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35 Best Fighting Anime: Intense Scenes & Strong Characters

The best fighting anime offers unique characters with a range of abilities. These shows might even include light comedy while others are dramatic or bizarre.


They feature tough characters, fight scenes, visuals/animation, music composition, and amazing stories.

Below is a list of the best anime with awesome and bizarre fighting scenes.

1. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Jojo's Bizare Adventure - Japanese Anime

This series is the best in North America. The story starts with a dissatisfied Dio who wants to take over Jojo's family wealth.

Using an enchanted mask from Aztec civilization, this evil dark lord nearly succeeded.

Decades later, Joseph, the grandson of Joestar unearthed the mask used by Dio. Much to his surprise, he can use this ancient item and defeat the Pillarmen using it.

One of the best fights in this series was between Joseph Joestar and Wamuu.

In their fight, Joseph Joestar bests Wamuu in the battle of wits that determines who survives.

Another scene is part of the Sixth arc, Stone Ocean where Jotaro is fighting against Enrico Pucci. He manages to defeat Pucci in spite of a broken arm and legs.

2. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia fighting anime

This series is a superhero genre where you can find amazing hero abilities.

It tells the story of Izuku Midoriya and his fellow classmates in becoming the number 1 superhero in their society.

The interesting part is Midoriya’s quirkless status. This means he doesn’t have any superhuman abilities.

Despite his flawed character, the young man never wavered in his biggest dream: to become like his idol All Might. His chance of achieving it came when he receives the power from All Might himself.

One of the most memorable fights in My Hero Academia is when a hero goes Plus Ultra. I can enumerate a lot. An example is a battle between Bakugo and Deku.

Like Naruto and Sasuke, these two have a rivalry relationship, except that Izuku looks up to Bakugo for the latter’s explosive abilities.

3. Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins - Holy War

Seven Deadly Sins is an anime series of friendship, betrayal, and battles against evil. It follows Meliodas and his friends as Holy Knights in the Kingdom of Britannia.

However, the team was framed for something they didn’t do. This made them outlaws and they have to leave to avoid unwanted pressure and of course, execution.

A decade later, the princess of Britannia, Elizabeth, wants to help her kingdom from doom. So, she sets out to find the Seven Deadly Sins once more for help.

This series is never short of battles. The most intense fights in the fourth season of the anime are a must-watch.

In this season, the Ten Commandments (at least the remaining ones) want to revive the demon king.

So, their clan can rule again and be the strongest among all in the land of Britannia.

4. Black Clover

Black Clover - Magic Shounen Genre

A list of the best fighting anime isn’t complete without a magic-themed series. In this series, Black Clover follows the adventures of two abandoned babies in a church orphanage.

One grows into a strong wizard while the other one is a magic-less teenager.

Their adventure begins when Asta, the boy who can’t wield magic, obtains a black grimoire with a five-leaf clover. Even with a grimoire, this young man fails to pass the test of becoming an official mage.

However, the captain of the Black Bull, home to the weirdest magic wielders, sees something in him.

The best fight scene in the series is the battle of the mages with the Devil. In here, Asta’s power reaches unimaginable heights.

He even harnesses the darkest and deepest black power possessing his spirit all this time.

5. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer - Famous Anime Series This Year

Tanjirou Kamado is living a simple life in a remote area with his family. But, all this changed when flesh-eating demons kill the family he so loves dearly.

The only survivor is his sister Nezuko. But, the sister he knows is not the same anymore. The young girl has become a half-demon that needs to eat flesh and drink blood to survive.

Tanjirou will do anything it takes to destroy the demons and safeguard the remnants of his sister's humanity alongside the unknown organization calling themselves Demon Slayer Corps.

The sibling’s fight with Rui has received many reactions. Many fans love it so much that this particular episode was a trend on one of the social media.

Both leading characters nearly perish in this nail-biting fight. But surviving Rui depicts how strong they are and offers us another taste of Giyu in action when he saves them.

6. Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo - samurai anime

Fuu Kasumi works as a waitress in a tiny teahouse. People bully and torment her because of her clumsiness. She reached out to Mugen for assistance in her desperation.

