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40 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters

There are a lot of characters in the Dragon Ball universe. Over time, Akira Toriyama has introduced new and more powerful characters to battle against the protagonists. So, who is the strongest?


In this post, we'll take a look at the 40 strongest Dragon Ball characters according to fans.

Top 40 Strongest Characters in Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball has been captivating dragon ball fans for decades, and its lasting success can be attributed to the strong characters featured throughout the series.

While there are countless beloved characters in the franchise, we've narrowed it down to 40 of the strongest.

40. Mr. Satan

Martial artist Satan

Mr. Satan first appears in the show as a world-renowned martial artist and quickly becomes one of the main characters. Mr. Satan is known for his strength and fighting ability.

However, despite his strength, Mr. Satan is often outshined by other characters, such as Goku and Vegeta.

Nevertheless, he remains an important part of the series and is one of the most beloved characters by fans.

39. Supreme Kai Shin

Supreme Kai

When it comes to the strongest beings in Universe 7, few can match up to Supreme Kai. Also known as the Creation God, he rules the eastern area of the living and underworld in this universe.

Supreme Kai is an immensely powerful being. If you want to defeat Beerus, you need to defeat Kai Shin First. However, defeating him won't be a simple task.

For one thing, Supreme Kai is incredibly fast and can move at speeds that exceed light. He also possesses great strength and durability, making him a tough opponent.

In addition, Supreme Kai has access to powerful energy blasts and telekinesis. As a result, any fighter who wants to take on Supreme Kai will need to be at the top of their game.

38. Android 16

Cool Android 16

Android 16 is strong and has a cool design. He's one of the few androids who are nice. He was created by Dr. Gero to kill Goku, but he ended up becoming friends with the Z Fighters instead.

Android 16 is powerful but not as powerful as Androids 17 and 18. He does have one unique power: flying without using ki. This makes him very versatile in battle.

Unfortunately, Cell eventually killed him. However, he went out fighting and inspired Gohan to reach his full potential.

37. Bulma

Intelligent Bulma

Bulma is the one human character in Dragon Ball who can go toe-to-toe with anyone, regardless of their powers.

She's incredibly intelligent and has an innate understanding of technology and biology. These are two areas of expertise essential in the Dragon Ball world.

Not only does she create technology that surpasses contemporary science, but she's also able to replicate alien technology.

She created Saiyan battle armor mimicking the properties worn by Vegeta. Additionally, Bulma has a deep understanding of Saiyan physiology.

She uses this understanding to design training equipment for Vegeta and Trunks.

36. Ribrianne

Leader Ribiranne

Ribrianne is the leader of the Kamikaze Fireballs. She's thin and delicate-looking in her human form. When she transforms into a large, spherical creature, she becomes a powerful warrior.

Ribrianne proved it by giving Goku a run for his money in the Tournament of Power.

Her personality is quite annoying, but she's an incredibly powerful fighter. She can fly using ki or via wings in her Super Ribrianne form.

She fires pink, heart-shaped energy blasts called Pretty Cannons.

Though she was eventually defeated, Ribrianne put up a good fight and earned the respect of her opponents.

35. Captain Ginyu


Captain Ginyu is the leader of Frieza's squad. He's known for his ability to switch bodies with other people.

Aside from this, he's also capable of powering up, which makes him even stronger. He can beat Goku if he puts all his strength into it.

Ginyu is a merciless fighter who constantly strikes funny poses. He is a fearsome opponent, but an honorable one.

He's willing to fight fair. This captain always tries to give his opponents a chance to defeat him. That's what makes Captain Ginyu such a great character.

34. Goten

Dragon ball Goten

Goten may look like a weak character in appearance, but he’s one of the strongest in the Dragon Ball anime.

When he first appears, he is a young boy looking like his father, Goku.  Goten didn’t see his father growing up.

As the series progresses, we see how this kid turns into a powerful fighter with this dedication and continuous training. He possesses a range of powerful abilities, including the Super Kamehameha and the Double Strike.

Even though he has yet to reach his full potential, Goten is going to get stronger if given the chance. Just like his father, he’ll be a superhero in his own right.

33. Tien Shinhan

Strongest Human Character Tien

Despite being human, Tien is one of the strongest characters in the DBZ series. He has a lot of really powerful techniques to defeat his opponents. These techniques include the Dodon Ray and Hammerhead.

This fighter also can fly using his ki. He is one of the original Z Fighters and is a very important supporting character in the show.

He is an incredible warrior with a lot of experience and skills. With his skills, his friends and allies can always rely on him in any battle. He deserves more love and support from fans for everything he does for the team.

