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15 Yandere Boys Who You Wish Could Have Loved You

Yandere boys are everywhere in the anime world. The degree of their traits varies from mildly violent to downright psychotic.

These Yandere characters are often lovestruck, which could be with a girl, a boy, friends, or a family.


In Japanese anime, a yandere character is often in a romantic relationship. It's a popular depiction. But, it could mean anything. To make its meaning clearer here’s quick information about the word Yandere:

What is a male Yandere called?

Yandere belongs to the dere family including tsundere, kuudere, and dandere. In the Japanese language, this refers to a person who is violent on the inside and when provoked, this violent nature comes out. 

Often, the Yandere words are used in females, mostly, but there are boys, too. Also, this word comes from deredere, which means “to become lovestruck”.

Usually, the goal is that no one should interact with the person they love.

This word is used in both sexes. To differentiate the two, you can often see the words male or boys denote gender. In short, Yandere is neutral.

Most often, these individuals have a rough life during their childhood, which molds their perception of life. They use their misguided thoughts about school life or even in college settings.

1. Creed Diskenth - Black Cat

Male Yandere Characters from Black Cat

The leader of the Apostles of the Stars was once a Yandere to Train Heartnet. But his Yandere streak is not of a romantic one.

It is more of admiration. To Creed Diskenth, Train is the most talented assassin in the Chronos, gaining the title Black Cat.

When Saya, a sweeper, teaches Train how to enjoy life, the former killer of Chronos is disappointed.

According to this male Yandere leader, the sweeper makes the Black Cat weak and curses him to a life of doom. So, he plans on killing Saya to lift the “curse” and succeeds, but Train catches him.

Even after Saya’s death, Creed Diskenth still regards Train as his partner and Black Cat should join him in annihilating useless humans and rule the world. The psychotic man hates the world, which is the source of his Yandere side.

2. Seijuro Akashi - Kuroko No Basuke

Seijuro Akashi in Kuroko no Basuke is a Yandere Character

One of the best players in Generation of Miracles, Seijuro Akashi has an intimidating persona. He grows up in a wealthy household.

Despite his intimidating persona, this red-haired basketball player cares deeply for his teammates, especially his friends from Teikou Junior High School.

This team includes Tetsuya Kuroko. Unfortunately, his teammates go to different high schools.

In Kuroko No Basuke, Seijuro Akashi is the ace and captain of a basketball team. He's one person that Taiga Kagami has trouble beating in basketball.

Throughout the first season, you rarely see his entire face, always shrouded in mysterious shadow. This representation adds to his Yandere side.

The captain is quite a Yandere because of his aloofness and uses intimidation to let other people be wary of him. He is quite skilled and never shows how kind he is on the inside. Maybe, it has something to do with his upbringing.

Well, his family is well-off and his father is strict about his achievements. His strict father expects him to master almost anything and to take over the businesses.

This causes Seijuro Akashi to become unhappy and his unhappiness reflects on how he deals with some students.

3. Rolo Lamperouge - Code Geass

Rolo Lamperouge of Code Geass

At the end of Code Geass: Lelouch Rebellion, Zero loses his memories and goes MIA for a while as the leader of the Black Knights. This is when Rolo Lamperouge enters Zero’s (aka Lelouch) life and pretends as a brother.

This trained assassin loves Lelouch like a brother, even though they’re not siblings. He’s willing to do anything for Lelouch (aka Zero) even if it means sacrificing himself.

Rolo Lamperouge is a ruthless killer who’s good at what he does. It was only Zero who could tame his animalistic behavior.

Even though this Yandere male is hated throughout the series, he has redeemed his wrongdoings by sacrificing himself. A true love of a sibling to his brother shows at unexpected times.

This situation is an indication that Rolo has a good heart, at least when it comes to Lelouch. This pretty young man is one of the Yandere characters who aren’t hard to love if given a chance. 

4. Toma - Amnesia

Toma from Amnesia anime series

The anime Amnesia is based on an otome game where the main heroine wakes up with no memories. Her only hopes of regaining her memories are a cell phone and an invisible person named Orion.

Toma is the first person the heroine wakes up to. To protect the girl, this Master Blacksmith pretended to be his boyfriend. Afraid for her well-being, this Yandere boy locks up the heroine in his home. He even places her inside a dog cage.

This behavior is crass and unforgivable. It’s not clear whether Toma loves the heroine in a romantic way or just a sister (since the two are half-siblings).

In the end, he regretted what he did and asked the heroine to lock him up in the same cage.

5. Shuu Tsukiyama - Tokyo Ghoul

Shuu Tsukiyama:  Yanderes of Toyko Ghoul

Tall and attractive, Shuu Tsukiyama loves the scent of Ken Kaneki who is half-ghoul and half-human.

In Tokyo Ghoul, he is a chef in Ghoul Restaurant where he lures his victim with his great dishes. This skilled cook is quite ruthless and cunning.