Unfortunately, Mugen chose Jin as his opponent. The magistrate's son was murdered during the conflict between the two. This act is punishable by execution.

But, Fuu saved them and decided to hire the two men. She wanted a bodyguard as she travels to look for the samurai who smelled like flowers.

Jin and Mugen are mortal enemies but they are capable of discarding their animosity to finish their contract with Fuu.

The most memorable battle in this series is the fight between Sara and Mugen. As you know, the anime series is about traditional samurai fighting. So, expect a lot of swordfights.

7. One Punch Man

Fast-paced Action anime - One Punch Man

One Punch Man is about an average-looking young man named Saitama. It is a superhero genre. This young man gained the ability to defeat his opponents with just one punch.

He goes on an adventure to discover more about his power. In the series, almost every episode ends with someone getting punched in the gut by Saitama.

This bald hero trained from a very early age to have superpowers similar to Superman. One-Punch Man is full of energy and fun for everyone!

One Punch Man is a great choice for anyone looking to watch a best-fighting anime with an overpowered protagonist that's refreshing and humorous!

The hero’s fight with Boros is one of the most memorable battles in the series. This fight forces Saitama to use a technique other than his normal punches.

8. Hajime no Ippo

Hajime no Ippo - Everyday life of a Boxer

Bullies are the reason Ippo decided to learn about boxing. Since he’s a kid, people like to bully him.

The most devastating part of his life is getting badly injured because he can’t defend himself.

During that time, a professional boxer saved his life. After this, Ippo vowed to learn boxing. This young man wants to change and turn around his life for the better.

One of the most memorable scenes in this series is Ippo’s training to become faster and more agile. He tried to catch falling leaves from a tree in rapid succession.

The journey of this distraught man is a rough one. From being ridiculed to gaining the strength and confidence, the training he had thought him a lot.

Along the way, Makunouchi experienced losses and victories. His boxing journey made him stronger.

9. Akame ga Kill

Akame Ga Gill - Psychological Anime

This series is best known for its dark, gritty tone and well-developed characters. It can be quite violent at times but they are entertaining nonetheless.

Akame Ga Kill will keep you on the edge of your seat with its gripping action scenes. These scenes can leave you hanging in anticipation for what happens next!

Despite the title, Akame is not the main character of the series. But, she's the one who kills, most of the time.

The most devastating battle in the series is between Akame and Kurome. The two are sisters, but they still need to finish the fight they have begun.

10. Full Metal Alchemist

FullMetal Alchemist - best fighting anime

Edward and Alphonse lost their mother at a young age. The grief-stricken Edward thought that forbidden alchemy can bring back their mother.

The brother's actions almost cost their lives. But they survived the devastating effect of the alchemy. Instead, Alphonse lost his body and Edward lost an arm and limb.

Because of what happened, this young man vowed to learn about alchemy. He wants to discover how they can recover his brother's body.

In their journey, their childhood friend Winry helped them a lot. This young woman is an engineer who creates Edward's mechanical arm.

One of the most awesome fights in the series is the battle between Alphonse and Pride and Kimblee. With the aid of the philosopher stone, this young metal alchemist manages to outwit the enemy.

11. Mobile Suit G Gundam

Best Anime Mecha - Mobile Suit G Gundam

In this anime series, Earth has become inhabitable and the current year is the Future Century. Now, people leave in space and in colonies.

Each colony has its own commander and is defended by a team of Gundam fighters.

But, one rule commands all colonies, and this ruler is decided upon through a Gundam fight tournament. One of the participants is Domon Kasshu.

This young man joined the tournament for personal reasons. He’s looking for his brother, mistakenly accused of murder.

The best battle in the anime is the fight between the Burning Gundam and Master Gundam. It’s the battle between a student and a master.

This battle reminds us that even those you trust and are friends with can become your enemy in the midst of a war-laden society.

12. Bleach

Bleach - Substitute Soul Reaper

Who wouldn’t recognize the name Soul Society? Yes, Bleach is one of the best fighting anime in the world of anime.

The story is about a young man who becomes a soul reaper. Ichigo can see dead people ever since he could remember.