32. Master Roshi

strongest fighters Master Roshi

For many fans, Master Roshi is the strongest character in the Dragon Ball Z series. He trained Goku to be the warrior he is today.

Besides being a trainer, he's also a renowned master and originator of the Kamehameha Wave. Despite his old age, Roshi is an extremely capable and respected warrior.

He has numerous techniques at his disposal, including the Kiai. This technique allows him to produce powerful shockwaves to strike his opponents at mid-range.

Roshi is also a wise teacher, sharing his knowledge with Gohan, Ox-King, Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha. There's no doubt that Master Roshi is a powerful fighter.

31. King Cold

Villain King Cold

King Cold is one of the most powerful anti-hero characters in the Dragon Ball series. He is the father of Frieza.

His Destruction power could even be greater than Frieza, his son. He destroyed Planet Vegeta and almost succeeded in taking over the universe.

However, this ruthless king was ultimately defeated by the Z Fighters. He is a formidable opponent, with immense strength and durability.

He has virtually no weak points and can survive in space without air. Cold is a true menace, and anyone who faces him will have their work cut out for them.

30. Auta Magetta

Auta Magetta

At first glance, Auta Magetta may not seem like much. He's a large, hulking figure made entirely of metal.

But don't let his appearance fool you. Magetta is a powerful warrior, with skills that match or even exceed those of some of the Universe 7 teams.

During the Tournament of Destroyers, he almost defeated Vegeta. But because of his unexpected, unbalanced state, Blue Super Saiyan Vegeta won the match.

What's more, Magetta is incredibly durable. In short, Auta Magetta is not the most flashy fighter out there, but he more than makes up for it in power level and strength.

29. Cell


Unlike Frieza, who was just a big bully, Cell is a calculated fighter. He has a plan for everything.

It shows in his performance in the Cell max. He can take on all comers and come out victorious.

Special Beam Cannon was his trademark move and it was incredibly powerful. It can injure or kill most foes with ease. Regeneration was another of his abilities that made him nearly impossible to beat.

In Cell Saga, he was just too strong and too smart for anyone to defeat. This is why he's one of the best characters who invoke so much hate among fans.

28. Cabba

Saiyan Cabba

Cabba is a Saiyan from Universe 6. In comparison to a typical Super Saiyan, he is pretty amazing.

The greatest achievement of Cabba, though, was his ability to win over Vegeta and essentially make him his master.

He appears to be powerful enough to compete against Vegeta in battle in his base form.

Vegeta noted in the manga that Cabba's strength is about as much as Vegeta's. When he transforms into a Super Saiyan, he becomes even more powerful.

With this form, he has become so strong enough to easily defeat Frost in his final form. Ultimately, Cabba is an indispensable asset to Team Universe 6 in the Tournament of Power.

27. Krillin

Amazing Krillin

Krillin from Dragon Ball Z is often seen as a comic relief character, but he is a very strong fighter. He is known for being an exceptionally strong individual with impressive skills.

Yes, he isn't as strong as Jiren or Toppo. Krillin, one of the founding members of the Z Fighters, has had numerous opportunities to display his strength to fans.

He is the most powerful Earthling warrior while being seen as a weakling by his Saiyan allies. In addition, his battle tactics make him a skilled fighter.

He is the only Dragon Ball character who faces some of the strongest villains.

26. Frost

Frost powerful dragon ball characters

Frost is one of the most underrated characters in the Dragon Ball anime series. A lot of people wrote him off as a potential Frieza successor, but he has proved them wrong.

His deceptive fighting style is quite incredible. Plus, his capacity for problem-solving, especially in crucial circumstances, is game-changing.

When he was up against Piccolo, he used his Explosive Wave technique to quickly wipe out all of Piccolo's clones. He can deflect the Evil Containment Wave with the same wave reflection.

Besides strength, Frost uses his intelligence and resourcefulness to defeat his enemies.

25. Agnilasa

Fighter Agnilasa

Agnilasa is a fusion of many members of Team Universe 3, and as such, is an incredibly strong fighter.

This creature has several powerful abilities. These include the ability to create wings and fly, fire large energy balls, and teleport via hyperspace.

In the anime, he is a tough opponent to other characters. Even in the manga, he gives Goku and Vegeta a hard time.

However, in the end, these two legendary Saiyans defeated him.

24. Piccolo

most powerful characters

Piccolo has tremendous power. He can stand up to some of the strongest opponents.

This Namekian is extremely intelligent. He has been able to develop new techniques that have helped him become even more powerful.

Additionally, he can regenerate. This skill gives him an extra edge in battle.

