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50+ Dazzling Anime Princesses to Cherish and Love

Anime princesses are a staple in most anime shows. These characters have varying personalities and charm.

Some are feisty and strong warriors while others are meek and gentle. Regardless of their personalities, I know you have a favorite or many beloved princesses.


As you can see, they range from cute to beautiful, from short-haired gals to long blonde-haired beauties.

For those who haven't seen any princess in a series, here is a list for you in no particular order.

1. Ahiru/Princess Tutu

Princess Ballerina AKA Princess Tutu

Anime: Princess Tutu

Ah, Princess Tutu. What can I say about this series that hasn't already been said? It's heartwarming, funny, quirky, and just plain adorable.

The story follows a princess ballerina named Ahiru. She transforms into a tutu-wearing duck in order to help a prince to gather his broken heart (literally).

Along the way, she makes friends with a cast of colorful characters, including a brooding crow and a mischievous cat.

2. Princess Mononoke/San

Wolf Goddess

Anime: Princess Mononoke

The wolf gods raised San AKA Princess Mononoke in the forest. This beautiful anime girl is a fierce and wild creature, but she is also capable of great compassion.

San befriends the human Ashitaka and helps him to fight against the humans who are trying to destroy the forest.

In the end, she achieves a balance between the human world and the natural world.

3. Usagi Tsukino

Princess Serenity AKA Sailor Moon

Anime: Sailor Moon

Usagi Tsukino is a young teenage girl who transforms into the powerful Sailor Guardian AKA Sailor Moon when she needs to fight evil. Princess Serenity is her alter ego.

This young girl is a bit of a klutz. However, she is also brave and kind-hearted, always working to protect her friends and the world.

Sailor Moon has blonde hair and blue eyes, accompanied often by her talking cat, Luna.

4. Princess Charlotte

Spy princess

Anime: Princess Principal

In Princess Principal, Princess Charlotte is kind, gentle, and always puts others before herself. However, what many people don't know is that her real name is Ange.

Ange is a streetwise orphan who knows how to take care of herself. She's fiercely independent.

Despite her rough exterior, Ange has a big heart and cares deeply for her friends. This skilled spy is an incredible fighter.

5. Princess Emaraude

Anime Princess

Anime: Magic Knight Rayearth

Princess Emeraude (or Emaraude in other translations) is the beloved ruler of Cephiro. However, her fragile heart is failing, and only the power of the three legendary magical knights can save her.

She is determined to find a way to save her people from the evil that threatens their land. Despite her frailty, this princess is a true hero.

Her selfless acts of courage inspire all those who are lucky enough to know her.

6. Euphemia Li Britannia

Pink-haired Princess

Anime: Code Geass

Princess Euphemia Li Britannia is a beautiful young woman with long, pink hair. As a princess of the Holy Britannian Empire, she is extremely wealthy and privileged.

But she is also kind-hearted and compassionate. This beautiful princess strongly believes in justice and equality.

Euphemia is unwilling to tolerate the injustices that her family and government have perpetuated. Unfortunately, her idealism often leads her into conflict with other people.

7. Lilliane von Phoenix

Blonde Princess

Anime: Princess Resurrection

Lilliane is a bit of a mystery. She has long blonde hair that reaches her waist.

This young princess seems to have a cold, distant personality. However, she is also fiercely protective of her friends and family.

Also known as Hime, Lilliane has a sharp wit that can catch her enemies off guard. She is the princess of the undead and has the power to control the dead.

8. Princess Camille

Singer Princess

Anime: Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland

At first, Princess Camille is quite spoiled rotten. But, she quickly learns the meaning of true friendship when she befriends Little Nemo.

Throughout her adventures, this little princess becomes an excellent singer and can perform complicated musical numbers with great skill.

In addition, Camille is not afraid to stand up to her father when she disagrees with him. Overall, she is a lovable character.

9. Princess Mana

Swee Tooth Princess

Anime: Jewelpet Movie: Sweets Dance Princess

Princess Mana is a bit of an airhead, but she's always sweet and well-meaning. She loves nothing more than sweets.

Plus, this energetic girl is always up for a dance party. She's also got a bit of magic up her sleeve, which comes in handy when she needs to help her friends out of a sticky situation.

All in all, Princess Mana is a fun-loving girl who loves to have a good time.

10. Mei Chang

Mei with her light purple bag

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Mei Chang is a young woman who is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. She is small in stature, but she more than makes up for it with her speed and agility.

This young princess also got a sharp tongue, and she isn't afraid to use it to put people in their place.

