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Dragon Ball Series: 10 Reasons This Classic Anime Is Still a Hit

The Dragon Ball classic anime is certainly one of the most popular shounen in the anime community. Akira Toriyama is the author of this massive Japanese media franchise with a Dragon Box for the movies.


Initial serialization was through Weekly Shonen Jump. The publication started in 1984 until 1995. Toriyama's inspiration is based on the classic 16th-century Chinese novel titled: Journey into the West.

The classic anime series follows the adventures of Son Goku from his childhood down into adulthood. His training includes martial arts.

In particular, the anime Dragon Ball Z was considered one of the most important influences on the popularity of Japanese animation in Western culture.

It has an enormous impact on global popular culture.

With these facts in mind,  here are the reasons this series is still a hit among anime fans.

Reason #1: The series has many TV series adaptations.

The original Dragon Ball manga isn’t complete without anime adaptations. So, let me give you several of the many Dragon Ball Z anime series that anime fans loved a lot.

Dragon Ball

One of the most notable parts of the series is the search for the seven dragon balls. Once completed, the gatherer can summon a dragon that can give you your greatest desires.

This anime adaptation has five sagas that show Goku's journey.

The first is the dragon balls saga, and the second is the world martial arts tournament saga. The rest of the tales (in order) are the red ribbon army, King Piccolo, and Picolo Jr.

Evil King Piccolo saga is one of the adventures that made a mark on an avid DBZ fan. Occasionally, Master Roshi appears in the series and trains Goku and other characters in the Dragon Ball franchise.

Dragon Ball Z

The Dragon Ball Z anime is a direct adaptation of the manga's second (and longer) part. It is the first classic anime to get a feature story on Wall Street.

In the United States, this second chapter got this title to prevent confusion among younger readers.

Dragon Ball Z is about Goku, who seeks out others mightier than himself—both to stave off his hunger for battle and to defeat the latest threats to Earth's safety.

The action-packed anime adventure unfolds as Goku goes on the ultimate martial arts quest to become a Super Saiyan.

He fights against many new enemies and eventually reaches his goal, only to find that the real battle is just beginning!

Dragon Ball GT

This classic anime is the third anime series based on Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball original manga and a sequel to the Dragon Ball Z. It consists of 64 episodes, aired between 1996 and 1997.

Dragon Ball GT is set five years after Goku defeated Kid Buu. Earth has since become a peaceful planet once again, until the appearance of the mysterious Black Star Dragon Balls, which summon the evil Lord Luud.

The main cast of the series remains the same as that of its predecessor. In the Japanese version, the original actors from Z voiced all GT characters except for Baby (who Hiromi Tsuru voices).

Goku's super saiyan form

Dragon Ball Z Kai

Dragon Ball Kai is a Japanese animated television series that premiered on Fuji TV on April 5, 2009.

It is a remastered version of Dragon Ball Z's anime series, condensing the 19-year run into a more faithful manga adaptation.

This version reduced the vast number of fights and included more of the original manga's material.

The series (adapted by Toei Animation) has 159 episodes compared to 178 episodes internationally. It cuts most repetitive exposition scenes, slow-paced episodes and adds new content.

Dragon Ball Super

In the story of Dragon Ball Super, Son Goku and his allies return to defend Earth against an even more dangerous and powerful villain than before, and it's up to Goku and his friends to keep the universe safe for the Super Saiyan God.

Unlike the previous Dragon Ball series, this new anime focuses on the battle between universes instead of just fighting within Earth's galaxy.

The episodes in this new series are designed to be stand-alone stories that focus on specific characters instead of having only one main storyline for the season.

The first chapter of Dragon Ball Super ("A Surprising Statement!"), which introduces Goku and Vegeta, was written by original creator Akira Toriyama. The second chapter ("Battle of Gods," which features Goku vs. Beerus) was written by Toyotaro.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes

In 2018, a promotional anime was announced, which would serve as a prologue to the Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game. The series is produced by Studio Dimps and features significant story elements that tie into the then-upcoming sixth main console video game.