Piccolo is a key member of the Z Fighters and his role in the series is essential. He has been there to support Goku and Gohan throughout their lives.

The Special Beam Cannon is one of his most iconic moves. Piccolo's new techniques during the Tournament of Power have made him even stronger and more formidable than ever before.

23. Android 17

Android 17

Android 17 Winning the Tournament of Power's MVP award is no easy feat. However, thanks to his abilities and character, Android 17 was able to establish a reputation as a true badass.

One of Android 17's most impressive feats was his False Self Destruction technique. This move allowed him to appear to be self-destructing without actually killing himself. With this, he fools his opponents and allows him to make a quick escape.

Another impressive technique was his Super Electric Strike. It allows him to release a powerful blast of energy from his hands.

22. Ultimate Gohan

gohan's ultimate form

In the original DBZ series, Gohan proves himself to be an exceptional fighter. Thanks to his fight against Cell and Majin Buu, he shows off his skills and impresses fans.

However, it is his fight against Cell that shows off his true potential. During the fight, he dominated his opponent and gives an impressive display of combat.

But this wasn't the end of it. After the Cell arc, Gohan attained a new form that no one else had. This form, known as The Ultimate Gohan, made him even more powerful than before.

With this new form, he was able to take on some of the strongest opponents in the series and come out victorious.

21. Future Trunks

Battle Power of Trunks

Future Trunks from the Dragon Ball anime series is a Saiyan-Earthling hybrid. He can copy another fighter's technique after seeing it only once.

Future Trunks also has the Masenko technique. He inherited it from his master, Future Gohan. The first instance Future Trunks' true power showed is when Goku and Vegeta are going up against Cell.

And the second instance is during the Goku Black segment. In both of these instances, Future Trunks portrays an insane level of strength as a fighter.

This makes him a lot more power to take down Blue Super Saiyan Goku.

20. Dyspo

Beerus Look-alike Dyspo

Dyspo from Dragon Ball Franchise is known for his speed. He quickly came to public attention because he was a member of one of the troops.

This man paved his way as a man of danger thanks to his skills and prowess, despite the jokes about him being a cheap imitation of Beerus.

Dyspo's most notable ability is his Light Bullet. For brief periods, it enables him to move thousands of times more quickly than at his regular speed.

He can also use the Circle Flash to form a ring of energy in his hand and fire it at his opponent, trapping them. With the command of "Finish," he can make the ring explode.

19. Caulifla

legendary saiyan caulifla

Caulifla is incredibly powerful and has a wide range of abilities. To represent Universe 6 in the Tournament of Power, Champa chose her.

Compared to her older brother Renso, she is much more capable in anime. With Cabba's assistance, she can become a Super Saiyan.

She charged up a ki blast after obtaining the metamorphosis, which resulted in a massive explosion. She discloses her Third Grade Super Saiyan form to Goku when she battles him.

This form immensely increases her power but at the cost of her speed. Goku tells her that the form is a liability.

18. Kale

Strong Kale

Kale is a powerful Saiyan warrior from the Dragon Ball series. She is one of the few female Saiyans in the show.

She is Caulifla's best friend and protégé. Kale is shy and introverted but has immense power hidden within her.

In the anime, Kale's true power is only revealed when she transforms into a giant, muscular creature. This transformation is initially triggered by her built-up anger and repressed emotions, and she lacks control over it.

As a result, she quickly burns through huge amounts of energy. However, with training and practice, Kale gradually gains more control over her transformation.

Kale is an evenly match with Super Saiyan Blue Goku in hand-to-hand combat.

17. Kefla

Earring Fusion Kefla

Along with Vegito, Gogeta, and Fused Zamasu, Kefla is one of the most formidable fusions ever created in the history of the series. This character is an earring fusion between Kale and Caulifla.

While it wasn't quite notable in hindsight since Kefla fought against Goku in the tournament, it is still important to note that Kefla went against Ultra Instinct Goku.

She has tremendous Super Saiyan power to force Goku to switch to Super Saiyan Blue.

Vados claims that Kefla's power is equal to Caulifla's and Kale's power is multiplied tenfold.

When Kefla is born, she claims to feel that she has limitless energy rising from inside her, and Goku marvels at how strong she is.

16. Black Goku

Goku Black

Black Goku, also known as MUI Goku, is the reincarnation of Zamasu in Universe 10. He is incredibly strong in both his base form and Super Saiyan form.

In his base form, he is strong enough to easily beat Super Saiyan 2 Future Trunks. According to Future Trunks, Black in his base form is at least equal, if not somewhat stronger, than Super Saiyan 3 Goku.

