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30 Clannad Quotes That’ll Make You Cry (or Smile)

Clannad is one of the most deeply emotional anime shows out there.

The anime series dwells on real-life situations such as the life of a young adult, romance, marriage, relationships, and parenthood.

Although some of the episodes are cliches, the Clannad quotes are worth remembering. These quotes aptly describe the characters who spoke them.

These quotes are what make Clannad a tear-jerker for anime fans who love drama and romance.

So, let me cut this too-long-of-a-speech and bring you 30 of the most heart-wrenching Clannad quotes.

Nagisa Furukawa Quotes

Nagisa furukawa quotes
“Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me. You made me so happy. I don’t want you to be lost or afraid or anything like that. From here on out, I know things might be hard sometimes. But no matter what may await, please don’t regret meeting me.” – Nagisa Furukawa
Nagisa furukawa quotes 1
“Life can bring lots of hardships, but it’s always important to keep in mind that there are people around you who care for you, and are willing to help you through whatever you’re dealing with.” – Nagisa Furukawa
Nagisa Furukawa quotes 2
“Nothing can stay unchanged. Fun things… Happy things… They can’t possibly remain the same.” – Nagisa Furukawa

Akio Furukawa Quotes

Akio furukawa quotes clannad
"It's a sad day for a man when he has to give up the harem life!" - Akio Furukawa
Akio furukawa quotes 1
“We didn’t give up on our dreams! We changed our dreams into your dream! That’s what parents do! That’s what a family does.” – Akio Furukawa
Akio Furukawa quotes 1
“It’s natural that men have things they need to protect.” – Akio Furukawa

Tomoya Okazaki Quotes

Tomoya Okazaki quotes
“If you feel like crying you should not hold back your tears. You should let it all out while you still can – because when you get bigger sometimes you can’t cry even if you have something to cry about.” – Tomoya Okazaki
Tomoya Okazaki quotes 1
“I hate this town. It’s too filled with memories I’d rather forget. I go to school every day, hang out with my friends, and then go home. There’s no place I’d rather not go ever again. I wonder if anything will ever change? Will that day ever come?” – Tomoya Okazaki
Tomoya Okazaki quotes 2
“I couldn’t help laughing the moment I saw him. Actually, I think that was the first time I laughed since I came to that school. He might have looked stupid but it was the kind of stupid I wanted in on.” – Okazaki Tomoya
Tomoya Okazaki quotes 3
“What are you so hesitant about? It’s your dream, isn’t it? It’s right in front of you and you’re wavering? You gotta be reckless, and take whatever you can!” – Tomoya Okazaki
Tomoya Okazaki quotes 4
“The days I spent with you were a lot of fun. I realized for the first time that it makes me so happy to be needed by others. I thought I’d get along well with you like this. But I can’t. I was being a jerk. While I was with you, I was looking at someone else. I kept it to myself even after realizing that. I was taking advantage of your kindness.” – Okazaki Tomoya

Tomoyo Sakagami Quotes

Tomoyo Sakagami quotes
“Time and titles do not matter in the bonds between people.” – Tomoyo Sakagami
Tomoyo Sakagami quotes 1
“No matter how cold and distant people may become, on the inside something warm and precious always remains, something that never changes. To me, that’s what family is like.” – Tomoyo Sakagami

Yoshino Yusuke Quotes

Yoshino Yusuke quotes clannad
“Children, this is the only gift I can give you right now. A formless gift you call a memory. I don’t have any money and I can’t give you something tangible. But even so, even if it isn’t tangible, a memory is something that will continue to be with you. That is what I believe.” – Yoshino Yusuke
Yoshino Yusuke quotes 1
“Keep on living your life in such a way that love doesn’t fade away. I shall work… so that love may shine brightly, even today.” – Yoshino Yusuke
Yoshino Yusuke quotes 2
“At a place where you feel most restful… Next to the person you find most dear. People’s lives are repetitions of inflicting pain on each other. It’s understandable to doubt others. But being unable to trust anything is the same as being unable to feel other people’s love. Aren’t you, perhaps, feeling lonely? Aren’t you, perhaps, living slavishly? Are you able to laugh with an honest heart?” – Yoshino Yusuke
Yoshino Yusuke quotes 3
“He realized that he had lost sight of something important. No matter what turn he took he should have kept singing. Even if his songs couldn’t save the world, he could still sing songs for her. Don’t ever lose sight of what’s important to you.” – Yoshino Yusuke

Youhei Sunohara Quotes

Youhei Sunohara quotes clannad anime
“You’re the spore of a flower. You’ll be going on a trip, taken away by the wind. To go to new places and meet new people. You shouldn’t always rely on your sister. Even if you’re apart, your bonds still remain. That’s what family is.” – Youhei Sunohara
Youhei Sunohara quotes 1
“You’re trying to stay unscarred, aren’t you? If you’ve come this far, you’ll have to hurt someone. The more time you take to decide, the deeper and more it’ll hurt. For all of you.” – Youhei Sunohara

Ushio Okazaki Quotes

Ushio Okazaki quotes

"Sanae-san told me, places that I can cry are in a toilet, or in daddy's arms." - Ushio Okazaki

Kotomi Ichinose Quotes

Kotomi Ichinose quotes
“Those who seek out the truth must not be arrogant. You must not laugh at miracles just because they cannot be explained scientifically. You must not turn away from the beauty of this world.” – Kotomi Ichinose
Kotomi Ichinose quotes 1
“The day before yesterday, I saw a rabbit. Yesterday, it was a deer. And today, it’s you.” – Kotomi Ichinose

Yukine Miyazawa Quotes

Yukine Miyazawa quotes
“When good things happen in the moment of happiness a ball of light will appear. It's not known what it is. What is certain though is that it is a sign of happiness. And if one could obtain it they could grant a single wish..." - Yukine Miyazawa

Ryou Fujibayashi Quotes

Ryou Fujibayashi quotes
“If a prediction is right, then it’s like you only have one future. Like that future has been decided. But if it’s wrong, then you have an almost infinite number of possibilities. And that means that even the tiniest twist of fate can change your future. I want to believe that I have choices – that the path I walk has many different turns, and many different roads to follow!” – Ryou Fujibayashi
Ryou Fujibayashi quotes 1
“Please don’t apologize. If you did, and I forgave you, then it’d be like it was all a lie. I want to hold those memories we had dear. The fun times… The painful times… All of it. So please, don’t apologize.” – Ryou Fujibayashi

Shima Katsuki Quotes

Shima Katsuki quotes clannad anime
“Love is like a firework from the past… it’s more beautiful for it to go to pieces and scatter far off.” – Shima Katsuki

Mei Sunohara Quotes

Mei Sunohara quotes
"When I was little, kids bully me. They always made me cry. But I knew my brother would be there to save me. He'd come running to my rescue, yelling "You'd better not make Mei cry!" And the bullies would scramble. It made me feel so loved. I didn't have a fear in the world." - Mei Sunohara

Misae Sagara Quotes

Misae Sagara quotes
"If you get all worked up yourself, you’ll always get someone who’ll rebel. Being too eager brings negative results." - Misae Sagara

Sanae Furukawa Quotes

Sanae Furukawa quotes from clannad
“If your life can change once, your life can change again.” – Sanae Furukawa

Kyou Fujibayashi Quotes

Kyou Fujibayashi quotes
“Isn’t there something strange in becoming friends because you’re asked? Friends aren’t given; you’re supposed to make them.” – Fujibayashi Kyou


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