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30+ Beautiful Female Naruto Characters

Naruto Shippuden is a hugely popular anime and manga series in terms of the prettiest female Naruto characters and awesome story arcs.


It has captivated audiences for years. The female characters are incredibly well-developed as if they exist in real-life situations.

The storylines are always exciting. One of the things that makes Naruto so great is the wide variety of interesting characters.

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of these female characters. These women are strong and independent, and they definitely add to the overall appeal of the show!

Hinata Hyuuga

Lovely Hinata

Any true fan of the Naruto anime series knows that Hinata is the best girl in the show.

She's got the whole package: strong, selfless, and loyal. Plus, she's got that dark blue hair that just looks so good.

And let's not forget her contribution to the pain invasion arc. This main character is a total badass!

She's the perfect example of what a strong and independent woman should be.

At first, Hinata seems shy and insecure despite her strong lineage. But as she progresses and learns more, she begins to show how strong she is.

With the help of Naruto and others, Hinata finds her true strength.

Sakura Haruno

Gorgeous Sakura

Sakura Haruno is a controversial figure, to say the least. Some love her and others hate her.

Many believe that she's weak, emotionally unstable, and not nearly as powerful as her male counterparts.

Even her comrades and rivals think that she's a vain person. But despite this flaw, Sakura is a good person.

But there's no denying that she's a significant part of the entire anime. As one of the main characters, Sakura has a lot going for her.

She's strong, determined, and fiercely loyal to her friends.

Ino Yamanaka

Strong Ino

Ino Yamanaka is a woman of many talents. Anime fans love her for her many admirable qualities.

She definitely deserves her own prestige. Not only is this beauty gorgeous, but she's also an extremely skilled Shinobi.

During the war, Ino contributed a lot being one of the members of the original Konoha team.

Although some say this beautiful lady is narcissistic, she seems to get along well with most of the characters.


Beautiful Tsunade

When it comes to the fifth hokage, there's a lot to like. Tsundae is incredibly strong and has amazing abilities.

Besides, she's also the legendary Sanin from the Leaf Village, so you know she's got some serious skills.

On top of all that, she's also pretty hot and beautiful for her age of 50.

In fact, this great beauty is known as the most gorgeous woman in the entire show.


amazing karin

Karin is one of those characters that you can't help but love, even if she does SIMP for Sasuke. She's got red hair like Kushina Uzumaki.

This red-haired lady is an amazing shinobi in her own right. She's strong, smart, and funny, and always manages to hold her own against the main cast.

Plus, her personality is just so captivating. All in all, she's an awesome minor character for the franchise.

Kaguya Otsutsuki

Kaguya character from Naruto

Kaguya Otsutsuki is one of the most important characters in the entire Naruto series.

Her presence influenced all the events in the anime, including the Fourth Shinobi War.

She is responsible for creating the Shinobi world and all the Ninja tools we see in the anime series.

Also, Kaguya is responsible for Moon’s destruction causing the creation of the tailed beasts.

In fact, she gained the nickname, Goddess who created all.


elegant Shizuka

On the surface, Shizuka may seem like a typical leader of Nadeshiko Village. But she has a tragic backstory that sets her apart from the rest.

This young leader falls for someone, which is against the law of her village. But, her husband died.

After this, she vowed to never love again. Instead, Shizuka promised to get stronger.

In short, she is a truly remarkable woman who has faced challenges that would have broken most people.


Delightful Mabui

Mabui was a Shinobi who originates from Kumogakure and is an assistant to the Fourth Raikage. She is a beautiful woman with dark skin.

Her light grey hair suits her well, which she kept in a bun behind her head. Like most female characters, she also has two bangs that fell on her face.

Her style was simple, with long sleeves and sandals. Mabui prefers dangly earrings.

Even though she was a minor character, she made a lasting impression on viewers with her beauty and grace.


