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Introducing Anime Art Academy

Anime Art Academy is a pioneering online art institution specializing in the disciplines of anime and manga drawing. Expertly crafted courses, designed by renowned Japanese professionals, provide comprehensive insights into the techniques of how to draw anime and manga.

Regardless of geographical location or individual schedules, the Academy's flexible online video courses are accessible and easily integrated into any routine. The unique selling point of Anime Art Academy lies in its personalized advice from Japanese professionals, communicated via in-depth English-language video lectures.

Additional Perks:

Complimentary Access to Course Lectures

Preview every course at no cost to ensure they align with your artistic aspirations, before making any commitments.

A Thriving Discord Community

Become part of our Discord server, share your artistic journey, and build connections with other emerging artists.

An Economical Choice

Traditional anime art schools could cost more than $10,000 annually. However, Anime Art Academy leverages its online platform to offer affordable access to quality education.

Video Lessons

Sample Lesson


Mastering Anime and Manga Drawing

  •  Crafting Anime Character Visages
  •  Illustrating Anime Characters from Varied Perspectives
  •  Depicting Male and Female Figures in Manga Style
  •  ...and much more!

$47/ month


Users' Feedback

Riku Dola

Wow I am very surprised that the course actually is teaching important stuff, usually anime and manga tutorials or courses or even books just suck at teaching for beginners especially when it's in English, but this course actually has value and is teaching things beginners should know.

This first lesson did a very good job at teaching the students to understand 3D and learn proportions, anatomy and technique (ghosting, drawing with shoulder, drawing arcs/curves) that will be very useful, while providing a very fun method to practice it.

The method is not the most efficient but people will do it more just because it would be fun and you will improve multiple skills at the same time.

So far I'm really enjoying this and it is obvious the instructor knows what he is talking about.


Anime Art Academy is absolutely the best way to learn about drawing in Anime/Manga style.

I have tried many other ways to learn this, such as Youtube channels, Udemy, and art books, which are definitely good resources, but nothing can compare to the speed of the progress I've made when I joined Anime Art Academy.

The instructors are absolutely top notch.

Everytime you post in the comments section, you get feedback that is actually useful and applicable.

Not to mention, I also felt like they cared about my progress as an artist.

Submission after submission, they would notice the little ways that I have improved every time.

I started from absolute 0 on learning anime and manga, but now I am able to confidently produce authentic anime illustrations after only 3 months.

When you join Anime Art Academy, you don't just sign up for online classes, you become part of a real community which supports each other, and provides you with more than enough to help you reach your goals.

Mario K Aleman

Anime art academy has helped me improve so much in a year!

It has helped me learn the fundamentals, and understand why certain things are the way it is.

This is all thanks to the teachers and staff who help me in every way possible by giving me advice, and correcting any mistakes I might have made.

Looking back now, I can see that some advice that people give out on the internet, like TikTok, do not do a great job explaining what they’re doing in depth.

This is why I highly recommend taking anime art academy!

Also, we have a great community in discord who help each other out on our journey.