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15 Of The Cutest Anime Shows To Enjoy Your Life

Have you ever been to Japan? If you have been to Japan, you will know that “cute” is an important word in Japan. Almost as soon as you step off the plane, you will come across something cute.

Of course, a walk around the center of Tokyo will reveal the importance the Japanese place on the term cute. Tokyo is packed with what the Japanese like to call cafes.

You just need to walk a few yards before you find yourself surrounded by cat cafes, owl cafes, and shops selling cute clothes.  No surprise then, anime shows are also cute and adorable.

I could create a list of endless cute anime series, but I would be here all day and you would get bored. Anyway, here is a list of the cutest anime series I think you should watch.

My List Of Cute Anime Shows You Have To See To Believe

1. Pokemon

Pokemon characters

Believe it or not, Pokemon is also known as Pocket Monsters in Japan. Out of all of the cute anime franchises, this is perhaps the most adorable of all.

The animated series of Pokemon has been running since 1997 and keeps reinventing itself. The team behind the concept keeps coming up with new ideas all of the time to promote the animated series and games.

Nintendo is the sole owner of the trademark but the copyright to Pokemon is shared by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures.

Many believe it is thanks to Pokemon, animated shows have become popular. Merchandise is an important part of the package and I know many people, young and old, who simply love Pokemon merchandise.

Pokemon pikachu

The Pokemon Chronicles that came out in 2006 is the most popular series. But you should also check out the impressive list of films including Pokemon: The First Movie.

As you probably know by now, Pokemon are little creatures that humans catch and train. Sorts of reminds me of the many pet cafes you find in Japan.

2. Is The Order A Rabbit?

Is this the order of the rabbit cute

The first run of the manga series started in 2011. It has all of the essential ingredients of cuteness that you would expect from a cute manga.

The film based on the series – Dear My Sister – came out in 2017 in Japan and quickly became very popular. If you feel the need for some cuteness overload, you need to know that there is a game available on PlayStation.

Is this the order of the rabbit characters

You will love the main characters which include Cocoa Hoto, Chino Kafu, and Rize Tedeza. But, we must not forget about Tippy who a female angora rabbit that loves to sit on Chino's head. She is the Rabbit House mascot and is super cute.

The story-line of Is The Order A Rabbit has many twists and turns and even involves supernatural events.

3. Kinmoza

Kinmoza kawaii

The proper name of this cute anime is Kin-Iro Mosaic but the title is often abbreviated to Kinmoza.

The plot revolves around an adorable Japanese schoolgirl called Shinobu. She receives a letter from an English friend called Alice who she stayed with in England.

In the letter, Alice announces that she is coming to Japan to live. Alice is soon joined by her friend Karen.

Kinmoza cute girls anime

The girl's mischievous adventures start from there. Really cute and it has all of the ingredients of becoming a cult classic. Get ready for lots of giggling and cute school girls.

4. YuriYuri

YuriYuri characters cute

I am surprised that YuriYuri is not mentioned very often. However, I think it is a good example of a cute anime show that we should watch.

The plot centers around a fictional school in Takaoka. The main characters are members of the Amusement Club. The girls in the Amusement Club remind me of American cheerleaders.

YuriYuri cute anime

The characters you should watch out for our Akarra Akaza and her friends Yui and Chinatsu. The first run was back in 2008 but it still looks good.

5. Lucky Star

Lucky star anime girls kawaii

There are a lot of other Lucky Stars out there, but I am mean the Japanese anime show Lucky Star which first arrived on our screens back in 2003.

Lucky Star is perhaps more of a comedy than other cute animated shows mentioned on this page. The plot focuses on the lives of four girls attending a Japanese high school. 

Lucky star anime series

Konata is the main character but you will also run into Kagami, Miyuki, and Tsukasa. Konata is a bit of lazy girls who prefers playing video games overdoing her homework.

6. Hanayamata

Hanayamata characters

This adorable anime show has been around since 2011. There is also a game available by the same name.

Naru Sekiya is a 14-year old girl who loves to read fairy tales. But gradually she starts to change her life and becomes more confident. Other interesting characters include Hana and Yaya Sesame.

