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28 Inspirational Dragon Ball Z Quotes That Will Help You Succeed in Life

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular anime of all time. It is full of action, adventure, and inspiring quotes that can help you succeed in life.

Akira Toriyama, the creator of the famous Dragon Ball series, is a master at delivering powerful messages through his characters.

In this article, we will explore 28 of the best Dragon Ball Z quotes that will help you achieve success!

Vegeta Quotes

Vegeta Quotes
“I do not fear this new challenge, rather like a true warrior I will rise to meet it.” – Vegeta
Vegeta Quotes 1
“Strength is the only thing that matters in this world. Everything else is just a delusion for the weak.” – Vegeta
dragon ball z quotes
“Where is your honor!? Like all pure-blooded Saiyans, Kakarot would rather die fighting than win with one of those disgraceful senzu beans as his crutch! Kakarot trained in the hyperbolic time chamber just as we did! Now let’s see what he can do!” – Vegeta
Vegeta Quotes 2
“There’s only one certainty in life. A strong man stands above and conquers all!” – Vegeta
Vegeta quotes from dragon ball z
“I’ll never give in to you circus freaks!” – Vegeta
Vegeta Quotes 4
“What’s wrong Frieza? Is your brain another one of your weak and underused muscles?” – Vegeta
dragon ball z quotes
“Kakarot, you’re quite impressive. I never stood a chance against Buu, you’re the only one who can fight him. I think I finally understand how a genius like myself can’t surpass you. I thought it was because you had something to protect. I thought your drive to protect allowed you to take advantage of your capabilities… this may have been a reason, but not I too have this drive. I fought to do as I wished, because it was fun to kill my enemies and feed my pride. But he’s different, he fights not to win but because he absolutely won’t lose, causing him to break his limits and he really doesn’t care who his opponent is. So when he didn’t kill me, it was because he saw I could care for others, like I do now… Go Kakarot, you’re number one!” – Vegeta
Vegeta Quotes 5
“Even the mightiest warriors experience fears. What makes them a true warrior is the courage that they possess to overcome their fears.” – Vegeta
Vegeta Quotes 6
“There’s no such thing as fair or unfair in battle. There is only victory or in your case, defeat.” – Vegeta
dragon ball z quotes
“Kakarot… please… destroy Frieza… He made me what I am. Don’t… let him… do it… to anyone else. Whatever it take… Stop him… Please.” – Vegeta

Frieza Quotes

Frieza quotes from dragon ball z
“There are three things I cannot tolerate: cowardice, bad haircuts, and military insurrection. It is very unfortunate that our friend Vegeta possesses all three of these.” – Frieza

Whis Quotes - Angel

dragon ball super quotes
“Well, I wonder what the prince would do if he knew, you authorized Planet Vegeta’s destruction from the start?” – Whis
dragon ball super quotes
“You failed to protect your planet, because of your own leniency. The only way to avoid this outcome is to send Frieza back to his flower garden.” – Whis

Grand Elder Guru Quotes

Grand Elder Guru quote
“Death is simply another stage of our life.” – Grand Elder Guru

Master Roshi Quotes

Dragon ball super quotes master roshi
“You will not go in there with hopes of winning the tournament the first time you compete. To do so would be arrogant! And arrogance is for fools, not warriors! So you will enter the tournament with the sole purpose of improving your fighting skills.” – Master Roshi

Trunks Briefs Quotes

Trunks quotes from dragon ball z
“You’re about to find out what it’s like to fight a real super saiyan… and I’m not talking about Goku.” – Trunks

Beerus Quotes

dragon ball z quotes
“I am a god with a heart, but there’s one thing I cannot tolerate… people who don’t pay their proper respect to others.” – Beerus

Frost Quotes

Frost quotes from dragon ball z
“I start wars, resolve them myself, then I buy up the war ravaged lands for a low prince and make a killing off redevelopment and reconstruction concessions! It is a brilliant scheme.” – Frost

Bulma Briefs Quotes

Bulma Briefs Quotes
“Look Goku, you can go out in public and have your hair sticking out in every direction if you want to, but not me!” – Bulma Briefs

Piccolo Quotes

Piccolo quotes from dragon ball z
“I’m not going to lie to you, Vegeta, although the answer may be difficult for you to hear. This is the truth. Goku devoted his life to protecting the lives of other. Because of his selflessness, when he died, he was allowed to keep his body and travel to King Kai’s Planet. You, on the other hand, have spent your life in pursuit of your own selfish desires. You’ve caused too much pain. When you die, you will not receive the same reward.” – Piccolo

Gowasu Quotes

dragon ball z quotes
“Even If evil makes you lose your way, you stay your ground and keep searching for the path of good. Is that search now what justice is? It is for that reason that gods gave mortals knowledge.” – Gowasu

Hercule Quotes - Mr Satan

Hercule quotes from dragon ball z
“I vowed that earth would forever remain in peace. Since I made that vow, not a single threat has been made against earth. That’s all thanks to the fact that my name is known through the entire galaxy.” – Hercule

Krillin Quotes

Krillin quotes from dragon ball z
“Hey hun! I’ve got a great idea, let’s trade! Yo take my spot and I’ll fight Hercule!” – Krillin

Goku Quotes

dragon ball z quotes
“I would rather be a brainless monkey than a heartless monster.” – Goku
dragon ball z quotes
“Your new form is burning through more power than your body can supply. You should hav ewaited until you were used to this form and knew how to regulate it before you started picking fights.” – Goku
goku quotes from dragon ball z
“I have a family of my own I need to tend to. Two boys and a wife. An extremely angry wife who probably wants to kill me right now.” - Goku
dragon ball z quotes
“Maybe you’ll come back someday as…as a better person, I hope. I’d like that. Perhaps we’ll have a little one on one.” - Goku

Black Goku Quotes - DB Super

Black goku quotes
“I am looking at things from a much higher perspective than you. I observe this world, this universe, the truth of all things. And I have realized that humans must be destroyed. Out of all which the gods have made, mortals are their sole failure. In order to make this world, this universe, into a beautiful utopia, I must remove humanity, in place of the gods who refuse to admit their mistake.” – Black Goku

I hope this list of Dragon Ball Quotes will live deep in your hearts and use this to live as a good guy. Which one of the Dragon Ball z quotes is your favorite?

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