This series has featured the different multiverse in the Dragon Ball and an evil Saiyan named Cumber. It is still an ongoing series.

Fans of this classic anime franchise have mixed reactions. Some are raving over it, while others feel “meh” with the anime. Still, it is one of the series that the original creator doesn’t do with the production.

Reason #2: Dragon Ball has the most amazing movies.

Dragon Ball anime has come a long way since its first adaptation. Now, it has more than a dozen movies based on the popular franchise. So, DBZ fans, here are the top films you might want to watch again.

Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone (1989)

"Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone" is the second movie from the "Dragon Ball Z" series. It was released in Japan on July 7, 1989, and in the United States on August 20, 1996.

This movie is a continuation off of the "Dragon Ball Z" series. In this second film, Goku must again face a new and more powerful enemy. This time it is up to Gohan and his friends to help Goku defeat Garlic Junior.

Here’s a fun trivia about the movie. Three of the group's five original members, "The 5th Dimension," provided background music for this movie.

Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge (1991)

After his brother's tragic death, Cooler vows to destroy Goku and the Dragon Balls, along with Earth. While he tracks down our heroes, we learn more about his story.

After Frieza's defeat, King Cold and his army took over the planet and killed its inhabitants. The Saiyans were brought back to life by a wish made to the Dragon Balls.

Despite some speculations, this film could be canon to the anime. Most parts are contradictory to the original Japanese version. This film was released between episodes 99 and 100 of the Dragon Ball series.

Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound (1993)

In this movie, a wealthy family organizes another martial arts tournament. Goku, Gohan, Piccolo Jr, Yamcha, including the Future Trunks join the contest. Despite their strength, Bojack and his crew manage to defeat most of them.

Also, Bojack kills Shenron after getting his wish for immortality granted by the Dragon Balls.

Bojack tries to destroy the Earth and every one by firing a powerful energy death ball from his hand. He does not succeed, as Goku manages to stop it using a Kamehameha.

Gohan ultimately kills Bojack after he gets the upper hand in the fight against his opponent.

Great Anime of All Time

Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan (1993)

The first Legendary Super Saiyan appears in Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan, a movie during the 10 days of peace following the Cell Saga.

A Saiyan has been transformed into a legendary Super Saiyan, first by an unknown source on New Planet Vegeta and then by its father, Paragus.

The first one was beaten with ease by Goku, while the second one went on a rampage on an Earth overrun by the evil Shadow Dragons.

Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon (1995)

The film's story is based two and a half years after the defeat of Majin Boo as depicted in the manga series and one year after the events of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

Goku and his friends face off against a new foe, who plans to release an evil monster power known as Hirudegarn.

Mitsuo Hashimoto directed this movie and Takao Koyama and Katsuyuki Sumisawa wrote the story. Katsuyuki Yamazaki creates the character designs. The film is based on the 1993 anime series Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball: The Path To Power (1996)

This is the fifth animated film under the original Dragon Ball banner, and it was created to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the first theatrical release in Japan.

It features traditional animation, but it also contains some computer animation. The plot is based on the Dragon Ball anime's first "Dragon Ball" arc.

This first arc is also known as the 21st Tenkaichi-Budokai (Tenkaichi Tournament) story arc, with a few alterations here and there.

Unlike the theatrical film Resurrection 'F,' this movie does not seem to have been released in English-speaking countries, likely since it was released right before Dragon Ball GT began airing on Japanese television.

Battle of Gods (2013)

The villain is Beerus, the God of Destruction. He looks like a cat but also has elements of Godzilla. The heroes are Goku and Vegeta. Toriyama drew the storyboards for the battle scenes himself.

Beerus is said to be asleep 80% of the time. When he does wake up, he goes on destructive rampages because it's his nature.

Beerus' battle with Goku is briefly mentioned in the Super Saiyan God specular. During this time, he fought Gotenks out of boredom and defeated him.

Still, it ended in a stalemate between them due to their inability to damage each other beyond any permanent harm (due to their similar power levels).

