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24 Worst Anime Series That Will Make You Cringe

So far, I have talked about the best series of different genres. Now, let's take a look at the worst anime series.


Some are so horrible no one recommends them. A few have funny moments that seem to redeem the anime for a few seconds before they plunge deeper into the point of no return.

Still, discussing this series could be a warning to you. If not, I don't know how to convince you not to watch these shows. But, if you decided to still watch it, it's up to you.

Mostly, slice-of-life, fantasy, harem genre, and psychological could easily become the worst if the creators don't put much effort into the production.

So, here is the list of 24 worst anime series that will make you cringe!

24 Worst Anime List:

1. Sword Art Online 2

Worst Animes - Sword Art Online 2

SAO's second season is about a rogue player who kills in-game players and eventually their real-world bodies.

Now, Kirito is back but this time in Gun Gale Online. He met Sinon who became his ally. Both must outman the killer before he/she kills another.

Unlike the SAO first season, this season is quite a disappointment. It was like watching a friend creating a mess of his/her life.

The first few episodes are good but they turn into something cringe-worthy.

At least, the animation and soundtracks remain good. These are what redeem the series.

Still, I considered SAO 2 as one of the worst shows ever graced in the anime industry.

2. Angel Beats

Angel Beats - Psychological and Emotional

Otonashi wakes up in a sort of purgatory where his only memory is his name.

In this place, he discovers that the students are all like him. This boy has to unravel the mysteries with guns and ammo.

Actually, this show only lacks the connection and the proper pacing to establish what it needs to establish.

The emotional appeal that the series wants to convey fails to make a lasting impression.

Although this is not the worst but not the best anime either, Angel Beats has some redeeming qualities. 

The quality of the art is excellent combined with great music, which the only reason I managed to finish this.

3. Wonder Momo

Wonder Momo - worst anime

Based on an arcade game in 1987, Momoko received a gift to become a heroine. From then on, the beautiful girl has to defend the Earth from aliens.

Wonder Momo makes it to this list because of its lack of development. The pacing is too fast and there’s not enough screen time to create a proper storyline.

If the makers of this anime have taken the time to develop it more, I could see this as another Sailormoon-like story - ALMOST.

The backstory is there, except that the series is crammed into 5 short episodes in a five-minute duration, which is not really enough.

4. Hanoka

First anime in Adobe Flash - Hanoka

Hanoka is a bioweapon who can destroy the Inhabitants of the Star and she was a partner to Yuuji.

This series is a battle between humans and aliens. The main characters must win the war.

So, the creators of this anime used Adobe Flash to animate a whole 12-episode anime. It’s a feat, but it means the animation is far from attractive. Movements are jerky and full of flaws.

The attempt of the makers to create the first anime through Adobe Flash is the redeeming quality of the series. 

Many of us aren’t used to seeing this kind of animation. Still, kudos to the creators for trying.

5. Mirai Nikki

Mirai Nikki - Yukitero is a candidate in becoming a god

Twelve people are candidates for becoming a god. Yukiteru and Yuno are two of these people.

With their diaries, they must find the others and kill them. The last man standing would be the next god.

The main character is weak and whiny. They’re immature. In this series, you get to know a yandere character who just wants to mindlessly kill people.

Despite being the worst anime series in terms of characters, the animation and sounds are excellent.

Each music fits the scenes. Is this a good story? Probably for some it is. But not all.

6. Pupa

Gore Anime - Pupa

Two siblings get mysterious illnesses. The sister, Yume, develops a voracious appetite to eat human flesh.

Utsutsu gains some regenerative powers. With these powers, the older brother must protect his sister from monsters. Or so, he thought.

Pupa is a gore horror series. The manga is more successful in developing its many characters and the story. But, the anime adaptation fails miserably in giving justice to the story.

The creators want to portray this unusual relationship between a brother and a sister as innocent as possible. 

I guess, the over-imaginative anime fans can’t help but think otherwise.

Unfortunately, this is not a Tokyo Ghoul anime series. If you want to know more about this story, I recommend the manga (source material) that is better than the anime.