One day, he sees a shinigami and gets the power to fight them. Now, this orange-haired teenager takes on the task of saving innocent people from evil spirits and hollows.

The best fights in the series come in a few different arcs. But two, in particular, have been memorable for fans across the world.

Those are the battles Kurosaki has with Byakuya Kuchiki and Kenpachi Zaraki. Every fight this lonely boy encounters, he emerges stronger albeit not every time victorious.

What is amazing about the story is the improvement of his character as the anime seasons progress.

13. Naruto

Naruto - the next hokage

What best fighting anime would be complete without mentioning "Naruto?" This story follows the plot of a young boy who had such an intense drive to become a powerful ninja.

Despite a rough start, Naruto Uzumaki achieves his dream of becoming the next Hokage.

Although the anime is based on feudal Japan, it is entirely fictional. The infusion of ninja history and modern elements has made this shonen anime one of the best in anime history.

Now, let’s go to the most intense fight in the first anime. It has to be the fight between Sasuke and Naruto.

There’s so much at stake in this fight. During this period, Sasuke’s curse is taking over and this threatens his friendship with Naruto. It’s really climactic.

14. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan - Gigantic fighting anime scenes

This series has one of the most controversial endings. Why? Because it causes so much uprising among anime fans.

I think it’s the first time that one of the main protagonists in the first to the second season has become the ultimate villain. Yep, sorry. It’s a spoiler to those who haven’t seen the anime.

Regardless, Attack on Titan is really a gripping story of war and politics.

Although it is shonen, the underlying story is darker than you could imagine. You could interpret the story in so many ways.

The best fighting scene in the series is every time the human species battle against the giant Titans.

It’s so mesmerizing to watch how a team coordinates their attacks to defeat a towering enemy.

15. Megalo Box

Megalo Box vs Hajime no Ippo

I know, some of you would say this isn’t officially considered fighting anime. But, this series deserves to be part of the list because of its amazing premise: boxing.

Megalo Box follows the life of a promising boxer. But, because of circumstances, this young boxer has to sell off his match to make a living. This earns him the nickname Junk Dog.

Everything changes when the champion enters his ring as a challenger. The junk boxer gets sorely defeated.

Yuuri issues a challenge to him and Junk Dog excitedly accepts it.

Thus, the journey to greatness begins. But it isn’t easy for the young man who now goes by the name Joe.

The entirety of the series reflects what boxing really is, from underground fights to fixed matches.

16. Fate Series

Fate Series - Anime in a Holy War

Fate anime franchise revolves around the Holy Grail War. This war is like a tournament where mages and servants battle against each other.

Each arc has its own story that may or may not stand alone from the other stories.

Some arcs are interconnected. Others seem to start anew while using some story elements from the previous.

In all the franchises of the series, Fate/Stay night has one of the most intense fight scenes. One notable is the battle between Shirou and Archer.

Well, these two are the same person but came from different timelines. Archer is the future Shirou and came to the present timeline to erase himself.

It is a battle reminding us that mostly, your worst enemy is yourself. Your past (or present) self might be a different person in the future because of various circumstances.

17 Hunter x Hunter

Shonen Fighting Anime - Hunter x Hunter

Gon Freecs wants to follow in his father’s footsteps. So, this young boy sets out to become a hunter, so he can find his father who is a famous hunter.

Along the way, Gon makes incredible friends. Together, they take on all challenges you've never seen!

Hunter x Hunter is an adventure series where battles are inevitable. One notable fight scene is the Dodgeball match in Green Island.

This match requires a combination of quick thinking, analysis, and physical strength. It’s one of the most entertaining battles I have ever seen done in anime.

Besides, you get to see a favorite childhood game with a twist.

18. Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 - Psychic at a Young Age

Shigeo Kageyama AKA Mob looks like an ordinary teenager. But, he harbors a psychic ability that is super scary when used inappropriately.

This powerful teenager tries his best to hide what he can do. To learn how to control the power he possesses, Mob became a disciple to con artist Reigen.

As he tries to suppress his power, every passing day makes him a ticking bomb. Any moment, Mob may not be able to control his psychic power.

This means this young man could unleash a power that can surpass even the strongest espers in their town.