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F (2015)

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' is a 2015 Japanese anime science fiction produced by Toei Animation. It is set just after the events of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

The movie features the God of Destruction, Frieza, who Goku defeated during the battle on Namek. He had previously been brought back to life by two small pieces of him that survived his destruction.

Frieza is revived by the ruler of the planet, the Supreme Kai, with the help of other Dragon Balls. Goku and Vegeta face off against Frieza's new stronger form.

The movie was later re-released under the title Revival of 'F' on December 14, 2018.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly (2018)

A planet is destroyed, and a powerful race is reduced to nothing. After the devastation of Planet Vegeta, three Saiyans got scattered among the stars, destined for different fates.

While two found a home on Earth, the third was raised with a burning desire for vengeance and developed an unbelievable power.

And the time for revenge has come. Destinies collide in a battle that will shake the universe to its very core!

Reason #3: It has one of the most played video games.

Aside from anime and movie adaptions, Dragon Ball has video games. Worldwide, fans wait excitedly for the next generation of Dragon Ball Game.

While you wait for the new update, let me give you a few of the most played video games in the Dragon Ball universe.

best fighting game

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

The game featured characters and locations spanning the franchise's entire timeline. It was the greatest fighting game of its generation, featuring a cast of good-tempered fighters.

This video game is a great mix of characters, gameplay, and story mode, and pure fun of all Dragon Ball Z games out there.

Fans of the show thought character transformation of characters was useful and fun. This was an excellent way of competing with each other in a sense.

Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World

Although not nearly as popular as its predecessors, DBZ fans love this game that stands as one of the franchise's most underrated and underplayed games. The game was published in 2008 as an addition to a fantastic line of games the PSP already had.

This game is essentially like a Budokai 4, using most of the nice elements from Budoka 3 and tweaking some big flaws. It is not as popular when critics receive quite a few low reviews as gamer critics but stands out as a great addition to the series.

Reason #4: Commitment to Growth

One of the most important aspects of any shonen series is the growth of its characters over time. This is something Dragon Ball does well.

Goku starts as a simple-minded boy who wants nothing more than to be stronger and protect those he cares about.

His naiveté plays into his character development throughout the story, especially how he treats others and perceives new situations. As Goku matures (not within minutes, of course), but throughout multiple sagas, he becomes more like an adult.

This Saiyan God takes responsibility for his actions and does what must be done, even if it means leaving loved ones behind.

From a Rowdy Youth to a Mature Adult

The story of Dragon Ball starts with Goku as an incredibly young child who wants nothing more than to get stronger. His reason for this goes beyond most shonen main characters.

This young man wants to simply be the best, with no real ulterior motive (for quite some time).

Goku is optimistic to a fault, believing that his strength will allow him to protect those he cares about. This naiveté can be seen as either endearing or foolish. It changes depending on where the audience falls in the story's progression.

Dragon Ball Z

Most Loved Protagonist

This gives Goku the ability to maintain a position as a protagonist, despite his flaws. Many shonen protagonists are criticized for being unrealistic role models to which readers/viewers cannot relate, but Goku is different.

He begins his journey just wanting to be number one, but that changes quickly by introducing new characters and concepts.

Seeing him develop into the type of man who would sacrifice anything to protect his home and friends is an important part of what makes him so lovable.

Furthermore, Goku's purity makes events that might seem unrealistic seem more believable.

Think of it this way. A character starts as a complete cynic with no qualms about killing anyone he sees, then suddenly becomes selfless when a childhood friend is in danger. This development is more likely to be seen as contrived.

But, if the character starts naive and optimistic and changes over time, it can give the story weight and make something truly engaging. This is what Dragon Ball creators have done.

Reason #5: No One is Perfect

Another reason why Dragon Ball has withstood the test of time is that none of its characters are perfect – even Goku isn't exactly flawless, despite how he might appear at first glance.

The main cast all have their unique struggles to overcome, giving them depth and making them more interesting.

This is especially true regarding the villains, many of whom are driven by their demons or flaws that they try to hide from others.

Reading between the lines makes it easier to understand why certain characters act a certain way towards each other, even if they are technically on opposing sides.

