be sensitive to sounds, as he is often seen wearing headphones or earplugs.

Despite his cold exterior, Uta is actually quite intelligent and has a keen understanding of human behavior. This allows him to think two steps ahead of his opponents and strike when they least expect it.

7. Juuzou Suzuya

Characters in Tokyo Ghoul Suzuya

Juuzou Suzuya possesses great physical strength and agility, making him a match for most ghouls. He is so skilled that the CCG has stated he does not need to attend the Academy.

He can go into active duty immediately. Suzuya is able to use his quinque, a weapon made from ghoul's cells to destructive effect.

He has even been able to slice off one of the Owl's arms with it. As a result, Suzuya is a powerful fighter who can efficiently subdue ghouls.

6. Rize Kamishiro (Dragon Form)

6 Rize Kamishiro (Dragon Form)

Introduced in the first season of the Tokyo Ghoul anime, Rize Kamishiro is a powerful ghoul who initially poses as a human. However, her true form is that of a Dragon. It is a massive creature with multiple tentacles and the ability to release a ghoulification toxin.

While Rize is initially an enemy of the main characters, she later forms an alliance with them to fight against more powerful foes. This girl is a skilled fighter and strategist.

Her Dragon form is incredibly powerful. However, she is also somewhat narcissistic. Rize often makes selfish decisions that put her allies in danger.

Despite this, she is a valuable ally and an important member of the team.

5. Kuzen Yoshimura

non killing owl Yoshimura

In the anime Tokyo Ghoul, Kuzen Yoshimura is one of the powerful ghouls known as Ukaku Ghouls. He has the ability to shoot ukaku shards through his entire body.

His unique trait is his severe level of regeneration. This skill allows him to take waves of hits from powerful quinques without suffering any injuries.

As a result, Kuzen can withstand many blows without being shaken by any of them. This is because he possesses an incredible level of pain tolerance for a ghoul.

Thus, he is one of the most feared ghouls in Tokyo.

4. Eto Yoshimura

Strongest Ghoul Woman

Eto Yoshimura, also known as the One-Eyed Owl, is an SSS-class ghoul. She is the daughter of a ghoul and a human, making her a half-ghoul. This woman is one of the few ghouls with the highest rating.

As a result of her hybrid status, she has enhanced physical abilities. This young woman can use both ghoul and human weapons.

Her kagune morphs into a number of hideous appendages connected to her back after the time skip. Also, her kakuja kills those in front while her ukaku kagune covers medium to long distances.

She can overwhelm even the most seasoned CCG detectives, like Yukinori Shinohara and Iwao Kuroiwa, with the ukaku kagune's huge projectiles. Eto is deranged that killing humans looks like a habit for her.

Eto may also have the ability to "implant" her kagune into others, causing a dramatic change in their physiology.

3. Kishou Arima

special class ghoul investigator Kishou Arima

Special Class Investigator Kishou Arima is known as the White Reaper due to his exceptional skill with his quinque, a weapon made from a ghoul's kakuhou. For sometime, he holds the title one-eyed king of the Aogiri Tree.

Arima is a defective half-ghoul. He was not born a ghoul but was given stronger physical prowess in exchange for a shorter lifespan. At a young age, he has shown this power.

As a result, he is incredibly fast and strong, able to easily dodge and block attacks. This investigator is also very deductive, and able to quickly solve cases.

Arima is a stoic character who rarely shows emotion, but he does have a soft spot for children. His quiet demeanor hides his fierce determination to rid the world of ghouls.

2. Nimura Furuta / Kichimura Washuu (Final Form)

superhuman strength of Nimura

Nimura Furuta is a half-ghoul who serves as the Deputy Director of the Commission of Counter Ghoul. A former member of the Floppy Disk, he later betrayed them and joined Aogiri Tree.

Afterward, he became one of the Washuu Clan's leaders and was eventually appointed as the deputy director of the CCG.

He has a Rinkaku Kakuja covering his entire body, which gives him extraordinary strength. In addition, he has a chainsaw quinque that he can use to great effect in battle.

Furuta is a dangerous opponent and one not to be underestimated.

1. Ken Kaneki

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters Dragon Kaneki

Ken Kaneki is the artificial one-eyed ghoul created as a result of merging Rize Kamishiro's kakuhou with a human. He is also known as the Black Reaper in the series

He showed a special healing ability, increased brute strength, and the ability to use a rinkaku kagune. He even develops resistance to ghoul toxins.

Kaneki transforms dramatically after swallowing the Oggai squad and the nucleus lodged in Furuta's body. He becomes an ever-expanding mass of flesh, teeth, and eyes that eats everything in its path.

This immense power comes at a cost, however, as Kaneki is wracked with pain and loses his sanity in the process. Despite this, he continues to fight on and protect those he cares about from the dangerous creatures that now pose a threat to humanity.

So, what how did you find the ranking? Is it justified? Of course, the list is based on what I know and research about the characters. Don't forget to comment below or share this to your friends!



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