In addition to his great strength, Black Goku also has access to the mui. This access allows him to move at incredibly fast speeds and makes him nearly impossible to hit.

His abilities surpass those of Goku, and the way he was portrayed in the show made him appear much more critical and deadly to our main cast.

15. Gogeta

Fusion Dance

When Goku and Vegeta successfully execute the Fusion Dance, Gogeta is created. He has a dual voice that combines the sounds of Vegeta and Goku.

He is one of the most powerful fusions in the entire series. Alongside Vegito, Fused Zamasu, and Kefla, he appeared in Dragon Ball Super: Broly film, where he faced off against the titular character.

In his base form, Gogeta was able to effortlessly dodge attacks from the non-full power Legendary Super Saiyan Broly. In his own Super Saiyan state, his strength matches Broly blow for blow before soon overpowering him with his superior fighting prowess.

14. Fused Zamasu

God Zamasu

Fused Zamasu is one heck of a powerful God. His abilities were off the charts. He has the power to slay every single God in every universe.

He was both an immortal God and a tremendously strong mortal. Because one fusee is immortal and the other is mortal, Fused Zamasu's body is unstable.

Fused Zamasu's physique began to fluctuate as a result, leading to physical changes that increased his size and strength.

He no longer had full immortality, and his body was entirely unstable as a result, but he did still have incredible durability and a powerful healing factor.

Overall, Fused Zamasu was a strong God who should not be underrated.

13. Broly

Saiyan Broly

Broly is one of the most powerful Dragon Ball characters ever. In Dragon Ball Super, he was able to go toe-to-toe with Goku in his Super Saiyan God form.

And while Goku was able to eventually defeat him, it took everything he had. What's even more impressive is that Broly wasn't even using his full power.

In terms of raw power, Broly is on another level. He had a staggeringly huge power at birth. As he got older, his power only continued to grow.

Of course, what sets Broly apart is his Legendary Super Saiyan form. In this form, he is virtually unstoppable.

12. Hit

Legendary Hit

Hit is a legendary assassin of Universe 6. He is known for his powerful abilities and his calm, collected demeanor.

Rarely does this Dragon Ball character use energy blasts. He concentrates on hand-to-hand combat instead.

Hit was still regarded as the strongest member of Team Universe 6 even after seeing Kale transform into his newly discovered Legendary Super Saiyan form. His special technique is the Time-Skip.

He can bend time and skip a tenth of a second with it. He can now freely move to block and counterattack.

Another of his amazing abilities is the Vital Point Attack, which is his primary method of attack.

11. Majin Buu

Super Buu Vs Good Buu

The Dragon Ball series has been around for decades. In that time, there have been a lot of powerful characters.

Majin Buu is one of the most powerful characters in the series. He doesn't even have to train to be strong.

He was born with an incredibly strong body. His powers just kept growing as he got older.

By the time he was fully grown, he was practically unstoppable. It took a lot of effort from the Z Fighters to finally put an end to him.

Even then, it wasn't easy. Majin Buu is one of the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball history.

Top 10 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters

Dragon Ball Z series has been a staple in animation and entertainment for decades. Dragon Ball characters fill the world with color and magic, inspiring fans of all ages with dynamic storytelling and amazing fights.

After examining the Dragon Ball series for years, here are the top 10 strongest Dragon Ball characters.

10. Frieza

Golden Frieza

Frieza from Dragon Ball Series is one of the most powerful and feared villains in the entire show. He's known for his immense strength and abilities, which allow him to easily destroy entire planets.

This villain never gives up. Even after being knocked down several times, he constantly rises back up and takes his vengeance.

Frieza struck King Vegeta once in his First Form, killing him instantly. He also effortlessly eliminated the whole Saiyan race as well as Planet Vegeta. He delivered one punch to Nail on Planet Namek, and it was fatal.

Golden Frieza is an even more powerful version. In this form, Frieza was strong enough to give Goku and Vegeta a run for their money.

9. Toppo

Mortal Toppo

Toppo is one of the most powerful mortal beings in the Dragon Ball world. He's strong enough to be recognized as the second-strongest fighter in his entire universe.

This character is even a candidate to become the next Hakaishin. His strength comes from his training with Vermoud, which gives him the ability to use god ki.

This allows him to not be sensed by mortals, making him an even more formidable opponent. Toppo is also a strong leader, heading up the Pride Troopers with great success.

His strong character and immense power make him one of the most feared fighters.

8. Vegeta

Vegeta and his Saiyan powers

Anyone who is a fan of Dragon Ball knows how strong a Saiyan Vegeta is. He's shown tremendous strength and skill from a young age. He only gets stronger as the series goes on.