Sexy fuuka

Fuuka is one of the sexiest characters but a dangerous konuichi. She can kill her prey with a kiss, which garnered the name "execution by kiss."

Her attractiveness often led to hiccups in various missions. Though she was deadly serious about her work, she couldn't help but feel a little bit flattered when her victims told her how beautiful she is before they die.


Badass Samui

Samui is tall with beautiful skin. Plus, her blue eyes are absolutely stunning.

And did I mention that she's a badass konuichi? Because she is. Samui is one of the most badass characters around.

This blonde female is from the same village as Mabui, and she is just as sexily designed. She wore a grey short dress and a grey skirt with mesh armor under her.

Mei Tarumi

Brainy Mei

Mei is definitely one of the sexiest characters in the Naruto franchise. She's got the whole package: looks, brains, and skills.

The fifth mizukage of Village Hidden is a powerful woman. Her involvement in the Ninja War only solidifies her status as a force to be reckoned with.

However, fans can't help but find her desperate need to find a husband amusing. Her tenacity is quite refreshing in a franchise that is predominately male dominated.

Mebuki Haruno

Protective Mebuki

Nadeshiko village is a hidden gem in the Land of Fire. It's a small, quaint village that's nestled in the mountains to get away from the hustle and bustle of Konoha.

And who is better at protecting this peaceful village than Mebuki, one of the members of the Allied Mothers Force

The mother of Sakura Haruno may not be an expert fighter, but she's fiercely protective of her village and its residents.

Sasame Fuma

Simple Sasame

Sasame is a simple-looking girl. But don’t be fooled by her appearance. She is quite strong and intelligent for creating the Fuma Clan.

Although this young leader got some help, leading a clan is a difficult task. Her clan resides in what people know as the Land of Rice Paddies.

This young woman meets Naruto, Jiraiya, and Sakura when these three are searching for Orochimaru and Sasuke.

Yuuhi Kurenai

Skille Kurenai

Kurenai was one of the most badass characters in Naruto. It's a shame she didn't get more screen time.

She is strong, skilled, and had a great sense of humor. Plus, this female Naruto character is drop-dead gorgeous.

Many people thought she was an Uchiha. With her red eyes and amazing Genjutsu skills, it's easy to see why.

Kurenai was one of the few people who could control Itachi, and that alone is impressive.


Powerful Guren

Guren might not be everyone's favorite character. But there's no denying that she's a powerful presence in the world of Naruto.

With her sharp eyes and spiky hair, she cuts an imposing figure. Her strength is matched only by her determination.

As the leader of Orochimaru's subordinates, this pretty kunoichi played a pivotal role in the fight against the Akatsuki.

Her efforts ensure the safety of Leaf Village. While her design may not be to everyone's taste, there's no denying that Guren is an important character.


Grumpy Chiyo

When most people think of Chiyo, they think of an old lady with a bad attitude.

Despite her grumpy exterior, this old lady is a kind-hearted person who is always willing to help others.

Her intentions was never more evident than in her interactions with Sakura.

When Sakura was struggling to defeat Sasori, Chiyo came to her aid and helped her to victory.

Without Chiyo, the future of Naruto would be vastly different.


Calm Ameno

When Ameno was younger, she wanted to pursue a career that reflects her passion. But her parents encourage her to take medicine.

As a medical ninja, this beautiful lady has saved countless lives. Her calm demeanor and gentle touch have comforted many during their time of need.

In addition to her skills, Ameno is also an excellent cook.If you ever meet her, be sure to ask her for a slice of her famous cherry pie.


Waifu Hanare

As any avid anime watcher knows, sometimes the best characters come from the filler episodes.

These episodes often flesh out side characters from the main story arc. Hanare with her dark hair is one such character.

She first appears in a filler episode centered around Kakashi, and quickly becomes a fan favorite.

Many fans ship her quite a lot with Kakashi. They see her as a strong contender as a wife for him.


Attractive Hanabi

Hanabi is the sister of Hinata and a member of the powerful Hyuuga clan. She's a gifted ninja who excels in long-range combat.

