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Top 12 Best Gaming Backpacks in 2020

Gaming Backpacks


Are you thinking about buying a gaming backpack?  We want to carry our gear, and in order to do so in style, you should invest in a useful backpack. 


Of course, you can pop down to your local store and buy a gaming bag. However, most of the time, they are much more expensive than the one you can buy online.

Buying a gamer backpack online gives you more choice and you will save money at the same time.

The money you save, you can always spend on other gear.

How To Buy The Right Gaming Backpack​​​​

With so many different gaming backpacks to choose from, it is not always easy to find the best backpack for you.

When I decided I needed a gaming backpack for all of my gear, I started to check out what gear I really had to carry with me.

I put all of my gear on my bed and went through it. Most gamers like myself have collected a lot of gear, but do we need to travel with all of it?

It is a bit like clothes, you really only wear 10% of the clothes you own.

The first thing you should find out is what gear you need to carry with you at all times.

You also need to make sure your gear is well protected. Supplying the right kind of protection is something that manufacturers are getting really good at.

Does My Gaming Backpack Need To Be Comfortable?

When gaming backpacks were first launched, they were not exactly ergonomic. That is a way of saying that they were not comfortable to carry around with you.

I remember struggling with my first backpack.

This is another thing that has changed. Most backpacks are now made from better materials. They are bot comfortable and strong.

You are not likely to experience back problems as a result of carrying around your backpack with you.

The lighter the better in general, but not all gamer like really light backpacks. There are some really expensive high-quality options out there that are heavier.

It all depends on what gaming gear you are going to carry around and how long you are going to carry it around for you.

Don’t forget about airport security, Your laptop and other gear need to be easily accessible to make going through airport security easily.

There is no way that you are going to be able to get away with not switching on your laptop, tablet, or other electronic gear.

What About Security Of Your Gaming Backpack?

Your gaming bag needs to be secure. You don’t want to come back from a gaming event finding out that some of your stuff has been stolen.

There is a lot of honor among gamer, but at the end end of the day, we do invest a lot of money in all of our gear.

It is always best to keep it safe. Make sure you can either lock your bag or buy a lock that fits it.

Also, make sure your backpack is weatherproof. Gaming events take place all over the world. You are not always going to end up in Southern California.

The Size Of Your Gaming Backpack

The size of your gaming backpack is another important factor to consider. You want to make sure it is lightweight enough to carry but can hold all of your gear as well.

Like a friend of mine find out, you should make sure it fits under an airplane seat.

A flight she was traveling on was really overcrowded and she could not fit her backpack into the overhead locker.

Fortunately for her, she had invested in a gaming backpack that fitted nicely under the seat in front of her.

Also, make sure you choose a gamer bag that is robust enough to protect your gear.

Best Gaming Backpacks in 2020

This backpack comes in two different sizes, 15.6 and 17.3Both of them have the same features and look really cool in my opinion.

What you need to know about this gaming backpack: Made from ballistic nylon, it holds up to a 17.3 laptop. It has the advantage of being both tear and water-resistant.

The interior is scratch proof so you are not going to end up with a scratched up interior.

It is has a removable headphone storage pouch and the computer compartment is padded. 

Included is also a dedicated tablet pocket, built-in hideaway rain cover. Velcro logo patches that look cool.

Several interior pockets that make it easy for you to grab your gear. Dedicated workstation for USB keys, cards, and pens.

Comes complete with shoulder straps and ventilated back patch. The size of the computer compartment is a generous 11.8" x 1.9" x 16.3".

Nice green color and I like the large front pockets. A lifetime warranty makes it a really good deal. A top buy as far as I am concerned and it really does have some great reviews.

This backpack looks a bit utilitarian but is a good budget buy. The dedicated computer compartment fits laptops up to 17.3 inches.

If you travel a lot, this backpack is a good choice for you as it is to open up easily at airport screening checkpoints and you don’t have to take your laptop out of the bag.

A generous amount of interior pockets to carry your gear. Nice wide shoulder straps and comfortable back. Once again comes with a lifetime warranty.

If you are looking for a gaming backpack that looks cool and modern, then I think that this is a good choice.