If I were to choose the best scene in the series, it would be when Mob is battling to end the Mental world that trapped him.

At first, the young man seems unable to defeat the enemy. But, a surge of power from him has cemented the victory.

19. Dragon Ball Super

Classic Anime - Dragon Ball Franchise

Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Super are three of the famous franchises of the anime. No best-fighting anime list would be complete without mention of this series.

Every season or arc is filled with action that will leave your mouth hanging. The story begins when Kakarot goes to Earth to conquer it.

But, he didn’t do as commanded. Now known as Goku, this young Saiyan fights for the side of good against those who wish to destroy it.

A few of the best fights in the series include Goku vs Crazy Buffalo, Vegeta vs Recoome, Goku vs Frieza, and Gohan vs Cell.

20. Yu Yu Hakusho

Best Anime of all Time - Yuyu Hakusho

Yuusuke is a delinquent at his age and likes to get into fights. The spirit realm is not happy until this young man saved a boy from getting hit with a car.

This delinquent teenager died saving the boy. But the sacrifice he made prompted the spirit guardian to stop the passage of his soul into the afterlife. He was in a coma for months.

During those times, Yuusuke gets another chance to regain his life by completing tasks. One of these tasks is to become a Spirit Detective.

With the help of a few friends, this young man succeeded.

The most notable episode in the series is the tournament held in the spirit realm. But the battle between Yusuke and Sensui is what sticks to me.

It is when the spirit detective learns about his ancestor and Raizen takes over his body. The uncontrollable power unleashed within the young man is what killed Sensui during the fight.

21. One Piece

One Piece anime series

One Piece is about an eccentric young man named Luffy who has an insatiable appetite for food. Also, he had eaten a devil fruit that gave him the ability to stretch his body like rubber.

The ultimate goal of this young man is to become a famous pirate king. So, Luffy sets out on an adventure to reach his goals.

Along the way, this ambitious man meets his crew AKA the Straw Hat Pirates. Together, they conquered many enemies.

As of today, the manga is still ongoing while the anime adaptation is a bit behind.

The team has fought many but the fight between Usop and their leader Luffy is an incredible one. Fights among your team members are common and Straw Hat is not an exemption.

It may painful to watch the two fight but it solidifies their bond like no other.

22. Fist of the North Star

Fist of the North Star

Someone betrayed Kenshirou and left him to the dangerous wasteland in a post-apocalyptic world.

Left for dead, this brave young man does his best to survive and track his friend who kidnapped his beloved fiancee.

Good thing, he got his Hokuto Shinken that helps him against ravagers. But, this power has attracted stronger enemies.

With perseverance and strong will, Kenshirou becomes the defender of his community and eventually the world.

This series is a classic anime adaptation from the ’80s, so don’t expect stunning visuals. Unlike the modern anime characters most fans know today, Kenshiro and the others look bulky and very manly.

Also, the fight scenes are super gore. You will see a lot of exploding heads and bloody bodies.

The most notable battle is when Kenshiro and Raoh fought each other. This is an all-out fight where the two unleashes their powerful punches, kicks, and maneuvers.

23. Berserk

Berserk Medieval Anime

Berserk is best described as a medieval dark fantasy anime.

The story takes place in the middle ages where humans are being invaded by powerful demons due to events that took place centuries ago.

Guts is an orphan who was raised by mercenaries known as 'The Band of Hawk'.

After winning many battles, the band finally got themselves into trouble when they targeted the most dangerous enemy - The Demon Child.

The Demon Child is one of the few remaining survivors of demonic experiments. The goal of the group is to create an invincible army led by a powerful demon god.

Unfortunately, this god can destroy every kingdom on the continent. All hell breaks loose when Guts tries to rescue his lover Caska from Griffith's destructive ambition.

24. The God of High School

GOH - Korean anime adaptation

This series is an adaptation of a Korean manga with the same name title. It revolves around a tournament of different martial arts.

In here, the most skilled martial artists face each other until they reach the top 3. The winners will get one wish each and represent South Korea in a World tournament.

In the series, one of the martial artists is 17-year old Mori. He joins the contest because of curiosity. Little did he know that this will change his life forever.