7. Love Tyrant

Death Note Manga and Anime parody - Love Tyrant

This series is a parody of the famous Death Note. Love Tyrant revolves around a Kiss Note that whoever is in the note must find someone to kiss. Otherwise, they die.

What do you expect from a parody? All-out-fun that forgets it still should have a nice story to develop. Characters are a flop and lackluster. The story is non-existent.

Since it’s a parody, it’s a comedy. Yes, the fun was never out during the entire duration of the anime series. This is a thumbs up. Other parts? Watch at your own risk.

Just a word of caution! Prepare to get disappointed.

8. Ladyspo

Ladyspo - Intergalactic Sports Anime

This anime is about three friends participating in intergalactic sports. The main characters have attended a lot of competitions.

Many fans say Ladyspo has no redeeming qualities. This might be true. If you look closely, this series is more of a picture drama.

So, if you are a fan of amazing art and great soundtracks, this series is the right one for you. This anime, however, is recommended for fans who love picture drama.

People who want to watch this series need an intensive imaginative streak to get a connection between episodes.

9. Bishoujo Yuugi Unit Crane Game Girls

Comedy Genre - Crane Game Girls

This 13-episode anime is about three girls who need to save the world by playing a crane game. Wait, what?!

Yes. Silly it may seem but the Newgrounds really made an anime out of one of the most popular games in Japan.

Crane Game Girls landed on my list of the worst because of the story itself. It’s so silly and there’s no ounce of realistic portrayal of human intelligence.

The two girls are unaware and dangerously simpleton that they couldn’t even recognize the impracticality of their training as idols.

I don’t know but this premise seems stupid enough.

10. Dark Cat

Dark Cat - Action Anime

Two brothers can transform into Dark Cats. In this form, they must fight the evilest enemy there is on the planet.

Hyoi and Ryoi use their powers to investigate a recent incident.

There’s a lot going on in this series. It was like the creators and writers couldn’t decide which one to develop first.

Plus, the animation is so horrible to look at you’d cringe every time a new chapter begins.

It’s certainly the worst because half of the time the characters are chasing non-stop. You can’t even see them transforming.

This is more like chasing morons than Dark Cats lurking in the night to look for the villains.

11. Danmachi S1

Danmachi - anime Harem Genre

Bell Cranel goes on thrilling adventures of exploring Dungeons where he meets a goddess named Hestia.

This young man’s only dream is to find the love of his life. After meeting the lonely goddess, he knew he’s closer to his dream.

This is the worst anime on the list in terms of character and story centers. The episodes are repetitive, which drag on and on and on.

Danmachi tries to imitate Fairy Tail but ends up with a mishmash of everything. The manga is no better.

The series's redeeming qualities? At least, you get to watch the MC defeat different enemies in each episode.

Not much but at least, you get something to look for. That is if you didn’t get bored after the second or third episode.

12. School Days

School Days - Worst Manga and Anime

This anime is based on a visual novel. It begins where Makoto sees Kotonoha on his way to school.

Since he’s bashful, he can only take a picture of her crush. Then, Sekai discovers this pic.

Instead of ratting out the boy, she offers him help. Thus, it's where a friendship begins, which could last forever.

The plot seems like a good premise. Unfortunately, the characters are seriously dumb.

Makoto is the worst protagonist you’d ever come across. Selfish and naive to a level you can’t imagine.

Despite this, it has a redeeming quality: art and sound. Still, the soundtrack doesn’t suit the anime at all.

13. Abunai Sisters: Koko & Mika

Anime with the Worst English Dub - abunai Sisters

Koko and Mika are big-boobed sisters who are secret agents. They possess some sort of a gem that makes them a target of a pervert and an old lady.

When I saw the first few episodes, I knew instantly that the anime series has horrible characters. The sisters’ voices are so annoying and sound like chipmunks in pain.

The series is offensive to ladies. The only development it has? Koko and Mika’s boobies seem to get bigger in each new episode. Also, the fan service is out of place, too.

Watching it is so cringy and you will want to strangle the two sisters if you could just enter the screen.

14. Vampire Holmes

Vampire Holmes - Objectively Bad Compared to Other anime

Sherlock Holmes is a famous detective. Now, he’s out hunting vampires. Together with Hudson, the two use their skills at uncovering mysteries.