Despite that, Mei is a loyal friend, and she's always ready to fight anyone who threatens her loved ones.

11. Syalis

Aurora Sya Lis Goodereste

Anime: Sleepy Princess In The Demon Castle

Aurora Sya Lis Goodereste is the funniest and most relatable character in Sleepy Princess In The Demon Castle. First of all, she's always sleepy!

No matter how many times she hits the snooze button, this darling princess just can't seem to get enough sleep.

Also, Syalis is always getting lost. But despite all her flaws, she is kind-hearted and always tries her best.

12. Kaguya Otsutsuki

Princess from Another Planet

Anime: Naruto Shippuden

Kaguya Otsutsuki was an evil princess from the anime Naruto Shippuden. She was obsessed with power and wanted to rule the world.

This princess from another planet was also very manipulative and would often use others to do her bidding.

In the end, she was defeated by the main characters of the show and sealed away. However, her evil deeds still haunt them to this day.

13. Lucia Nanami

princess of the North Pacific Ocean

Anime: Mermaid Melody

Lucia Nanami is one of the seven mermaid princesses who have the power to sing the fragments of an ancient melody. She is powerful and can control water.

With her song, she can heal people. This idol mermaid princess is a kind and caring person.

She is also courageous and always stands up for what she believes in. Besides, Lucia is a great friend.

14. Stephanie Dola

Competitive Princess

Anime: No Game No Life

Stephanie Dola is one of the anime princesses that you just can't help but love. She's got the whole package: anime-perfect looks, a sharp tongue, and an intense hatred of losing.

This short-haired lady is fiercely competitive, and she's not afraid to use whatever means necessary to win.

Steph is outgoing and fun-loving, but she can also be serious and determined when the situation calls for it.

15. Pacifica Casull

Anime Princess

Anime: Scrapped Princess

Pacifica Casull is the main character of the Scrapped Princess anime. She's a strong-willed and determined young woman who was born with the power to destroy the world.

With this prophecy, the council of her kingdom decides to kill her to stop the tragedy. But, Pacifica survived.

Along the way, this beloved princess discovers that her destiny is much greater than she could have ever imagined.

16. Latifa Fleuranza

Managing Princess

Anime: Amagi Brilliant Park

Latifa Fleuranza is the director of operations at the amusement park, Amagi Brilliant Park. She's a beautiful young woman with long, light yellow hair.

This awesome princess wears a peach and white dress with a pink corset. She is an efficient worker and is always able to get the job done.

Latifa has a calm and quiet demeanor even in the worst situations. She keeps the amusement park running smoothly.

17. Nefertari Vivi

Unique Princess

Anime: One Piece

Nefertari Vivi is a unique character in One Piece. She's the only princess as a pirate in the Straw Hat crew, which is pretty unusual for someone of her royal background.

This pirate princess is incredibly funny, always making everyone laugh with her deadpan humor.

Vivi is definitely one of the most beloved and memorable anime princesses. She's strong, independent, and witty - everything you could want in a pirate!

18. Relena Peacecraft

Pilot Princess

Anime: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Relena Peacecraft is a beautiful and completely spoiled rich girl from the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. However, she undergoes a dramatic transformation.

This young woman from a royal family starts to see the errors of her ways. She eventually joins the protagonists in their fight against injustice.

By the end of the anime series, Relena has become a strong and compassionate leader, making her one of the most memorable anime princesses of all time.

19. Leona

Loyal Princess

Anime: Dragon Quest Dai No Daibouken Series

Leona is the childhood friend of the protagonist, Dai. She's kind-hearted and always looks out for Dai.

She has a strong sense of justice, and she's not afraid to stand up to bullies.

This girl is a skilled fighter, and she's always ready to help Dai in a fight. She's also a bit of a tomboy.

Overall, Leona is a loyal friend who is always ready to lend a helping hand.

20. Asseylum Vers Allusia

Mecha Pilot

Anime: Aldnoah.Zero

Anime princesses are often dainty and delicate, but Asseylum is different. She's an accomplished mecha pilot.

Also, she's got a sharp wit and isn't afraid to use it, whether she's verbally sparring with her cousin or putting her foot down with her father.

In other words, Asseylum is the kind of anime princess who isn't afraid to speak her mind and stand up for herself.

21. Princess Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura Counterpart

Anime: Tsubasa Chronicles

In Tsubasa Chronicles, Sakura plays a significant role in the story. She is named after these flowers, and they hold great meaning for her.