Since it’s a tournament of martial arts, you will see lots of fighting scenes. The most impressive is the Ssam-Su Taekkyeon. It’s like Renewal Taekwondo but a little different.

I guess you’ll need to see the series to see how great the fighting styles are.

25. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

 Disastrous life of Saiki - Funny Fighting Anime

Most fans love to have some kind of psychic powers but not Saiki. For this young man, his superhuman abilities are nothing but curses.

So, he tries his best to live a simple and carefree life. As a result, Saiki keeps his abilities a secret from his classmates.

This teenager seems to be doing okay until freaky people come popping in and out of his life. His once simple life now has become laden with craziness and battles.

Unlike the other shows in this list, the Disastrous Life of Saiki K has light fighting scenes.

Actually, it's more of parodies and comedies. You're going to laugh out loud or cry like a baby.

26. Jujutsu Kaisen

Action Anime - Jujutsu Kaisen

Yuuji Itadori is a member of the Occult club in the high school he’s attending. Often, their group snoops around in search of paranormal activities.

Nothing seems out of the ordinary until the teenager eats a cursed item to save his friends from bad guys. This incident has turned his life upside down.

Also, he has become the appropriate vessel for the king of curses named Sukuna Ryoumen. Now, Yuuji must eat all of the cursed fingers of this demon and be executed after.

During this time, the young man enlists in a sorcery high school to learn how to control the cursed being inside him.

Now, let’s talk about the most memorable fight in the series. I guess it would be when Satoru fought Jogo.

Satoru’s power is really mesmerizing and awesome. Plus, this handsome man has the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen in the anime.

27. Sword of the Stranger

Sword of the Stranger the Movie

This movie is one of the best samurai anime that graced the anime world. Its setting is during the Sengoku period.

It follows the life of an orphan and his dog. Kotarou travels across China and steals food to survive.

For reasons unknown to the boy, Chinese assassins try to kill him. One day, the orphan encountered Nanashi, a ronin who wanders alone.

Although strangers to each other, Kotaru asks the help of the retired ronin. Together, they travel and ward off people who want the boy dead.

The fighting styles in the movie are remarkable. One particular scene is when a group of assassins attacks the two. It is whip versus sword.

Nanashi is greatly at a disadvantage, especially with the whip’s long-range feature. In the end, this ronin still wins.

28. Baki

Baki the Grappler - Underrated Anime

Baki is an underappreciated best-fighting anime. It deserves a big audience of many anime fans to learn about this fantastic series.

The anime follows a young man named Baki Hanma who has become strong. He aims to surpass his father's strength.

Shadowboxing is an element in sports that the anime successfully depicted. Besides, the series dwells on the struggles of a boxer and how one can reach the top with hard work.

It is best to watch the series to appreciate the matches between the characters. If you’re boxing and at the same time an anime fan, this is definitely a great treat.

29. Kill la Kill

Kill La Kill - Filled with fan service

When you have the best action anime that takes place in high school. Then, it'll always have that over-the-top feel to it.

The evil student council president Satsuki Kiryuin rules her school with an iron fist while donning Goku uniforms. These uniforms give anyone superhuman abilities!

After one of the student's parents is murdered by one of these uniforms, Ryuko Matoi enrolls in this school.

She wants to gain answers about her father's murder and take revenge on those responsible for it.

Joined by Senketsu, a living battle uniform, high school girl Ryuko takes on the task of taking down other students wearing superpowered Goku Uniforms.

Kill la Kill will have you full of action-packed entertainment.

30. Basilisk

Basilisk - Classic Fighting Anime

A bloody conflict has kept two kingdoms as mortal enemies for as long as the citizens can remember. After so many years of fighting, how can this all end now in friendship and love?!

Gennosuke Kouga knows he has no choice but to ally his ninja clan with the very clan that killed his father!

And Oboro Iga must make a similar, very difficult decision when she's forced to marry her mortal enemy!

What is the fabled 'White Demon'? Will it prove a blessing or a curse? Its discovery will have tragic consequences for Gennosuke and Oboro.

The secrets of the Kouga and Iga ninja families are brought into sharp relief against a backdrop of high drama and thrilling battles!

