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16 Anime Like Attack on Titan to Watch Today

Attack on Titan (AOT) is one of the most popular action shows in manga and anime series. It features humanoid creatures called Titans.

The main characters embark on a journey of avenging and fighting these vicious humanoids, eating humans for no apparent reason. Also, the graphic content is really good.

If you love Attack on Titan, you'd probably like these shows set in a post-apocalyptic world on Earth with monsters eating human flesh or something similar.

These shows feature good action, god arcs, saving the world, "Titans" on different levels and appearance.

Here's a list of anime to watch in the next days, especially if you aren't going anywhere during the Holiday season.

Anime Like Attack On Titan:

1. Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

kabaneri of the iron fortress anime

This anime series is set on the Island of Hinomoto during the industrial revolution. Like Attack on Titan (AOT), Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is a dark fantasy action. The show has 12 episodes aired in 2014.

The main characters, Ikoma and Mūmei, are kabaneri, a term for Kabane and human hybrid. They try to defend their fortress against the undead monsters that threaten humanity.

While defending the Island, Ikoma gets the virus infection but manages to overcome it. It made him a human half Kabane.

Their adventure together with the Aragane Station people (called Iron Fortress) is wrought with betrayal, distrust, and longing to survive.

In the end, they managed to save most of their people, but their journey is just starting. This show is worth the watch in late nights.

2. Tokyo Ghoul

tokyo ghoul anime series

Another dark fantasy action show like the Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, is about Ken Kaneki, a student who becomes half-ghoul after a deadly encounter with another ghoul.

With his new life, new world, and appearance, he needs to survive by eating human flesh.

The owners of Anteiku, a coffee shop managed by ghouls, help him and teach him all he needs to know about being a ghoul.

His life is never easy because he has to live a double life. Kaneki has to make sure the ghoul society accepts him, and his human friends don’t discover who he has become.

Tokyo Ghoul is about surviving and fitting in a society with double standards. If you're a fan of Attack on Titan, you'll probably like Tokyo Ghoul.

3. Knights Of Sidonia

knights of sidonia manga

Like Attack on Titan show, Knights of Sidonia is about the survival of the main characters against a creature that seeks to eliminate humanity.

This manga and anime setting takes place outside Earth. It is a post-apocalyptic anime.

An unknown alien species called Gauna destroyed humanity a thousand years ago, but some people managed to flee the Earth using spaceships.

One of these ships is called Sidonia, which looks like Japan. In order to survive, the people inhabiting Sidonia have created weapons.

For years, these mechanized weapons protected the ship, but the Gauna is beginning to target the survivors from Earth a thousand years ago.

Now, it’s up to Nagate Tanikaze to help defend the Sidonia against cruel enemies.

4. Fullmetal Alchemist

full metal alchemist apocalytic anime

Fullmetal Alchemist follows the life of two brothers. Both aspired to become an alchemist when they were young. However, circumstances were not in their favor.

Their mother died. This was the reason the two brothers thought of bringing their mother back from the dead using Alchemy.

The ritual went awry, and one of them (Alphonse) ended up with his soul trapped in an armor.

And, this is where the adventures of the two begin. The quest for a way to bring Alphonse back has made Edward Elric the youngest person to summon things without even using the Alchemy circle.

5. Claymore

claymore anime girls

Claymore is about blood-bath with intense fighting scenes. Like AOT, this anime series is a dark fantasy action, dwelling on monsters and humans.

Here, the main characters are female welding swords called Claymore and are half-human. The main characters are Clare and Raki, who kill the Yoma, demons feeding on humans.

The plot takes place on a medieval island, where Yoma or demons are prevalent. For centuries, the Organization created Claymores, mostly female warriors to fight the Yoma, since male warriors weren't much of a success.

The Claymore warriors such as Clare seem to have super-abilities that could result from their transformation or skills innate in them.

Whatever the source is, these abilities have helped the Claymore female warriors to kill Yoma creatures and save the world.

6. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied is a dark fantasy anime series in the Seinen demographics. The story takes place in the Kanagawa and Kamakura, where a race called Diclonius inhabits the place.

Diclonius species have superior abilities to humans. Despite their human-like form, others treat them as a threat to humanity, the world, and its extinction. They see them as monsters that should be eradicated.

The main character is Lucy, who seems to be the first Diclonius to survive beyond infancy. Lucy was held in a laboratory on the shores for years until she escaped.

During her escape, she got injured, resulting in the birth of Nyu, her child-like character.

7. Neon Genesis Evangelion

neon genesis evangelion series

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the best and most popular animes of the 1990s. Lately, it has had a remake, which excites the fans of the anime series.

