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18+ Funny Anime Shows to Brighten Your Gloomy Day

Are you having a bad day? Or, did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Whatever it is, brighten your day with funny anime shows.

There's no point having wrinkles all-over your face or mulling over something that you couldn't turn back.

Here is a list of the funniest anime shows ever including Gintama, K-on, and School Rumble.

1. Good Luck Girl

good luck girl ichiko and momiji

Ichiko Sakura has been blessed with an easy life and good fortune. She’s got bran, beauty and wealth, everything a woman could ask for. This got the attention of Momiji Binboda, the goddess of poverty.

One day, the goddess used her title to deliver bad news to Sakura. She told Sakura that her fortune is due to the girl’s draining energy.

What Makes It Funny and Worth Watching

  • Binbougami ga will make you laugh, at the same teach life lessons about respecting, sharing, and caring.
  • The Good Luck Girl animation is great combined with sound effects and excellent voice acting.
  • The main characters, Ichiko and Momiji, are a balanced-pair. They depict that a person has different personalities and attitudes depending on circumstances.


See this and you’ll be laughing almost every episode. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon or a weekend at home for everyone.

2. K-On

k on funniest anime

Yui Hirasawa is a plain girl who likes to play castanets. She discovers a club while searching for one to join. Yui doesn’t know about playing an instrument and quits the club.

During that time, the Light Music Club is about to be disbanded due to a lack of club members. The members convince Yui to stay by playing a song that sparks her interest.

What Makes It Funny and Worth Watching

  • The anime is somewhat cliché but it’s unforgettable with its cutesy characters.
  • The story is about friendship and holding on to achieve goals.


Some like K-on while the majority in an anime community don’t seem to be impressed. Well, the anime has a light storyline.

You got some serious scenes but it swings back to light comedy. Watch to see if it fits your taste.

3. Asobi Asobase

asobi asobase show

This is the story of three young girls, Olivia, Hanako, and Kasumi, who formed a strange bond after a game. Ironically, the three girls have something in common despite their different personalities.

They started a group called “Pastime Club” where they do their random antics.

What Makes It Funny and Worth Watching

  • Everyone in the show is just plain crazy. It’s like watching prank videos or something similar.
  • The anime show will remind you of what middle (or high) school is made of.


When you see the opening credits, you might think that Asobi Asobase is just another show with pretty girls.

But, it’s not. In fact, it's one of the funniest shows I've ever watched. The anime is pure comedy, with all the exaggerated face, antics, and all. You should watch this.

4. Detroit Metal City

detroit metal city comedy

Soichi Negishi is the lead guitarist and singer of the band Death Metal City (short for DMC). Contrary to his real personality, his alter ego Johannes Krauser II is a menace to society and deplorable.

Negishi is shy but Krauser is outgoing and loud.

This anime focuses on Negishi’s attempt to break through from DMC’s shadows and be known for what he wanted, a famous pop singer.

What Makes It Funny and Worth Watching

  • The art looks like caricatures and seems flat. Still, it adds to the humorous appeal of the story.
  • The music is metallic in nature but not entirely. Maybe the anime creators toned down some portions for a general audience. You can hear pop culture mixed in, too.


Detroit Metal City is still a comedy series. Thus, don’t expect too much about lyrics and all. Many of the lyrics are exaggerated, though. If you like metallic rock, this is your anime.

5. Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun

gekkan shoujo nozaki kun

Chiyo Sakura likes her schoolmate Umetarou Nozaki. One day, she tries to confess but ends up saying she’s an avid fan and gets an autograph.

Later, Sakura becomes Nozaki’s assistant in the current manga.

The ironic part in Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun is that Nozaki isn’t much of a romantic person but he’s writing a romance story.

He doesn’t even notice Sakura’s feelings for him. But, eventually, they’re able to finish the manga comics most hilariously.

What Makes It Funny and Worth Watching

  • The anime characters have their unique and strong points. You can relate to them, especially if you’re keen about learning the culture.
  • The Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun presents lots of funny relatable moments.


The anime has its flaws. One, the comedy seems to drag on if you binge-watch it. But if you watch it one episode at a time, each episode brings funny moments that make you laugh out loud.

6. Lucky Star

lucky star funny anime shows

Lucky☆Star is about the lives of four high school girls. These girls talk about almost everything, from how food is prepared to academics.

The anime is excellent in portraying a slice of life and how high school girls interact.

What Makes It Funny and Worth Watching

  • The conflicts are light and the anime show is pure fun.
  • The characters make references to everything about Japan, so this is an eye-opener for those who want to know more.
  • The animation is cute and simple, especially on how the characters are spot-lighted and still you feel they’re surrounded by people.


The first few episodes seem boring but if you give it a chance, the anime deserves it. Contrary to other people’s reviews, the anime has a storyline. It’s not as dramatic as others are, though.

