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The Top 12 Lightest Gaming Mouse In 2021

Buying the lightest gaming mouse is no easy. Have a look at the gaming peripherals market, and you will soon appreciate that it is a bit of a minefield. In general, the more expensive gaming mice have more features. In this article, we are going to check out the best lightest gaming mice.


If you are a serious pro-gamer, it is always best to go for one of the more expensive options.

How To Choose The Right Gaming Mouse For You

Laser or optical sensor – a mouse with an optical sensor would be your best bet. An optical sensor means you don't have to worry about problems such as lag. Mice fitted with optical sensors are much more reactive. However, laser sensors have come a long way recently.

DPI rating – the DPI rating is important as well. A high DPI rating means you have to move the mouse less when you play the game.

Wired VS. Wireless

All pro-gamers used to be out wired mice on top of their buying wish list. But things have changed. Today, wireless mice have come a long way and may serve you just as well. As a matter of fact, it is really about personal choice.

Let There Be Light

You may want to match the rest of your PC or white gaming keyboard and let your mouse light up your life. But, strictly speaking, there is no need to do so. However, the vast majority of gaming mice do light up, and I have to admit it looks pretty cool.

What is the lightest gaming mouse on the market? The lightest gaming mouse on the market is the Cooler Master MM710 and it comes in at 54 grams. It is cheap, but that does not mean it is the one you should go for. Carry on reading if you would like to know more...

If you are looking for some really cool gaming accessories and mice, you should check out Cooler Master MM710.

As a matter of fact, the company produces one of the MM710 which is one of the lightest gaming mouse in the world. It weighs in at only 52 grams!

The cable that comes with this mouse helps to make the mouse light. The honeycombed lightweight structure is an essential part of the mouse’s structure and aids in making it light. Looking at it, you may think that it is not so durable, but this is a pretty tough little thing.

The honeycomb structure protects the beating heart of this mouse - a PixArt 3389 optical sensor. Along with its Omron switches which will hold up to 20 million clicks, it is a great mouse for any gamer.

On top of that, there are two extra buttons on the side which many gamers will find useful. It glides well thanks to PTFE feet and is perfect for right-handed gamers.

Another manufacturer that I really like is Razer. Recently, I had the opportunity to check out their Viper Ultralight that comes in at 69 grams.

This mouse is a solid mouse and I don’t have a clue how Razer managed to manufacture such a light mouse without any holes.

I thought that this mouse felt really comfortable in my hand. One of its main advantages is the 16K DPI optical sensor. This has been part of many other mice from this company. In other words, you can say that it has been tried and tested.

What really completes this mouse, is the 8 programmable buttons that are easy to reassign, thanks to Razer Synapse 3.

A great option when you consider it comes with Chroma RGB lighting as well and drag-free cord.

Glorious claim that with their Model O, they developed the world’s lightest gaming mouse.

That is great, but they launched Glorious Model 0 minus, they went one step further. This model weighs only 58 grams.

What do you get for your 58 grams? Well, the mouse still has RGB lights and it does look cool thanks to the honeycomb structure.

It fitted comfortably in my hand. In my opinion, it felt both substantial and strong. Even though it was a warm day when I tried it, I never felt that it became warm.

The Model O minus comes with a Pixart PMW 3360 sensor along with Omron mechanical switches. We all know that these switches are very durable. Completing the mouse, you will find G-skates and a lightweight cable.

Logitech is very much a trusted name within the gaming and computer industry. The company has recently introduced this new gaming mouse.

I had the opportunity to check it out at a friend’s house. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer gamers around the globe.

Okay, I have to be honest and say this is rather a high end gaming mouse, but you do get a lot of bang for your bucks if you know what I mean.

Yes, it is wireless and I must admit that I was not sure what to say about that at first. However, there is no lag at all and that really surprised me.  The mouse is equipped with a Hero 16K Snare which makes it 10 times more power-efficient than previous models.

It comes complete with 8 buttons that you can program. More than anything what I like about these buttons is that you can remove them if you have no need for them.

The left and right click is impressive and rated up to at least 50 million clicks. Comes complete with Lightsync technology and the G logo looks really cool lit up. You can even choose between 16.8 million colors!