But, they fail miserably.

What do they do? Sit around, argue, and miss the chances of solving a crime.

And, that’s how you ruin a good anime fictional character. I know, the anime is loosely based on the most famous detective of England.

These two characters are a bunch of idiots trying to figure out why on earth they are alive. This is not a vampire-hunting series or shouldn’t have used Vampire Holmes as a title.

15. Btooom!

Manga's anime is the worst - Btooom!

Sakamoto is failing in everything else, except in an online game Btooom. In fact, he’s a top player in the video game.

Then, one day, someone tries to recreate the game in real life. Now, this young guy needs to kill his fellow participants before they kill him.

This is a psychological anime but the overall story is a flop. It’s just pure violence with characters who are one-dimensional.

The art style is great but the animation lacks the luster you expect.

Sounds are average with good opening and ending songs. If the characters have more depth, this anime series could have escaped this list.

16. Peeping Life

Adult-Oriented - Peeping Life

Do you want a peek in Japanese life, at least a portion of it? Here’s a slice-of-life anime for you that has 10 episodes and 5 minutes each.

Peeping Life tackles all nuances of gestures, polite conversation, and verbal pauses.

The idea is great but the execution is disappointing. If this anime is meant to educate how you communicate in Japan, it fails miserably.

Plus, the animation is stiff and dry where characters lack the necessary dimensions to show Japanese culture and interaction. 

It was as if the creators behind lack the proper motivation.

17. Phi Brain

Best Anime to People love this- Phi Brain

Kaito Daimon is an excellent puzzle solver. He managed to finish the Philosopher’s puzzle and came out alive.

Now, with a new position as the Solver, this young guy travels the world to solve other puzzles.

Great premise but don’t expect too much. The anime series doesn’t show the actual puzzle. Just a glimpse (a tiny portion) here and there.

Most often, you’ll just watch a protagonist who does monologues rather than dialogue. This young man is solving the puzzle but you can’t see it.

Thus, you can’t really assess whether what he’s doing is good or bad.

18. Blood-C

Worst Mystery Horror Anime - Blood C

In a village infested with monsters, Saya is a peaceful girl who defends the people at night. She uses a sword to fight and kill.

Then, one day, a strange dog appears asking her the real promise she has given and what happens if she fails to protect the village.

The story is decent enough with cool battle scenes, especially if the creators have put some effort into doing the animation. 

Blood-C is another worst anime because of the lack of development not related to Saya.

I get it. This student is the female protagonist but her development depends on other characters. Otherwise, the overall outcome will fall flat.

19. Garzey's Wing

Worst Isekai Anime - Garzey's Wing

Garzey’s Wing is a legendary warrior and Chris has become this warrior.

For unknown reasons, this young man who failed his college entrance tests got spirited away into the fantasy world. 

But, his body remains in the real world where their fate is surreally uncontrollable.

This animation was created in the 1990s. Even then, it is one of the worst series that ever graced the anime community.

The crappy development of the story with a mishmash of making the MC look cool is what describes this anime.

Good thing, the anime format is just 3 episodes. But, before watching, see the clips. (Watch on Youtube first).

20. Ex-Arm

Best Anime if Only Characters are Developed - Ex Arm

Akira Natsume has an absolutely terrible phobia of electronics.

Ironically, he can make the most accurate diagnosis of what‘s wrong with an electronic device.

Suddenly, the young man dies. Years later, he awakens in a robotic body, not as a human but as an AI in the form of a brain.

Groundbreaking, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the creators of this anime have made it one of the worst shows ever.

With 2021 and advancements in animation, you might think this anime could have been different.

But, yeah. This is such a disappointment. I suggest you save yourself the stress.

21. Bladedance of the Elementalers

Worst Fantasy Anime - Bladedance

Kamito Kazehaya accidentally receives the power of a spirit that Claire should have through a purification ceremony.

Most elementals have to enroll in Areishia Spirit Academy, which is an all-girls school.

Not discouraged, the young lady announces that Kazehaya is her contracted spirit. But, the young man doesn’t want to become one. 