The anime focuses on Shinji Ikari, who becomes the controller of an Evangelion. Like the anime Attack on Titan, the main character has to fight someone who belongs to a higher authority.

The Evangelion (EVA for short) is a NERV bio-machine. It fights the Angels who are threatening the world. As Shinji accepts the task of becoming a controller, he discovers the real reason behind the conflict. 

 It’s up to him to make good decisions to resolve the issues.

8. God Eater

god eater manga

Love Attack on Titan? Here's another anime adapted from a video game. Similar to Attack on Titan, God Eater involves gory details on fighting scenes, except that this is made with a CGI technique. Despite being a CGI, the graphics are incredible.

God Eater is violence overload. This story isn’t for the faint-hearted because it’s filled with blood spilling and explosion.

It is about the battle between humanity and the monsters called Aragami.

9. High School Of The Death

high school of the dead anime characters

High School of The Dead is about zombies versus humans. A class of high school students fights off zombies that infested their school and other places in the story.

Similar to Attack on Titan, the main characters battle creatures that threaten the society they grew up with. The anime may not be as popular as Attack on Titan, but it’s worth watching.

10. Demon Slayer

demon slayer series

Demon Slayer is about a young boy named  Tanjiro Kamado and his sister. One day, demons killed Tanjiro's family leaving him and his sister as the survivors.

However, his sister becomes infected with the demon's blood, making her part monster and part human.

Now, they have to find the cure before his sister turns into a total demon. This anime like Attack on Titan dwells on the struggles of the main character.

Tanjiro gets entangled with people in the higher echelons of society.

11. Seraph Of The End

seraph of the end

Wit Studio produces Seraph of the End, which is the same studio that created Attack on Titan. So, this anime won’t be a surprise if the storyline is like AOT anime series.

In this story, the main threat is the vampire army feeding on humans and their blood.

Yuichiro Hyakuya, the main character, wants to destroy this army that puts him in much misery and pain.

However, Yuichiro is less violent and aggressive than Eren Jaeger (a character in anime AOT).

video creator

12. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

tengen toppa gurren lagann anime

Gurren Lagann is the story of oppression and the need for freedom from the confines of a prison-like structure. In this story, the characters are told not to go beyond the underground.

The “Titans” of the anime are the unknown, creating fear for the people.

But, one person (Kamina) believes that there’s a better future beyond the underground. Together with Simon the digger, Kamina fights the very persons who protected them from the “surface.”

The overall story is less violent than AOT, by the way.

13. Death Note

death note

Death Note is about a young boy, a high school student, who found an ordinary-looking notebook. The student is Light Yagami.

When he reads the description in the notebook, he doesn't believe it at first. But when the first person he wrote died of a heart attack, he became suspicious.

Later, Light begins writing the names of bad people he hears. No one except the grim reaper (owner of the notebook) knows Light has been behind the massive killings of random people.

But, this phenomenon catches the attention of the global media, naming Light as "Kira".

Then, L enters the scene and tries to outman light and their feud begins.

14. Attack On Titan

attack on titan dark fantasy

Of course, the list won't be completed without the anime Attack on Titan included. Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese Hepburn is the story of a boy who lost his family because of the vicious Titans.

For years, the walls protect their community from these Titans.

Then, one day, a Titan kills many people including Eren Yeager's family. After the incident, Eren vows to avenge the death of his family.

He enlists Armin Arlert and Mikasa Ackermann in his journey. Together, they protect each other against these monsters.

The anime Attack on Titan features a lot of fighting scenes and violent encounters with the Titans. If you love fights and violence a lot in an anime, this is your best bet.

15. Hellsing Ultimate

hellsing ultimate anime series

The title alone reveals what the story is about. It’s a dark fantasy series based on the popular Van Helsing stories.

Thus, Hellsing Ultimate is all about vampires. Like the anime Attack on Titan, this is a fight between monsters and humans.

The main character is a woman who has a special contract with Alucard, the backward spelling of Dracula.

She leads an organization hell-bent on eliminating vampires and other supernatural forces that threaten humanity and the world.

16. Gantz

Gantz is about Masaru and Kei. They are high school students who die in saving a man. But, when they wake up, they find themselves in a place that is like a game. For some reason, the two couldn’t get out.

In the middle is a black sphere called Gantz. This sphere commands them to kill some aliens. They must do it before the timer ends. The story features violence and some sexual content.

These anime shows feature great stories with good character arcs and excellent art style. If you love one of these, share in the comments below. I hope this list will help you choose which anime like Attack on Titan would you want to watch next.

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