He even joins the group of Kaneki. His ulterior motive is to eat the main character because of Ken's delicious smell and Shuu wants to have a taste of that tasty morsel.

Yes, this handsome young man is one of those Yandere boys with almost psychotic flair.

Imagine? Shuu Tsukiyama wants to dice Kaneki into a dish? Who does that to a person you like, even just for their scent?

Only in Tokyo Ghoul However, as the two get to know each other, the skilled chef soon realizes he cares for the half-ghoul. He would do anything to protect the young boy.


6. Balder Hringhorni - Kamigami no Asobi

Balder in Kamigami no Asobi/Play of Gods

Kamigami no Asobi is another anime with one of the Yandere boys in its purest form. It is about different gods with tremendous magical powers.

Balder Hringhorni is a lovestruck god who falls for a human girl named Yui Kusanagi. He is a Nose god of light (and perhaps luck).

When Balder is but a wee baby, his mother made a pact with inanimate things. This pact made the possessive man invulnerable to objects.

This handsome god gets jealous easily and his switch flips every time the girl is with another man. He becomes more irritated when Yui doesn’t recognize his advances and ways of showing his affection.

This person is rather possessive. He doesn’t want anyone getting close to Yui at school, including Loki Laevatein.

Because of his feelings for the high school girl, Balder even came to a point where he attacked Yui.

Yep, his affection and possessiveness drive the Norse god to madness. But, he snapped out of it with the help of his fellow Norse god, Loki Laevatein.

At least, Balder has a redeeming point and apologizes to the girl he loves. He decides to keep his distance and slow things down.

7. Seiji Yagiri - Durara!

Seiji Yagiri - one of the male Yandere characters from Durara! series

Seiji Yagiri is one of the Yandere boys in the anime Durara! His Yandere type is more of a violent one instead of manipulative. Although his character is a supporting role, he is an essential part of the anime.

This young man falls for Celty Sturluson, a headless Irish fairy who came to Japan to look for her missing head.

His affection started when he was still a child and turned into an obsession. Seiji even worked at his family’s pharmaceutical company to get hold of Celty’s head, which is in the possession of his sister for research purposes.

Because of his skills, the young man succeeds in getting the head and hides it in his apartment. Despite his crude behavior, the Yagiri heir has strong moral principles. One proof is his attempt in saving two young high school girls.

Things happen until one day, Seiji saw Mika possessing the head of Celty and entered into a relationship with her. Later, he finds out the truth but remains in the relationship.

8. Alois Trancy - Black Butler II

Alois Trancy - the male Yandere from Black Butler II anime series

From the Black Butler II, Alois Trancy is a young man who was kidnapped when he was just a baby. The blond man grows up as a slave in a remote village. However, this was just a lie, or at least on Alois's part because his real name is Jim Macken.

This male Yandere villain takes the life of the real Trancy heir by seducing the Earl and maybe killing him in the process.

After all, this Trancy boy gets a contract with Claude Faustus, a demon who grants wishes to people successful in summoning it.

His most pretentious act is pretending he was hurt just to get the attention of Hannah, a demon with a previous contract with Luka Macken, Alois’s brother who died. But Hannah is disguised as a maid.

This is when and where Alois becomes a Yandere. He mistreats Hannah, even gouges her one eye out when the maid looks at him directly in the eyes. I think this misguided teenager is more of a Yangire.

9. Sakamaki Ayato - Diabolik Lovers

Sakamaki Ayato - one of the Yandere Characters in Diabolik Lovers

Diabolik Lovers series is home to different Yandere characters. It is based on a game, rather than a manga series. But, Sakamaki Ayato is one of the most loved, most popular Yandere boys in the anime.

This vampire is in love with Yui but his actions never reveal his true feelings for her. The only way you could determine his feelings is his pathetic alibi of trying to suck Yui’s blood.

A vampire who is addicted to someone’s blood is tantamount to being in love. 

Sakamaki Ayato is a Yandere in its truest form. Why? He’s super annoying and rough to Yui but on the inside, he loves her from the bottom of his heart (or his fangs, whatever!)

10. Yukiteru Amano - Mirai Nikki

Yuketiru Amanano - male Yandere from The Future Diary

In Mirai Nikki/Future Diary, it is Yuno Gasai who is the most famous of all Yandere characters. I think she holds the record. Her love interest's name is Yukiteru Amano. Then, why is this lead character included in the list?

Well, it's because Yuki has his Yandere moments. He became ruthless, almost cunning to become a god. Besides, he is quiet, and more of an antisocial person.

When Yukiteru is using his phone diary to record his observations, he doesn't care at all.

Compared to other Yandere characters on the list, this young boy is milder. But don’t be fooled. He may be a silent person, but when he gets angry and decides on something, his appearance looks scary, figuratively.

His aura gives off an evil aura that even his enemies get wary around him.

11. Mikaela Hyakuya - Owari no Seraph

Mikaela Hyakuya's Yandere Love from anime Owari no Seraph

Mikaela is an orphan who met Yuichirou in the Hyakuya orphanage. From then on, their bond grows stronger. When the two were united after being apart. However, the young man is now a vampire.