The battery lasts for 48 hours and the mouse weighs in at only 80 grams. I think it is a really solid and good gaming mouse, and a new one is sitting on my desk as I write this.

If you did not think that anyone could improve on the design of the Logitech G Pro Wireless, you would be mistaken. This is exactly what G-Wolves have done with their latest gaming mouse.

I was pleasantly surprised that it is even light and cheaper than the Logitech mouse. It weighs only 62 grams and feels very comfortable.

As they say, it has many attractive features which include a Hati PMW3360 optical sensor. I know it is pretty industry standard but I like the way it fits into the design.

The shape of this mouse feels really good in the hand. You can use a claw, fingertip or a complete palm grip and you will not feel disappointed. Great build quality finishes the product and it feels really solid without any rattling.

Comes complete with what the company calls pre-travel-less buttons and paracord cable. Shipped in a nice metal box and available in 7 different colors.

In the box, you will find an extra pair of mouse feet, replacement cable extra switches for mouse buttons 1 and 2 and a grip cable. An excellent choice for the traveling gamer.

For some time now, Razer has been a popular choice when it comes to all sorts of gaming products. They are constantly stepping up the game creating new and exciting models and products.

Their new gaming mouse, Abyssus Elite, stands out in a very crowded market place.

One of the main benefits of this mouse is that it includes Razer’s 7,200 DPI optical sensor. What many gamers will like about this mouse is its design. No matter what kind of grip that you like to use, it feels good in your hand.

I know that you are concerned about weight. The mouse weighs 78 grams which makes it a nice lightweight mouse. It allows for accurate movements and I did not experience what I call tired hands.

You also benefit from Razer’s unique Chroma RGB lighting software. Great for customizing this lightweight gaming mouse.

The Model O from Glorious has been on the market for some time now, but I still thought that I would give it a review.

I had not tried it until recently, but I have to admit that I am impressed.

It comes in at 9 grams more than the Model O minus and weighs about 67 grams.

To some gamers, those extra grams may make a difference but I did not find that it mattered to me. This is still a very comfortable mouse and easy to use.

Other product benefits of the Model O include Pixart PMW-3360 sensor, Omron mechanical switches which should last for about 20 million clicks. The G-skates at the bottom have rounded edges which ensure the mouse glides easily over any mouse pad.

Finally, it connects with a lightweight Ascended cable. Still a good buy when you are looking for a new mouse for your gaming set up.

FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town

What mouse should you buy when you are looking for an ultra lightweight mouse?

There is no doubt about it, when you feel you need the lightest mouse you should invest in FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town. 

Yes, the name will have you a little bit confused, but the mouse will not. If you want to buy and come across availability, you should get it now.

It is often out of stock and this is why it is essential to buy it when you see that it is available. 

Ultralight isn’t just a placeholder for the FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town — it’s an actual description. Is it worth its hefty price tag? Yes, it is and here is why.

The Ultralight 2 Cape Town comes complete with a PMW3360 optical sensor. The left and right buttons use the upgraded Omron D2FC F 7No switches.

They are rated for at least 20 million clicks but are rumored to withstand many more clicks. It comes with a thin braided cable which gives the entire set up a futuristic appearance.

It is only 11.6 cm long and you will be hard pressed to find other gaming mice in this category that are as good as the Ultralight 2 Cape Town. Popular mouse with female gamer as it is perfect for smaller hands.

We certainly go from one extreme to the other in this review.

When you are looking for a budget gaming mouse, you should check out the Rival 600 from SteelSeries. 

For what you pay for it, you really do get a great lightweight gaming mouse. Maybe a good way to see this mouse, is as a starter mouse when you are just getting into gaming.

What  are the main advantages of the Rival 600.  It comes with a technology called True Move 3 which does ensure accurate movement.

You will also benefit from a 350 IPS optical 1 to 1 tracking esports sensor. If you are concerned about cable length you will not have to worry any more.

When you buy this mouse, you will benefit from 2 meter long (6.5 foot) cable. 

How much does it weigh? Well, it weighs in at only 47 grams which is really lightweight.

Also comes with 0.5 Lift-off Distance and RGB lighting. Good for at least 20 million clicks. Fantastic value for money as far as I am concerned.

