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35 Cute Anime Boys I Would Like To Meet And Date

No, I am not responsible for this list. I have been kind of busy lately, but I still wanted to keep in touch with you all. So, I asked my friend YaYa to help out.

She is seriously into the cutest anime boys. I know that she already has a list of cute anime guys tucked away on her computer, so I thought I would ask her to help me out.


Anyway, I am pleased to introduce YaYa, or Yasmine to you, and this is her take on cute anime boys.

Who Is The Best Anime Boy?

I really don't know how to answer that question. Once you start checking out anime guys you can end up with a very long list.

As a matter of fact, I have a much more extensive list of cure anime boys that I could mention, but I promised that I would keep it down.

Do I have a favorite anime boy? Well, that would be like picking out one of my dogs or classic Playstation games. I really could not tell you.

Instead I thought I would let you make up your own mind but I am happy to give you a bit of guidance.

Who Is The Hottest Anime Guy Character?

That is another good question. I have always been into what I like to call the dark side but recently I have sort of gone over to the blonde side.

If I were to personally pick out a hot anime boy character, I think it would have to be Killua Zoldyck There is just something about him and I really like him.

Anyway, I am not going to keep you in suspense any longer.

Here is my version of the cutest anime boys.

1. Ryou Misaki - hack//

Ryou Misaki - hack//  cute anime

If you like a guy who is a little bit aloof and perhaps even somewhat on the rude side, Ryou Misaki from hack// is your guy. 

That being said, this young man also has a certain amount of charm about him and I can appreciate why he is so popular with the girls.

On top of that, he also comes across as a bit of an international man of mystery. He has some really good sides and often risks his own life to protect others.

2. Claus Valca - Last Exile

Claus Valca - Last Exile

It is true – all girls do like a man in uniform. Claus Valca often pops up on the anime screen wearing a pilot's uniform and this good looking guy can really take your breath away.

This guy is a totally awesome pilot and loves nothing better to show off his amazing flying skills – yet another thing that impresses the girls.

When he looks at you with those piercing blue eyes, he certainly makes you go completely weak at the knees.

He can be a complete gent but at the same time there is something else about him.

I can't put my finger on it, but I guess that you could say that he has a bit of a risky and daring side to him.

3. Thor Klein - Jyu Oh Sei

Thor Klein - Jyu Oh Sei

Thor Klein is the kind of guy my mom would like me to bring home. He is super cute and really does look like a good boy.

Personally, I love his eyes but there is more to him than those piercing blue eyes. I think that most girls would like his stylish looks and his personality.

Thor is one of the most courageous anime characters and a super fighter. I love watching him fight.

He is in complete control and you can easily say that he really kicks ass. Could he take me out for a night at KFC? He certainly could and I think I would spend all night staring into those sexy eyes of his.

4. Ren Kannagi - Stigma of the Wind

Ren Kannagi cute - Stigma of the Wind

The first time I watched Stigma of the Wind, I could not take my eyes of Ren Kannagi. Normally, I am not the sort of girl who falls for a blonde charmer, but there is more to Ren than meets the eye.

Sure, he is certainly very good looking. However, at the same time, he is a text book anime hero but with a twist.

Intead, of being one of those swash-buckling heroes who goes all out to win the fight, he uses his charm to get what he wants. I can't help but to like him.

5. Jil - Tower of Druaga

Jil - Tower of Druaga

If you like short men in suits of armor, Jill is the guy for you. I am not sure why, but I feel that there is something special about him.

Just like King Arthur's knights, Jill is loyal and has empathy with others. I like that about him .

He risks his often safety to protect others and many would call him inspiring.

If you would like to spend an afternoon enjoying his company, you need to check out the anime Tower of Druaga which is in itself a great anime.

6. Alois Trancy - Black Butler

Alois Trancy anime guys - Black Butler

Have you ever seen the anime Black Butler? If you have, you are bound to have rested your eyes on the Alois Trancy. 