Hinata's sister got gorgeous long hair that any female would envy. Unfortunately, she doesn't get much screen time in the Naruto anime series.

This gorgeous lady is a strong and capable kunoichi. Hanabi didn't have a major role in the original Naruto series, but she did contribute to the plot in her own way.

Mikoto Uchiha

Great Teacher Mikoto

Sasuke's mother never received the credit she deserved, but she was still a great mother and a great friend.

One time, Sasuke was practicing his shurikenjutsu and couldn't seem to hit the target. Mikoto offered to help him and her son was surprised that she was so good at it.

She used to play a lot of shurikenjutsu when she was younger. Mikoto was a great teacher and Sasuke had a lot of fun learning from her.


Loyal Yugao

Yūgao Uzuki is a loyal and caring person, evidenced by her reaction to Hayate's death.

Despite her emotional scar, she is still willing to put herself all into whatever she does. This is because she is named after the moon, which is an object often associated with loyalty.

Her love for the moon is also evident in the way she enjoys watching it. In addition to being a loyal and caring person, Yūgao likes to joke.


Good-looking Pakura

Pakura is known for her long hair, which she often used to her advantage in battle. By using her hair as a rope, she could swing from tree to tree or ensnare her opponents.

This skilled fighter is loyal to her village. She was fiercely protective of those she cared about and would go to great lengths to defend them.

Pakura was an important member of the village, and her death was a shock to everyone.


Independent Hotaru

Hotaru may be determined, independent, and persistent. But she's also got a bit of a sense of humor.

She knows how to have fun, even in the midst of serious training. And her playful nature seems to bring out the best in those around her.

In one episode, she encourages Sakura to relax and enjoy herself more. Hotaru may be small, but she's got a big personality. It's one of her greatest strengths.


Stubborn Anko

Anko is a lot like Naruto Uzumaki. She's also loud and stubborn, and prone to acting without thinking things through.

Like most young ninja, this young lady has big dreams of becoming a Hokage one day. She was determined to prove herself and worked hard to stand out among her peers.

So when the Chunin exams were announced, she saw it as the perfect opportunity to show off her skills. Unfortunately, things didn't quite go as planned.


Strategist Temari

Temari is a strategist, as she can quickly come up with a plan to defeat her rivals. But, she has a cruel side when it comes to competition.

Still, this beautiful ninja will choose peace over war. She would do everything to keep that way.

If Temari needs to team up with appropriate people, she would do it

Overall, Temari is a strong kunoichi who will do whatever it takes to protect her village and its peace.


Mysterious Konan

When it comes to the Akatsuki, no one is quite sure what to expect. Well, in the case of Konan, you can never really tell.

Her character arc is a bit of a mystery. In reality, Konan is just a big softie who wants nothing more than to cuddle with her teammates.

But don't let her fool you. She's still a powerful ninja who isn't afraid to use her skills when necessary.


Cute Tenten

Tenten is a highly skilled kunoichi who always strives to be the best. She is known for her sharp tongue and quick wit, as well as her prodigious taijutsu skills.

However, what many people don't know about Tenten is her highly observant individuality with a strong sense of justice. This has led her to become quite opinionated about women's rights

Despite her strong opinions, this beautiful lady remains a kind and caring individual who always puts her friends first.


Practical Shizune

While Shizune may not be the most battle-hardened ninja, she makes up for it with her level-headedness. She stresses over details.

As a result, this female character often gets comically worked up over any irrational decision Tsunade makes. Despite her occasional outbursts, she remains a kind and calm person who is fiercely loyal to Tsunade.

This loyalty is on full display when anyone insults her, as she will immediately become fierce and somewhat ruthless.


Naruto's Gorgeous Mother

Kushina is the mother of Naruto and her body is used to seal the nine-tailed beast. As a teenager, she is quite a tomboy.

