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Taisho Otome Otogi Banashi Gets Anime Adaptation

Taisho Otome Otogi Banashi is a popular manga series depicting the Taisho era. Now, its TV anime adaption is underway. Isn’t that exciting? It follows the life of Tamahiko Shima and Yuzuki. The manga is more of a romantic drama with a hint of comedy.

But what do you know about anime or manga? Here are some interesting facts about the anime:

Anime Adaptation Release Date

The anime adaption will be released in October 2021. That’s about 10 months of waiting, but will the wait worth it? It could be if I’m going to base my assumptions on the positive response of otaku fans all over the world.

Fans of romance will love the anime, especially if you’ve been reading the entire manga series. There’s nothing more satisfying when you see your favorite series come to life in front of your TV screen, right?

Sequel Manga

Do you know that the original and first manga series has five volumes? It was published in 2015 and ran for two years. The Jump Square published the series in its magazines.

The manga series has a sequel! The sequel took two years before it was released with the title Shōwa Otome Otogi Banashi. The Shonen Jump+ published the five volumes from 2018 to 2020. Hopefully, the sequel also gets an anime adaptation.

Story Synopsis

The anime adaptation sets in Japan during the Taisho Era. It is about Tamahiko and Yuzuki. Tamahiko lost his right hand due to an accident. This results in sullen and grumpy Tamahiko. One day, his father “bought” (this is perfectly normal during that era) a wife for him.

The young woman happens to be Yuzuki, bubbly, and full of life. The two meet and Tamahiko, being a pessimistic young man, begins to reject her at first. However, Yuzuki’s demeanor and positive outlook in life change Tamahiko gradually.

Anime Adaptation Voice Stars

Yūsuke Kobayashi will voice the main character Tamahiko Shima while Saya Aizawa will be Yuzuki Tachibana’s voice.

Kobayashi has starred as a voice actor in other anime series such as Food Wars (Kenji Marui), Dr. Stone (Senku), Yona of the Dawn (Su-wo), and other popular anime.

Saya Aizawa has fewer anime voice acting but they’re worth mentioning. She has starred as the voices of Hiromi Seki and Shizuri Castiella Kasugaya

Final Words

So far, there’s still no trailer circulating online. The announcement stirs excitement and anticipation. I hope the wait will be over soon. Let’s hope that the anime adaptation is similar or will do justice to the beautiful love story of Tamahiko and Yuzuki.

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