A great choice for all G-series gaming laptops and fits up to 17 +. For added protection, it has a padded interior that helps to protect your gear.

I like the fact it has a dedicated smartphone compartment to the rear. On top of that, it is also water-resistant. The cost is around $89 and that is good value for money when you think about what you get for your money.

Are you a true gaming nomad? In that case, you are in good company.

As lifestyles change, many of us roam the world from one gaming competition to another or other gaming events.

If this is you, you really should invest in a good quality gaming backpack.

It features an internal suspension system that keeps your notebook safe. On top of that, it also has plenty of compartments to carry the rest of your gaming gear.

The ventilated back padding keeps you cool when you are on the move.

Most importantly, it is light-weight, made from water-resistant ballistic nylon and is extremely durable. Comes complete with a detachable carabineer key ring.

Unfortunately, it does not fit the G752 model but it will fit the following models: 501JW, G550JK, G55VW, G56JK. G750JH. G750JM, G750JS, G750JW, G750JX, G750JZ, G751JL, G751JT, G751JY, G75VW, G75VX, GL550JK, GL551JK, GL551JM, GL551JW, GL551JX, GL771JM, GL771JW. G750, and G751

Perfect for girl gamer who like to often carry other stuff such as water bottles.

This is one call looking gaming backpack and at around $98.99, it represents good value for money as well.

It comes with a laptop compartment that fits up 17” laptops and also has plenty of additional accessory slots.

A dual water bottle or drinks holder makes it a great backpack to take with you for long gaming sessions or wandering around a gaming event.

Nice deep base packet and Dragon logo bag are also included in the price.

Easy to carry around thanks to a top handle carrying strap, fits on perfectly Thanks to its adjustable chest strap, and even includes a roller luggage strap. Also, water repellent rated to IPX -2 which is a pretty good standard.

What do you think about this bad boy? At around $149.99, it is one of the more expensive backpacks that I checked out.

Would I buy it? I would certainly buy it and I think that you should consider buying it as well. Here is why:

It is water repellent and even the zippers have been coated with water-repellent material - that is something you don’t always get.

The cushioned mesh back panel is ventilated thanks to Airflow technology. That makes it comfortable to carry around all of those venues that you visit around the world.

The extras that you get with this backpack include an interior head strap, bottom pocket for a power adapter and lots of space for personal belongings.

Having extra space available is great for when you want to buy new gaming gear. Easy to handle when on the move.

Are you a Nintendo fan? I don’t blame you, they have got some really cool gear. Coolness is exactly what this gaming backpack offers you.

This is one of the few backpacks that have been genuinely licensed by Nintendo. But, that does not mean it is expensive. 

It will cost you around $82.13 and makes a great starter gaming backpack.A versatile and durable backpack that provides you with a complete storage solution to your Nintendo Switch Console accessories and personal items.

The generous design fits Console, pro Controller, AC adapter, Switch game cards, 15 inches Laptop and other personal stuff.

The padded straps and handle make it easy to use and carry around with you at all times.

This is one of the best lightweight backpacks that I checked out.

And at around $62.99, the price is right - you really can’t go wrong here if you don’t have a huge budget to buy your first gaming backpack.

Check out what you get for your money:

Fantastic storage that includes 3 compartments and 16 pockets placed just where you need to haul around all of your gear. Fits a 17” laptop and looks cool doing it.

This backpack offers maximum protection. Thanks to its excellent weatherproof exoskeleton you are ready for our ever-changing global climate.

The molded back offer you comfort and air ventilation system.

You don’t have to worry about shoulder and back pain when carrying thanks to adjustable shoulders straps and a supporting chest buckle.

A girl would perhaps say that this backpack looks stylish, but I think that it looks cool with its sleek red Y icon and red interior trim.

What I really like is that it weighs but still comes with generous proportions of 14. 17" X 7. 09" X 19. 88".

Razer do make some good backpacks. This 17” version of their Razer Rogue Gaming Laptop back will cost you around $99.99. Is it worth it?

I think it is worth it when you want to protect your gear when you are on the move. 

This is what you get for your money:

Made from a tough water and damage proof material that makes the exterior of the backpack really tough. What I like about it that the material helps to extend the life of the backpack and keeps it looking new.

