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22 Best Yuri Anime Shows That’ll Make You Fall in Love

By Joshua Ouellette

So, you have come here to know more about the best yuri anime. Yuri anime shows focus on a girl's love for another girl.

Recently, you can see lots of series being made and streamed online. With the recent additions, anime fans can get a dose of yuri anime.


All right, here is my list. I hope you like a few shows and add them to your watchlist.

Asagao to Kase-san

Asagao to Kase san intense Yuri anime

This yuri anime and manga tells about two young girls who fall in love with each other.

Yui Yamada and Tomoka Kase are two simple high school girls who just wanted to enjoy love and life with the person they love.

Asagao to Kase-san features lots of sweet dates and some intense yuri scenes. The anime is both nostalgic and tragic because of the serious undertones such as betrayal and breakups.

Still, this is pure bliss to watch, especially if you love romance. The series is all about first love and how the two girls deal with their feelings and the ever-looming presence of societal standards.

Sakura Trick

Sakuta Trick Romantic Yuri Anime

Takayama Haruka has been best friends with Sonoda Yuu since middle school. The two girls are inseparable, so they decided to attend the same high school.

They end up in the same class but in separate seats.

But, this separation has led the two high schools to become closer. Their closeness results in a more intimate feeling. They are falling in love.

The two lovely ladies try their best to hide it, but their feelings for each other are so strong. It’s overflowing. This Yuri anime show may not have a satisfying ending.

Still, it’s one of the best Yuri anime shows out there.

Sakura Trick is filled with romance that anime fans would like to watch from episode 1 until the last.

Bloom into You

Bloom into You

Yuu Koito always wanted to feel what it means to care for someone deeply. But, when a classmate confesses to her, the young girl doesn’t feel anything. No excitement. Just emptiness.

She realizes she is incapable of love, which makes her dispirited and tormented. Bewildered, Yuu decides to ask for advice from Touko Nanami, the student council president.

But, this beautiful lady is in for a surprise because the pretty president confesses to her, instead! Bloom Into You is the journey of two individuals with a one-of-a-kind story.

Destiny of the Shrine Maiden

Destiny of the Shrine Maiden in anime and manga series

This series is a Yuri anime with a reincarnation theme. Chikane and Himeko were Shrine Maidens in their past lives.

Chikane is the lunar priestess and Himeko is the solar priestess. The lunar priestess is quite energetic and outspoken while the solar priestess is timid and shy.

She comes from a well-off family with many childhood friends. She’s the perfect image of a girl in her time. Himeko, on the other hand, is the exact opposite.

What’s so similar about the two? They both love each other in a romantic way but there is the third wheel! A third wheel is a man who protects and feels deeply for Himeko.

This anime has a mecha theme, too. But, the truth? Destiny of the Shrine Maiden is an anime of two young girls caught up in a vicious world.

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Valkyrie Drive best Yuri manga and anime

This series is one of the hottest all-girl anime shows. Well, some characters can transform into a weapon after getting sexually aroused. Yes, you heard it right.

The person turning into a weapon is an Exter and the one who can wield it is a Liberator. Unique, right? The series is really an exciting one, giving nudity scenes that are spectacular and would make you blush.

So, what makes it the best Yuri anime? Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid is a Yuri series in its purest form.

The undertone of the anime might be a bit scandalous. However, it is a romance story between two maidens who find compatibility in each other.

Yuru Yuri

Yuru Yuri

This yuri anime series is more of a loli, where one of the characters is younger than the rest. It follows four young girls who are members of an amusement club. Their goal is to just have fun and amuse one another.

Akari Akaza is the youngest of the four. Since the four girls only want to amuse themselves, they often do indecent things. One of these things is kissing.

Aside from being a Yuri, this series has comedy and romance thrown in the mix. It is quite light in terms of storyline and something to watch out for.

Kiniro Mosaic

Yuri anime - Kiniro Mosaic

Shinobu Oomiya meets cute Alice in England when she goes there for an important matter. The two become close and their relationship is more than just friends.

Years later, the beautiful Shinobu receives a letter from Alice. In the letter, the English lady mentioned attending a Japanese high school. And their romance reignites.

Kiniro Mosaic is a slice-of-life genre with many yuri scenes that you will enjoy watching.

Strawberry Panic

Strawberry Panic anime series

Strawberry Panic is the love story of Nagisa Aoi and Shizuma Hanazono. It’s a mix of romance, heartbreaks, school politics, and betrayal. The anime is really panicky one.

This series is one of the several LGBT shows that came out in the Yuri genre in 2006. You can say that it’s a classic in the genre.


Citrus short anime series

Aihara Yuzu is your typical high school. She wants to have a boyfriend during her high school years. Unfortunately, her new school is an all-girl institution.

The lovely girl begins to develop a feeling with the student council president, Mei. No matter how hard she tried concealing her feelings, she couldn’t do it.

Do you know what makes it one of the best? Each episode only lasts for 3 minutes. Still, the storyline gradually develops, which is quite interesting.

Tachibanakan To Lie Angle

Tachibanakan - 3-minute anime on each episode

Harem plus yuri? You got it. Tachibanakan to Lie Angle is the story of Natsuno Hanabi. This pretty girl finds herself in the most indecent places. One of these is being stuck in a closet where a naked girl seduces her.

Each episode has a duration of 3 minutes. Still, you will enjoy watching the anime. This one is really a Yuri anime with lots of scintillating scenes.

Netsuzou Trap

Netsuzou Trap

This yuri anime is a short one, but it tells the story of Okazaki Yuma and Mizushima Hotaru in the most gripping way. Yuma gets into a relationship with a man. Being her first time, she is a bit confused about what to do.