Another great offering to a person coming into gaming or someone who spends a couple of hours per day playing games.

This is really a newbie on to the market. When a friend bought one, it gave me an opportunity to check it out and get a feel for it. 

Do I like it? I think that if you don’t spend more than 3 or 4 hours gaming per day, it is a good mouse to start with. It has certainly been introduced at the right price point.

This is what you get with the E-Blue Mazer. Unlike many others, you only get 5 buttons but that is perfect for when you are getting into gaming.

Other benefits include 2.4G Wireless Transmission Technology and 3000 high frame. Good for right hand gamers and I have to admit that it looks pretty cool.

Good for all over use as well when you just want to use your computer for other stuff than gaming.

Are you looking for a mouse which is going to do a good job for you? Many gamers do and they are of benefit. I will admit that.

The Cool Master Cooler Master MM711 is a good one to go for. Thanks its honeycomb shell, it weighs only 52 grams. But, do keep in mind that the weight does not include the cable.

However, the cable is very lightweight so I would not worry too much about that.

It comes with a PixArt 3389 sensor that performs great and gives you the control and precision that you need when you take your gaming seriously. You still get your Omron switches below both clicks.

Good for about 20 million clicks, this mouse will keep you clicking for some considerable time to come.

Comes complete with PTFE feet which I found glided along without any effort at all. As a matter of fact, I would say that this mouse will give you a great gaming experience.

SteelSeries along with Logitech is one of the manufacturers of gaming peripherals that have been around for a long period of time.

Their gear is certainly not the cheapest, but it is well made.

What makes this mouse so special is its optical sensor. I felt that this mouse gave me a lot of confidence and felt good in my hand compared to its cheaper counterparts.

It has an on board memory that saves the polling rate and key binds.  Thanks to its durability and 60 million clock capacity, it will keep going for many years.

If you are a heavy duty gamer and like to keep your gear, you should be investing in this mouse. This mouse can handle the most modern fast paced game. Put it on top of your wishlist.

Taking Care of Your Gaming Mouse

When you are traveling, or just at home for that matter, it is essential to take care of your gaming. Sophisticated sensors are easily affected by dust and that can lead to frustration when  you want to use your mouse.

I often see even the most expensive gaming accessories and per peripherals left out on a desk. There is no need for that. Treat your mouse well and it will after you. Most companies that manufacture mice will also supply storage.

You can also buy storage accessories from other companies. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what you like.

Should I clean my gaming mouse? The coronavirus outbreak proves how important it is to clean your mouse. They do get dirty and you don’t really want your gaming mouse to catch a bug. Get into the habit of wiping once a day with an antiseptic wipe.

What about your mouse pad? Yes, your mouse pad does become dusty and dirty as well and you should clean. As a matter of fact, a dirty mouse can slow down your mouse and that is the last thing that you want when you are serious about gaming.

Although, you should never put your gaming pad in the dishwasher, you should certainly give it a clean. Don’t use soapy water as this will leave a residue on your mouse pad. Furniture polish is not a good idea either.

Wipe with an antiseptic cloth, or one of those cloths you get for window cleaning.

Lending Your Gaming Mouse Out To Others

Your friends may want to check out your gaming mouse when you buy a new one. I do let my friends do just that, but I never let them take it home with them. You will get annoyed if you find that they have changed the settings or broken it.

When you travel with your mouse, you should always make sure that it is stored securely. It is tempting to just put in your gaming backpack, but not storing it properly can easily damage it. Many gaming backpacks have dedicated spaces for the storage of accessories. It is best to invest in one of those.

What To Do With Your Old Gaming Mouse

When you have upgraded to a new mouse, your old gaming mouse may be ready to go to the battleground in the sky. If it is not, and it still has clicks left in it, why not donate to a local school or gaming group.

Sure, you can try to sell it but it may not be worth it. But, if you have other preloved gaming gear to sell. Putting together a job lot is not a bad option.

Finally, all of the reviews on this page are genuine. Fortunately I have a good group of friends who in between them own the lightest gaming mice. If you have any new reviews, or would like me to review a new product, please feel free to get in touch.

I love to hear from all of the readers of this blog and I like to keep it up to date as much as possible.

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