With his sparkling blue eyes and blonde hair, he really does stand out in a crowd. However, it is his naughty little smile that blows me away.

Alois has a n air of mystery about him and there is something noble about his mannerisms as well. You don't have to watch Black Butler for very long to pick up on that.

Okay, he is evil, but as all girls know, naughty boys can be fun as well and there is even something a little bit adorable about Alois.

7. Toshiro Hitsugaya - Bleach

Toshiro Hitsugaya cute  - Bleach

Have you ever watched Bleach? I am not sure, but not so many girls are into Bleach.

That is a shame, because they are missing out on some excellent action. Not only that, they are missing out on Toshiro.

Toshiro is cheeky, you can tell that from his appearance. His spiky hair and piercing eyes tell others that he is a man who takes life seriously and is a force to be reckoned with when it comes down to it. 

Why don´t you check him out for yourself in Bleach.

8. Rin Okumura - Ao No Exorcist

Rin Okumura cute anime boys - Ao No Exorcist

Are you looking for a guy who has got it all? In that case, you owe it to yourself to check out Rin Okumura

Where can you find him? This guy, who has got in all going on in my opinion, can be found in Ao No Exorcist.

His dark looks will have you trembling at the knees to say nothing about his piercing blue eyes.

The downside to Rin is that he also takes the shape of a demon. At the end of the day, a girl can't have it all, but I will have to say that I rather like his demon character as well.

It is those cute elf ears that do it for me… Demon or not – this is one exciting guy.

9. Jomy Marcus Shin - Toward The Terra

Jomy Marcus Shin anime guys - Toward The Terra

Not all cute anime guys are from this planet. If you are looking for a cute off-planet sort of guy, you are looking for Jomy from the anime series Towards The Terra.

Not only is he cute with his blond hair and green eyes. And he wears a cape – I simply can't resist a man in a cape.

Even though his race are the enemies of the human race, he has a lot of compassion for us humans.

He would like us to coexist in harmony. I certainly would not mind co-existing in harmony with gorgeous Jomy.

10. Soldier Blue - Tower the Terra

Soldier Blue - Tower the Terra

In Toward The Tierra, you will also find Soldier Blue. Out of all of the cute anime boys, he is perhaps one of the most interesting characters. 

Well, what can I say, I certainly have not met a man with red eyes before.

Soldier Blue is the leader of the Mu and as such, he makes the ultimate impression of a cool and calm leader of an alien race.  

If you like a guy with a lot of charisma and perhaps a touch of something special, he is the anime guy for you.  This is a great series by the way.

11. Edward Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist

Edward Elric anime boy - Fullmetal Alchemist

Can I first say that Fullmetal Alchemist is one of my favourite anime series?

I can watch this series time and time again. If you have not checked it out yet, you should do so – I highly recommend it.

When you start watching Fullmetal Alchemist, it will not take you long to come across Edward. He is the short guy with long blond hair often worn in a braid.

And do you know what makes him special? His eyes are the same color as his hair. I like that.

Okay, personality wise Edward is a bit of firecracker and can act like a spoiled brat. But,

I forgive him as I think that overall he is a really cute guy and as you will find out, he has had to endure a lot after an alchemy experiment goes wrong.

12. Juuzou Suzuya - Tokyo Ghoul

Juuzou Suzuya - Tokyo Ghoul

Do you like your guys a bit on the ghoulish side? I do like guys who stand out in a crowd. If you should happen to feel the same way, you need to check out Juuzou from Tokyo Ghoul.

Okay, I am going to be honest. This guy is a bit lacking when it comes to the emotional department if you know what I mean. He is ruthless and does not hesitate to kill somebody.

But then again, he has had a rough time. His character does change as we go through the series and I think that you will agree with me when I say that with his long hair, he is a cute anime guy.

13. Yuno -  Black Clover

Yuno cutest anime boys -  Black Clover

Black Clover is another anime creation that a lot of you have not watched. I think it is about time you did so.

One of the reasons you girls should watch it, is just so that you can have the pleasure of meeting Yuno.

