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13 Best Microphone Stands for Various Budget Ranges

Hi guys, To think about it…It’s essential to choose the best microphone stands,

What in your opinion is the most important component of your gaming or podcasting setup? The computer itself? The camera? The monitor? The keyboard? The mouse? Or the mic?

Well, all these are really important. But as important as these, there is one more component of the setup which is forgotten most of the times, or is not given the importance it deserves – it’s the mic stands!

Most of us, when we’re ready to start live streaming or podcasting, know that we’ll need a mic; but we often tend to forget that we also need something nice to hold it without which either our hands would be full or we’d have to compromise on audio quality.

It’s realized that a good microphone stand is of utmost importance only when your $1000 XLR mic is going to hit the floor because of your crappy microphone stand.

All in all, you should know about some high-quality mic stands and today I am going to review some best ones for you.

Price against quality is an important consideration while choosing among mic stands. So, here I have mainly considered that.

Top Budget Mic Stand (Less than $50)

While most videomakers won’t prefer to shell out any more than the absolute least necessary amount for a mic stands that is semi-decent, the problem lies in the fact that although many less expensive stands promise to do a good job, they just don’t. To save you from the pain, here are some best mic stands on budget.

Samson MK10 Lightweight Boom Mic Stand

Samson MK10 lightweight

Samson MK-10 is an ultra-lightweight tripod microphone stand featuring a collapsible design for easy portability and sturdy steel construction, perfect for using on the road. It has a folding tripod base which offers great stability.

The stability is increased also due to rubber feet which offer a non-slip grip. It includes a mic clip and is height adjustable to fit a range of users.

On Stage MS7700B Tripod Base 

On Stage MS7700B Tripod Base

On-Stage MS7700B mic stand comes with a plastic leg housing reinforced with steel that offers less weight and unmatched strength.

This microphone stand has folding legs having plastic endcaps that reduce floor vibrations and offer durability. Its height can be adjusted from 32” to 61.5” due to its steel midpoint.

Stand can be used while recording inside the home and also outdoors.

Samson BT4 Telescoping

Samson BT4 Telescoping Boom Stand

Samson BT4 is a collapsible tripod telescopic boom mic stand with a great combination of durability and functional design.

This mic stand is attractive to look at and lightweight with a sturdy construction of steel and die-cast offering excellent resiliency and high flexibility of positioning.

Sleek black finish that ensures an understated yet elegant presence, perfects while shooting on-the-go at performance venues, recording/rehearsal spaces, and musicians.

Ultimate Support JSMCFB100

Ultimate Support JSMCFB100

Ultimate Support JSMCFB100 is a heavy-duty tripod-based mic stand having strong die-cast boom housing, powder-coated, scratch-resistant finish and a 30” fixed-length boom that you can fold and carry with you in travel.

The boom has a reliable tightening knob. The boom arm is 31.5” fixed-length that offers accurate positioning. With its non-slip rubber feet, the stand offers excellent stability.

On-Stage Stands MS7701B

On-Stage MS7701B

On-Stage Stands MS7701B is a professional microphone stand and boom featuring a stable tripod base.

Folding design facilitates convenient storage and portability. For single-handed length and angle adjustments, it has got a 36” long Euro-style boom with separate clutches.

The die-cast zinc clutch is a professional quality that locks vertical shaft at a height ranging from 36” to 63”. The boom can be detached for customization. Its sturdy construction that combines plastic and steel ensures high durability.

Top Mid-range Mic Stands (Up To $100)

Any of the above mic stands can work well for bedroom studios, but when you want to use the mic stand day in day out, holding multi-thousand dollar mics sometimes, it’s worth spending a little more for an added durability and security.

Cheaper stands have got a problem that they slowly sag when kept at extreme angles. This can frustrate you, particularly if you’ve found an exactly perfect mic position after a great effort.

In such a condition, it’s a good idea to have a mic stand costing up to $100 for reliability. Here are the reviews of a few.

K&M 25950 Low-Level

K&M 25950 Low-Level Telescoping

K&M 25950 Low-Level Boom Tripod Mic Stand is a combination of the low-profile tripod mic stand and boom.

Suitable for catching sound from low lying amplifier cabinets and bass drums. The construction is entirely of metal and has a fixed height of 280mm (11”).

However, the included boom has an adjustable length in the range of 425mm to 725mm (16.73” and 28.54”).

DR Pro DR259 MS1500BK Low Profile

DR Pro DR259 MS1500BK Low Profile

DR Pro DR259 MS1500BK is a basic low-profile tripod mic stand having a telescopic boom.