7. Maid Sama

maid sama funny anime shows

Maid Sama is about a female student who tries to live a life and make ends meet by working as a crew in a maid café. Misaki Ayuzawa is the council president in their school.

Her school was once an all-boys school but it turned into co-ed. Misaki is one of the few female students.

Then, Takumi Usui discovers her dark secret as a maid in a café. Usui seems to fall in love with her and uses his discovery to torment Misaki (or maybe get closer to her).

What Makes It Funny and Worth Watching

  • The story is a love story of boy-meets-girl kind of thing that is excellent for anime fans.
  • Maid Sama is a fairy tale with a typical but sweet ending.


The story seems to have loose connections from one episode to another. But, it’s worth watching for everyone.

For others, Maid Sama is the best comedy anime show. What I see is that a person in-love makes all the silly excuses to be with you, even if it’s so ridiculous from the other’s perspective.

8. Prison School

prison school funny anime shows

Prison School follows the life of five “pervert” boys. These boys, Kiyoshi, Jo, Andre, Shingo, and Gakuto, got accepted in an all-girls private school as Hachimitsu Private Academy turns into a co-ed.

The students objected to the change and created an Underground Council to torment any boy who will enroll and start his studies in the academy.

The boys never made a good impression and ended up prisoners after peeping. The adventures began, which tested their friendship.

What Makes It Funny and Worth Watching

  • The art is quite detailed and scandalous for the faint-hearted. Still, the art is worth noting.
  • There are no holdbacks on dialogues and scenes that seem like you’re watching soft hentai.
  • Exaggeration is the theme as expected from an ecchi anime. The series intends to give humor to sexual innuendos and it succeeds in doing so.


The characters are crazy. The scenes are obscene. However, the show is still a must-watch. I don’t know but I find the series a bit refreshing to some extent.

9. Daily Lives of High School Boys

daily life of high school boys

The Daily Lives of High School Boys anime is about Hidenori, Yoshitake, and Tadakuni who have an overactive imagination. The boys are hilarious, finding themselves in many hilarious moments.

They have a bond that makes this trio an endearing group.

Despite their crazy antics, Hidenori, Tadakuni, and Yoshitake are just ordinary boys who want to fit in and excel as their classmates do.

What Makes It Funny and Worth Watching

  • The characters are super relatable, especially for high school boys.
  • The jokes are outrageous, executed in a witty manner and some scenes are just hilarious you can’t stop laughing.


The story is great with lots of comedy, definitely, one of the funniest shows. You’ll definitely love watching this anime, especially if you connect with how the jokes are delivered.

10. Grand Blue

grand blue manga series

Iori Kitahara is a first-year student in a university and has to move to Izu, a coastal town. He has to live with his uncle who owns a scuba diving club and shop.

Unfortunately, the members are alcoholics and carefree. Despite his hesitation, Iori joins the club while he sorts out what he wants for college and after graduation.

What Makes It Funny and Worth Watching

  • The show also throws in some scuba diving facts, so it’s great if you’re trying to learn scuba diving.
  • The story dwells on real-life situations. Since it’s a fun anime show, there are lots of laughing.


Watch this if you want pure entertainment, especially if you’re a college student having a difficult time at university.

11. School Rumble

school rumble series

School Rumble is a romantic comedy, a love triangle actually. The female protagonist, Tenma Tsukamoto, is in love with Oji Karasuma but she finds it hard to confess. Oji Kasasuma is oblivious to her feelings.

Kenji Harima, a delinquent student, is the male protagonist and has a crush on Tenma. He attends Yagami High School so he could get close to her.

However, Harima is having a hard time telling his feelings, too.

While trying to gain Tenma’s attention, she and other people misunderstand his intentions. The love triangle becomes more complicated.

What Makes It Funny and Worth Watching

  • The randomness of the story is unique and yet so funny, but still, the main storyline is there.
  • The animation art style is good with background music that makes the comedy funnier.


The anime has a lot of filler episodes that give the story its comedic appeal. The anime has serious moments but swings back to funny moments. 

Still, it’s worth watching when you’re having a bad day.

12. Sket Dance

sket dance

Sket Dance is about a host club in Kaimei High School. Three people lead the group: Kazuyoshi Usui (tech-savvy), Hime Onizuka (the brawn), and Yuusuke Fujisaki (the leader).

The group handles odd jobs but most of the time spends an idle hour in the clubroom.

The SKET Brigade doesn’t do much but when someone gives them tasks, everyone gives all they got. 

Despite their crazy ways, the group is the epitome of encouragement and perseverance.

What Makes It Funny and Worth Watching

  • The art, sounds, and plot twists in the anime are all great.
  • This is the funniest anime of all time and is worth watching because of the balance between drama and comedy.