Yuno has an amazing physique and great looking hair, Yes, I will hold my hands up and say that I have a thing about hair.

Sadly Juno is often misunderstood, but I have a lot of empathy for him. Maybe it is that sense of empathy that makes me like him so much. Let me know what you think about him.

14. Zeref Dragneel - Fairy Tail

Zeref Dragneel - Fairy Tail

Zeref from Fairy Tail is at least 400 years old but that does not mean he is not good looking. I would even go as far as to say that he is one of the hottest looking anime stars out there.

Okay, he is evil but I like his mysterious character. Quite frankly, you never know what you are going to get,

Anyway, with his jet black hair and “dark pools of water” eyes, he is a nice looking guy.  And, of course, Fairy Tail is one of the best anime creations ever!

15. Ciel Phantomhive - Black Butler

Ciel Phantomhive cute anime boy - Black Butler

This is one of the youngest anime guys that I think has got something going for him. Needless to say for a young anime star, he is in good shape. 

I love his blue eyes and I actually think it is a shame that he covers up one of his eyes with a patch. However, I guess that eye patch adds to his noble and refined character.

Ciel is a very savvy guy but can be a little bit silly at times. He has a kind of a badass personality trait that I really admire.

All I can say is that evil justice rules because of this guy and has a certain charm to impress girls like me.

16. Aladdin - Magi

Aladdin anime-Magi

As I have a bit of an Arab background, I have to mention cute Aladdin from Magi.

This cute little anime guy has long blue hair and he totally suits him. Along with his Arabian style trousers and no shoes, he is the kind of guy I would not mind meeting in the desert.

Most girls will think that he is a little bit on the naïve side, but I like that. It is what makes him such a magical guy.

The series is a complete fantasy adventure and I think it is a good Saturday afternoon watch. You know what I mean. It is raining outside and you curl up on your sofa with your favourite canine and just chill out.

17. Simon - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Simon cute - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Do you like introvert guys? Sometimes I just have enough of pushy guys and would rather spend time with a guy who has a little bit less to say for himself. Simon from the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is just such a guy.

He may not have the pushiest of personalities but he is certainly cute. You should check him out next time you have some time to spare.

Great body with dark blue hair. Okay, as a tallish girl I think he is a little bit on the short side, but his tanned good looks certainly appeals to me.

18. Teito Klein - 07 Ghost

Teito Klein boy - 07 Ghost
I do like guys who are different in one way or another. That is one thing you can say about Teito Klein from 07 Ghost. In the series he wears this stunning black suit which has the most amazing gold lining, 

But after he joins the church, he will turn up in bishop's robes from time to time. Look out for these appearances, they are seriously good.

He comes across as a bit cold but that eventually changes as the series progresses.

I like the fact that he takes on a cuter persona and becomes a bit more cuddly and soft around the edges if you know what I mean.

Perhaps one of the cutest of all anime boys.

19. Lavi - D.Gray Man

Lavi - D.Gray Man

I simply must mention Lavi. There is something special about a guy with ginger hair and green eyes. I am sure that if I went out with this guy, I would not be the only girl who would want to enjoy his company.

Anyway, if you would like to get to know Lavi, you need to check out the anime series D. Gray Man

Lavi is one of the few anime characters that seem to be able to display a huge range of emotions. He has a couple of habits that are unusual.

One of the things you will notice is that he enjoys making up nicknames for people.

To cut a long story short, I think that this is a great character and you will get a kick out of the series.

20. Conan Edogawa - Detective Conan

Conan Edogawa - Detective Conan

Ever since I was a little girl, I have enjoyed detective series. This is what has made me such a keen follower of the Japanese anime Detective Conan

The main character in the series is, of course, Conan. You can easily spot him thanks to his dark brown hair and blue eyes. 

He mainly seems to favor wearing a blue blazer with a single button. Also, you should look out for his trademark white socks.

I am not going to give too much away about the series as it would mean giving away the plot. One thing is for sure, Conan is a cute character and I love enjoying some screen time with him. 