His power is so great that he achieves the super Saiyan blue evolution. This is something that few Saiyans have been able to do.

And his dedication to becoming stronger is amazing. He never stops trying to be the best warrior he can be.

Vegeta's powers are truly impressive. He may not be as strong as Goku, but he's a close second. And his status as the Saiyan prince only adds to his prestige.

7. Son Goku

super saiyan god goku

There are few characters in pop culture as iconic as Goku from Dragon Ball. For decades, he's been the symbol of power and strength in the DBZ franchise.

His power levels have only continued to increase over time. At this point, there are a few things he can't do.

This famous character has taken on planet eater Moro and come out victorious. He attained the rare and powerful Super Saiyan Blue form and even learned the elusive Ultra Instinct technique.

He was the only Dragon ball character who learned the technique in the middle of a competition. Simply put, he’s a prodigy of combat who near-effortlessly learns any new technique he encounters.

6. Vegito

Fusion Vegito

Vegito is a fusion of Goku and Vegeta, two of the strongest Saiyans in the universe.

His power is a result of the combined power of both Goku and Vegeta, intensified by the power of the potara earrings.

He becomes a very strong fighter as a result. He has consistently outperformed some of the series' strongest opponents.

While Vegito is not always able to defeat his opponents outright, his immense power always gives him an edge in battle.

Vegito is an incredibly powerful character. His appearances are always highly anticipated by fans of the series.

5. Belmod

Destructive Power of Belmod

Belmod is one powerful character, a God of Destruction from Universe 11. Their lives are linked to one another. If one of them dies, the other will die as well.

He also has some pretty sweet abilities like telepathy and longevity. As a God of Destruction, he has a tremendous lifespan - 97,810,715 days to be exact.

This god seems like he knows what he's doing and how to get things done efficiently.

Plus, with all that power comes a certain level of respect from others which is always nice to have. It's no wonder why people find him so intriguing and impressive.

4. Beerus

Lord Beerus

Beerus is a god of destruction who is incredibly powerful. He was able to defeat Goku on multiple occasions.

Being a god of destruction, he can easily destroy planets and solar systems. In addition to his great strength, Beerus has control over the powerful Autonomous Ultra Instinct ability.

Because of this, he poses a highly deadly threat to anyone who attempts to combat him. In addition, Beerus has defeated several of the strongest Dragon Ball characters with ease.

These include Good Buu, Android 18, Tien Shinhan, Piccolo, Gohan, and Super Saiyan Gotenks.

Beerus quickly defeated Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta with a conventional forehead poke despite Vegeta's enormous power surge.

As a result, Beerus is one of the series' most lethal characters.

3. Jiren

strongest Dragon Ball character

While Jiren was weak as a child and teenager, his relentless pursuit of power led him to become the strongest mortal warrior in Universe 11.

Jiren has already transcended the realm of a God of Destruction despite not having any godly ki. Even the Destroyer of his universe, Belmod, cannot beat him in combat.

His offensive strategies are straightforward but effective, quickly destroying opponents with overwhelming force.

Jiren is a very skilled movement analyst, as seen by the Gods of Destruction's decision to finish mending the ring more quickly. He is the most powerful Dragon Ball character.

2. Whis


In the Broly film, Whis is shown to be tremendously powerful. He effortlessly avoids all of Broly's attacks by moving normally and not at all quickly.

This demonstrates his great martial arts skills. Furthermore, he is the fastest being in the universe and can move through nebulas effortlessly.

In Dragon Ball Super, it is revealed that Whis is also immensely strong. He trains both Goku and Vegeta in martial arts and helps them to become even stronger warriors.

Additionally, he can fight on par with Super Saiyan Goku, despite the latter's considerable power advantage.

1. Zeno

dragon ball universe

In the Dragon Ball Z anime series, Zeno is, without a doubt, the most powerful character. He's the Omni King, after all. Not even the Gods of Destruction come close to his level of power.

Zeno even effortlessly collapses the entire cosmos into nothingness during the Black Goku arc.

Now, some people might say that Zeno doesn't fight and doesn't have good fighting senses. But he doesn't need to fight because of his godly powers and presence.

His mere presence is enough to terrify all other deities. Plus, he erased Frost just as he was about to direct a Death Beam onto Frieza, demonstrating that this God still possesses keen perception.

While this is a fun topic to debate, it's ultimately up to the fans to decide who the strongest Dragon Ball character is.

With new characters being introduced all the time, it'll be interesting to see how the power rankings change over time. Who do you think should take the top spot? Let us know in the comments!



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