Throughout the Owari no Seraph series, Mika has shown how deep is his love for Yui. He is willing to do everything to protect his brother. The question is: what kind of love does Mika have for his fellow orphan?

Some say that the newly-turned vampire is in love with Yuichirou Hyakuya, romantically. He even confesses (but some claim that the I love you could be a brotherly love). Maybe, but Mika blushes every time he is with Yui.

Brotherly love isn’t like that. Whatever it is, Mikaela is one of those Yandere characters whose love is deeply rooted in a relationship that is created and nurtured for years.

Thus, it’s no wonder this vampire will do everything for the sake of love, romantically or otherwise.

12. Suboshi - Fushi Yuugi

Suboshi's Yandere Love in Fushi Yuugi

Fushigi Yuugi is a classic anime from the 1990s, featuring two high school girls who get sucked up in a book. In the book’s world, the girls are priestesses of two different clans: Suzaku and Seiryuu.

In this anime, Suboshi is a celestial warrior of Seiryuu. He worships the priestess Yui, Miaka’s best friend, so much that he would do anything. This handsome warrior has a twin brother named Amiboshi.

Both are orphans who learn to rely on each other when growing up. One day, Amiboshi was killed in a fight. Suboshi thought that Tamahome, the lead character who is also a celestial warrior in the Suzaku kingdom, killed his brother.

However, everything is the plan of the Seiryuu kingdom and was the result of Yui Hongo’s hatred for Miaka. This hatred is what Suboshi holds onto, so he could justify his revenge for his brother.

This lonely young man is a Yandere because of his love for the people he cares about the most. It doesn't matter if what he does is right or wrong. For him, his feelings are enough reasons to do everything.

Suboshi is a sweet, loving, and caring person. He just doesn't know how to show it peacefully.

13. Akito Sohma - Fruits Basket

Sohma Akito - trap and Yandere characters from Fruits basket

The head of the Sohma household, Akito is a Yandere, at the same time, a female trap character. She was raised as a boy, forced into a miserable life.

Having an abusive mother, Akito never knew the real meaning of love. Thus, she grew up in overflowing insecurity and hatred.

To her, everything she does for the cursed family is right. The people around her must be grateful for her generosity and undying love.

Akito snaps at even the smallest dissatisfaction. She could hurt anyone who tries to disobey her because she’s a god and everyone should bow before her.

Her most annoying habit is asking everyone how they feel about her. Because of her bad experience during childhood, her abrasive behavior is her only way to gain attention and perhaps affection from the Sohma curse clan. 

Akito Sohma is borderline psychotic. Or maybe, a Yangire because of her explosive side. But then, she loves the Sohma household despite her odd way of showing it.

14. Tyki Mikk - D. Gray Man

Tyki Mikk from the anime D Gray Man

This tall and handsome man has two personalities: Black and White. His Black personality is more refined and dresses stylishly. It is more ruthless than his light side.

On the other hand, his Whiteside is more human and reserves it to specific people he knows.

Tyki Mikk is a major antagonist of the anime D Gray-man. He uses his two personalities like a pro to gain what he wants. His human side is friendly but his Black side seems to favor violence and manipulation.

15. Grell Suteliff - Black Butler

Grell Suteliff from Black Butler anime

Dressed mostly in red, this Yandere character is a Grim Reaper in disguise. Grell Suteliff has a crush on Sebastian Michaelis.

Often, he would refer to them as Romeo and Juliet. However, this grim reaper slash butler shows his affection through violence.

For many of their encounters, the two engage in a fight while flirting. As they understand and know each other's quirk and good traits, Sebastian and Grell become friends.

But, their wariness on each other remains on the back of their head.

Who is the biggest Yandere?

If I were to choose on this list, I would select Ayato Sakamaki as the biggest male Yandere. He got all the traits of being Yanderes. One, he loves Yui most unconventionally.

He tries to deny his feelings but every time his love interest is in trouble he comes to the rescue. I have already mentioned that Sakamaki Ayato sucks Yui’s blood, which is his way of showing affection.

What is worse than a Yandere?

Yangire is worse than Yanderes. Why? Because they are not capable of love. Their explosive nature is innate and their jealousy is rooted in a personality disorder, sometimes. Yangire likes to live in violence.

Often, their switch flips with a mere stimulus or with simple situations that don't go with their plan or liking.

Sometimes, these people are borderline psychotic. Some have been diagnosed with a disorder. A perfect example is Kanato Sakamaki who is the brother of Sakamaki Ayato.

Who is the cutest anime boy?

There are a lot of cute anime boys on this list of male Yandere characters. If I were to choose the cutest, I would choose Mikaela Hyakuya. His wavy blond hair and dark blue eyes resemble an angel. What makes him cuter? It's his reaction to Yuichirou.

What are your final thoughts on this list? Do you have someone who is Yandere who you like that the author forgot to mention? Name him in the comment of the site below.


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