You should see this because you’ll learn a lot of lessons from the anime show. Each character is well developed, giving the story real progress.

If you don't have a funny bone on you, you will like the serious/drama part.

13. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

Kusuo Saiki has superpowers. He can hear people’s thoughts and shoot lasers from his eyes. However, his psychic abilities make his life a living hell.

Saiki K wants an ordinary life where he can’t hear someone else’s thoughts.

But with his ability, ordinary life is farfetched. Still, Saiki tries his best to achieve what he strives for.

What Makes It Funny and Worth Watching

  • The Life of Saiki K features parodies of other games and shows, which are hilarious.
  • Each episode is fast-paced while maintaining the comedy.
  • The main character reveals his psychic powers every episode and uses them differently, which is a refreshing take on psychic abilities. 


The TV anime is full of amazing characters that you’ll love. It is a must-watched funny anime because of its fast-paced episodes.

14. Gintama

gintama comedy anime

Gintama begins when the Amanto Aliens invade the Earth and take over Edo Japan. They ban the use of swords and Samurai are prohibited from using them. Anyone who disobeys shall perish.

But, one man didn’t give up his swords, Gintoki Sakata. Together with his friends and pet dog, he wanted to fight these aliens that make Japan a living hell.

What Makes It Funny and Worth Watching

  • The Gintama visuals are awesome as expected in a Shonen anime show.
  • The anime features lots of parodies, story arcs, and the fun in Gintama never fades even after so many episodes.
  • The Gintama comedy show has a consistent factor, making it appealing and unforgettable.


If you haven’t watched Gintama, then you’re missing half of the fun. The show is a combination of everything, from comedy to action, from drama (slightly) to fun.

15. Hataraku Maou Sama (The Devil is a Part Timer)

hataraku maou sama

After a failed attempt to conquer Ente Isla, the Demon Lord has to escape. Unluckily, he lands in modern-day Tokyo and assumes a human name as Sadao Maou.

Without power, he has to work as a part-timer in a fast-food restaurant. While doing this job, Maou has to find a way back to his world.

What Makes It Funny and Worth Watching

The concept of the Devil is a Part-Timer is unique and features a harem-style towards the end. Another great thing about this is how the demon lord deals with human life.

With all powers gone, living would be a painful endeavor. His perseverance to go back is relatable.


There are lots of filler episodes with girls getting introduced every episode like the anime is harem-style.

Still, the comedy anime boasts of story and visual appeal. Some anime fans may find the execution of the story mediocre. But, for me, it’s a great watch.

16. Baka to Test

baka to test show

The freshman examination determines a student class in their second year in Fumizuki Academy.

Unfortunately, the male protagonist, Akihisa Yoshiee, ends up in the lowest class where the facilities are borderline useless. Yuuji Sakamoto and Mizuki Himeji are there, too.

Although they can escape the current class, they have to win in the Examinations Summon Battle system.

In this battle, participants can summon fantasy characters to win.

What Makes It Funny and Worth Watching

The randomness of comedic acts makes it downright stupid sometimes. Still, the anime series is worth its own respect, if you like brainless comedy.

The hilariousness originates from exaggerated scenes with characters that are seemingly retarded (Class F).


If you just want to laugh out your worries away, this is your story. You won’t even have to follow some kind of story to get the gist.

17. Sakamoto (Haven't You Heard I m Sakamoto)?

sakamoto character

This comedy anime is all about Sakamoto with his perfect personality. He’s handsome, skillful, and intelligent.

He’s the perfect guy really, but could he really be? Many girls are swooning and the guys are jealous. These guys wanted to ruin his reputation, but this plan never succeeded. You think so.

What Makes It Funny and Worth Watching

Despite his swag demeanor, the main character tries his best to give as much advice as he could muster. It’s also a story of living up to what others expect you to be.

This is hard but Sakamoto does his best.


Jokes or comedy scenes are enjoyable in Haven't You heard I m Sakamoto. Though short, the impression of this funny anime is long-lasting.

18. Arakawa Under The Bridge

arakawa under the bridge character

Kou Ichinomiya meets Nino who lives under the Arakawa Bridge when he fell into the river. Nino saves him.

Kou wants to payback because he doesn’t want to be indebted to anyone. In exchange for saving his life, Nino asks him to be her boyfriend. Together, they start a new life under the bridge.

What Makes It Funny and Worth Watching

You learn a lot of life lessons. One of these lessons is never to be governed by what society dictates about you. Sometimes, perspective is all that matters in a situation.


The show is kind of average from sounds to voice actors, from character development to story arcs. Still, the comedy is there.

You can try a few episodes to see if you want to finish the anime.

Final Words

Not quite sure what to watch? I suggest you watch Gintama and the Life of Saiki K. Aside from these funny anime shows, you might also consider One Punch Man.


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