The feud is over, but the love has just begun!

31. Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1/2 and Martial Arts

You can't keep a good martial artist down! After being drowned in the Nyannichuan by his father, Genma Saotome, Ranma Saotome returns to Nerima as a girl.

As if this wasn't bad enough, he is also engaged to be married to one of his classmates. Even worse than that is when he is cursed with two additional fiancees.

And to top it all off, the entire Nerima area becomes populated with martial artists who challenge Ranma on a daily basis. One of these challenges is the persistent Ryoga.

The clever, well-choreographed fight scenes in Rumiko Takahashi's works are entertaining and exciting, but they're rarely SHOCKING.

Except for Ranma's initial conflict with his only genuine opponent, it's good to see that it was. Ryoga arrives in town with the sole goal of killing Ranma.

32. Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia - Magic Fighting Anime

Little Witch Academia is one of the most unique anime experiences I have had in a long time. It is also extremely charming.

The show follows Atsuko Kagari, or Akko, as she tries to become a Witch like her idol Shiny Chariot.

The only problem is that the young girl is not gifted in her magic skills.

On her way to Luna Nova Magical Academy, she meets Lotte Yanson and Sucy Manbavaran. They then become friends as they realize that friendship is what makes magic special.

The blend of modern-day life mixed with magic makes their world stand out. Little Witch Academia doesn't really take itself too seriously, but it does at times too.

This shows knows how to balance its tone between hilarious fun and interesting plots.

33. Beastars

Beastars - Animal Vs Human

The story begins with Haru, a young outlaw lion who has left his kingdom. He is now on the run and befriends a young wolf named Yoko.

Yoko is being hunted by her tribe because of her ability to turn into a human at will. This ability is a forbidden practice among wolves).

She has been labeled as a "beast" and must live as such for the rest of her life.

The story follows how their friendship grows while evading various enemies who seek to capture them.

These include another kingdom of cats and many dangerous beasts that roam the land.

34. Keijo!!!!!!!!

Sports Fighting Anime - keijo

Keijo, an upcoming anime about girls with ridiculously large breasts using those same ridiculously large breasts as flotation devices while they splash each other with water and compete in a weird version of a sport.

It’s basically a butts-VS-tits kind of sport. Keijo!!!!!!!! will surely be the Iron Fist of this generation.

The series may look ridiculous at first glance. But when you look deeper into the story, it’s just like other anime.

The anime is all about friendship and sportsmanship (despite being a weird one).

35. Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin - one of the Holy Knights or not?

This historical fiction anime takes place during the Meiji period in Japan.

A former assassin, Kenshin Himura now wanders the country with his reverse-blade sword at his side.

He’s looking for redemption and forgiveness after living during a violent revolution. Along his journey, Kenshin meets many new people who are just as troubled as he once was.

Of all samurai anime out there, Rurouni made a long-lasting impression on fans. His ability to win a fight without inflicting a mortal wound is mind-boggling.

It only shows that Himura is one skilled swordsman.

One of the best fights in the series is between Saito and Kenshin. In this fight, the two transform into two bloodthirsty samurai hell-bent to kill each other.

The two are fighting as Hitokiri Battousai and Captain Shinsengumi like they did many years ago.

Trivia Questions on the Best Fighting Anime

What anime has the best fight scenes?

Well, I choose Jujutsu Kaisen. The series is new, but it has a different take on curses and sorcery.

Out of all the Shounen anime I've watched so far, this tackles the struggles of the main character most realistically.

What is the #1 anime?

The #1 anime has the right combination of story elements. Character development and world-building are two of these elements.

In this list, Black Clover is one of those stories that has the right combo of story elements.

What is the most badass anime fight?

It's really hard to choose because each fight is unique. But, I will nominate Goku vs Freiza in Dragon Ball Z. This features the best transformation of Goku during the fight.

What is the longest fight in anime?

The longest fight in anime is Luffy's battle with Katakuri. Their fight lasted for 21 episodes. Imagine that! By the time the two were finished, fans are exhausted as well.


I hope you enjoyed the list of anime with action, pop culture, and drama. Do you have other fighting anime shows not included in the list? Please feel free to comment here.

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