You can store your laptop and all of the other gear to carry with you. Great accessory department for the rest of your gear.

The interior has a protective lining and each compartment in green TPU material to keep your laptop safe.

Comes complete with a breathable back and padded back straps. You have a side mesh drink pockets which complete the entire package.

This is a good gaming pack back from Dell at just around $58.95. It will cushion your laptop and gear thanks to a padded interior and molded front shield.

A great way to keep gaming hardware safe thanks to a laptop sleeve and several accessory pockets.

It is weather-resistant and easy to carry around with you when at a gaming convention or traveling.

At first, I did not know what I thought about this backpack. It seemed cheap at around $45.99.

Then I started to check it out and I realized that it is a pretty good piece of gear.

It certainly represents good value for money when you don’t have a lot of cash to spend.

Here are some of the features:

Not only does this gaming backpack fit a large laptop up to 18” but it also makes a great backpack for other occasions. You can use it for school, traveling or just when hanging out with your friends,

An external USB charging port with a built-in charging cable makes it easy for you to charge your electronic devices anywhere.

A headphone jack is conveniently located for you to listen to your music and it has been exclusively designed for airplane travel.

A comfortable back loaded with airflow vents makes it great to carry around with you at all times. Comes with organizer pockets to hold your cell phone, CD's and other necessities.

It is also water and scratch-resistant which makes a great beginner backpack for someone new to gaming.

This is exclusively designed for use with Sony PlayStation 4/PS4 Slim/PS4 Pro/Xbox ONE/XB1S/Xbox ONE X/WII U/PS3/XBOX 360 controllers and accessories.

The backpack offers you a number of customized interior dividers to create your own personalized storage space for your gear and I like the idea of that.

The generous shoulder straps are cushioned and padded to make sure it is comfortable to carry around with you.

The interior comes with a scratch-resistant lining that will help you to protect all of your gear. There is even a special center that holds your console apart from the rest of your accessories.

An extra 2 zip front pockets let you carry your phones and other electronic gear with you wherever you go.

What Should I Store In My Gaming Backpack?

You can store whatever you need for your game. Most gamer are rather focused and put all of the gear that they will need in their backpacks.

You are not very likely to come across gamer carrying anything that is surplus to requirements if you know what I mean.

This is what you will find in my gaming backpack most of the time:

Controller - you never know when you are going to get the chance to fit in a quick game. I always carry at least one gaming controller but I know many folks who carry more than one. If you are into Nintendo, you may want to carry that and another controller.

VR headset - a VR headset can make the gaming experience so much better. It is a good idea to carry one around with you when you want to escape into your world after a long day.

Games - most gaming backpacks offer generous rooms for all of your favorite games. I try to pack as many as I can take with me.

After all, you never know what sort of action that you are going to be in the mood for when you are out and about.

Keyboard - you really don’t need them anymore when it comes to gaming, but just in case, you may just want to take it with you.

The size of keyboards has really changed and there is now a plethora of easy to carry around keyboard models you can want to make part of your gear.

Mouse - a mouse is a must-have. I always carry at least one mouse with me. Recently I broke one. It made me appreciate why so many gamer carry an extra mouse with them when they are traveling.

We all prefer different ones. If you have a couple of favorite ones, why not carry them with you?

Snacks and drinks - there is no reason why you should not carry snacks and drinks with you. Buying drinks and snacks when you are out is often expensive. You can save money by making sure that you pack everything you may need during the day.

How many backpacks should I have?

I have friends who have several bags. They do travel a lot and I appreciate that having a couple of gaming backpacks. It is a bit like a spare tire if you know what I mean.

I think that I would be rather lost without my gaming backpack and I have been considering investing in another one.

Maybe it is a good idea to buy a really good quality one and a cheaper one for when you are hanging out with your friends. Make it a versatile bag pack and you can use it for other things than gaming.

I have a friend who is a keen artist and she carries all of her gear in a gaming backpack. It made me realize how versatile gamer backpacks are when it comes down to it.

They are water-resistant and when you don’t want to get your personal stuff damaged, I think that gaming backpacks offer a great alternative to other backpacks.

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