As a child, this young princess made a wish under a sakura tree, vowing to never forget her childhood friend Syaoran.

Years later, when Sakura loses her memories, it is the blossoms that help her to remember her past and find her way back to Syaoran.

22. Pina Co Lada

Beautiful Anime Girls

Anime: Gate

Pina always strives to do what's best for her kingdom whether it's leading her troops into battle or negotiating with other countries. She's fiercely loyal to those she cares about.

In many ways, this pretty princess is the perfect example of a strong and capable leader. However, she does have one major flaw: her stubbornness.

Once Pina has made up her mind about something, it's very difficult to change it.

23. Princess Licori

Cute Princess

Anime: The Four Seasons

In the anime world, there are many different types of princesses: strong and powerful, kind and gentle, and mischievous and playful.

And then there's Princess Licori from The Four Seasons. She is a young princess who loves nothing more than spending her days exploring the palace grounds.

This young girl is unafraid to speak her mind. Despite her spirited nature, she is a kind-hearted girl who always tries to help others.

24. Princess Odette

Beautiful Odette

Anime: Swan Lake

Young girls and boys watch anime princesses for their beauty and kindness. One of the anime princesses known for her beauty is Odette.

She is elegant and gentle, but also brave when needed. While her story may be a tragic one, she is still an inspiring character for young viewers.

In the series, beauty does not always come from perfect circumstances. Rather, it can come from within amidst many challenges.

25. Hakuei Ren

Warrior princess

Anime: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Hakuei is a young woman with dark hair who is training to be a priestess. However, she is not your typical priestess.

This beautiful maiden is a warrior skilled in martial arts and sword fighting. She is independent.

Princess Hakuei is a strong and determined young woman who always stands up for what she believes in. She is also very loyal to her friends and will do anything to protect them.

26. Princess Romy

Purple Lion Princess

Anime: 80 Days Around the World

Princess Romy is a purple lioness. Willy Fog rescued her from being burned alive

Romy quickly becomes friends with Willy and his partners, Rigodon and Tico. She decided to join them on their journey around the world.

In the last episode of the series, she marries Willy. Princess Romy is a kind and caring individual. She is loyal to her husband and will do whatever it takes to protect him.

27. Millhiore Firianno Biscotti

Princess and her pink dog ears

Anime: Dog Days

Millhiore is an easy-going princess. Though she may not look it, she is a gifted military leader.

Her ability to remain calm under pressure. She can make quick decisions has earned her the respect of her people.

But what really sets her apart is her boundless optimism and her adorable pink dog ears.

No matter how dire the situation, Millhiore always believes that things will work out in the end.

28. Cure Scarlet - Twilight

Princess of Despair

Anime: Go! Princess Pretty Cure

Towa was always a sweet little girl, and she looked up to her older brother a lot. She dreamed of becoming a Grand Princess one day, and she wanted to help the land and its people.

However, this naïve girl got brainwashed by Dyspear and realized that only a Princess Pretty Cure could become a Grand Princess. Thus, she became Twilight.

29. Nausicaa

Strong and Independent Princess

Anime: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

The film Valley of the Wind is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans have been forced to live in isolated valleys due to toxic forests.

In the film, Nausicaa is a kind and brave princess who befriends a giant golden creature. With this creature, she tries to stop the warring nations.

This bubbly girl is a great role model for young girls for her strength and independent nature.

30. Cornelia Li Britannia

True Princess

Anime: Code Geass

Cornelia is the true definition of a princess. She's beautiful, strong, and always puts her kingdom first.

But, she's also fiercely independent and isn't afraid to fight for what she believes in. Despite her cold exterior, Cornelia deeply cares for her subjects and will go to great lengths to protect them.

This beauty is a true leader, and there's no one more qualified to rule Britannia.

31. Lenessia Erhart Cowen

Big Heart and Dark Blue eyes

Anime: Log Horizon

Some anime princesses are often delicate flowers, with dark blue eyes and even bigger hearts. But Lenessia Erhart Cowen from Log Horizon is different.

She's strong-willed and independent. Anime fans have taken to calling her the "anti- princess,".

With her fiery personality and refusal to take orders from anyone, Lenessia is the perfect anime princess if you prefer heroines who are out of the ordinary.

32. Lum

Green-Haired Princess

Anime: Urusei Yatsura

Lum is really sweet and innocent. But this green-haired girl can also get jealous and hot-tempered, usually because of Ataru and his flirting addiction.

