July 8


SUPER HXEROS Scheduled for July 3

By Joshua Ouellette

Funimation to stream SUPER HXEROS anime is scheduled for Jully 3. Do you like sexy action with girls more or less popping out of their clothes?

I don’t know why but Super Hxeros reminds me of Charlie’s Angels. Once again, a bunch of gorgeous girls have been called upon to save the world.

This is an action-packed manga adventure that is second to none as far as the quality of the animation is concerned.

A parasite from outer space invades the earth and sets about trying to rob the human race of its erotic energy known as H energy.

Will four beautiful and sexy high school girls save the day? Mmmm, I think that they might and I would love to have them fighting on my side if you know what I mean.

Source: Funimation

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