21. Allen Walker - D.Gray Man

Allen Walker - D.Gray Man

I wasn't sure if I should mention any other member of the cast of D Gray Man, but in my opinion Allen Walker does deserve a mention.

I love this guy´s grey hair but what makes him so special to me, is his great physique. As a bit of an athlete myself, I know that you have to work hard to get a body like that.

Not only does Allen have good looks, but he finishes it off with a lovely personality. He is charming and will go out of his way to help others.

Also, he is a serious food lover. As a girl who likes to bake and cook, I thought I should mention that in case he would like to drop by and try one of my anime inspired cupcakes.

22. Hideyoshi Nagachika - Tokyo Ghoul

Hideyoshi Nagachika cute anime boys - Tokyo Ghoul

Oh yes, yes, yes I will not forget about Hideyoshi from Tokyo Ghoul, he is one of my favourite guys in anime. In a way he is not cute. But I think that he has many endearing qualities that make him cute.

I love his blonde hair with dark roots. It is such a great contemporary look. Also, I like a man who is brave with color.

This guy certainly wears a lot of bright colors, and just like me, he makes sure that he takes his headphones with him wherever he goes.

He tops his good looks off with a carefree personality and he always seems to be happy. I love happy guys who have the ability to put a smile on my face.

Yes, you can say he has kind of wormed his way into my heart.

23. Yato - Noragami

Yato - Noragami

I was not sure if I should mention Yato, but I know that a lot of girls like him. If you don't know him as Yato, you will certainly know him as Yaboku

I guess that he is between 18 – 20 years old. In many ways, it is his eyes that makes him super sexy.

His pupils look just like a cat when he is angry and that makes him look extra hot as far as I am concerned.

He is the kind of blue haired guy you would like to hang out with when you would like to go out for the evening.

Little bit on the unpredictable side but I don't have a problem with that at all.

24. Killua Zoldyck - Hunter X Hunter

Killua Zoldyck cutest anime boys - Hunter X Hunter

Killua appears in the series Hunter X Hunter. He is kind of a blend between James Bond and a cute anime guy. 

I am not sure why but he seems to be a bit of a flirt. I love his silver hair color. Most of the time he kind of wears his hair in this spiky style which makes him look cute.

The color of his eyes changes depending on his mood and that makes him appear different.

Personality wise, he is cheeky and cute. He has a terrible sweet tooth just like me and spends a lot of money on treats.

Just like James Bond, he can be ruthless and brutal but I guess that may just be his masculine side coming out.

By the way, have you tried Japanese candy? If you haven't you really should – it is really nice.

25. Yashiro Isana - K Project

Yashiro Isana anime - K Project

Yashiro is a member of the cast of the K Project. When he pops up on screen, you will instantly recognize him as he is never without his trademark umbrella. 

Look out for a guy with short white hair that looks messy. Also, it is worth pointing out that he has amber eyes.

Have you ever met a guy with amber eyes? I certainly haven't but I think that Yashiro´s amber eyes are gorgeous.

Yashiro is a bit of a free spirit but has a lot of savvy to go with it.

I like smart guys, and when they have charisma just like Yashiro, I like them even more. Oh, did I mention that he has great manners. My mom would like that.

27. Yogi - Karneval

Yogi cute anime guys - Karneval

Do you like tall boys? I am not very tall but I do like a boy that I can look up to. Yogi from Karneval is a tall anime boy with violet eyes. 

How cool is that? This guy always seems to be wearing boots, but maybe that is a good thing.

Yogi has a bit of an eccentric personality. I know that he is an adult but to me he certainly comes across as a bit emotionally immature. 

But, in many ways he is one of the cutest anime boys I have on my list.

28. Oz Vessalius - Pandora Hearts

Oz Vessalius anime - Pandora Hearts

This anime boy was introduced to us in a rather unusual way but you should not let that put you off watching Pandora Hearts

It is one of the more “interesting” anime and I think it is worth a watch any day off the week.

