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15 Anime Girls with Pigtails Who Look So Adorable

Anime girls with pigtails are absolutely adorable. Their sweet and innocent look is perfect for drawing in fans of all ages. Here are fifteen anime girls who prove that pigtails are the best hairstyle around.


1. Usagi Tsukino

Sailor Moon and Her Long Pigtails

Usagi Tsukino is a kind heart. She is also the reincarnation of the Moon Princess and the true queen of the Silver Millennium.

As Sailor Moon, she defends justice and protects the innocent. She uses the power of the Silver Crystal to vanquish her enemies.

Usagi is brave and determined. But she's not perfect. Even when she's feeling lost or overwhelmed, she never gives up hope.

2. Tama Sakai D Frag

Tama Sakai D Frag Looks a real princess

Tama Sakai D Frag shows us that silver hair can be unique and washed out. In her, silver-colored pigtails still look absolutely fabulous. This anime girl is a true diva, as you can see.

Her hair and its color also represent her power and strength. In many ways, she is the perfect role model for young girls looking for a strong and confident female character to look up to.

3. Tamamo-no-Mae

Tamamo-no-mae and her long bangs

Tamamo-no-Mae makes her first appearance in the Fate/Grand Order mobile game. She quickly became a fan favorite.

Her rose gold hair is a departure from the traditional black or brown hues typically seen in anime characters. This unique color palette allows her to stand out from the crowd.

It helps to convey her vibrant personality. The long tails help to keep her hair out of her face, so she can focus on taking over the world!

4. Sakura Chiyo

Cool Sakura Chiyo

Sakura Chiyo’s pigtails are one of a kind and have unique hair clippers. Her orange and brown hair color is also very striking.

It makes her stand out from the crowd. Overall, her pigtails are a very cute and unique hairstyle that is sure to turn heads.

5. Mine

MIne anime girls with pigtails

Akame ga kill is an anime series that has taken the world by storm. One of the things that fans love about the series is the badass pink-haired anime girl, Mine.

She is fierce and powerful but also has a sweet and innocent side. This pigtail with funky bangs hairstyle is the perfect way to show off her softer side.

Women who prefer softer colors will enjoy this neon pink moment. It adds a sweet atmosphere to the character and makes her stand out from the rest.

6. Minami Iwasaki

minami iwasaki's pigtails

This anime girl with pigtails is known for her dark mint green hair color. While most people would consider this to be an odd choice, it actually suits her very well.

The color gives her a mysterious look and wild vibe. It also happens to be the color of power, money, and luck. So, if you're looking for a little bit of happiness in your life, consider dyeing your hair green.

7. Aoba Suzukaze

Main Character Aoba

Aoba has a very distinctive appearance, with her butt-length light purple hair.

Her pigtail, fashion sense, and height are the reasons people mistake her for a middle schooler despite her age of 19 (or maybe 20 something).

Despite her childish appearance, Aoba is actually a hardworking and loyal friend. She is very polite and strives to do her best for the company.

But she has a childish side to her, especially when it comes to things that she likes.

8. Erio Touwa

erio touwa's pigtail in Baby Blue Color

Erio always stood out, even before she claimed to be an alien. It wasn't just her outlandish style sense but her demeanor as well.

She was always polite but it was clear that she was holding something back as if she were afraid to let her true self be seen.

The pigtail hairdo is not her default look. But when she does use it, it looks cute on her.

9. Wendy Marvell

anime character from fairy tail

Wendy Marvell is a young girl with a heart of gold. She may be shy and reserved, but she's always quick to help out her friends in need.

During her time in Edolas, this pretty dragon slayer wears her hair up in pigtails held together by two animal ear-like attachments. Two strands of hair hang down on each side of her face.

10. Kagami Hiiragi

Lucky Star kagami

Kagami Hiiragi is one of the main characters in the Lucky Star anime and manga series. She is the older twin sister of Tsukasa Hiiragi, and the two are polar opposites in terms of personality.

This violet-haired girl is tsundere but gradually warms up to others over time. She is also quite prideful and doesn't like admitting when she's wrong.

Despite her tough exterior, Kagami is actually quite sensitive and can be shy and insecure at times.

11. Shuzen Kokoa

Rosario to Vampire

Kokoa Shuzen is a character from the anime/manga series Rosario + Vampire. She is the younger sister of Moka Akashiya. This girl with bright red pigtails shares many physical features with her older sister such as green eyes, red hair, and fair skin.

Kokoa differs from Moka in many ways, however. She is much more energetic and impulsive than her older sister. Plus, she has little patience for authority figures.

12. Kuroko Shirai

Kurko Shirai in her comfort zone

One of the main characters in Toaru Majutsu no Index is Kuroko Shirai. This girl is a diminutive girl with tawny hair tied into two curly pigtails with red bows.

While she may look like your average girl next door, Kuroko is actually a gifted esper with the ability to teleport objects and people over short distances.

A loyal friend to protagonist Touma Kamijou, Kuroko is often seen lending a helping hand.

13. Madoka Kaname

Popular anime pigtail hairstyles

Madoka Kaname is a kind and selfless girl, who always puts others before herself. She often tries to understand others, even if it doesn’t end well.

This kind of girl is often anxious, and scared. Despite all of this she continues to fight for those she loves most. Madoka Kaname is truly an inspiration to us all.

As a civilian, this magical girl sports soft color pink twin tails and eyes.

14. Azusa Nakano

Azusa Nakano having fun

Azusa Nakano is one of the anime girls with pigtails in K-on. Though Azusa is self-proclaimed novice, she has been playing the guitar since fourth grade at school.

No surprise since her parents play in a jazz band. Despite her low self-esteem and modest attitude, she is extremely talented.

Azusa sports long, seemingly thin straight black hair. Her hair is tied in pigtails. She also has brown eyes that have a red-orange tint.

15. Yazawa Nico

Anime Pigtails Hairstyles in Love Live!

Nico may seem like a tough personality at first. But once you get to know her alternate persona, you'll see just how different the two can be.

When she takes on her alternate personality, this adorable anime girl becomes a much happier and more upbeat person. She even coins the catchphrase, "Nico Nico Nii!" accompanied with a pose.

Nico is petite with long black hair tied into twintails. She also has crimson eyes.

These anime girls sporting different hair colors have different personalities. Some (not included) have red buns. Others follow messy pigtails trend.

So, who do you think are the cutest anime girls with pigtails hairdos? Don't forget to comment below and share this article to your friends and family!


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