September 26


Uma Musume: Pretty Derby TV Anime Season 2 confirmed by Cygames for 2021

By Joshua Ouellette

Tuesday was a big day for Cygames, Uma Musume Pretty Derby. Just after the successful run of the spinoff Umayon, Poka Live TV Vol.1 announced that the Uma Musume Pretty Derby has been renewed for a season 2 coming 2021.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby TV Anime originally aired in the summer of 2018, and following the season 2 announcement, Poka Live TV also confirmed that the season 1 will be coming back for a rerun on Tokyo MX and BS11 channels starting October 4.

A new PV and a Key visual is also out, featuring Mejiro McQueen and Tokai Teio for the next season.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby (Clip)

The anime is based on a game by Cygames that was supposed to come out in 2018 with the anime. But the game was then delayed to an unknown release date. Recently, Cygames have come out with a release date set for the third quarter of 2020 for the android and ios apps.

During these delays, the game company has been busy spanning out the series with manga spinoffs, like Starting Gate: Uma Musume Pretty Derby, Uma Musume Pretty Derby: Haru Urara Ganbaru!

And, of course, Umayon, the manga that the recent Umayon anime spinoff is based on.


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