So, the lovely girl goes to her childhood friend and asks her for advice. Instead, Yuma gets a kiss from Hotaru, which confuses her even more.

Netsuzou Trap is about betrayal and discovering romance. Join the two childhood friends in their journey towards painful realizations.

Adachi to Shimamura

Adachi to Shimamura - the best in anime lists

Adachi and Shimamura met in an ordinary place and started a friendship. The two women are pretty close, but soon enough, one of them develops feelings beyond being friends.

Their love story is about discovering what you really feel and how you deal with it.

This series is one of the sweetest and best Yuri shows you could find. The lovely ladies try to grasp what their hearts are saying to them.

Riddle Story of Devil

Riddle Story of Devil

Another of the best Yuri anime out there, Riddle Story of Devil is about an assassin who falls for the supposed target.

Tokaku Azuma is a  trained assassin who vows to protect the only girl she loves, Haru Ichinose. It's no joke but she will do her best.

With 12 episodes, this Yuri anime is packed with action, most importantly, intense scenes you will definitely like to anticipate. Will Azuma’s feelings for Haru greater than her desire to get the reward?

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

Inugami and Nekoyama - High School Yuri Anime

Opposite poles attract each other. In this Yuri anime, it is the truth. The series is about two high school students, Inugami-san and Nekoyama-san.

Their personalities are total opposites like a dog and a cat that are at war. But their deep feelings for each other are growing and flourishing.

This anime shows that people with opposite personalities can still love and commit.

Konohana Kitan

Konohana Kitan -Shojou anime

This anime is a fantasy series with a slice-of-life and Shoujo genre mix. It tells the life of Yuzu, a fox girl who takes a new job in an inn.

While other workers are quite experienced, she is clumsy but eager to learn a lot more about her work. Gradually, Yuzu manages to warm up with other fox girls in the inn.

Konohana Kitan shows pure Yuri scenes that an anime fan would like to watch even if they aren’t lesbians.

Liz and the Blue Bird

Liz and the Blue Bird

This Yuri anime doesn’t tell the romance story of the two main characters in an explicit way. Their relationship is rather implied through the portrayal of Liz and the Blue Bird.

Actually, you might be a bit disappointed since this anime series doesn’t show enough Yuri scenes that will tease your imaginations. You won’t even find a single kiss between the two main characters.

But, why is it part of my best Yuri anime list? The storyline is unique and still tells the real score between the two girls. It’s actually one of the sweetest LGBT shows if you are going to look at it closely.

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Dragon Maid - best Yuri manga and anime

Tooru suddenly appears at the door of Miss Kobayashi. This feisty little creature worships Kobayashi and wants to serve her. In this anime, Tooru harbors deep feelings for Miss Kobayashi who seems oblivious.

But, the appearance of this dragon maid isn’t that simple. Soon enough, new mystical beings begin to appear in her home for unknown reasons.

With 13 episodes, this anime series passes as Yuri because of Tooru’s feelings for Ms. Kobayashi. As for the scenes, don’t expect so much since it’s a lot more of comedy and slice-of-life.


Kanamewo - best Yuri anime

This anime is a short ONA with a powerful message. It is about a young woman who rescues a tree goddess. Unfortunately, the tree goddess has only a few days to live.

Although the end is tragic and sad, Kanamewo is an anime that’s worth watching. It’s a sweet story of romantic feelings. This Yuri anime thing is telling you to spend your time wisely with the one you care about the most.

Shoujo Sect: Innocent Lovers

Shoujo Sect - best OVA Yuri

A promise with a kiss is the only memory Shinobu Handa had with her friend Momoko Naitou. It affected her so much and made her harbor some deep feelings for Naitou. In Shinobu’s case, her feeling is love at first sight.

Ten years later, the two meet again in the same high school. But, Naitou doesn’t remember Shinobu. Their personalities are opposites. Momoko is serious about her studies while Shinobu is a promiscuous person who has more lovers than her grade in school.

Shoujo Sect is actually a hentai anime with a Yuri theme. It shows nudity and super intense scenes that’ll make you blush. But, the story is still there as the two try to find the relationship they had shared when they were young.

Murder Princess

Murder Princess - best action-packed manga and anime

The Kingdom of Forland was in great peril after a royal scientist started a coup d'etat. With a mission, Alita journeys to various places to find his prince brother.

The crowned princess encounters Falis, a trained assassin. Unfortunately, the two women have switched bodies after falling off a cliff.

Now, Alita requested Falis to go to the Kingdom and rescue the people. Thus, the title of Murder Princess is given to her because of her ruthless killing.

This anime is an action-packed Yuri show. It is an anime about a meek princess and a ruthless killer who found solace in one another.

Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl

Kashimashi - best Yuri manga and anime

This anime series is based on a manga story. It tells the life of Hazumu who was once a boy but became a girl when an alien spaceship destroyed his body. When he wakes up, the boy is now a girl.

Despite the change, her feelings for Yasuna are still there. Now, Hazumu has to fit in with society with her newfound body.

The series is more of a shoujo-ai and doesn’t show much of the intense scenes. I still included it because of the back story. Find out how the main character deals with repeated heartbreak and how couples find romance in the most uncommon places with the unexpected person.

Candy Boy

Candy Boy - best anime and manga with Yuri trap character

This anime is about twin sisters who are very close. Then, Sakuya Kamiyama, an obsessive freshman appears to have a deep crush on Kanade. This is where Yuri elements start to surface.

This wealthy young girl likes to steal Kanade's belongings. Sometimes, she would often ask Yukino for these belongings in exchange for something such as snacks.

The series is about sibling's love and how they foster relationships with other people.

Got some comments and different views about this list? Leave them below and you might want to visit my channels with some anime videos. Maybe, you could read my other recommended anime lists.


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