In the beginning, she is almost antagonistic towards many of the characters. But don't worry, she calmed down eventually.

Then, she started hatching schemes (in season 2) to be with Ataru. Honestly, I can't blame her for being a little bit extra sometimes.

33. Lala Satalin Deviluke

Major Character in to Love Ru

Anime: To Love-Ru

Lala Satalin Deviluke is an ACTUAL PRINCESS who is on the run from her home planet. She's got a bit of a thing for Rito Yuuki.

Unfortunately for her, the young man is completely oblivious to her feelings. Lala is constantly getting herself into all sorts of wacky hijinks.

But she always manages to come out on top (with a little help from her friends.

34. Sophia

Mermaid Princess in Doraemon

Anime: Doraemon Movie 30: Nobita's Great Mermaid Naval Battles

In the movie Doraemon, there is a character named Sophia. She is a mermaid princess who helps Nobita and his friends in their battle against the Sea forces.

This little girl is a very kind and caring person. However, she can also be quite mischievous, often playing tricks on her friends.

Nevertheless, she is a loyal friend. Her cheerful nature and positive attitude are sure to brighten up any day.

35. Lacus Clyne

Another Pilot Princess

Anime: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

Anime princesses are often armed with a wide array of weaponry and tend to fight on the front lines, instead of waiting around for someone to rescue them.

Lacus Clyne from Gundam SEED is one such anime princess. In addition to being an accomplished singer, she's also a skilled mobile suit pilot.

Her blue pleated skirt is the trademark of her unique style, and she always looks perfectly put together, no matter how chaotic the situation.

36. Shujinkou

Princess Of Traumere

Anime: 100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams

In the anime, a normal girl named Shujinkou, becomes a princess. It's a bit of a long story, but basically, she got a magical ring giving her the power to enter the kingdom of dreams.

This ordinary girl meets 100 handsome princes cursed to sleep forever. The girl-turned-princess decides to break the curse.

Along the way, she learns that being a princess isn't all about pretty dresses and balls. It's also about bravery and courage.

37. Fala

Anime Princess Piloting the Blue Lion

Anime: Go Lion, Voltron: Fleet of Doom

Fala is an actual princess of a royal family in Planet Altea and the pilot of the Blue Lion. She is a courageous young woman.

Despite her royal status, Fala is down-to-earth and has a sense of humor. She is also fiercely protective of her loved ones and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe.

This beautiful woman is a complex and layered character who is an essential part of the Voltron team.

38. Stella Vermillion

Admirable Princess

Anime: Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Stella is a foreign princess who enrolls at a magical academy in Japan to learn magic. She is confident, competitive, and serious about her studies.

But, the princess also has a temperament, and she can be quite gullible at times. Despite her flaws, Stella is an admirable person, and she always tries her best to help others.

She has the potential to become one of the greatest wizards in the world.

39. Shirahoshi

Large Princess Yet Gentle Nature

Anime: One Piece

Shirahoshi is one of the anime princesses that every fanboy drools over. She's got the perfect combination of beauty, innocence, and vulnerability.

This mermaid is large, which makes her a target for bullies. Despite her size, Shirahoshi is a kind and gentle person

She has a powerful ability to control sea kings, which just makes her even more awesome.

Overall, Shirahoshi is a lovable character who provides some comic relief in an otherwise serious anime.

40. Ayeka

Powerful and Magical

Anime: Tenchi Muyo Series

Ayeka is the daughter of the ruler of the planet Jurai. She is a powerful fighter with incredible cosmic energy at her disposal.

This beauty is also very prideful and haughty, often looking down on those she perceives as inferior.

While Ayeka can be difficult to get along with at times, there's no denying that she is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

41. Nunnally

Disabled but Skilled

Anime: Code Geass

Nunnally is blind and uses a wheelchair, but that doesn't stop her from being an adorable and integral part of the story.

This charmer is kind, sweet, and always looks on the bright side - even when her brother is being a pain in the neck. She loves tea parties, kittens, and all things girly.

Though she appears fragile, Nunnally is also incredibly strong-willed and determined.

42. Himemiya Anthy

the Rose Bride Princess

Anime: Revolutionary Girl Utena

Himemiya has a very mysterious past that is never fully explained. Also, she is the "Rose Bride".

This makes her a very sought-after princess and she is constantly being fought over. Anthy is an incredibly powerful magician.

She is always calm and collected, no matter what situation she finds herself in.

All these characteristics come together to create a truly fascinating and memorable character.