Hanayamata slice of life

Naru loves cherry blossom and you will find that they keep popping up all over the place. I guess you can say that she is a typical Japanese girl.

7. The Quintessential Quintuplets

The quintessential quintupletes series

Sound the cuteness alarm because her comes The Quintessential Quintuplets. The series starts when the wealthy Nakano family decides to hire a private tutor for their offspring. A gifted student called Futaro is soon hired.

Unfortunately for Futaro, his five students are not interested in academia at all. Although the series is funny, I think that it is meant to have more of a serious message.

The quintessential quintuplets main character

For you romantics out there, it would be good to know that there is a bit of romance to be found in this adorable anime show.

8. Tamako Market

midori tamako and kana

Tamako Market was first screened in January 2013. It soon became very popular in Japan and has been turned into a film. The film is called Tamako Love Story and is made by one of the most popular animation studios in Japan – Kyoto Animation.

Another off-shoot of the Tamako market is Dera-chan. 

The plot revolves around a shopping district and a mochi shop run by Tamako. One day, out of the blue, Tamako encounters a talking bird called Dera.

Tamako market kyoto animation

Dera swiftly moves into Tamako's home and becomes part of his everyday life. 

This is a rather unusual comedy. I will hold my hands up and say that it one of my favorites. I have watched it many times and I think it has something to offer many who are not otherwise big fans of adorable anime shows.

9. Chuunibyou, Love and Other Delusions

Rikka anime cute

Do you know what a Chunnibyou is in Japanese manga? It a teenager who has supernatural powers. Mmm, it is a bit like me, I used to believe I was a superhero as well. Maybe I still am – who knows?

Anyway, this series has a lot of important ingredients in it. Love, romance, and comedy. The two main characters are Yuuta and Rikka and you follow them through their relationship. It is a bit silly at times but I enjoyed it all of the same.

Chuunibyou anime shows

Hopefully, there is more to come and I am sure that we will see more of the romantic couple Yuuta and Rikka.

From what I can understand, you don't have to have superpowers to make a girl fall in love with you.

10. Alice and Zouroku

alice and zouroku heart warming time

Alice and Zouroku quickly became a cult anime show in Japan. The television series as first screened in 2017. The manga which the TV series is based on was first shown.

The show is packed with fantasy and magic in equal measures. In Alice and Zouroku, the existence of humans with supernatural powers are kept secret. The storyline is centered around Sana. She is an orphaned girl who belongs to a research facility.

alice and zouroku slice of life

Eventually, she manages to escape and meets Zouroku. He is an old man who lives in a city called Shinjuku.

In my opinion, it is a really nice story, and of course, Alice is super cute. Everything that you would expect from an adorable young girl with supernatural powers.

11. Kemono Friends

kemono friends

This is one series that I believe is going to be around for a long time. It is funny and packed with adventures. Needless to say, if you like cute anime girls, this is a perfect example of a cute manga show.

I am not going to give too much away when it comes to the plot and storyline. However, let me give you a brief insight.

kemono friends cute girl anime

Much of the plot takes place in a zoo that is home to both endangered and extinct species. You will even meet some legendary creatures in this zoo. It is not very clearly explained by all of the creatures in the zoo have transformed in to girls known as Friends. I think that you get the idea.

12. New Game

new game anime characters selfie

The moment Aoba Suzukaze turns up on screen – you will go ahhhh. There is only way to describe Aoba. That is a cute girl – the sort of girl that we all would like to know. She is often depicted with big eyes and purple hair in ponytails.

Anyway, Aoba is a high school graduate who begins to work as a character designer for a game called Eagle. You get to follow her as gets better acquainted with her work colleagues and get an insight into what it is like to design characters for a game.

new game anime series

New Game is a comedy and one of the better anime comedies as far as I am concerned. Well worth watching.

13. Himoto! Umara Chan

You should not miss out on this one. I actually come across Himoto the first time in a manga magazine called Weekly Young Jump. For some reason, a copy had turned up in my local comic bookstore.

A while later I caught up with the actual manga series.