Goku’s Complacency

Even though he has achieved god-like power, Goku still frequently makes mistakes due to a lack of experience or knowledge.

For example, when he fought against Frieza on Namek (during the Frieza Saga), he used a normal Kamehameha wave instead of the Namekian regeneration technique to beat him.

So it took Goku two tries to win against Frieza and all his men, who almost destroyed Earth. But this was also a good lesson for Goku - you cannot win every fight without help!

Also, when Goku first encountered the God of Destruction Beerus, he did not know that this guy was very fast and powerful. So he underestimated his opponent and was almost killed.

But luckily for Goku, Vegeta helped him out by tricking Beerus into thinking that he was also as strong as Goku (he lied about it).

After this lesson, Goku recognizes the true power of Gods and even trains under Whis, God of Destruction's mentor.

Dragon Ball Final Fight

Turning Back Time to Save Someone

When gathered together, Dragon balls summons a powerful dragon that can give you one wish. Well, in the series, characters would try to get these 7 balls. Almost all of the characters have done this.

Do you know what they usually ask for? To revive or save someone they care for. For some reason, I find it a bit of a selfish act. Still, saving someone from the past doesn’t turn out good most of the time.

Here are some instances:

One example is when Goku asks Shenron to revive Toto. Unfortunately, this wish had created a series of bad events. Toto, who was kind before he died, suddenly becomes a vindictive person.

He even stole Goku’s timeship. After this, the young man returned filthy rich.

Another was when Trunks wished for the prevention of his mother’s death. Bulma lives, but his father died instead.

Then, this led to a domino effect where Goku ended up in a timeline where the main protagonist died.

There’s one lesson in this section. Turning back time (if it exists) creates chaos, most of the time. So, live your life to the fullest because you can never rewind it when time passes.

Reason #6: The Classic Anime Characters are Relatable

For the most part, the characters in Dragon Ball are straightforward to understand (again, except Goku), which also helps make them more likable.

Since there is no need for a lot of exposition about who they are, an audience can quickly learn to associate with them on a personal level.

Although the cast is sometimes referred to as being too simple or one-dimensional, that isn't really true since they each have their own unique quirks and interests that don't always revolve around fighting.

Dragon Ball has gained so many followers over the years because its characters are easy to relate to.

Master Roshi

The Turtle Hermit! The Perverted Old man! They will all agree that he is the most lovable character in the Dragon Ball series if you ask anyone. From his perverted ways to his light-hearted attitude, this master of Kamehameha always makes us laugh and smile.

It was a tough decision, but I decided that this old man deserves the top spot in our list of lovable characters from the Dragon Ball series!

Bulma Briefs

She is the first character to appear in the entire dragon ball series and probably the most lovable. Bulma is not just a pretty face. She has brains, too.

As an inventor, she is as talented as her father, Dr. Briefs, and has the knowledge of a scientist to back it up! A brilliant character with an equally brilliant brain – that is Bulma Briefs for you!

Tien Shinhan

This Turtle Hermit's apprentice deserves a spot on our list just for his appearance! Since Master Roshi made him part of Goku's gang, Tien Shinhan has been a loyal friend and lovable character.

He has several shades to his personality – from being a cowardly villager to an excellent guardian who will give everything for his friends.


This person is perhaps the most underrated character in the entire series and one of the most lovable.

Yajirobe (or Yamucha as he appears in anime- oops, spoiler!) has had a tough life, but that never stopped him from being good to everyone around him. He is one of those characters who deserve more credit than they get.

Dragon Ball Z Character Models

Gohan (Kid)

Gohan may be the most powerful warrior in the series, but he will always remain an innocent kid at heart!

From all the hardships life has thrown his way to fight for justice, this Saiyan prince has touched our hearts with his innocence, courage, and his amazing attitude towards everything that comes his way.

A lovable kid with a charming personality – Gohan deserves to be on this list!


He is an evil character, but it all made sense after seeing his background story. This Namekan man did not have the best childhood, and his kind mistreated him for being different.