43. Carla/Charles

Cat Princess

Anime: Fairy Tail

Carla is very strict and serious, and is rarely seen without her poker face on. But, she does have a softer side, which she shows towards Wendy.

This Exceed mage is a mother figure to Wendy and is always trying to get her to break out of her timid personality.

Despite her tough exterior, Carla is actually quite sensitive. She is a strong and complex character that adds depth and intrigue to the Fairy Tail anime.

44. Code 001

Princess Of Klaxosaurs

Anime: DARLING in the FRANXX

Code 001 is one tough klaxosaur. She's been through a lot in her life.

First, humans use her as a weapon, then betray her and left her for dead. But she's never given up, and she's always fought to protect the Earth.

Even though she doesn't really seem to care much for humanity, you can't help but admire her strength and determination. She's a true warrior, and we could all learn a thing or two from her.

45. Yona

Sheltered Princess

Anime: Akatsuki no Yona

This young princess witnessed her father's murder. Being sheltered all her life, Yona wasn’t prepared to rule a kingdom and had to flee.

With Hak, she sought out the Priest Ik-Su, who told them to find the Four Dragons.

Thus, her journey begins. Along the way, Yona found a new purpose and meaning in friendship. She learned archery and sword fighting.

By the end of her journey, Yona was a changed woman, and a better queen for it.

46. Arete

Girl Dreams of Adventure

Anime: Princess Arete

This is the story of a sheltered princess who longs to see the world outside her castle walls. She was locked in the tower.

Sometimes, Arete even sneaks out to watch the knights of the kingdom compete for the right to marry her. But Arete doesn't want any of this.

This young princess just wants to have some fun and experience life outside her tower. Her wish comes true.

47. Kougyoku Ren

Charming Princess

Anime: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

This princess is one of those anime princesses who just oozes charm. She's got a great sense of style, a loving heart, and a mischievous streak a mile wide.

But what really sets her apart from the rest of the anime royalty is her wealth of facial expressions. Kougyoku can go from childishly playful to regal and intimidating in the blink of an eye.

Whether she's trying to win over a new friend or outwit her enemies, Kougyoku is always fascinating to watch.

48. Chi Chi

Protective Chi-Chi

Anime: Dragon Ball Z Series

Chi Chi is one of the funniest characters in Dragon Ball Z. She's always getting mad at Goku for his irresponsible behavior, but she also has a huge crush on him.

Her catchphrase is "Goku, you idiot!" and it's always hilarious when she says it. She's also a great fighter.

Overall, she's an essential part of the show, and she always brings the laughs.

49. Sonia Nevermind

Ultimate Princess Survivor

Anime: Danganronpa

Sonia Nevermind is the Ultimate Princess. Hailing from Novoselic, she is a kind and gentle soul.

Even in the midst of despair, Sonia never gives up hope and eventually emerges victorious from the academy, earning the title of Ultimate Survivor. Along the way, she makes many friends - and enemies.

But ultimately she is a force to be reckoned with. Sonia is a brave and determined young woman who has faced insurmountable odds and come out stronger for it.

50. Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi

first princess of the Misurugi Empire

Anime: Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons

Despite being born into a life of luxury, Angelise is a kind and gentle person.

But, everything changed when her brother revealed she is a Norma, people who are born without the ability to use magic.

Stripped of her title and cast out of her home, Ange was forced to live in exile with Norma.

Despite her initial hatred, she eventually comes to understand their plight and joins their fight against the Empire.

51. Suzu

Eccentric But Caring

Anime: Coluboccoro

In the anime Coluboccoro, Suzu is an eccentric character. She's always doing unexpected things.

Her actions often leave those around her perplexed. This young girl has a unique way of speaking, which can be hard to understand at times.

However, despite all of this, Suzu is a kind-hearted person who cares deeply for other people. She's always ready to lend a helping hand.

52. Charlotte Beatrix

Beautiful Anime Princesses

Anime: Berserk

When it comes to Charlotte Beatrix, she's in a league of her own. This young princess is beautiful, making her popular with suitors.

Charlotte is excellent at embroidery and making tea. She’s brave, even recognizing a poisonous dart and saving Griffith in the process.

Besides, this princess is an independent woman who knows how to have a good time. That's why she's one of my favorite anime princesses.


These anime girls are sure to make you laugh or cry with their antics, just like Mei Chang from the Fullmetal Alchemist. Despite being real anime princesses, many of them are down-to-earth with a strong sense of justice.

Which one is your favorite: Princess Emaraude from Magic Knight Rayearth or Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon? Comment down below.


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