Anyway, Oz has come into his own and now he has gorgeous green emerald eyes coupled with blond hair which is slightly ruffled.

When Oz first hits the screen, he has no feelings at all but he soon learns what living is all about.

But, he does continue to ration his feelings if you like, but at the same time, he does care for his friends.

That is one of the things that make him such an adorably boy.

29. Shino Inuzuka - Hakkenden

Shino Inuzuka - Hakkenden

When was the last time you watched Hakkenden? If you are a follower of this popular series, you may have noticed Shino.

He has purple hair that always looks a bit messy and untidy. For some reason he is depicted in knee high boots, and I have to admit that the style rather suits him.

Not all characters have delicate features, but Shino certainly does. He even looks a little bit feminine sometimes.

Maybe that is the reason behind his emotional outbursts. He is a very outgoing guy and does every so often turn up wearing a kimono.

30. Natsume Hyuga - Gakuen Alice

Natsume Hyuga cute anime boys - Gakuen Alice

In the printed version of Gakuen Alice, Natsume has brown eyes but in the anime version he appears with red eyes.

I did not recognize him at first, but those red eyes do really suit him and puts him on the contenders list of cute anime boys.

Natsume is a rebel and at times it seems like he wants to escape from society. He is rather moody and I don't know what it is about him that reminds me of Johnny Depp, but there is something that makes me think of Johnny.

Perhaps it is because they are both troubled.

31. Yukine - Noragami

Yukine anime boy - Noragami

Is he cute or what?  When you think about cute anime guys, Yukine from Noragami is right up there. He is so adorable that I would like to take him in my arms and just squeeze. 

Gorgeous reddish eyes and you can always recognize him thanks to his trademark hat.

Not very tall in stature but does not like being teased about it. He can get a little cheeky and pushy, and likes to push the boundaries.

Does look a bit sulky from time to time but even when doing so, he remains cute.

32. Zazie Winters - Tegami Bachi

Zazie Winters - Tegami Bachi

Black hair and lovely brown eyes is what makes Zazie from the series Tegami Bachi stand out.

He seems to like to wear his cap with all of his dark hair sticking out. What the series and you will notice he comes across as a touch feline.

When I first came across Zazie, I did think that I would grow to like him. But, recently I have changed my mind.

Okay, he is a bit rude but I still think that he should be on my list of the cutest anime boys.

33. Kou Tanaka - Ao Haru Ride

Kou Tanaka cute anime guys - Ao Haru Ride

I am not sure whether to call Kou a cute boy or a handsome young man. 

He appears older than some of the other anime boys on this list, but I certainly think that he deserves a mention.

When he first burst onto our screens, his character was different. He came across as more sweet and innocent. 

But, because of all of the stuff he goes though, I think he has had to toughen up. Still, he remains adorable and cute.

34. Shou Kurusu - Uta no Prince-sama

Shou Kurusu boy - Uta no Prince-sama

I love his favorite hat that he wears a lot. On top of that, he also has pierced ears just like me and I am a bit jealous of some of his ear bling if you know what I mean.

Shou is laid back and often appears as very chilled. He can be lively and playful, and is the sort of guy you should hang out with when you want to have a good time. 

Okay, I will admit, he can be a bit of a smooth operator.

35. Luca Nogi - Gakuen Alice

Luca Nogi anime - Gakuen Alice

On the scale of cute anime guys, Luca from Gakuen Alice is one of the cutest. If this was an Oscar's ceremony, I would give him the Oscar for the cutest anime boy. Lovely eyes that I could just spend hours looking into.

Luca is part French and maybe that is why he is extra cute. On top of that, he is a gentle soul and I think that is one attribute that matters when it comes to the general cuteness stakes. 

He is slightly under confident but he has bags of charm which does make a serious contender for the title.

I never thought it would be so hard to compile a list of cute anime boys, but it certainly was a tough task.

Hey, please let me know if you have your own favorite. I would love to hear from you, and with a bit of luck, I will be asked to write a guest post again.

Love from



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