Piccolo is also extremely funny when he's angry or any other emotion for that matter. He cares very much about Gohan, even though Gohan was his arch-enemy for a time.

After turning good, Piccolo struggles to fit in with the earthlings but quickly shows that he does appreciate them by sacrificing himself at one point to save Gohan and the others from a powerful villain.

This brave Namekan also has a very sarcastic sense of humor and does not seem to be afraid of death.

Mr. Popo

His jokes are really funny and come up with weird explanations of things that make sense in a way. Mr. Popo does not have any nose or teeth but manages to look cute and calm. He is also incredibly wise and knows a lot about the world.

Despite his shocking appearance, Mr. Popo is kind-hearted and cares for the well-being of the other kais and earthlings.

He is not very intimidating and does not even seem interested in fighting.

This assistant of Kami also has that mysterious aura around him because we do not know much about his powers.

But when he revealed that he was an angel, it somehow made sense when you thought about it. This black-colored individual looks pretty awesome when he's angry.


He's the most loyal and selfless friend you can find. He is extremely brave and won't kill other people if there is a chance of saving them.

Krillin is also very funny, especially in the edge of death moments, making it seem like he's died. He takes everything seriously and gets extremely mad when anything happens to his friends.

He looked incredibly badass with that bald head hairstyle for a time. He's the guy you'd want as your best friend in your life.

Reason #7: Its Humor Can be Enjoyed by All Ages

Dragon Ball has maintained its status as a shonen series primarily because of the themes it tackles and its comedic aspect.

Scattered throughout the classic anime series are scenes meant to make viewers laugh; these scenes range from physical comedy (a staple of Dragon Ball), situational humor, and good old-fashioned slapstick.

Appeal to General Audience

The author wrote the comedy to appeal to all age groups so that even if children didn't understand the more subtle humor, it would still be funny.

The level of comedy varies throughout the series, but it is entertaining enough to keep audiences engaged between more serious scenes.

One aspect of humor that has helped Dragon Ball grow in popularity is its use of satire. The show constantly pokes fun at culture and trends within Japan; this satire is especially prevalent in portraying various villains.

Some are parodies of popular anime/manga characters at the time, while others are meant to spoof certain types of people or events.

The creators also used satirical elements for promotional purposes. Many times advertisements would parody current trends to be relevant to their audience and get more people to watch the show.

Here are some funny moments from the DBZ franchise you might come to love:


"Mai, shush! I'm trying to hide something from the adults!" - Pilaf.

Pilaf is one of the funniest characters in Dragon Ball Z due to his foolishness and temper tantrums, almost rivaling Vegeta's.

His gang always seems to mess up their own plans by bickering among themselves, but that's part of the reason why they're so funny.

Goku's Tail

"Listen up! If you want to be a Super Saiyan, there are three things you must do. First, raise your tail!" - Goku.

Goku and Friends

Goku was born with a tail until he hit his head, and it fell off. He says that if his tail were still there, then he would be able to become a Super Saiyan.

It's also likely that he says this as a joke since his eldest son, Gohan, was unable to transform into one despite having a tail.

"Sorry, everyone! I got lost on the way here. Can we start now?" - Goku

This is one of Goku's funniest lines in Dragon Ball Z . Even though he was only supposed to fight with Piccolo, he realizes that he is late for the battle.

So instead of waiting for him, his opponents decide to start without him. When Goku finally arrives on the battlefield, he asks if they can start now.

King Piccolo's Dark Humor

"You fool! Don't you know that all the best things come in threes? There are always three cookies, and don't forget about the three little pigs! I'll show you what happens to bad little boys and girls who ignore their mother!" - King Piccolo.

King Piccolo is quite hilarious in anime, but there's only one word to describe him: evil. More specifically, he's known for hurting his own children when they weren't strong enough to fight the heroes of Earth (Goku and friends).

He also likes to give evil names to his children, like Tambourine. If you search for his quotes on Google, there are thousands of wacky memes using them.

