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Superhero Anime: 8 Best Titles To Binge-Watch Today

Superhero anime stories never grow old because deep inside, we all want to become superheroes, one way or another. Well, anime series is no exception.

In fact, you can find a superhero anime series released every year. Here’s my recommended list of the best series you should binge-watch today.

One Punch Man

superhero anime one punch man

That shiny, bald head is obvious anywhere! Yep, that’s Saitama, a bald superhero who has super strength and a cyborg sidekick. The main character in this superhero anime seems like an ordinary person with a carefree attitude about his superpowers. He’s even bored with how he leads his superhero life. Still, it’s a must-watch series, worthy of binging episode.

Yozakura Quartet

Yarizakura Hime is the city mayor in a town where humans and demons live in one place. She has a yokai power sealed within her. Despite this, Hime keeps a team of good demons to protect the town she loves most.


You can find all sorts of superpowers in this series. Like most superhero anime series, the hero and heroine of the story have their powers. Yuu Otosaka has mind control, while Nao Tomori has invisibility.

The two meet where Yuu uses his ability to cheat on an exam, and Nao notices what he did. The two embark on a life where they try to help other young people like them control their abilities.

Kill La Kill

Matoi Ryuuko uses a uniform with super abilities to find the killer of her father. Yes, you heard it right. Kill La Kill is one unique superhero anime series. Together with her sister, the heroine with a “super-powered uniform” sets on an adventure where she battles with rogue clothes.

My Hero Academia

my hero academia

Unlike other superheroes, Deku is a quirk-less person, a category for people who don’t have superpowers in the story. But, a twist of fate changes his life forever. The most powerful, number one superhero on Earth passes on the One-For-All quirk to him. His adventures and misfortunes begin!

Gate: Thus, the JSDF Fought There!

The story is all about medieval and modern clashes. It’s a classic future meets the past while the main characters try to save the world by fighting evildoers. The unique thing about this is the balance between modern and medieval fighting scenes and plot twists and characters.

World Conquest Zvezda Plot

Superheroes defend the weak and conquer villains who want to rule the world. Who says so? Well, this story seems upside down.

Superheroes are taking over the world (Huh?!) to battle a corrupt government. Not your ordinary superhero anime, but it’s worth binge-watching because it’s a fresh take on the hero genre.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask couple

This classic superhero anime series is one of the best (if you like classics). The series revolves around Usagi Tsukino, a crybaby, but is a reincarnation of the Moon Princess. Throughout the series, you can hear lots of anime quotes worth using in real life.

It’s old, and the animation is not as great as those stories you’re used to watching today. But, like Dragon Ball, Sailormoon is the epitome of superhero anime and the basis of some other stories you know today.

Enjoyed my list? Comment below your favorite superhero anime or if you have some recommendations for other otaku fans to binge-watch one day.

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