The boom is 19” and can extend up to 31”. Height is adjustable in the range of 9” and 17”. Its legs stretch to 19” per side.

And since it has got the name of DR Pro, which strives to produce premium mic stands for professional studio musicians, you are guaranteed that the product is high-quality, strong and lightweight.

Powder-coated finished paint which is durable. With the industry-standard design of DR, it’s easy to integrate this mic stand in any stage or studio setting.

On-Stage MBS5500 Boom Arm Articulating Stand for Broadcast

On-Stage MBS5500 Boom Arm Articulating Stand for Broadcast

On-Stage MBS5500 is a professional boom arm articulating mic stand mic providing the correct counterbalance for other popular broadcast mics or other gadgets having a weight up to 3.5 pounds.

Favorable for studio settings and enables easy, noiseless and repeatable positioning for the webcast and on-air broadcast usage.

The boom arm has a square-tubing construction and offers strength and prolonged service life. It comes with a preinstalled 10’ XLR cable that offers a neat and clean look and the regular 5/8”-27 threading that complies with standard mic clips, and provides ample room for a shock mount.

Moreover, the mic boom comes with two mounting options: one is a screw-in flange mount for permanent overhead or desktop installations and the other is a detachable C-clamp for desktops.

Rode PSA1 Mic Boom Arm Broadcast – Style

Rode PSA1 Mic Arm Broadcast - Style

The Rode PSA1 Studio Boom Arm is a spring-loaded, two-section broadcast mic arm meant for noiseless and flexible positioning of the microphone in voice-over studios, radio studios, etc.

Revolves 360 degrees and has a maximum reach of 820mm (32”) horizontally and 840mm (33.07”) vertically.

Including a 3/8” adapter, desk-clamp, touch-fastener cable wraps and desk-insert hardware, and can hold up to 1.1 kg (2.4 lbs.). It also includes two desk-mounting options.

Top High-end Mic Stands (More Than $100)

Atlas Sound MS20E Microphone Stand Heavy Duty Round Iron Base

Atlas Sound MS20E Stand Heavy Duty Round Iron Base

Atlas Sound MS20E is a heavy duty mic stand with a low-profile cast iron base perfect for using for broadcast and on stage.

Height can be adjusted from 37” to 66”. It features a non-reflective ebony epoxy. Its field serviceable parts ensure long product life. It’s perfect for a range of applications including recording, studio, and performances.

With its edge-concentrated weight distribution, you can have maximum stability of the oversized, triangular bases. It also features a 3-piece, wearproof clutch that provides quick, secure and quiet height adjustment.

Atlas Sound MS25 Mic Stand with Air Suspension

Atlas Sound MS25 Mic Stand with Air Suspension

The Atlas Sound MS25 mic stand is a heavy-duty recording stand and has a triangular, cast-iron base that includes sculptured sides and offers maximum stability, and you can use it for broadcast or stage.

The height can be adjusted from 38” to 67”. The stand has an integral air suspension system for the protection of sensitive microphones.

With an oversized 7/8” and 1 1/8” Dia. tube assembly, you can achieve height extension up to 62”.

On-Stage SMS7650 Hex-Base Studio Boom Mic Stand

On-Stage SMS7650 Hex-Base Studio Stand

On Stage, Stands SMS7650 is a 40-lb mic stand suitable for studio applications. It features a 17 lb. patented Hex Base that offers mobility as well as stability, due to its three detachable casters.

You can extend its main shaft from 40” to 82”, in three individual sections with locking tension knobs. You can also get the angle you need with an 82” boom arm, locking with a 40-tooth clutch.

This boom arm features a sliding 7-lb counterweight to ensure your valuable mic doesn’t smash to the floor.

What’s more, another boom is placed at the end of this boom, offering you 7” of range. It has a Posi-lock clutch, and as such, it complies with any mic position.

Ultimate Support MC-125 Studio Professional Boom Stand

Ultimate Support MC-125

Ultimate Support MC-125 has a base with a larger diameter and rollerblade-style, locking wheels that offer a low center of gravity and added stability.

The height of the stand can be increased or decreased smoothly in the range of 51.5” and 82.75” with a clutch that is reliable. It also features long boom telescopes from 35” to 61”.

A friction-free clutch arm extension is also included along with a unique, easily adjustable 5.75-lb counterweight.

The threaded shaft and boom sections offer fast setup and tear down for easy storage and transport.

Finally, the 5-year massive warranty ensures that the product is high-quality and will last long.

I hope that these reviews will help you find the right stand for your microphone. Happy mic stand shopping!

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