Oolong's Funny Quotes

"Whooooaaa!!! Are you going to eat me? That sounds nasty!" - Oolong

Oolong is another character that can be funny sometimes, but he's also quite serious at other times.

The most humorous Oolong quotes come from the most unexpected moments, like this one. Even with his fear of being eaten by Yajirobe, he still wants to play with him.

Krillin's Loyalty

"Hey everyone! It looks like Piccolo just got owned by a bunch of frogs!" - Krillin

Krillin is a character that is both serious and funny. He's one of the most amusing characters in Dragon Ball Z because he likes to make dumb jokes, even when there are more important matters at hand.

Raditz's Satirity

"That's my son! My name isn't really Raditz..." - Raditz

Even though Raditz was evil, he still had his own sense of humor. He committed many unforgivable acts, but it's hard not to laugh when you hear him tell this joke.

It may be mean, but the characters in anime are allowed to be insensitive at times.

Vegeta's Dry Humor

"Oh no! My scouter is broken! I guess I should have gotten the model that has Braille on it." - Vegeta

Vegeta is so cool and intimidating, but he can be quite the comedian as well. Sometimes he just makes his dialogue seem like he's trying to tease the heroes rather than actually destroy them. Here's one of those times!

Dragon Ball Z Character Design

Reason #8: The Villains are Just as Important as the Heroes

One of the most important aspects of any shonen series is its villains, and Dragon Ball is no exception.

Although many anime/manga have antagonists that are one-dimensional, lacking in personality, or flat-out annoying, Dragon Ball villains are often well-written and entertaining in their own right.

The villains in Dragon Ball have a variety of motivations, ranging from seeking revenge to trying to take over the world for fun. Some want power or eternal life, while others just want something that they feel entitled to.

Since each bad guy wants something different from what the heroes desire, there is a lot of tension and conflict throughout the series.


When Goku first defeated him, Vegeta became an enemy of Goku. That is why he trained hard to surpass him. He has a strong sense of pride among the Z fighters.

His special ability is flying at very high speeds by releasing Ki from his body. It's impressive!


Maybe this villain is capable of traveling fast, or perhaps that crazy force field he created by stretching his arms and legs is what makes him one of the scariest villains in the Dragon Ball Series.

He once claimed to be the Galactic Emperor, but now he's just a tyrant who makes people his prey.


Cell is smart, fast, strong, and does not feel pain. You can compare his ability with Piccolo's because he can regenerate his body. This guy is almost immortal!

Majin Buu

The scariest thing about this villain is that he can absorb others using his magical beam, then turn into a monster that only has the desire to destroy everything that exists in this world.

It's best not to let Buu get close if you don't want to die.


It's not easy for a low-class warrior like Goku or Vegeta to defeat this guy. Even though he is only a Saiyan, his power is ten times more powerful than anyone else!

That's why many people call him "the legendary super Saiyan." The most dangerous thing about Broly is that he only listens to his heart and does not listen to anyone else!

The scariest villains in Dragon Ball Series have a variety of abilities. Some of them are terrifying, some are slow but very strong, while others are fast but do not forget what is most important - their pride!

Dragon Ball Z - Original Story

Reason #9: The Fight Scenes Are Epic

When it comes to action, Dragon Ball has some of the best fight scenes in anime. Since its characters are so over the top, their battles often take on a superhuman tone rarely seen outside of video games.

Many viewers have stuck with the series for so long because of its intense and high-stakes fight scenes, which use a wide range of special attacks and techniques.

Dragon Ball isn't anime like Bleach or One Piece, where the characters rarely ever push their limits. Goku and his friends will always do what is necessary to achieve victory.

Goku vs. Vegeta

Sorry Piccolo, but you were just not the first choice for the spot. The fight between these two amazing Saiyans surely deserved number 1! Their rivalry is what really fueled this epic battle.

And it got better every time they fought each other. Their very first match was also one of their best ones since it was between two equally strong fighters. And they both wanted to be the best Saiyan that there ever was.

They were just too evenly matched throughout the battle, making it extremely hard for me to pick one of them as my favorite character.

