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Tropical-Rouge Precure Premieres on February 2021

Last December, Toei Animation announced the premiere of Tropical-Rouge! Precure. Let me tell you some juicy and interesting facts about this new anime series.

Released Date

The anime series will premiere on Japan’s TV Asahi and ABC TV on February 28, 2021. Tropical-Rouge! is the 18th Pretty Cure (Precure) Anime series. Now, Toei Animation has released the character designs, music, and the team who will work on the series.

Tropical-Rouge Precure Synopsis

The anime series is about responsibility and motivation. It will have the sea and cosmetics as its main story design.

Tropical-Rouge Precure follows the life of Manatsu Natsumi. Natsumi is a middle school student who moved to Aozora City with her family. She begins a new life in the city.

Then, Natsumi meets Laura, a mermaid from the Grand Ocean. Laura is looking for legendary warriors who will defend the Grand Ocean from the Dark Witches.

The Dark Witches has taken over the Grand Ocean, and someone has to save the citizen before it’s too late. Manatsu gains the power of Cure Summer, a legendary warrior with a sunny disposition. Later, Sango Suzumura, Asuka Takizawa, and Minori Ichinose join her in her quest.

tropical-rouge precure summer

Meet the Characters

  • Manatsu Natsuumi as Cure Summer, cute and bubbly whose personality is as bright as the sun. She’s a first-year middle school student.
  • Sango Suzumura as Cure Coral is a lover of everything cute. She is also a first-year middle school student.
  • Minori Ichinose as Cure Papaya is bookish among the four. She is a second-year student in middle school.
  • Asuka Takizawa as Cure Flamingo is athletic with a strong sense of justice. She’s a third-year student in middle school.
  • Laura is a mermaid from the Grand Ocean.
  • Kururun is an ocean fairy of the Grand Ocean.
cure flamingo

Meet the Anime Team

Yutaka Tsuchida will direct the series while Masahiro Yokotani will handle the anime scripts. Yukiko Nakatani is in-charge of the character designs, and Miki Imai is the art director.

Shiho Terada is on the music team Tropical-Rouge Precure. Akira Tanaka and Aki Murase will produce the anime. While the TV series is aired, Tropical-Rouge! Precure will stream in Crunchyroll.

Final Words

When I saw the characters, they remind me of Sailormoon and her other warrior friends. The character designs are almost similar, especially with the colors used in the Tropical-Rouge! Precure.

The story is quite light, and the colors are super bright. It appeals to the younger generation of the otakus. Still, anyone can watch the anime. A couple of months from now, you will be watching another anime series worth waiting for, especially its cute characters.

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