Her personality is brought by years of teasing from others. People used to tease her for her red hair.

But two men complemented her beautiful hair: Naruto and Minato.

Being confident, Kushina is the first to announce she will become a Hokage (much like how Naruto declared it).

Fun Fact: Her nickname is Red Hot-blooded Habanero, which gave Naruto the idea of titling himself as the Orange Hokage.


Isaribi and her beauty

Isaribi was test subject in an experiment conducted by Orochimaru. The experiment left her with physical and psychological scars.

Her scales, hidden in the bandage, give her insecurities. When this cute little girl went back to her village, they're terrified of her, even tried to kill her.

These incidents, I guess, turned her into a shy and withdrawn person. She has become a cynical and rude girl.

But with Naruto's help, she found the true meaning of friendship.

Yugito Nii

Fabulous Yugito

Yugito is one tough kunoichi! Not only was she able to trap two members of Akatsuki, but she also had the courage to set off explosives. Formidable, right?

This young lady is decisive but thoughtful of her team-mates! Plus, she always looked fabulous in her sexy outfit with her long blonde hair. Yugito is definitely one bad-ass lady!

Her most cherished secret? The two-tailed beast was sealed within her when she was just a baby (around 2).

Rin Nohara

Fair Rin

Rin becomes the human vessel of the three-tailed beast, forcibly. Even though she got an obligation she never wanted, this lady remains sweet and caring.

She would even become a referee between Obito and Kakashi while maintaining a certain level of objectivity.

This beautiful lady has fair skin, dark brown hair and dark eyes. Her most prominent facial marks are the two purple rectangles.

Tsuchi Kin

confident tsuchi

This girl is a konuichi who participated in the Chunin exams to test Sasuke's skills. Like her team members, she is overconfident with her abilities.

When she brags about her skill, Tsuchi loses focus during battles. As a result, she would often taste defeat.

This konuichi is quite beautiful with her very long hair, reaching the ground. She is seen with her hair tied in loose ponytail.

Kazamatsuri Moegi

Unique Moegi

Moegi has the most unique design in the Naruto series. She has slanted eyes and hair that stands like it has a wall on them.

Kazamatsuri is quite optimistic and somewhat like Sakura in some circumstances. As she grows into a beautiful teenager, she becomes serious and strict.

Besides her spiky hair bound in pigtails, this teenager sports a bangs, framing her cute face.

Trivia Questions About Female Characters in Naruto

Who is the most beautiful girl in Naruto Universe?

When it comes to beauty, there are a lot of different interpretations.

Some people might say that the most beautiful and gorgeous person in Naruto is Sakura, with her pretty pink hair and gentle demeanor.

Others might say that Ino is the most beautiful, with her bright blue eyes and bombshell figure.

However, there can only be one true winner when it comes to beauty, and that award goes to Hinata.

Her gentle ninja spirit and big heart make her shine from the inside out, and her delicate features add a touch of femininity.

Plus, who can forget that iconic moment when she blushed so hard that her Byakugan activated?

It's safe to say that Hinata is the most beautiful girl in Naruto, hands down.

Who is the most loved girl character in Naruto franchise?

There are many amazing female characters in the Naruto franchise, but there is one who stands out above the rest.

Sakura is the most loved girl character in Naruto, and for good reason. She is incredibly powerful, with a wide range of amazing techniques at her disposal.

This beautiful character is also fiercely loyal to her friends and always ready to fight for what she believes in.

She is an amazing role model for females everywhere, and it’s no wonder she is so loved by fans of the franchise.

Who is the best female characters in the whole series?

Konan has dark blue hair besides Hinata (but Hinata in some screens have dark hair and not blue). Anyway, she's a powerful kunoichi but I don't think she is the best.

So, there you have it, the strongest, prettiest, sexiest female Naruto characters.

While some of these ladies may not be as physically powerful as others, they make up for it with their impressive skills. Who are your favorite female characters?

Let us know in the comments below!


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