Once again, the plot features Umaru Doma, a high school girl. At first, she appears to be the perfect student but soon transforms into a lazy so-so.

umaru doma in her room

It is a bit unusual, but as a 3D artist, I think it was the artwork that initially drew me to the series. By the way, I have still got a copy of Weekly Young Jump.

14. Long Live School Idol Project

love live school idol project characters cute

Now this is unusual – an anime musical. I did not think that I would like K-On when I first heard about it, but I really do.

More high school girls than you can conjure up in your wildest dreams but it works. It must work because it has become one of the biggest grossing cute anime shows.

Makes me laugh on occasion and has made me wondered who dreamed up all of the cute girlie characters.

15. K-On

k on anime thumbnail cute

Now this is unusual – an anime musical. I did not think that I would like K-On when I first heard about it, but I really do.

More high school girls than you can conjure up in your wildest dreams but it works. It must work because it has become one of the biggest grossing cute anime shows.

The original run was way back in 2007 but I think that K-On looks good today.

The plot is rather simple and I think that attributes to its success. Four high school girls join a music club at the school. At the time the girls join, they are not very gifted musicians, but that soon changes as the series progress.

K-On is entertaining and fun. At the end of the day, that is what any good anime show is all about.

Are You Looking For An Anime That Is Good To Watch?

It is not easy to identify the ultimate anime that is good to watch. It is a bit like making a cake. You need to have certain ingredients to make the cake special. It also depends on your age.

Younger viewers want different ingredients. In many ways, that is what is so great about anime. 

Tamako market anime that is good to watch

All anime series have different ingredients. Some of them are better geared and suited for younger age groups. But then again, I know many older fans of anime series who like to watch series such as Pokemon.

It is a bit like when you fall in love. As we all know, it is easy to fall in love with cute girls. I am sure that there are many who love some cute anime characters more than others. 

I think that you can create a list of essential ingredients when it comes to the best anime shows to watch. I guess you are probably wondering what I think that these essential anime ingredients are. Here´s a list of crucial anime show ingredients:

  • Cute characters
  • Cute girls
  • A slice of life
  • A great love story
  • Exciting live action
  • Heart warming storyline
  • Best friends
  • Cute boyfriends

If you want to add anything to my recipe, please get in touch with your anime list of ingredients. I am sure you can think of many anime to list.

How Many Anime Shows That Are Romantic Do You Need?

Mmm, according to my friend Yaz, you can´t have too many romantic anime series. She is simply addicted to them. But then again, she is like most other girls - she really loves an anime love story. As a matter of fact, I think that she sees herself as an anime cute girl.

Romantic comedy is something that girls are very fond of and love to watch. Cute anime characters are important to girls.  As a matter of fact, I am pretty convinced that the top reason girls watch manga is because they want to see cute anime girls and boys.

anime shows that are romantic

The show which is packed with the best cute anime characters is still Pokemon - you can´t get away from that.

Kinmoza is another popular cute manga that I know many girls like. It has essential ingredients such as love.

In many ways, romance anime is trying to teach us something about life. It normally starts with something that happens in school and is rapidly followed by heart warming story. The best ingredients in manga always have something to do with affairs of the heart. Some would say that it romance anime at its best.

What would you say that the best is about romance anime or manga romantic comedy? Cute anime means different things to different people and I think that we need to bear that in mind. It was in the back of my mind when I created my anime lost of cute anime and romance anime.

I wanted a girl´s point of view. That is why I asked Yaz to help to list her favorite romance anime and cute anime.   The results speak for themselves. I think that the shows that she has come up with are simply the best ones that you can watch.

If you have your own idea what makes the best romantic shows from Japan. please let me know. I would like to hear from you to find out what you think about romantic shows.

Remember that the best ones are not always the most obvious one. Some of the best shows are the most obscure ones that we don´t think to mention or talk about.

That has given me an idea, perhaps I should try to create other lists of the best shows. This is such a broad subject that you can carry on creating endless lists.

I love doing this as I learn a lot while sitting at my keyboard. It makes a change from playing games on my computer.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy my list. Please feel free to get in touch at any time.


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