Thus, he escapes the clutches of this aspiring Elementalist. This is where the unfortunate journey of Kazehaya starts.

Despite the hype around this anime, Bladedance is nothing but a cheap fan service. Besides, some characters are so lame you just want to watch face-palm.

There are a few who you would love, too.

22. Cyberteam in Akihabara

Worst Mecha Anime - Cyberteam in Akihabara

In this anime series, each person has a patapi, a cyber-pet. But, Hibari doesn’t have one until a mysterious prince gave a patapi to her.

This patapi is a special one because it can transform into a female fighter.

Unsurprisingly, her friends have this type of patapi, too. Now, enemies are after her and her friends.

The anime is unique but it contains loopholes that ruin the fun. First, the patapis are male by default then they turn into female fighters!

In the anime, there's no such thing as common sense.

Second, Hibari and her friends quarrel over nonsensical things that seem to have created an immature vibe in the story. The characters are all shallow, too.

The list could go on, but I’m not gonna enumerate them all. If you want to watch this, proceed with caution.

23. Tokyo Ghoul √A

Tokyo Ghoul - Best anime in First Season not this one

The anime focuses on Ken Kaneki’s joining the organization that abducted and tortured him. This move has made his friends question his motive.

By this, Kaneki has already accepted his demonic side.

Then, the government wants to purge all ghouls in Tokyo. This action has placed his friends in jeopardy. As the tension rises, so is the conflict Ken must face.

Although the first season is not bad, this one seems to have failed to keep up. From the first episode to the final episode, the creators have tried so hard to make it work.

Sadly, they failed. The story ended up pointless.

24. My First Girlfriend Is A Gal

Ecchi Anime - Hajimite no Gal

Junichi Hashiba is an unfortunate virgin boy who doesn’t have a girlfriend since birth. Bravely, he confesses to Yukana Yame.

But, the young girl saw through his intentions. He just wants to get laid. Poor thing. Still, this girl agreed to become his girlfriend.

Suddenly, the girls who know the two felt attraction to this virgin. So, why now?

Honestly, the title alone reads weird. What else would your girlfriend be if you’re a man looking for one?

It’s a gal, right? Not really sure if just the translation.

Just like the anime title, the story is junk. The main protagonist is a sore loser who doesn’t even know how to act like a real man.

Of course, there are boys out there who aren’t good at flirting or communicating what they feel. But, Junichi is a level I couldn’t even imagine.

Anime Trivia Questions

What is the world's worst anime with fan service?

My pick would be Abunai Sisters. Watching the first two episodes are not worth the time. I don’t even know why I watched those.

Just thinking about it is like having a nightmare while awake. This is a thinly veiled excuse to make fun of girls with big boobies.

Another is Skelter Heaven. You can't find it in this list. But this one has poor fan service, you'd want to close your eye whenever it happens.

What is the least known anime?

The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna is one of the isekai anime shows that is loosely based on Japan’s historic events. 

In here, the main character is transported to the old world except that the historical Nobuna has become a cute girl.

What is the most-watched series by anime fans?

I don’t think I don’t need to answer this. But to give you a refresher, Bleach, Naruto and One Piece are my top three.

Of course, there’s Dragon Ball which has been the most-watched series by fans from different generations.

What's the worst anime fandom?

Some say the worst fandom is the Narutards. But, for me, it would be the fans of AOT. I have never seen a fandom that would turn against the author.

It was as if they lost all semblance of respect to the person.

We know AOT is one of the best anime out there. It has received both positive and negative feedback. I myself like the anime, but let’s face it.

Eren Jaeger is a Titan. In other words, he would turn against the people whom he has loved and cherished before he discovered he is the Attack Titan (at least in the anime).

It is sad as it may seem, but if you look at the story with a critical eye, it’s still a political topic after all. In politics, there’s no such thing as a happy ending.

The only thing encouraging Eren is his drive to kill every single Titan.

Criticize me if you want, but my point is everyone should respect what the author did. No death threats or trash talking. These are just acts of immaturity.

And anime fans, we’re better than that right? So, which one is your favorite anime?

I mean, which one do you pick in my worst anime list as the most cringe-worthy anime shows you've ever watched?


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