Future Trunks vs. Mecha Frieza & King Cold

This fight scene really showcases what an amazing fighter Trunks is. This young man is one of the few characters in DBZ who can actually defeat his opponent with pure skill alone instead of power.

And let's not forget how amazing it was for us when we saw GP80 turn into SSJ back then!

Vegito vs. Super Buu(w/Gohan absorbed)

Throughout my years of watching DBZ, this is probably the most intense fight scene ever in terms of its power and tension. Vegito was simply too powerful for Buu to keep up with.

But even so, you could tell that it wasn't going to be an easy task for him, and he might not come out victorious in the end.

And it surprised us when Vegito split back into Goku and Vegeta even though he was so powerful, especially since his fusion time was only half an hour.

Gohan vs. Cell

This fight scene was one of my favorites. It's also the second-best battle that Gohan has ever fought, in my opinion.

He had to tap into his inner powers to have a chance at beating him. And that's what made this fight so exciting.

You'd think that Gohan would be able to beat Cell right then and there, but the tables turned on him when he found out about Cell's ability to absorb power.

It was really interesting how it all happened. You could tell from the look on Gohan's face that he was in big trouble.

But when Cell goes SSJ2, it looks like the end of the road for him. I'm not sure if anyone would've been able to defeat Cell after that transformation.

This fight scene is one you shouldn't miss out on!

Gohan Vs Cell

Master Roshi vs King Piccolo

Most people may not agree with me about this one due to its lack of intense action and violent combat, but I think it deserves a spot on this list due to Roshi's strategies and how he managed to win the fight against the evil king.

This was one of the best fights in Dragon Ball, if not even better than most of them!

Roshi started by using his amazing speed to dodge King piccolo's blasts with ease before taunting him for having a very slow reaction time.

After taunting the evil Namekian, Roshi dodged one of his blasts and flew towards him to deliver a hard blow. Unfortunately for our favorite pervert, King piccolo caught him by surprise with an uppercut which sent Roshi flying across Mt. Paozu.

Reason #10: The Music is Epic

Even though the series has switched voice actors multiple times, it has always had an amazing soundtrack that never fails to get your blood pumping.

From the orchestral music used for each fight scene to the rock n' roll tunes played during other moments of downtime, Dragon Ball Z's soundtrack perfectly complements the action on-screen.

With a large selection of amazing songs, it's no wonder why many people have been inspired to create their own Dragon Ball Z remixes or symphonic rock pieces.

If you ever get the chance, I suggest checking out some of these fan-made albums because they are amazing.

o even though Goku's adventures are no longer considered canon, many people are still willing to give the franchise a chance since it has proven that it can still be relevant after all of these years.

If you haven't seen Dragon Ball Z yet, there is no better time to start watching this epic adventure!

Trivia About the Dragon Ball

  • There are uncut versions of the Saiyan Saga that you should try watching. English versions often have battle sequences removed as compared to the Japanese versions.
  • This main series rival when it comes to popularity is Sailor Moon.
  • Some action scenes are based on kung fu movies (particularly those related to Bruce Lee). An example is when Goku transforms into Saiyan. The stunt is similar to how Lee's instance in most of his movies.
  • The series has been running for almost three decades and is still popular among anime fans.
  • The DBZ may not be number 1, but it's still one of the top animes.
  • Unfortunately, DBZ is not the best-selling anime of all time.

Final Words

The fact that Dragon Ball has stood the test of time for so many years is proof enough that it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Since it has such a large cult following, chances are Dragon Ball Z fans will continue to watch it for years to come.

It's still too early to say whether or not the anime will be able to match or exceed its predecessor, but there are plenty of reasons to believe that it can live up to the hype.

Dragon Ball is one of those rare series that has managed to stay relevant even after all these years, which is why it will continue to draw in new viewers for years to come.

Although some might argue that its plot isn't as deep as other anime out there, what it lacks in depth it makes up with its incredible sense of adventure.

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Lucy Heartfilia, the strong-willed celestial mage from the anime series Fairy Tail, has captured the hearts of fans around the world with her courage and

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